Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Bad Weeks Sleep Pt. 02


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/FF, MM/FF, Non-con

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: A Bad Week's Sleep Night Two
By Muhabba

"Oh my God I am so bushed," Buffy complained as she walked into her bedroom and let the door shut behind her, "There's gotta be a better way to keep track of all the new Slayers. "She pulled her dingy, gray tank-top off and let it fall to the floor as she trudged towards her bed with her shoulders slumped dramatically. She unfastened her jeans and let them fall to her ankles, struggling to pull her feet out from them before collapsing on her bed in her sports bra, panties, and her inside out pants.

"Gah!" Buffy grunted with a jerk as she realized she had fallen asleep before putting her pajamas on. She sat up on the edge of the cold, dirty cot and reached up to her chest, accidentally grabbing her firm, medium sized breasts. Her hands quickly patted her chest down and she realized that her sports bra was missing. She looked down at the tan lines of her unencumbered breasts and further down her naked body and realized that she was completely naked, the pale flesh normally protected from the sun beneath the bikinis she wore seeming to glow in the darkness. Jumping up to her feet she looked around at the grimy cell and felt a surge of panic when all she saw were three bare stone walls and bars across the entrance. "Where am I?" she asked, her voice echoing through the dungeon.

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"You are where you were always meant to be," a slimy voice responded, shocking Buffy as she spun around to the bars at the front of the cell, "Under my control. "

"Who are you?" Buffy asked as she assumed a fighters stance, already recognizing the voice. She wasn't surprised when the pale face of the Master appeared on the other side of the bars. "I should have known," she mocked, "Well, I've killed you twice now so let's make it a third," she said flippantly.

"Let's try something different this time," the Master snarled as he slowly raised one of his clawed hands.

Even braced for the ancient vampire to use his hypnotic powers on her, Buffy was still surprised by the result. At first nothing happened, the Master simply stood there with his hand up and she stood across from him naked and ready to fight. But then a dull throb echoed through her lower abdomen, her nipples grew tight and she felt a strange tingling between her spread legs. Her breathing became shallow and ragged, her chest heaving and her vagina slowly starting to warm. She drew a shuddering breath as her pussy began to become moist and her pink nipples began to ache. She groaned out unintentionally as her moist cunt throbbed and her nipples sizzled in need. She could feel her juices begin to trial down the insides of her thighs, her legs trembling as she began to pant in need.

"What. . .

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   what have. . . have you done. . . done to me," the Vampire Slayer panted lustfully as her arms began to grow slack.

"Attacked you where you are most vulnerable, Slayer," the Master hissed evilly, "Where most of your opponent's wished to be. I've attacked your sex. "

"No. . . no. . .

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   noooo. . . " Buffy moaned pitifully as her arms lowered themselves to her sides. Her hands began to wandered up her body to her chest and she squeezed her firm tits, pursing her lips as she cooed in pleasure, the pale flesh of her breasts oozing out between her fingers. Her eyes fluttered close as one of her hands trialed down her tan stomach to the white junction between her golden thighs. She palmed her moist mound, her juices dripping between her fingers as she slid a single digit into her hot hole. She groaned breathlessly as her finger slid in and out of her tight cunt and her other hand slid back and forth across her chest, pinching and twisting her hard nipples.

The Master chuckled devilishly. "Perhaps you'd like some help, Slayer," he snickered before opening the door to the cell.

"I'd be happy to help, luv," a familiar voice with a cockney accent said.

"Me and dear, sweet William would be happy to help," another familiar, female voice said in a more prim British accent.

Buffy recognized the voices immediately, especially the male since at one time he'd been her lover and another time her attempted rapist. Unable to stop her hands, the Vampire Slayer opened her eyes and saw Spike and his girlfriend Drucilla. Both were completely naked, Spike's prick already rigid and pointed straight at her and Drucilla's nipples hard with desire as both vampires looked at her hungrily.

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  Embarrassment crept over Buffy's face as she continued to masturbate in front of the three vampires, her wanton body on full display.

"You should know what to do, Spike," a familiar voice said from somewhere behind the Master as the evil vampire closed the door behind Spike and Drucilla. He chuckled to himself as he watched the two other vampires stalk toward the masturbating Slayer.

"I can't stop myself," Buffy thought as she continued to molest her quivering body, "Why can't I stop myself?"She squeezed and pulled at one hard nipple, distorting the shape of her breast as her other hand rubbed her wet, dripping pussy. She gasped in need as the two vampires slowly approached her, unable to stop herself and escape. Spike and Dru's hands reached up and began caressing her helpless body, their faces transforming from human to a vampire's snarling visage, their teeth pointed and their eyes yellow. She moaned out as they began fondling her sweat slick flesh, their hands palming her pale tits, their fingers pinching her tan flesh, their lips kissing her in her most sensitive and hidden parts.

"Dru, why don't you get down on your knees," the hidden voice said from the darkness, "Buffy appreciates a bit of tongue. "

"You got that right, mate," Spike chuckled evilly before wiggling his tongue at the helpless Slayer.

As Dru got down on her knees she looked up at the Slayer from between her legs. "Maybe mummy has a treat for her little girl," she giggled as she used her hands to encourage Buffy to open her golden thighs. The trapped blonde girl moaned out as the dark haired vampire extended her tongue and licked up her dewy slit. Dru used her fingers to open Buffy's pink lips before sliding her tongue wetly around the entrance to her vagina, circling the tight hole before trailing her tongue around her hard clit.

Buffy shuddered in pleasure as Dru licked her and the voice from behind the Master spoke up again. "Spike, it looks like Buffy is going to need a hand," the voice said and Spike immediately complied.

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Spike moved around the Slayer, positioning himself behind her and slipping his hard cock between her taunt ass-cheeks. He wrapped his arms around her body, one hand resting just above her pubic mound where the skin of her tan lines went from her pale pussy to her bronzed, flat stomach. His other hand trailed up to her white chest, cupping one of her firm tits as he humped against her ass.

"Oh God," Buffy muttered helplessly. She braced one hand on the top of Dru's head as the female vampire slid her tongue around her pussy and used her other hand to grasp Spike's wrist as he molested her chest. She gasped out in unwanted pleasure as the female vampire slipped her cold tongue into her pussy, penetrating her and causing her entire body to shiver.

Dru wiggled her tongue around the inside of the Slayer's tasty pussy, lapping her juices up. She rolled her tongue up into a tube and shoved it as far into Buffy's dripping cunt as she could, holding it there far longer than a normal human could due to her not needing to breathe, until the blonde girl was gasping in pleasure and humping her face in desperation. She slid her thumbs along either side of Buffy's clit, stimulating the helpless hero even farther until her tan legs threatened to give out.

"Spike, Buffy's not looking to steady. Why don't you give her a hand," the mysterious, familiar voice instructed.

"Will do, mate," Spike said. He slid his hands down Buffy's two toned body until he was holding the back of her trembling thighs. Using his vampiric strength he lifted her body effortlessly, her toned legs spread obscenely wide. His cock slipped underneath her ass, poking out below her dripping cunt as Dru continued eating her out.

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"Dru, it's not nice to horde all that," the voice said, "You should share. "

Smiling wickedly, Dru moved her head back a little and grabbed the base of Spike's throbbing, white cock. She tugged on the shaft a couple of times before taking him into her mouth, sucking hard on him as she bobbed her head back and forth. She released him from her moist hold before aiming him up between Buffy's spread thighs.

"No!" Buffy gasped as the tip of Spike's cock touched the entrance to her vulnerable pussy, "We're supposed to love each other, Spike!Please don't rape me!"

"Love that sweet little pussy, Slayer," Spike chuckled as Dru pointed his cock up and he let gravity pull Buffy's tight cunt down onto his up-thrust cock. She groaned pitifully as she was brought down, her tight pussy slowly parting around his invading prick, her juices sliding down his shaft and dripping off of his balls. When she had enveloped him completely he held her there letting her writhe in his arms as Dru held her quivering thighs apart.

First licking Buffy's juices off of Spike's balls, Dru then slid her tongue up and began licking the Slayer's tightly stretched pussy making the helpless hero squirm in unwanted desire. Spike began lifting Buffy up and down on his dick and Dru held her head still, licking Buffy's tart juices off of his shaft as she rose up and then licked the Slayer's pretty pink pussy as she slid back down.

It was already becoming to much for Buffy to take as she was fucked by the two vampires. Her arms flayed wildly searching for something to hold onto as she was pistoned up and down on Spike's prick. Her slender chest heaved with exertion as she panted raggedly, her vulnerable body shaking as she tried to fight the orgasm rising inside of her. Then, suddenly, just as she was about to cum, Spike let her fall to the dirty floor.

Dru stood up and walked behind Spike, reaching around him and grasping his dick with both of her hands. "Suck my pretty white cock, Slayer," she said as she molded her body against Spike, "Take it all.

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Lost to lust, Buffy could only nod her head before opening her mouth and using her tongue to draw in Spike's prick. He and Dru thrust his hips forward, burying his cock balls deep into her mouth and throat. Dru reach forward and cupped the back of her head with one hand, holding her still as the two vampires rocked their hips and fucked her mouth and throat. They both laughed above her as she knelt obediently below them, bobbing her head back and forth as Spike's balls slapped wetly against her chin.

"Be a dear and swallow all of mummy's load," Dru giggled as she pushed against Spike's ass, moving his hips forward, and burying his prick completely in the Slayer's mouth.

Buffy gurgled pitifully around Spike's shaft as he came inside her mouth. With his cock so far forward he was shooting his load directly into her throat and she was able to swallow ever spurt of his cum with ease. Buffy began to struggle for breathe, unable to draw in air with her face buried in the vampire's groin. Suddenly Dru released her and she pulled back quickly, coughing and gasping for air.

"I think you two have had enough fun for right now," the familiar voice said from behind the Master. The darkness parted and Buffy's first lover appeared next to the hideous monster. Clapping the Master on the shoulder, the normally handsome face of Angel, the vampire with a soul, sneered at the captive Slayer.

"Angel, no!" Buffy gasped in fear as her first love opened the cell door and stepped inside. With his soul intact, Angel searched for repentance for all the evil he had done as a vampire but as the soulless Angelus he was one of the most despicable monster's ever created and now she was trapped with him and a evil Spike and Drucilla from her past.

Angelus unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the dirty floor as he strolled towards the frightened Slayer.

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  As he began unbuttoning his pants he smirked as her eyes darted to his groin as he slipped his leather pants down and stepped out of them. He posed for a moment letting Buffy's eyes take in the hard cock that had taken her cherry. Her eyes crawled over his naked body until they came to rest on his face, her eyes growing wide as she saw the smirk on his face. He transformed his face from a handsome young man to a vampire's and heard her gasp in sudden fear.

Buffy stumbled backwards away from Angelus, the back of her legs hitting the cot and making her stumble. She landed flat on her shapely, pale ass, her breasts jiggling wildly as the evil vampire stepped in front of her, his pale prick pointed straight at her frightened face.

"I think you remember what to do," Angelus said with his hands on his hips and a evil smirk on his face.

Buffy shook her head no, unable to look up at her former lover. She shuddered as Spike and Dru suddenly sat on either side of her and grabbed her arms, pinning them in her lap. Angelus grabbed the sides of her head and thrust himself forward, his throbbing prick poking her in the face. He laughed as she tried to move her face out of the way of his insistent cock but it was no use, he tightened his grip on her head and thrust forward again sliding his dick into her mouth. Her lips were stretched tight around his girth as his shaft slipped over her moist tongue, his cock-head bumping against the back of her throat.

Laughing in satisfaction, Angelus fucked Buffy's talented mouth as he held onto her hair like horse reins. His balls slapped wetly against her chin as her saliva dripped down onto her white breasts. Spike and Drucilla giggled childishly as he shoved his hips forward and back.

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  He wrapped her long hair around his fists, flicking it like reins as he laughed menacingly and raped her mouth. Yanking her head forward he thrust himself as deep into her mouth as possible letting her choke on his cock until her face began to turn purple.

When Angelus finally released her, Buffy pulled her head back coughing and struggling to breath as her face began to pink back up. Spike and Dru laughed on either side of her as they began pulling her down on the cot with her former lover standing above her, his prick dripping with her saliva. The two vampires each grabbed one of her wrists and pulled her arms up above her head, her pale breasts pulling high and tight on her chest. With their free hands the vampire couple gripped her under her knees, holding her toned thighs wide open and allowing Angelus to climb between her legs.

"No, no!Please, Angel, no!" Buffy pleaded with tears in her eyes as Angelus slipped the tip of his cock into her vulnerable pussy. As he slowly penetrated her she could feel her juices slide down her compacted ass-cheeks and soak into the mattress as Spike and Drucilla bent down and began roughly sucking on her firm tits. She writhed in unwanted pleasure as she was slowly penetrated and her chest molested. With Angelus between her thighs his two cohorts released her legs and reached down to her pubic mound, fondling her clit and tightly stretched pussy sending her desires into over-drive and as her former lover's bloated balls came to rest on her ass she came. She cried out in despair and lust as her pussy gushed and the three vampires laughed at her, violating her vulnerable body.

Buffy didn't even realize that Spike and Drew had released her wrists as she wrapped her arms around Angelus' neck and locked her ankles around his calves. She rocked her hips up in time with his thrusts letting him penetrate her as deeply as possible, surrounding to the lust all four of the vampires had poisoned her with. As she came down from her orgasm she could feel a second one already building up to another one. He body felt like it was boiling in lust as she rocked herself beneath the three vampires, her back arched pushing her chest towards the two vampires attacking her tits and rolling her hips up towards the vampire raping her to another orgasm.

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"Yes, Slayer, yes," The Master hissed in evil glee, "Surrender yourself to us. "

"NO!" Buffy called out in realization at what she was doing as her orgasm rolled through her young body. Her tight, wet, hot cunt clamped down on Angelus' invading cock, rippling along his shaft, triggering his orgasm. She stuttered in pleasure as his cool seed filled her pussy causing her orgasm to triple, Spike and Dru laughing evilly around their face full of firm tit. She writhed in liquid lust as the three vampires took control of her body, stripping away her will, forcing her to cum despite herself, raping her to joining with them just to feel them on and in her body.

"Noooo!" the blonde Slayer called out as she sat bolt upright in her bed. She looked around her room in a blind panic, the nightmare already flowing out of her mind. "The Hell was that?" she asked her dark room and began struggling to free herself from her mangled bed clothes. She yanked them away from around her legs, holding them up with her fingertips. She looked quizzically at the wet, sticky wad of material before flinging them away. "I gotta get a date or something," she muttered and began to clean up, her dream already forgotten.

To be continued. . .