Burglary with benefits


During a simple burglary, anything can happen, yes, Anything!
Sneaky 22, Picker 24
Jasmine Hawley 30, Naomi Kraus 32
Chapter 1: Jasmine

The dead bolt was the first challenge, but Picker had earned his name for a particular talent he had. With the skills learned in the trade school he had attended, locksmithing now his trade, Picker eased the one inch long shaft back out of the door jamb. That job had taken almost 41 seconds to accomplish, not a record by any means but suitable for this brand of lock. He was pleased, the harder of the two was free of the steel plate that retained it. Now the keyed-alike door knob needed to be attended to. "One down", Picker whispered to his accomplice, then replaced the key chain to his mouth and aimed the beam to the brass knob. The illumination from the single LED was enough to show the full detail of the key slot at close range, yet not so bright as to alert the neighbors.

As he steadied his hand to do the job, Sneaky turned his head away to scan the area for any sign of trouble. The six foot high board fence of the back yard kept the two semi-secluded, but he could see if there was any movement by watching the spacing between the pickets. Nothing moved in the alley, not even a prowling cat at this early hour. He scanned . . . no motion under the street lamp a half block away. In fact, the street light was nearly enough to cover the brilliance of the flash light. "Everything's kosher!", Sneaky stated as he gave his partner a 'thumbs up'.

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The other man began his second duty. Picker attacked the door knob lock with skill. The left hand held firm tension on the knob while the right hand raked the picking tool through the sequence. Like a master thief with a combination lock on a safe, this man could 'feel' the sections of the knob as the pins fell into place. He wished that he had a 'lock release' that the police used for such a deed, but possessing one without a badge and a search warrant to back it up was a federal offense. Still, it was on his list of tools to own and if he could steal one, he'd do it. Picker had all the confidence in the world as last tumbler slipped into place and the knob turned. He had succeeded in opening it on the first pass . . . total time lapse from start to finish, about ten seconds. The tension he was holding on the knob released the latch and it slid back to clear its own striker plate. The door was eased open a quarter of an inch and listened. No alarm went off. He felt carefully for a chain, but no safety was in place.

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   That meant that the occupants were very careless or . . . as planned . . . neither of the ladies were home.

"We're in", Picker said quietly to his partner. He used the can of spray oil to saturate the hinges through the opening he had made. The velocity of the spray would make the substance follow around the edge and find the metal parts of the door. Although they had cased the joint several times to get the occupants living pattern, even seen the two working women leave earlier by separate vehicles, there would be no chances taken here. On one previous job they had discovered that weekend visitors occupied the space . . . very embarrassing and quite risky.

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   That burglary ended in a hasty get-away with no loot. This time the pair had taken extra precautions. No one would be here . . . they had made sure of that earlier in the evening.

Picker and Sneaky slid effortlessly through the back door of the house and latched it behind them. The dead bolt would stay unlocked, should they need to make a quick escape. The guys found themselves in the kitchen area. The LED light was aimed quickly around the space. Although this was a rather nice place, it was not one of the elite or there would have been motion sensing lights outside and perhaps an alarm system to override before picking the locks.

Those were always a challenge and Picker loved it when he could successfully bypass a system. To do so he'd pose as a salesman and arrive in the afternoon or early evening hours when there was just a little daylight. The motion lights could be taken out with a BB gun or air pistol. One little 'plink' and then the neighborhood kids would get in trouble for busting the light bulbs as a prank.

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   The security codes were often as easy to get . . . just use the 50 power telescope to zoom in on the occupant as he or she coded it into the pad . . . or, he'd done it twice now . . . mount a battery powered 900 megahertz camera on the entry porch awning over the pad and simply video tape the resident and the code at the same time. And shooting down at a steep angle often netted some other 'interesting' moments . . . like checking out a woman's boobs in a loose fitting blouse when she was casual and not paying any attention to the matter!

Now inside this pair's residence, there was no need to look in the kitchen drawers first. The idea that 'silverware' contained real silver these days was a falsehood left over from the days of kings and queens.

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   Table utensils of today needed to be re-labeled 'stainless wear', or in a one home these two had visited of late, 'plastic wear'. The newlyweds of that residence provided nothing but a little pocket change, a pair of cultured diamond earrings . . . cubic zirconium . . . and some sexy women's undies. Still, the panties provided a couple hours of use before being returned to the new wife‘s drawer!

Silver had gone out of style mainly because of the rising cost of the metal and the fact that it needed to be polished often to retain its luster. Jasmine and Naomi could probably afford the real stuff, but they had no need to show off. Their jewelry and their clothing and cars said it all for them. Both men had observed how they lived . . . all part of the men’s trade of being professional burglars.

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Picker slid his own flashlight from one hand to the other and slipped the lock picks back into his pocket. The single AAA battery was all it took to light up the key chain LED and in a dark house it provided substantial lighting. He snickered, "gotta love these. And to think that they only cost a buck. If only the Chinese knew what they were providing us cheap Americans with . . . " Sneaky returned, "cut the chatter. " He wanted to get down to business. They could converse about the economy later . . . after they had lifted all of the valuable jewelry from the bedrooms.

Down the hallway the two men split up. Picker took the first room.

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   He had seen the occupant in here after her shift . . . watched her tug the curtains halfway closed for privacy so she could get undressed and ready for a shower or for bed. Jasmine worked a later shift than the other, Naomi, so at 3 a. m. she had not taken every precaution to hide her body from a determined peeping Tom. Jasmine Hawley, a 30 year old black woman, had a beautiful body. Her proportions were correct in every sense of the word. This lady could have passed for a model instead of being a night clerk at the local convenience store where Picker had first noticed her. He was patient, done his research to see how 'rich' she was. He'd observed her jewelry on a date with another man . . . diamonds and white gold were her favorites.

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   She'd not be wearing them tonight. No woman flashed that kind of stuff around in a convenience store at ANY hour, nor did she want it stolen right from her body during a robbery on the way to the car.

Jasmine had been married once, still had the wedding photo of her and her husband on the night stand. No man had been seen on the premises at any time, save for an occasional date picking her up, so the husband was obviously out of her life. Picker wasn't sure if the guy had died or if the couple had simply parted. Fortunately, no children had blessed their home. Now the woman shared this house with another equally attractive black lady. Sneaky was in HER bedroom at that very moment.

Picker looked around the room quickly. On the floor was the lingerie she had hastily shed tonight so she would be on time for work. He picked up the bra to analyze it. Silky with lacy trim. The tag indicated that she was a 36-B. That's one reason he had chosen her room over the other . .

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  . Picker loved to date women with smaller breasts. They were always more firm than a chick with "C" tits that often sagged when standing or oozed into a puddle when she was laying naked on her back for the obvious reason. This man's fetish was that he liked to get ALL of a female's milk factory in his mouth at once. "B" worked good to that end. "C" tits were nice, but often too much. And then there were the "D" boobs that he'd seen on chunky ladies in the past. He'd photographed one while getting her security code and thought her bust was novel. Novel enough to sneak back to observe her at bedtime . . . with a man present. He remembered how they hung down when the support of her bra was removed. That gal's huge size caused her nipples to look down at the floor while she was yet standing. And when the two wanted to play sex games .

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  . . oh, to see her on her hands and knees with the big jugs swinging below her chest was indeed a turn on. To watch them getting groped and the meat jiggling back and forth like bags of Jell-O when getting screwed from behind . . . a true delight. But Picker wasn't into pornographic movies for sale, so huge boobs were just that . . . a novelty . . . he simply preferred the 'younger' look of a "B" sized breast. Complete, firm and edible!

He put the garment back on the floor where it had been found.


   He'd steal some of her clean lingerie and maybe a nightie, too, for dress up night. Those would be fun to own, however tonight he was primarily here for valuables. He looked around. As carelessly as she had dealt with her clothing, the jewelry was more delicately handled. He found a ring on the night stand, but nothing more. Looking in the closet on the top shelf he found a locked box. It measured about 6 by 8 by 4 inches high. He had seen her after a date, smiling and carelessly opening it to put her necklace in. It would be there now, so he didn't bother opening the box . . . just stuffed it into his black bag. The highly decorated box itself would be a keep sake to store her under garments in . . .

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   after the jewelry was removed and sold. Picker enjoyed having a trinket or a memento around to remember each victim by, and he definitely wanted to remember this beauty.

He'd have been in more of a hurry, but Ms. Hawley had several hours of work yet ahead of her. On the other hand, Naomi Kraus worked at a department store. That 32 year old colored lady would be off shift in a couple of hours. Picker checked the wall pictures for a hidden safe, but found was none. He moved silently out of Jasmine's bedroom into the living room to do the same.

Sneaky's job on this caper was to check out Naomi Kraus' bedroom. He looked intently for her valuables and found a pair of earrings, a bracelet, an anklet, and a necklace . . . all representing a matching set. He figured them to be sterling silver with pearl insets. He held one up to his ear and shined the LED light on his face.

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   He smiled as the light radiated from the single bulb into the mirror. He'd wear them on dress up day. As a matching set, these items would bring in a lot of spending money when the crook fenced them. He looked on, finding more jewelry items in the unlocked drawer of her night stand. This woman was rather careless with her possessions, but that just made Sneaky's job all the easier. He searched the carpeted floor to make sure nothing was hiding there. At times before he had felt bulges under his tennie runners, and upon investigation, located additional lost earrings. Kraus's bedroom, however, was clean of that.

Sneaky was still going through Naomi's belongings when Picker detected the lights of a car. He stayed motionless to see if it would pass the house. It did not. Instead, the lights turned into the drive and the engine was stopped. "We've got company", he whispered, hoping that Sneaky would hear the man. Picker slid the drape to the side to see if a security company had sent a man in response to a silent alarm. He was sure that no such alarm system was in place, but there had been that once instance when the fact had been over looked, resulting in a confrontation with a private cop.

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   The two had gotten out of the residence, but not without having to cold cock the guy. His knuckles had been bruised in the confrontation and left him sore and out of commission for nearly two weeks. He didn't want that . . . not again! His fingers needed to be free of damage so he could 'feel' the tumblers, so now he carried pepper spray and a stun gun as a backup.

Picker's heart was racing as he viewed the automobile lights being turned out. That would not have been the policy of a rent-a-cop. In the light of the front porch, Picker could see the shape and recognized the familiar walk of a woman. If not before, his heart began to pound hard in his chest. SHE was home early! He contemplated his options . . . should they run and hope to get free of the back door in time? Not enough time. He didn't know if Sneaky had heard his distress call, and since the man wasn't here now .

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  . . he was probably still rummaging for fine jewelry in Naomi's room. In desperation he turned the unlocked dead bolt back into the locked position, leaving nothing that would provide a warning that someone had been here.

Time ran out. She was already unlocking the front dead bolt. Her key turned the matching lock on the knob and Jasmine entered her home as before. She'd experienced the sniffles tonight so her manager had sent her home . . . much unexpected by the pair that was robbing her of her life's collection of goodies. Picker wished for a mask of some kind, a pair of nylons . . . hers would work well .

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  . . but it was too late for that. The front door opened.

He expected to see the blinding flash of the overhead lights, but Jasmine sneezed and missed the light switch with her hand as she closed the door. What was the crook to do now? He made a rash decision and swung his weighted black bag at the lady's head. There was the sound of a muted clunk and the music of castanets as it struck her in the forehead. Hopefully he had not damaged any of his take . . . her jewelry . . . or it wouldn't be as good a heist as planned earlier. Her body was cast backwards against the wall, making a clunk of it's own as her head hit the wall, then she slowly slumped over onto the floor.

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   How ironic, her own jewelry box had knocked her out.

Picker began to panic. Did he have time to collect his partner and depart the premises before she woke up? He'd not heard from Sneaky since the man had gone into Naomi's bedroom, so perhaps the job was not complete. With Jasmine unconscious, there WAS a way to extend the time limit . . . by tying her up and gagging her . . . mostly gagging the dame so she couldn't scream. The man could always contain her with his strength if need be. Picker felt behind his back for the curtain as he decided on the latter of the two options. He slid the tie back free and reached to her hair. He grasped it crudely and lifted her face from the carpet, then forced her jaw down and inserted the cloth as a ball. The woman was now gagged, but not very securely.

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   She could still spit it out if she regained her senses.

Sneaky's light shown and Picker turned to hear his partner ask, "what the hell's going on out here?" "Had some unexpected company arrive!" "You said that there would be no one home?" Picker justified his position, "she wasn't supposed to be here for hours! Usually gets off at 2. Something must have gone wrong tonight. Are you done in there?" Sneaky held up his own bag of goodies, "got a nice haul, but there's probably more. Haven't looked everywhere yet. We leaving with what we got or staying to ransack the joint first?" Picker slowly caressed Jasmine's hair, then rubbed his hand over her face and checked her temple. Worry filled his mind when she didn't respond. He'd never killed anyone before, and this was not a good time to let an innocent victim die. If need be, any question at all about her health, he'd call for an ambulance before departing. "We'll go in a minute. I hit the dame pretty hard, and I want to make sure she's all right first. "

Sneaky laughed, "you going soft, Picker?" "Not really, but I've seen this woman before and she's a beauty. You want to search some more, I'll give you another five minutes. In the meantime, I think I'll tie her up and make her acquaintance. You want to see some black flesh before we go?" "Black is beautiful, so I've heard" Sneaky responded, "but let's just cut out with what we got while the getting’s good.

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  " "Go if you want", Picker said, "but I'm going to take a couple more valuables from her and perhaps I'll stay to adore the woman for a while. This one might be home earlier than expected, but there's a good two hours before her roomie gets here. You know what I'm thinking?"

Sneaky was nervous about the partner's lustful suggestion, "come on, Picker. We got some of the jewelry, so let's make the scene. Anyway, you seen one woman you've seen them all. She's gonna have tits and legs and a butt, just like all the others. Her skin might be dark, her features a bit different, but she's pink inside, just like all the other women we've fucked. " Picker knew that his statement was true, but what a delight it would be to wear Jasmine's undies on dress up night . . . not the clean ones in her bedroom drawer, but the very ones she had on right now . . . and to remember having his pecker in her pussy. He could think about how soft and pleasing her breasts were to suck on, her hard nipples to bite and flick, and the feeling of his cock sliding through her warm wet tube, only to ejaculate his cum straight into her warm body.

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Sneaky saw his friend's answer as Picker reached to cut the pull cord loose with his pocket knife. That rope went to her arms, and with her again laying on her face, securing her hands behind her back seemed the natural thing to do. He knelt to bind her arms at the elbows to keep her stretched. Her wrists were bound separately. With lust in his heart the man rolled the dame face up. His hands went to her breasts and he mangled them viciously as he jerked the cloth out of her mouth. He leaned to kiss her on the lips. Jasmine moaned. He should have been more cautious, but he continued to think of lust. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and caressed her own tongue. She didn't move an more or make any sounds. It was time to ravish her lovely body!

Picker stuffed her mouth again, then lifted her under the shoulders and knees. He carried his catch past Sneaky to her own room and deposited her carcass on the bed. Her blouse was white with green swirls printed on it. Her skirt as black as her skin.

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   She wore nylons and dress shoes, but they were not high heels. Sneaky chuckled, "you're really gonna screw her?" Picker nodded, "twice if I can! You in or you out?" Sneaky didn't answer as Picker lifted a leg and removed the maiden’s shoe. He shined his light on the knee that had been exposed as Picker slid his hands under the skirt to reach the top of her nylon. He slid it down slowly, caressing her calf as Sneaky began to get excited, "damn but she really IS a cutie. OK, I go for it, but I get her when you're done!" "That's the spirit, my friend. Lift her ass and let's get her panties off, then we'll go after her bra. "

The two lights were shone onto her hips as the men forced her rump up and slid the skirt high on her body until her black panties were seen. Picker went up under the garment to catch the waist band, and as he pulled, her pubic hair was made visible. She was just as black there as everywhere else, save that when her folds spread Sneaky could see that pink color he'd been talking about. "Nice!", he commented. Sneaky went after the buttons of her blouse as Picker raised up and slid his pants down. He guided the shorts to his knees. His white skin shone brightly in the light of the two LED's.

As his partner exposed her upper half, Picker lifted the woman's leg to his shoulder. She was spread out wide now and ready to be taken.


   He moved his hardening dick up to her slot and raked it between her vaginal folds to get some moisture. He fucked gently against her clitoris and made it begin to swell up. The man didn't want to waste any time, but what would it hurt if Ms. Jasmine Hawley subconsciously got some fun out of tonight's adventure, too?

His cock head pressed against her vagina. She was relaxed, so when he pushed, she opened to receive him. Picker made sure that she did exactly that, thrusting until he had slammed his cock head against her cervix. He laid down now, engulfing one of the breasts that his partner had bared. Yes, her size "B" tit fit nicely into his mouth. He sucked and fucked and as the mood hit him, he dragged the cloth out of her mouth for a kiss or two. Jasmine moaned, but didn't regain consciousness. Only three minutes later, Picker ejaculated.

He wanted to keep his pecker inside her warm space, but by then Sneaky had his pants down and wanted in on the action. Picker slid his cock out of her slippery love tube and moved to her face. Her open mouth accepted the man's stiff wet shaft and he closed her jaw to make her clean him off. It was in deep when he felt her body lunge.

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   Sneaky had gone inside her cunt in one long thrust. Although Picker had been nice during his rape, Sneaky was just the opposite. He didn't care about Jasmine Hawley, not one little bit. And since this was his first black woman, he thrust violently to rape her in total domination of her shapely body. Sneaky muttered, "there ought to be a law against black women looking this good!" Picker laughed and thrust his softening cock over Jasmine's tongue.

She was in a dream state now, feeling the hard bumps against her cervix and her clit, but not yet awake when Sneaky's seminal discharge entered her vagina. He moaned and fucked and made Picker move aside so he could kiss the dame's mouth. Somewhere in her mind, Jasmine remembered her last love date . . . or was it the wedding night? A man's hands molested her breasts and she moaned all the more as Sneaky slid his cock through her wet interior. Her clit responded. She sensed his cock and tightened her vaginal muscles around his shaft. "How about that, Picker, she's gonna cum", he said. The woman's mouth kissed back as her lover took her for his lustful pleasure.

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   Now it didn't seem like such a bad idea to screw the woman as before. He thrust his hard dick through her tight muscle and listened to her moan as the rapist polished off his first darkie. He had to admit that this black woman was every bit as good for the purpose as any white or oriental or Hispanic … and he’d had those for bed partners already.

Sneaky was still laying on the woman's half naked body when she opened her eyes. The two LED lights had been aimed at her pretty face to give any tell tale notice of her consciousness. Those brilliant devices were blinding her. She closed her eyes and heard a voice, "almost done, baby. Just lay still and enjoy it some more. " She felt the last kiss being applied. Instinctively she kissed back, making Sneaky's day! But a millisecond later she realized what was going on . . . she figured out that this was NOT a dream. She knew the feeling of a man laying on her tummy. "No!", she groaned when their lips parted.

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   She gained her senses and opened her mouth wide to scream, but Picker gagged her with the cloth and simultaneously put a hand over her eyes. "You don't need to see us, baby. Just lay still and we'll give you another orgasm. " Jasmine struggled, but that hurt. She quickly found that she could not move her arms or hands. A voice said, "lay still, sweetheart, or we'll have to hurt you. " A hand slapped her face and she moaned, then realized that she was tied up and there were two distinct voices, two men in control.

"I want to eat her while she's still hot", Picker said. "Have at her", Sneaky replied. Fucking the woman into a spasm while she was half conscious was the highlight of his evening . . . even better than finding those pearls laying about. He slid his dick out of her cunt. She tried to close her legs, but each man had a hold of one to keep her open wide.

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   She bucked her hips, but that only excited Picker all the more. He buried his face into her muff and Jasmine cried out in the gag and tried to thrash about. It was no use. His mouth covered her pubic mound and his tongue licked her on the swollen clitoris. She'd not had sex for a while, so the stimulation . . . especially right after that first orgasm . . . felt absolutely wonderful. She wouldn't have told the attackers that on a bet, even if her mouth was free and she could talk. She couldn't.

Words didn't need to be expressed for the man at her crotch to read her body. She had tried to kick him at first, but now Jasmine's crotch was full of excitement and she lay nearly still, her knees out to the side and her ankles crossed under the man's chest.

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   He was tickling her feet and eating on her pussy. Both sent electrical shocks up and down her spine … and through her tummy. She couldn’t figure it out. His finger entered her twat, yet her lover was taking time to lick her clit frequently. She felt the wonderful sensation building and began to coo, not realizing that they could hear her doing it. His mouth covered her twat and he sucked. His tongue jutted inside and he extracted the very semen he and his friend had ejaculated into her. Withouthope of an escape from this unwanted duty she laid still and let the man consume her body fluids as he wished.

Jasmine felt a mouth cover her breast. He sucked gently now, fondling the other tit with tender strokes that turned her on. Although Sneaky had fucked her hard and taken her in lust, she had been excited by it all . . . even to the point of their mutual enjoyment. He had his glory already, so why not make her happy that she had come home early? She felt his kisses on her shoulders, then her neck, and then the side of her mouth.

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   He said, "no noise or it will go bad for you! Lay still for us. You understand?" He saw her head moving up and down. They couldn’t see that it was throbbing from being smacked by the jewelry box. Sneaky slowly moved the gag out of her mouth, trusting her to be quiet, and he slipped it up over her eyes as a wet rag. Jasmine could have shaken it free to look at her lover's face but she knew better. If she saw the men, she might be silenced in a way that didn't allow her to wake up, and there was no way for her to prevent a bad act from taking place. Her elbows felt the pressure as she struggled and her forehead already throbbed from the impact she'd received earlier. There was no way out of this deal on her part, and no need to make it worse.

A voice by her ear said, "no biting. Give me what I want. Be nice and we will, too. " When she sensed his breath over her face, the black woman knew what he wanted. He kissed her. She parted her lips and kissed back. It wasn’t all that bad, the man’s love attention.

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   She felt hands going under her rump, then lifting her ass off the bed and the other man’s tongue probed into her pussy as deeply as the tongue that now probed into her mouth. She moaned. It was so nice to be loved softly by the pair, that if these two kept it up, she'd cum again.

It was nearly like the night before her wedding. Her bachelorette party had turned into a drinking contest, and when the girlfriends had all gone, two male friends of her intended husband entered the picture. She was found on the couch. They checked her out, kissed her by force. She couldn't stop them. Then the promised woman was dragged off into the bedroom. The men laughed and explained that she was to be had for the last time before being married. Jasmine drifted in and out for a while as her clothes were opened, not believing that these guys were sucking her tits, both at once and she was liking the strange new feeling. When she felt her panties being felt over, she pleaded, but her fiancée’s friends had no mercy. She couldn't defend herself, and even began to laugh as they stripped her body of the garments, then laid her out and began their chore.

One fucked her in front and rolled her body onto his, so the other guy could enter her in back. She remembered the back door love affair clearly, because he was very forceful.

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   It had been the first time she'd been sodomized . . . but that had opened a whole new world for her . . . it had not been the last time she submitted her ass for anal sex. Her lovers kissed her and felt her and sucked her. She was beyond the 'innocent fiancée' stage, so she began to get turned on. Then she began to participate. Her body climaxed frequently . . . they made sure she did. Between the two of them, it had been a wonderful love affair that went on for hours.

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   They'd traded off, of course, breeding the naked woman repeatedly until only two hours before her wedding. She'd sobered up by the last event, but let them do what they wanted as a parting gift. Jasmine had never reported that closing party event to anyone before, especially not to her husband. Of course he might have noticed that her cunt was very juicy on their wedding night, but he never said anything about it. It was their little secret . . . the three of them.

Even after the honeymoon, she got visited . . . even captured by his two buddies and taken to their pad for more lust when her man was out of town. She seemed to get VERY excited by the thought of their 'two on one' love events. Sure, she had cheated on him, moments before and hardly a month after their wedding day. But the woman found their love making so intense to be held helpless and fucked that she had to let them take her.

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   Those days were years in the past, but now they seemed to be back! She was having another 'two on one' affair and loved it. Had the guys come back for her after the divorce? Why now? It had been three years. They had wives and children of their own and no reason to betray their families. No, it wasn't them. The style of these guys was entirely different, and neither of them were probing at her ass hole. These were two new lovers. Two new and very exciting lovers. She laid still to let them take her as they wanted.

"That's a girl. Be good for us and we'll be nice to you. You ready to get the rest of these clothes off, Jasmine?", Picker asked. Sneaky added, "no noise, full cooperation, and don't remove that blindfold or we terminate you. " He looked to Picker and they snickered at the lie. Their dame laid still as the two worked the skirt over her hips and down her legs. Her lower beauty was easy to see, even in the tiny lights that they maintained as the guys aimed them at her vee to inspect the area they'd already explored with their male members.


   She did nothing to stop them from touching her belly. Picker lifted her face and rubbed the spot he had hit her, "does this hurt?" She nodded her head, almost dislodging the curtain tie. "Sorry about that, sweetie. You weren’t supposed to be home yet, you know! We'd better fasten this tie so you don't tempt yourself into taking a peek at us. " He kissed the temple softly and rubbed it gently for a moment, just long enough that the dame realized that the pair had some feelings after all. The man raised her head higher, but pushed her face into his belly to hold the gag, now a blindfold, tight over her eyes. He secured the item in back and then rolled his maiden onto her tummy.

Picker explained, "I'm gonna untie your hands so we can take off your top clothes. If you don't think you can keep them to yourself, I'll just cut the clothes off. Your choice. " She whispered, almost at an inaudible level, "I . . . I won't move. Please don't hurt me.

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  " "It's all up to you, sweetheart", Sneaky added as he rubbed a hand over her bare rump. She felt the man's hands prying her ass cheeks apart. Was he going to cornhole her? She had enjoyed that multiple times with her other pair of lovers, but her husband had never poked his cock into her there. She missed the feeling of trying to shit, but not being able to force the hard penis back out. The sensation of helplessness it provided often added to her orgasmic intensity. She whispered again as a hint, "if you want me that way, I . . . I won't stop you. "

Sneaky slapped her butt hard and as she jerked he said, "you won't stop us from anything we want, girl, so get the thought out of your mind. You have anything to say about that?" Her hands were free now, but the one up front was lowering her blouse down her arms. She knew that the bra would quickly follow, and then her naked body would belong to the men. What then? Picker asked politely, "I'd love to take your lingerie with me. That all right with you, Jasmine?" She nodded her head. How did they know her name? Was it on the mailbox? NO.

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   So where? She laid still and the two clothing items were taken away. Then Sneaky straddled her waist facing her toes and began to rub her butt cheeks and thighs. She wanted to say, 'thank you ever so much', but she only thought it.

With the blindfold secure over her eyes, she could only sense what was going on. She felt her temple being rubbed again, then a hand went under her chin and her head was lifted. She sensed the warmth of a man's body. She smelled sex on his abdomen as he moved into position. When he pulled down on her jaw, she opened to accept his love member. Picker was soft now, but the victim's tongue made him want to erect again. He didn't. He would later. She sucked his meat gently, just as she had been taught to do the night before her wedding. "Very good", he complemented. "We came to rob you and your roomie, sweetie, but now I'm glad that you got to participate. I do love it so when a woman helps in her own seduction.

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   You want to cum again before we leave?" Her tongue lashed out over the man's urethra and she nodded her head. "Then you have to do your part. Take my balls in and caress them gently. Don‘t hurt me or I‘ll have to do it back … ten times over!" She raised her head and promised, “I … I won‘t hurt you. ” Picker moved forward. She wanted to move her hands to his testicles, even started to, but thought better of it and pulled them down to her sides again.

"Good decision, honey. I'll do it for you this time. " His fingers lifted his genitals and she opened wide to accept his body parts . . . already having his pecker in her mouth. Her cheeks were full to the hilt. She could even feel the strands of hair on his testicles. His pubic hair tickled her nose, but Jasmine ignored the feeling as she caressed his nut sack and licked everything as best she could.

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   Her love partner wasn't objecting one little bit. She had silently agreed to love the men any way they wanted, and this was it for the moment. The man's fingers gently moved over her sore forehead again as though he wanted to soothe her pain. He was obviously concerned about her well being, not just for himself, but for her own welfare. That was something new. What kind of burglars were these?

She thought back as her brain became fuzzy at his touch. Her last lover, a quick date with a young guy at work, had been all one sided. She was a decade older than him, but took him up on the offer just for variety . . . and because she was hard up at that moment. He'd taken her for a short drive . . . parked .

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  . . gotten her hot with kisses . . . pulled her clothing out of the way just far enough to explore her parts with his fingers and teeth . . . laid her back . . . guided her panty panel to the side to penetrate her pussy to have his lustful pleasure without so much as a titty feel, a love comment, or a kiss from that moment on. Then, her not knowing it before, he said, "that was wonderful, Jasmine. Black women are so easy to screw. But I guess I've got to go home now.

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   My wife will want the rest of my sperm! We're trying for a baby. "

It had been a low blow to her ego . . . not that he was married so much as him leaving her high and dry. She remembered pulling her skirt up to her waist, then spreading her legs as he drove her home so she could masturbate right in front of him! He muttered, "gawd, but you ARE easy!" She stayed in his car until she had completed the spasm as her date watched. Finally he pulled her face over for a parting kiss and simultaneously slid his finger into her cunt. She let him feel her, manipulate her clit, finger fuck her hole until she went off again. He offered, "maybe I can come in for a while?" She looked at the young guy and said, "mommy needs you at home. " Then she got out and straightened up her clothing just outside his car and walked to the door with her ass wiggling suggestively.

When he asked again at work, she refused his offer of a second date, "no thanks, you're no fun. I can please myself or get a kid off the street to do it for me. And by the way, how's that wife of yours? Knock her up yet or do you need a friend to help? I can recommend a few horny studs if you're not man enough to get the job done. " He shrunk back from the low blow and her insults.

The next time they met, he begged.

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   In response she threw her arms around the lad and after she kissed his lips and fondled his pecker into a sturdy erection she responded, "well OK. But how about we do it this way . . . after you do the little woman at home tonight . . . then take a shower and tell her to enjoy the sperm by herself. You pick me up at the bar around midnight and we can go somewhere to park. You can expose yourself and stick your finger in my ass while I do the same to your butt hole. And then I'll masturbate you. Bring a rubber so you can save the jizz for your wife's new baby. You suppose that she's having someone else's cock each time you go out on a date? I certainly would if I was her!"

Jasmine must have had a dream, it was all so real to her now. She surmised that she must have drifted off from the man's gentle rub, perhaps relapsing into a state of unconsciousness after the hard blow. She was usually awake at this hour so it wasn't from being tired.

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   Then again, what hour was it? Her mind fought for superiority and won. When she woke her other senses up, Jasmine heard the house door opening. One man lay beside her. He whispered, "lay still and be quiet. Better you do it for me than to experience the alternative that I have in mind. " She pulled to find her wrists tied again, his palm cupped tight over her mouth, so she took the suggestion seriously to do as her visitor instructed. Then she heard a noise out in the living room, it sounded like a struggle. She listened to a woman's cry for help, muffled, but this gal was not able to help her room mate. Whatever was going down, if it be a sexual attack on Naomi Kraus, the room mate would be on her own.

Chapter 2: Naomi

The scuffle lasted only a moment, then she heard a man's voice. She didn't hear the words, but she knew he was being stern with the other female victim. Out in the living room, the door was closed behind Miss Kraus. Her body lay flat on her belly with a man sitting in the middle of her back. She tried to bite his hand, the one cupped over her mouth, but the thumb of his left hand held her jaw shut. She felt a thump on the back of her head.

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   It hurt. "That was just a sample. You move and I'll deal you a hard one, woman. " He was thinking HARD ONE all right, and he planned to deal her a turn with it before he left . . . beginning in about five minutes! Naomi didn't know what to think. How did this man get inside? Who was he? Were there others? Maybe not, she figured, or there would have been more than one to take her down. She tried to move her legs, thumped them on the floor to attract outside attention. He slapped her again across the back of her head. She stopped and laid still to find out what the intruder wanted . . . although she feared that it was the obvious. Her possessions or HER.

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   Maybe both.

"Put your hands at your side, both of them", the voice demanded, "and if you make a sound of any kind, especially a scream, I'll cut your throat. " Sneaky moved an ink pen across her larynx, but Naomi interpreted it as a knife. She didn't want to die like this. As fear flooded her body she swore to herself to mind the man's every wish, no matter what it was. That violated what she had been taught … fight like hell … but if she did that she might just go there for a visit! No, Miss Kraus would mind and pray for the best. Her body tried to relax, but couldn't do a good job of it. She analyzed her position. Her hands were currently spread out on the floor, one under her chest to catch her when she was thrown down, the other outstretched over her head. "Left hand", he stated. It took some work before she could obey completely. Sneaky ceased it with his right and torqued it up her back until she moaned. He snickered as he thought, "what an obedient woman. I guess they get smarter as they get older. " He'd have to ask her age after a while, but not right now.


   The attacker's voice was rough as he asked, "will I have any trouble if I let your mouth go for a moment?" She shook her head. He added, "I'd better not or you'll not mutter any other sounds!" With the thought of having her throat slit and her blood spilling out on the carpet in strong pulses, she prayed.

Sneaky removed the hand from her mouth, releasing her jaw in the process. It went to her shoulder and then followed her forearm down under her chest. She knew that he was sampling her breast as he captured her fingers, entwined his own into hers, but she did nothing rash and certainly didn't try to object. A moment later she was relieved to have him draw her right hand out. She turned her arm at his suggestion so it could go up her spine to join the first hand. She noticed that he had done that job softly . . . he could have forced it up there, but he had chosen to let her participate to avoid the strain and pain.

"Quiet now, woman!", he stated as he reached in under her chest to grip her mammary through the cloth of her clothing. As the flesh was indented and mangled, Naomi knew that she was going to be raped before long . . .

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   his style dictated the foreplay she had suffered the last time, and her lack of arms, fear of pissing him off by using her voice, made it reasonable to assume.

"Does this hurt?", he asked. She had to think about it briefly. No it wasn't hurting her, but it was uncomfortable to be mangled by the guy. She slowly shook her head to the side and whispered, "no, sir. I can take it. " He rolled her body a few degrees onto her left side while still holding her hands together with one of his. Her right breast came off of the floor. "If you're a good girl, then you won't get hurt. If you displease me in any fashion, then you can expect to have a very BAD evening. Got that?" She nodded. He teased, "tell me in a very low voice, what's going to happen. " She felt tears dripping down her nose before she realized that she was crying. Through the fearful sensation of dying for saying the wrong thing, Naomi Kraus spoke softly, "I'm going to stay still, keep quiet, and let you do anything you want to me. I hope that you won't kill me when you're done .

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  . . please? I'll be a good girl. I'll do anything for you, mister. Anything. "

He leaned to kiss her on the back of the neck, "does anything include you voluntarily screwing my cock?" She nodded, "even that. If it‘s what you want. " He gripped her firmly again and pulled on her boob as he explained, "I came to rob you, but found very little. No woman has only one set of pearls. Do you have some more jewelry hidden away? Tell me the truth . . . I hate liars … the only good liars are dead liars. " She didn't dare lie. Her head nodded in the positive direction.

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   "You'll show me where it is in a while, but let's get to be friends first. I love to explore and screw black women! You got a problem with that?" Naomi did, would have given a choice, but she shook her head in the negative direction. She had no choice this time, so it was best to let the man have what he wanted.

He let go of her hands to see what she would do, and with the use of his left hand, Sneaky slid the hem of the black woman's dress up her legs a little. When he tapped her thighs, she moved them apart and as he raised his rump off of her mid section to get more twist in his own body, Miss Kraus suffered the indecency of a finger. It went to her leg band, then in under and straight for her cunt. She knew to let the man have her twat without any objections. His digit was guided to the opening, teased her muscle open, and slid inside with no effort . . . and the woman didn't try to move her hands one little bit as the finger fuck began. The next act would likely be sex, forced, hard core rape, but maybe he'd make it pleasant for her if she cooperated. Having not enjoyed a man's hard penis for several weeks, the finger seemed to be a delight. She might even get hot enough to cum for him if he was pleasant to be with. She knew enough about life to know that ALL men love to have their females climax out of control under them just before they fill her vagina with their hot pulses of sperm.

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   She'd surely try to give this man the ride he expected, just to spice up his desire to keep her alive a while longer. When they were done having each other, she'd hand over the hidden valuables. And if he coaxed her, she'd let him have those of her roomie, Jasmine Hawley, too. Then he'd tie her up, threaten her with death if she told on him, and then leave. At least that was what she hoped for. "Just do your naughty deed to me, mister", she thought, "and after you've enjoyed yourself . . . then go your merry way! Pretty please?"

Jasmine heard the sound of light footsteps in the hallway. Sneaky had removed her shoes, but left her other clothes intact. As scared as this woman was, she's lay herself out on the bed and make him fuck her cunt. His hand was holding hers behind her back and the other was on her mouth as Naomi's door opened.

In the next room, Jasmine and Picker listened. The voice beside her said, "no noise. I don't want your roomie to know that you're home.

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  " She nodded. A hand came away from the woman's mouth and she whispered, "is he going to hurt her?" "He'd have done that already if she hadn't consented to have sex with him. My buddy will get her to strip for him, then lay her down and make love to her pussy, I suppose", the man said. Jasmine felt her bare tits being caressed gently. She moaned a tiny one, but he put his hand to her mouth, "save it for later, honey. Silence is golden at this moment. Let's see how delightful your room mate is in bed . . . in case you don't already know. Do you?" She shook her head, "we go out. "

He resumed the titty job and leaned to extract a kiss from her mouth. Jasmine kissed back and let him have her breast for a toy. His hand moved low on her belly and he rubbed over her pubic bone. He was being rather suggestive, pulling delicately on her pubic hairs.

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   "You OK, baby?", he asked softly. Was it time for her to be loved again? Her lover squeezed her at the clit and milked her tiny piece of meat upward, his mouth toying with the nipples for an extra long time with each act as he all but masturbated his victim.

Picker brought both hands up, cupped her face and drew her to his mouth for a kiss. Jasmine stuck her tongue between his lips and gave him a very sexy smooch. "You learn fast, sweetie. I think I like you. " He leaned to suck on her flesh, and his hand went down to her pubic mound and flicked her swelling clitoris again. "You horny yet?" She nodded. He caressed the love button for a moment, then moved his face to hers and took another kiss. Jasmine kissed back with fever before saying, "I'll do it with you this time if you want. We can have a mutual orgasm . . . wouldn't you like that, mister? Or . .

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  . ", she quickly added, " . . . or you can rape me again. I won't mind being your sex object tonight, especially if you make me cum again. " He rolled over on top of her nude body and she spread her legs. Picker didn't know if he'd give her the juice or wait until his buddy was done with Naomi and make his deposit in HER twat. He'd screw Jasmine for a while, very slowly to prolong the love affair, to build her heat up to the maximum . . . and then make up his mind as the timing went down under God's natural laws of reproduction.

In the other bedroom, Naomi Kraus was as cooperative as any woman was expected to be before a rape, but he jerked crudely to get her dress off and it tore. She didn't like being undressed carelessly by the man, and she tried to push his hands away. The man stuffed his hanky into her mouth, then threw her down on the floor and took her by the feet.

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   Naomi wanted to scream, but at this hour it would take several before anyone woke and decided that trouble was brewing. With the make-shift gag, the level wouldn't be enough and then she'd be in a big heap of trouble. She bit down on the cloth and kept her mouth shut, but tried to reason with her man as he loosened the bra strap in back. The scuffle continued in the room, but Sneaky didn't need any help to contain the semi-cooperative black woman. Her bra came off and then her arms were criss-crossed behind her back and she was forced onto the bed, now laying on them. He shone a light over her bust. The bulk of her arms made her chest poke up and her larger boobs more obvious than before. She was bigger than his other treat, Jasmine, but her tits would be fun to play with.

Naomi saw him observing her areolas, then felt his finger indent one. She wanted to tell him to be nice to her, that she would allow him to fuck her, but she couldn't control that. The threat she had received at the door after her capture was nearly sufficient to keep her docile. She was objecting to his way of removing her clothing more so than the act that would take place once her shapely body was bared.

Naomi hadn't seen any details when he first attacked her, only that he was a white man. She'd had white men before as lovers, but not so forceful as this one. HE wanted something to remember this night by .

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  . . two black ladies in full cooperation. SHE wanted to live through it. He leaned to kiss her lips, but doing so with a gag in her mouth was awkward. He said, "quiet", and removed it. She tried to calm him down with loud whisper, "I . . . I promised that I would be good for you if you didn't hurt me, but please don't tear the fabric. I don't have any money to buy new clothes. Please? Just take them off and then make love to me as you wish. I won't fight you, I promise. " He said, "prove it!", then put his mouth over hers and Naomi gave in. She thought that she was alone, not knowing that Jasmine had come home early that evening, and she began to prove that she would do exactly as she had promised.

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   They kissed and kissed. Passion levels began to rise for both of the lovers.

Sneaky pulled the waist band of her panties over her hips, and Naomi raised her rump to let him have them. Her body was arched and he thought about requiring her to stay that way for his lustful act. He let her go, trusting her one more time, and soon the panties were his. He put them at her face and said, "open. " She wanted to object, but dared not after making such a confession of full cooperation just seconds before. He stuffed the whole garment into her mouth. She bit down, knowing that she had said all she was going to until the man was done with her pussy. He gripped her ankles and to complement the tiny tug he put on them, she moved her legs apart again. He lowered his pants in the darkness of the room, then moved into the vee and stuck the dame with his penis. Naomi groaned as her vagina opened up. Stroke by stroke she took him.

He leaned over to suck her breasts and bit into her flesh more than once. She cried out in pain, but the panties captured the sound.


   As she was taking his thrusts, she thought that she heard something happening in Jasmine's room, but the sound was weak and perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her. Sneaky's pelvis rubbed over the woman's clit. She brought her back up and made her love tube a straight shot for her rapist. He drove it into her and her mind went berserk with lust. What he was doing was exactly what she needed. Did he know that? Probably not, he was too aggressive to notice her needs.

But he would notice . . . her body responded to the man’s probing and she entered into a spasm much sooner than normal The woman's horny clit was on fire now, and she bucked up into his thrusts to drive the tingle deeper inside. He chuckled, "gotcha", and he fucked her harder than before. Her uterus went into a tizzy . . . rippling effects of an orgasm filling her from head to toe, and then her inner organ burst forth with wild hard contractions that wouldn't stop .

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  . . with wild hard contractions that SHE didn't want to stop. Her body trembled, mostly inside, as the spasms made her want more love from him than any other man in her past. Maybe being raped in the dark by a total stranger was her 'thing' after all. White man screwing a helpless black woman! This was not a TV program, it was real life. Still, it turned her on to be that woman … his victim. Any way she faced the response it came out the same. She liked this forced act a lot. She WANTED to be this man's prisoner for a while and see how a few hours of lust with him turned out. Then she felt his discharge. It sent pulses through her body and she savored each of them. His kiss over her panty clad mouth made their love affair complete. Finally both stopped. He whispered, “WOW”.

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Chapter 3: Duo

Jasmine was ready to cum when Sneaky appeared at the door, "she's hot as a firecracker now, Picker. Want to trade?" Picker slid his dick out of Jasmine's cunt and stood, "mine is ready for an orgasm, too. Give her a good long one, Sneaky. " The names meant nothing to the woman, but the hot cock that slid into her body did. Yes, she was ready for another orgasm. In the other room she heard Naomi's voice, "more . . . yes, more! Fuck me harder. " Sneaky offered, "guess she didn't need the gag after all. " The guys worked their dames and the two girls went off together. Now they could plainly hear each other in a state of orgasm. Naomi said, "she's here? Jasmine is home?" Picker responded, "pay attention to my need, woman, and let your room mate have her own level of fun. " He thrust hard, but took his time again . .

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  . Naomi climaxed twice more before he unloaded himself into her. She laid still and cooed as they kissed. He felt her up, analyzing her larger breasts and chewing on her tits a multitude of times. As dark as her skin was, the teeth marks and hickie bruises wouldn't be showing in the daylight!

It was a good long half hour before Picker got up, "Sneaky said you have more valuables for us?" She was committed to tell the truth, "I … I'll have to show you. I need a light. " "Find them in the dark, woman! If you see my face I'll cut your throat. " That wasn't the first time she'd imagined her blood being spilled on the floor. "OK, OK. In the dark. " The two got off the bed, but he made Naomi crawl to her closet. In the move his light shown on her cunt and he could see his own sperm dripping out.

In the back of the closet was a small door that slid to the side. She opened it up, "it's right there. " But the man made her stay put while he reached between her legs for the contents.

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   She felt his arm rub over her clit and nearly had another spasm as he put his face to her crotch and licked her vagina from behind. His hand searched. Hidden in the compartment was another jewelry box. The light from his LED was enough for her to see him withdrawing it, and she felt him push her back down until her tits rubbed over the surface. "Bury your face in the corner and close your eyes. Keep your mouth shut and stay in this position for a half an hour. Don't worry, I'll be back. If you‘ve moved, my dear, it‘s all over for both of you dames!" He pushed her feet until her whole body was inside and then closed the door, trapping her in the awkward position. She imagined herself being taken from behind on the next round of love. He jammed a chair back against the knob, just in case she changed her mind.

Picker found Sneaky still holding Jasmine's body to the bed. He offered, "got it, but she says that Ms. Jasmine has some more that we might not have found. " "That true, girl?", Sneaky inquired as he twisted her nipple. Hawley cried out in pain, "yes.

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   There's more. I'll have to show you. " But Picker smiled, "is it in the back of the closet, dear lady?" "Yes", she replied in sorrow, "a door slides to the side and . . . " He kissed her on the mouth, "lovely. Thank you my dear. " Without her help, Picker took up the chore of finding the second box of trinkets on his own. He took the small case and stuffed it into the black bag with the other two, then said, "I need to get our other lady blindfolded, then we need to find some dildos for these girls to enjoy while we rest up. I'll bring the other chick in here and we can have them together. " "Works for me", Sneaky replied, "that OK with you, Jasmine? Want to have sex with your roomie at your side?" It was obviously what THEY wanted to happen. She wasn't a lesbian, but she nodded reluctantly, afraid to give any other kind of response.

Sneaky verbalized, "she seems to be in full agreement. Go get some tools from the kitchen . .

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  . some with BIG plastic handles. Bring in the other chick and we'll have a party. Maybe these two will even like to show us how lesbians enjoy their evenings. You do have sex with her, don't you, Jasmine. " She shook her head. "We'll introduce you two and you'll find it easy to do once we leave!"

Picker moved to Naomi's bedroom and checked the closet. The chair was still as it had been left. The black maiden was in the interesting position …. just as he had left her . . . head down, ass up. He moved up tight and then milked his limp pecker into her love hole again. She felt the movement, but he didn't get hard.

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   Too bad. She was liking this position and his domination already. Then his cock pulled out and he replaced it with something unusual. A couple of minutes later Picker had Miss Kraus crawling in on her hands and knees with him guiding her by the flat business end of the spatula. She had taken the handle, he had inserted it into her pussy hole. Over her eyelids were crossed patches of packaging tape that he'd located in the utility drawer. When Sneaky shined his LED at her, the fixtures made her look like a clown. The light moved to her chest . . . those luscious hanging pendulums swaying with her progress. The black woman's movement was sluggish at best as she ran her face right into the bed. Sneaky laughed aloud. "Could sell this sort of stuff to America's Funniest Porno Videos", he stated. Naomi began to blush at the thought.

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His partner also had a blanket from Naomi's bed, which he tossed to Sneaky. "Drape this over the curtain rod to block the light from escaping. I want to view our ladies in good light. And make sure that Ms. Hawley keeps her legs spread for us to view her. " "I'm going to trust you to lay still, Jasmine", Sneaky said. When she signified with the nod of her head that she would not move, he got up and did the chore. Picker switched on the overhead light to observe the two black women . . . one still on her hands and knees with her face buried into the bed cover, the other laying face up with her legs spread. He muttered the familiar phrase, "oh yes, black IS definitely beautiful!"

Picker straddled Naomi's waist and lifted the hanging duo under her chest. She rose up into his crotch and felt his genitals raking over her back as he moved onto the bed by pulling her tits. "Stop here, face down, Naomi, but keep your knees spread and your lovely round butt in the air so you don't hurt yourself on this tool. " He wiggled it a little.

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   It seemed reasonable to the woman, although Picker just wanted to see her open pussy from behind with the make-shift dildo when the light came on. She wondered how he knew her name, but the cleaver man had seen it on the checkbook, credit cards and again on her I. D. card when he retrieved her wallet from the living room floor where she had been taken down. She positioned herself as told. She could feel the heat radiating from Jasmine's body and wanted to lay side by side with her friend.

"Jasmine, your room mate has a little different story from you about being a lesbian. She says that you like to get drunk every now and then. That ring a bell. " The gags being gone now, both women could speak their piece, "so what", Jasmine responded, "everyone drinks a little. That don't make us queer. We just live together, share expenses and that sort of thing. Nothing more. " Picker wrenched the tool around in Naomi's cunt until she cried. Then it hit him, "well, I’ll be damned! You really don't know what she does to you after you pass out, do you, Jasmine.

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  " "Know what. What does she do? Naomi? What is he talking about. "

"Better yet", Sneaky said slyly, "I'd like her to SHOW us what she does. Jasmine, you're drunk. Naomi, you're horny. Go at it and make it realistic. " Picker put one hand on Jasmine's leg and Sneaky held the other. His partner lifted on the poker in her pussy and Naomi rose up, "please guys, don't make me do this. " "You do it to her when she's asleep. Do it when she's awake! It will broaden you two's horizons, for sure!"

It came to mind that each woman had seen the other in her lingerie and sometimes naked. It was just a girl thing that Jasmine never thought much about. Both women had helped her roomie zip up a tight evening gown before a date, touched hands every now and then with an encouraging pat . . . even hugged the other and provided a sweet kiss on the cheek.


   But Jasmine had never engaged thoughts of the lesbian sort before. Apparently tonight she would learn that her room mate DID have those kinds of thoughts . . . about her . . . more often than not! As the bed moved, Jasmine's mind moved faster . . . she recalled that, in fact, Naomi had helped to get her plastered several times. She had substituted stronger drink for the beer and wine, and a few times she had to help her friend into bed clothes. Was it so Naomi could go queer on the other woman's crotch while she was helplessly intoxicated?

Picker pushed Naomi's face down into the gap of Jasmine's vee and Naomi went right after the woman's clit. "NO", Jasmine cried out much too loud. She got stuffed with Naomi's panties and was silenced.

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