Bungalo Summer II


The fact that Chris was so relaxed about it too, helped removed the sting of embarrassment.
Somewhat mindful he said, "Although I don't know what your mother would think about the two of us laying here, having a boner together. "
"I'm not going to tell her," I assured, resentful of having to worry about what my mother might or might think. I was, after all, eighteen.
Chris gave me a somewhat thought look, as if to say he was glad to hear that.
We both grinned with a somewhat modest amusement this time. There was nothing we could do, and no way to keep our arousal from showing.
"Like I said. . . sometimes friends can't always keep their feelings from showing," Chris told me with an accepting nonchalance.
"No. I guess not," I agreed.
"I don't know about you. . .

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  but it's kind of uncomfortable having one in this swimsuit," he remarked.
"Yeah," I said. I swallowed. The taught fabric stretched over my boner was restrictive an uncomfortable.
"Maybe," he suggested in a perfectly straightforward fashion, "we should slip them off. It's not like there's anybody who's going to see. "
I felt hesitant, and watched as Chris proceed to slide his suit down his legs and off. I saw his nakedly revealed manhood, large and red. I followed his example and slipped my suit down and off, too. My own erection seemed huge and embarrassingly stiff. I was surprised to see that he shaved his pubic hair. I had a batch of sandy hair.
Chris smiled at me and I smiled back shyly.
"It's nothing to be embarrassed about," he assured. "Actually.

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  . . it feels kind of good having it hard with a friend. "
I know that a blushed a little bit. "Yeah. . . " I admitted, actually thinking that it did. That it felt special being able to be this open and honest with Chris in such an intimate way. Just as guys.
I liked the confident smile that I saw on his face.
He reached out and took me in his arms, pulling me to him. I let my arms slide around his back and we shared a naked embrace. It felt wonderful. We pulled back, still in each others arms, looked at one another, and then Chris leaned forward to put his lips to mine.

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   I was surprised. I felt his lips, warm and smooth and soft, and I kissed him back in this moment of friendliness. Somehow it seemed the thing to do right then and okay.
This time when we drew back, we were both smiling in this pleased way.
"You're a good looking boy," he said. He grinned. "It's nice seeing you with a boner. "
"You're good looking, too," I said, finding myself wanting to tell him that. I looked at his sizable manhood. I wanted to say that I liked seeing that, as well. Could I say that to another guy? He had just complimented me. I drew in a breath. "I like seeing you with a boner, too," I managed.
Chris reached down to take a hold of my stiff length. His fingers felt strong as they curled around the shaft, with me immediately liking how that felt.

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   Slowly he pulled up and down on its length. I licked my lips. Daringly, I reached out to feel his boner. The large, firm male-shape felt wonderful to hold and very exciting.
"It's kind of nice being friends like this. . . uh?" he said.
I found myself smiling. "Yeah," I told him, thinking that it was. I had never done anything like this with another guy before. Not even with Josh. Of course Josh would have thought that it was gay, and not just an expression of friendship. He was like that. With Chris, it was something wonderful to share.

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We laid there gently feeling each others erect organ. It was so pleasingly romantic. The fire, our being naked, unembarrassed by our mutual arousal. I felt Chris's hand leave my penis and slide up my chest, his fingers brushing over my nipples, teasing and exciting them. I did the same to him. We kissed again, warmly and wetly. I was so admiring of Chris, and it felt so good to be with him like this. To be unashamedly male like this together.
Pulling back, Chris brought himself forward and down, holding my erection as he slid his mouth over the swollen purplish tip. I sucked in a breath. I watched and felt as his head went up and down several times, and felt his hand juggling the firm, oval shapes of my balls around beneath the loose skin. It was unbelievably exciting. When he drew back, he stood on his knees, offering me the chance to take his boner in my mouth. I did so eagerly. I grasped it in my hands, and plunged the broad tip into my mouth and slid down two inches on the shaft.

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   I wanted to know Chris as a man like this. I wanted to feel his boner being big and hard and to know that I was the reason.