Business Trip Surprise


  Joey shut the rear hatch to his SUV, and trudged slowly along the sidewalk, precariously balancing his laptop bag with his dinner container.   He had been on the road for 5 months, with no signs of a break anytime soon.   He loved his job, but extended stay hotels were getting a little tiresome, not to mention the fact that he hadn’t had sex for 5 weeks.

  He grabbed his door key and made his way into the dimly lit hallway, quickly making his way to the room.   As he was trying to open the door without spilling spaghetti sauce on his suit, his cell began to ring in his pocket.   The ring tone informed him that it was Paula, his girlfriend.   He slipped into the living room area while he activated his Bluetooth with a partially free hand.

  “Hey, babe!  Hang on just a sec. ” he said, as he managed to sit the Styrofoam container on the counter top, shrugging his computer bag to the ground.   “Okay, I am back.   What’s up?  I miss you. ”

  “Oh, I miss you too sweetie.   I wish you were home right now.   I am lonely and cold in this big, comfy bed. ” she pouted.   This was the voice she used when she wanted something, and Joey knew that he couldn’t say no when she talked like that.

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    It made his member stir to life every time, without fail.

  “Yeah babe, I wish I was there also.   I miss your sexy body, so much.   One more week, and I will be there to keep you warm and occupied. ” He grinned, thinking of all of the salacious things that he had planned for them when he returned home from this trip.

  Their sex life had always been great.   Her small, 5’3” frame with stunning 36C tits.   Her outstandingly curvacious tight ass.   The lady was a stunner from head to toe, and she could turn him into jello with just her eyes.   Man, he needed to get home.   He was backed up with almost two weeks worth of cum.   She liked it when he came home with a heavy load waiting for her eager mouth.   And she liked to swallow every single drop.  

  In fact, she had asked him to not touch himself two weeks prior, as a means to heighten the release when he did return to their home.   Normally, a few days worth of load was enough to please her, but the trick was working.

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    He had never been so horny in his entire life, except for maybe when he was a teenager.   He quickly loosened his tie, unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt, and slipping off his shoes simultaneously.   He made his way for the bedroom as he listened to her purr on about what she wanted him to do to her when they would finally be together.   His dick was rock hard now, and he really needed to shoot a load.   Maybe she wouldn’t know.

  He turned on the sports channel while he undid his belt and pants.   His cock sprang to attention as soon as he lowered his boxers.   His only qualm was if he should jerk off while talking to her, or wait until they finished so he could surf his favorite porn sites.   Even though there sex life was amazing, there were certain things that he thought about in private, that he could not get with Paula.   He had often fantasized about going to a sauna or a local park, late at night, hoping to make his erotic thoughts of being taken by another man, a reality.   He wanted a big, black cock, hard and fast.   He wanted to have the guy squeeze his shoulders hard as he was filled to the brim with hot man-seed.   This fantasy always managed to get him off in record time, and he craved it so much.   But, he would die of embarrassment if Paula ever knew.   He loved her, and he loved women, but the idea of a big, thick, throbbing piece of meat in his ass as he was bent over, always managed to get his libido kicked up a couple of notches.

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  “Sweetie, remember when I asked you to not be naughty two weeks ago?  And I said that it was because I wanted all of your cream for my mouth?  ……. . I lied.   I had another … idea. ” Paula whispered sexily, with just a slight pause before she said “idea”.   Joey could tell that she was smiling, probably even blushing a bit, and this got his attention.

  “Ok…what was your idea?”

  “Well, I know that you have been faithful to me, and I adore you for that.   I know it must be very difficult to keep the ladies from dragging you back to their rooms, after your meetings. ”  Joey nodded, silently.   It had been difficult, as he was a rather handsome guy with the body of an ex-linebacker.   All the months on the road, eating take out, had not caused him to go soft in the center, and he usually used exercise as a frustrating replacement for his lack of sex.   His 6’3” frame with ripped muscles, usually managed to get the attention of the ladies, and more than a few hotel room keys had made their way into his pocket.   But, he loved Paula, and that was what was most important to him.  

  “So, as a reward, I wanted to give you a little treat.   Even though our sex life is great when you are home, I know that there are a few things that you think about sometimes, that you don’t get here.

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  ”  This made Joey’s heart beat faster…had she seen his internet history?  Quickly, she answered his thought.   “I used your laptop a couple months back to search for a resort vacation deal, and when I typed in the search box…. . ”  The phone fell silent for a pause.   “I saw some rather interesting words pop up in the auto-fill.   So, I started looking at some of the sites you had visited…and it really got me hot. ”  This last little bit caught Joey unsuspecting, as he was afraid of which direction the conversation was headed.

“I am not sure what you are talking about, baby.   It must have been a glitch. ” he said shakily.   He tried to deny his lusts, even though his cock wanted nothing more than for him to moan what he wanted, what he craved, what he longed for.

  “Joey, listen to me.   I am okay with it.   I love you, and I know that I can’t give you everything that you need…. so, that is why I have arranged to make your dream come true.

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    I just sent you a picture message to your phone.   I want you to look at it, and then I will tell you what I want in exchange for giving you this fantasy.   Be quick, baby”, she whispered, as he heard his smart phone chime with a received message.   His hands were shaking as he reached into the pocket of his discarded slacks on the floor, and he fumbled with the case, almost dropping the phone to the ground.   When he managed to unlock the screen and click on the new message, he was left with his jaw gaped open when the image, and the meaning of her sending it to him, registered in his brain.   There, standing naked, was the photo of a gorgeous, muscled black man, with an enormous dick hanging low and slightly hard.   He realized, too late, that a slight moan escaped his lips.

“Oh good, so you like him!”Paula exclaimed, obviously excited that she had picked well, the man that would take her boyfriends’ ass.   “Now, this is what I want…I want you to open up your email on your laptop.   There is an email from me, with a link in the message.   I want you to open the link, and also, open up Skype. ”  Joey couldn’t believe what was happening, and he still expected her to start screaming at him at any moment.   He moved to perform the tasks that she had requested, still dumbstruck with disbelief, and a raw yearning for the man that stood in the photo.   Could this really be about to happen?  With his girlfriends’ doing and acceptance, no less?  He quickly opened his email after his laptop was powered up, absentmindedly stroking his cock, with a slight trailing finger moving close and closer to his ass every few strokes.   His hole constricted with excitement, and tingled in absolute, shear lust.

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  When the link was clicked, it took him to a profile in Craigslist.   The subject line of the profile stated “Fit white bisexual man, wanting a BBC to take my tight hole”.   Below, was a brief introduction of what the author wanted, as well as 3 photos of Joey, that had been taken on that trip to the adult resort in Jamaica with Paula, last summer.   His face was blurred, but he definitely recognized his and her nude bodies in the hot tub.

“I placed this ad last night and got quite a few prospects, pretty quickly.   Lamar was by far the best, and we spoke on the phone today to confirm that he was real.   He also sent me a photo to prove that he was packing, with an object next to his cock, for scale purposes. ”  Joey’s phone chimed again, and he quickly grabbed it to see what he had received this time.   In this photo, you could see the man from the previous picture, holding a beer bottle beside the length of his hard cock.   His pole was at least 3 inches longer than the bottle, and nearly as thick, with a huge, prominent vein, circling around one side of the shaft.

  He was cut, and had a set of balls that seemed enormous.   Joey couldn’t help but lick his lips.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.   Joey stared at his phone, his computer, and the door, unable to decide what to do.   Paula helped him out.

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    “Babe, open the door.   Lamar wants to meet you.   And open your cam.   I want to watch…. . ”  Joey felt like he was high.   His beautiful girlfriend, who hadn’t really ever expressed any desires that were too kinky, wanted him to get fucked by a huge black cock while she watched through his video messenger?  He sat the phone on the desk, with Paula still on the line.   He opened his video chat service and logged in, just as there was a second knock.   Joey hurried to the door on shaky legs.

When he opened the door, his jaw immediately dropped at the sight of the ruggedly handsome man before him.   Tall, fit, and well dressed, Joey could help but stammer out a greeting while looking the man over from head to toe.   His eyes managed to spend a little extra time on his crotch, where the faint outline of his huge member could definitely be seen, extending slightly down his right pants leg.  

“Hey man, my name is Lamar.   I can see that Paula has already broken the good news to you.   Do you like her gift?” the man asked, with a slowly spreading smile.

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    He noticed Joey’s eyes were staring down below, and couldn’t help to make a comment.   “You think it looks good now, just wait until you get to see it up close and ready for action.   May I come in?”

“Ummm, sure.   Of course.   Come on in, man. ”, Joey remarked, trying to act casual, but already feeling the excitement rush to his dick.   He stepped to the side, as the slightly larger man walked through the doorway.   The slight brush of their legs sent goose bumps rising up all over Joey’s body.   He grabbed the “Do Not Disturb” sign from the table and placed it on the outside doorknob, quickly shutting the door and making sure to lock the deadbolt and security chain.   Lamar had already made his way into the living room area of the suite, heading straight for the open laptop computer.   “Hey Paula, made it here ok.   Seems like your man is ready for action. ”  “Good” Paula replied, “Because I am ready to see him get what he wants.   He is a good man.   Try to be a little gentle with him.

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  ” She giggled.

As Joey walked up, he noticed a slight change in the demeanor of Lamar, as Lamar turned to face him, looking him dead in the eyes.   “Ok, white boy.   You say you want it, now let’s see how you react when it is bobbing in your face.   Get on your knees. ” He said sternly, but with a slight playfulness.   Joey quickly kneeled in front of the black stud, waiting with anticipation.   Lamar began unzipping his pants, reaching inside the open fly and grabbing his monster piece of man meat.   “Can you see ok Paula?  Wouldn’t want you to miss his reaction when he sees this beautiful specimen”, Lamar said.   Joey quickly looked at the computer scene and noticed that Paula had changed into a really sexy outfit, black corset with thigh highs and a garter, with black patent leather high heels.   Her tits were piling out over the top of the corset, with her nipples visible, and her legs spread wide with a hand slowly stroking her inner thigh.   She was in the perfect reclined position to see Joey get what he had dreamed about for so long.   Joey turned his head back to Lamar as Paula replied that the view was awesome.   Lamar began to retrieve his dick from his pants, and when it was fully removed, he let it go, allowing it to flop against his thigh with an audible thump.   The dick was amazing.

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    Dark black with a little bit of shine to it, the words Black Beauty immediately came into Joey’s mind.   It was magnificent, and Joey was aching to have it in his face, his hands, his mouth, his ass.


“Do you like it?” Lamar asked, slowly stroking its length, causing the monster to awake and stir to life, becoming more rigid with ever heartbeat.   “Oh yeah, man.   It’s huge!  I have never seen one so big in person. ” Joey replied.   “Well then, I am guessing that you have never touched one, either.   So what are you waiting for?  Take it in your hands.   Make me feel good. ” Lamar said, slightly extending his hips so that the growing dick was closer to Joeys face.  

Joey grasped the big black cock with trembling hands, amazed at the girth and weight of the partially erect penis.   He was beginning to wonder if he would be able to go through with taking something this big in his ass.   He had used a couple of dildos before, and once, in a rural area, he had succumbed to purchasing a smaller cucumber to use for his pleasure.   But they didn’t compare to this size, and plus, he had been drunk those times, making him more relaxed and causing him to take the time to get nice and stretched prior to ramming the hard rubber dicks into his ass.   Those times had been amazing, but to have a huge, powerful black man with a dick this size, could be hard to take.


    Just as he was thinking about calling things off, he felt two large hands on the back of his head, quickly forcing his face towards the tip of the black monster.   He has been so focused on what it would feel like in his ass, he never realized that his mouth had dropped open, and Lamar obviously saw an opportunity.


“That’s right man, open your mouth and suck my dick. ”  He extended his hips further until the tip of his engorged cock was resting on the lips of Joey.   With the extra force applied to back of Joey’s head, he immediately moved his head forward to take the cock into his mouth, using his tongue to lick to knob and letting a moan escape as soon as the heat of the dick was felt inside his mouth.   “Ohhhh, yeah baby.   That’s right.   Suck it.   Lick it with your tongue.   We got to get this beauty all stirred up for your ass.   Damn, your mouth is good.   You sure this is your first time?  I bet you have done this before.    That’s right man, get it nice and wet.   Grab my balls with your hand, feel how full they are.   I have been saving up my cum for this opportunity, I am going to empty my nuts in your ass real soon, baby.

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  ”  Lamar closed his eyes and leaned his head back, letting out moan after moan.   His cock was now fully erect, and Joey could barely fit it inside of his mouth, but he had managed to overcome the girth and was now giving head like a $2 hooker.   Joey had wanted this so much, for so long, and his only hope was that he was doing a good job.   He couldn’t turn his head to look at Paula, but he could hear her moans, and her directions for what she wanted to see.   “That’s right Lamar.   Make him suck it good.   Grab his head and fuck his mouth.   Oooooh, that’s it baby.   You look so sexy with that big black dick in your mouth.   I wish I was there to stretch your ass with my vibrator, getting you ready for that big dick to fuck you good.   But instead, I am going to jam it into my pussy while I watch you get taken from behind.   I am going to use the butt plug on my ass while you get his cock in your ass.   We are going to take it up the ass together baby, you and me, both of us coming so hard!”

Lamar forcefully pulled forward on the back of Joey’s head, causing his dick to go further into his mouth.   He could feel the head bumping up against the throat of Joey, causing him to gag on his dick.   He loved that.

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    And, more importantly, he knew that Joey loved it too, because he renewed his vigor at sucking his dick, increasing the speed of his tongue movement while massaging Lamar’s ball sack.

“Okay baby.   I know you like that big black cock in your mouth, but now I want to see the main show.   I need to cum so bad, and I want to cum with you.   Let’s get that big dick in your ass.   I want to see your face when that beast penetrates you for the first time.   Damn, I need this.   I never thought that this would be so hot!” Paula exclaimed.   Lamar stepped back, removing his clothes as Joey sat there, kneeling, missing the fullness of the big cock in his mouth.   He noticed the movement on the computer screen of Paula.   She had repositioned herself to be on all fours, with her vibrator in her pussy, working back and forth, shining from her pussy juices while she prepped her ass with her fingers, getting ready for her black butt plug.   “Ok man, get them clothes off.   I am ready to take that white ass.   I am going to fill you up with my cream, then I am going to let you clean my dick with your mouth. ” Lamar stated, fully nude now, looking even more immense than he had with clothes on.

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    That big black dick was shining wet as Lamar opened the bottle of lube on the counter, pouring some directly onto his shaft.   He started stroking the length of his member, getting it nice and lubed, and it looked like a hungry monster, hungry for virgin ass.

Joey quickly stood, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt and sliding off his socks.   He practically ripped his white cotton t-shirt, trying to get it off so quickly.   Any doubts that he had about being able to take this monster in his ass, had been replaced with the need to feel this beast sliding in nice and slow, filling him beyond belief.   He wanted, needed, and craved this big black cock in his ass.   His cock was so hard it felt like it would explode, any moment.   That is what he really wanted, to feel his cum shoot from his dick, causing his ass to constrict around this big piece of man meet.   He wanted to feel the heat of Lamar’s cum more than anything, filling his ass until it over flowed out of his ass hole.   He really wished that Paula was there to feel this pleasure with him.

Lamar motioned for Joey to turn around.   As he did, he felt the huge crushing power of the man’s embrace, coming behind him quickly and controlling Joey’s movement.

  He was Lamar’s bitch now, and the throbbing hard-on protruding into the crevasse of Joey’s ass, proved that point.   He was going to be taken, and Lamar wanted it rough.   He grabbed Joey’s neck from in front, and then reached around to grab his white cock with his other hand.

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    “Yeah, that’s it baby.   I want this dick nice and hard, because when I am done using your ass, I am going to watch you jerk off as you clean my cum off of my dick.   You want to taste Daddy’s cum?” Lamar asked, squeezing tighter on Joey’s dick.   “Yeah. ” Joey replied.   “Yeah, what?” Lamar asked, increasing the grip on Joey’s throat as he forced Joey, step by step, in the direction of the couch.   “Yes Daddy, I want to taste your cum.   I want to feel your cum in my ass. ” Joey replied, not sounding as confidant anymore that this would be pleasurable.   The strength and tone of Lamar’s voice, was enough to be offsetting, and Joey knew that Lamar would take whatever he wanted, however he wanted it.   The nerves were starting to come on strong, as Joey could feel his ass constricting, and a warm tingling sensation, almost a buzzing feeling, began to spread throughout Joey’s body.

“That’s good baby, because that it what you are going to get.   Bend the fuck over, bitch.   Joey began to maneuver over to the back of the couch, but Lamar grabbed him around his hip and literally slung him back into the position that he wanted.   “Bend over right here motherfucker, over the arm.

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    I want your pretty white bitch to see her man get his ass fucking taken.   I want her to see the pain on your face when you feel my hard dick in your ass.   I want her to see the pleasure when you start slamming back against me, begging me for more of my black dick, harder and faster. ”   Joey did as he was told, bending over the right arm of the couch, causing his body to be doubled over further, providing easy access for Lamar’s large tool.   He turned his head to face the computer screen, and he saw Paula smiling, a glazed look in her eyes.   She was extremely turned on and her hand was moving furiously in and out of her ass while the vibrator was concentrated on her clit.   She was ready to explode, and he could tell that it would be one for the record books.   She grabbed the butt plug and positioned it at her opening to her ass.   “Okay, baby.   Let’s do this.   Let’s get that big black cock in your ass, I have to cream for you, baby.   I can’t stand it anymore, I am so wet and hot!” Paula breathed, as she moved her hips in time with the movement of the vibrator.

Joey felt Lamar move his hands, placing one on Joey’s back just below his neck, keeping him bent over for Lamar’s pleasure.   The other hand grasped hig black snake, positioning the large head at Joey’s hole.   “Yeah baby, I love to see these pink assholes tremble in anticipation.

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    It needs my big black stick, and ol’ Lamar is going to give it all that it wants. ” Lamar whispered as he leaned closer to Joey’s ear.   With a stab forward, Lamar pressed against Joey’s ass, increasing with strength until Joey gasped as the black head forced it’s way inside of his ass.   The pain was sharp, but manageable.   It took his breath for a moment, but Joey quickly started controlling his breathing again, and the pain subsided.   “Ooooh, that’s it.   Tell your girl how it feels.   Your ass is so tight.   I can’t stop.   I need more. ”  Lamar pushed forward again, and Joey let out a low, long moan, as Lamar’s dick slid into his ass slowly and steadily.   His dick was halfway in now, and Joey felt like he needed to stop.   He started squirming trying to get out of Lamar’s grip.   He wanted to get away, because this was too much.


“Oh, no you don’t white boy.

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    My dick is in your ass, and it is going all the way in.   Don’t try to stop me now.   You want this. ” Lamar repositioned his body to where he was leaned over Joey’s body, both arms wrapped around his shoulders, controlling his movement.   His legs were on the outside of Joey’s keeping him from moving sideways in either direction.   Joey was at his mercy.   Half of Lamar’s dick still remained outside of Joey’s ass.   “You are going to take this motherfucking dick all the way, because you are my white bitch that looooves my big black dick.   Don’t ya?”  Joey let out a gasp as Lamar began pushing in further.   “Tell me you love my big black dick, baby. ”  Joey couldn’t escape.   All that he could do is take what he had asked for, so many times, in secret.   “Yes, I love your big black dick.   Give it all to me, Daddy!” Joey exclaimed, hearing Paula scream out in pleasure.   “That’s it Joey, take that dick.

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    You are so hot.   I am cumming baby!  I can’t stop!” Paula screamed out, writhing around on all fours, her ass moving back forcefully toward her hand and the black butt plug.   It was disappearing completely inside of her ass, and Joey completely forgot about any pain.   This was a fantasy come true, even better because Paula was sharing it with him.   He began to push back against Lamar.

“Oh yeahhh, baby.   That’s it.   Take my dick.   I ain’t stopping until my balls slap your ass. ”  Lamar drove forward, causing Joey’s heels to actually lift off of the floor with the impact.   His dick was all the way inside of Joey, now, and he was ready to start stroking.   He bagan pulling in and out, only a little bit of length at first, but eventually pulling all the way out to the head, then slamming back inside.   This white ass was so tight, and Joey was one hell of a fuck.   Lamar was feeling the tingle in his balls.   “Ohh, yeah man.

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    That’s it.   Tell me what you want. ”


“Fuck my ass harder, give me all of your dick.   Faster please, oh please, oh please, yessss!  This is so fucking amazing!  I love your big black cock!” Joey exclaimed, reaching back to spread his cheeks wider, so that more dick could get inside of his ass.   He loved this feeling of being so full.   He looked to the computer screen to see that Paula was naked now, with a second dildo inside of her pussy.   She was moaning uncontrollably with the feeling of being doubly penetrated in her pussy, and an even bigger dildo now in her ass.   Sweat was dripping off of Joey’s body and he could feel pre-cum leaking from his dick.   He reached down, wiping the pre-cum from his dick with his hand and tasting it with his tongue, licking his entire hand.   He started driving back harder against Lamar.   Lamar started moaning, increasing his pace, sliding his dick in and out, almost in a blur he was moving so fast.   “That’s it baby, take my dick.   Feel my nuts slapping on your ass.   You are an amazing fuck, I am going to have to use your ass again.   Maybe next time, your lady can join in and hold your hand while I take your fucking ass.

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  ” Lamar exclaimed.   “Oh yeah, I am getting close.   You ready for your Black Daddy’s cum?  You want to feel my hot seed in your ass?  Oh yeah!  I’m cumming!  Take my seed motherfucker!  I am breeding your asssss!!!  Ohhhhhhhh yeah, oh shit yeah, yessss!!!!!” Lamar moaned as his hips began to jerk in orgasm.   Joey could feel the big black dick pulsing and the surging of the hot cream, filling his ass full of cream.   It was better than he had ever imagined.   The feelings were so intense, his cock was ready to explode.

Lamar pulled his dick out and didn’t even have to turn Joey around.   He was immediately knelt before him, cleaning the cum from his cock with his mouth.   He licked every inch of Lamar’s tool, including his nut sack, slightly nibbling at the skin, getting every drop of sweet, salty, hot stud juice.   He began stroking his own dick, and in no time, he was ready to cum.   Lamar stood Joey up.   “That’s it man, jerk off on my dick.   I want you to clean your own cum off of my dick. ”  Joey began shuddering as wave after wave of pleasure began to erupt.   “Please, stick your fingers in my ass!” Joey exclaimed, causing Lamar to press his three largest fingers into Joey’s ass as Joey erupted with more cream than he had ever released in his life.


    His cream covered that giant black dick, dripping down the shaft.   “Now clean up your sweet cream. ” Lamar replied, grabbing Joey by the hair and forcing him to bend over and clean his dick.   He pushed his face into his crotch, smearing cream on Joey’s face.   He then forced Joey to stand up and move toward the computer.   “Now, bend over and show your lady what reward you get from being a good fuck.   Show her the cum dripping on your face. ”  Lamar bent him over the desk, bringing him closer to the camera on the computer so that Paula could see her lover’s cum all over his own face.   She moaned with glee, as she sucked on her fingers covered in her own juices.   “Joey, I never knew you liked your own cream, baby.   This gives me some good ideas for when you come home. ” she cooed, absentmindedly pinching her nipples.

Lamar released Joey and began getting dressed.   “Well, I think you and your girl probably have some things to discuss, but I want to feel your ass again.   How long you in town for?” he asked as he was outing on his shoes.

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    “Umm, one week more, then I get to go home for awhile.   This was great, man.   Thanks. ” Joey replied, with a big smile on his face.   “Yeah man, hope I wasn’t too rough.   But, if you dig it, I have a couple of friends that would love to have a go at your ass.   And that mouth,” he winked, standing up and ready to head for the door.   “Yeah, man.   For sure.   Are their dicks as big as yours?” Joey asked, hoping the answer was yes.

“Nope. ” Lamar replied as he opened the door.   He turned around and smiled, and said “They’re bigger.   I will call you when it is set up. ”  Joey’s ass trembled in anticipation as he closed the door.

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