bottle stretching


Im a 19 year old male slim straight but love pushing my anus to its limits whether its enema/masturbation/sex/
Recently though ive been wanting to go bigger but beeing that im not openly gay enough to buy myself a large dildo and dont wana fuck a horse lol I had to find something and after plenty of nights of stretching my hole with watever I could find I came across a full water bottle just when I was going to give up. So 1st I tried just lubeing up real good and just slowly work my way in. That worked until my dirty mind gave me a idea. I grabbed a big bottle of lotion I was useing to help with lube and squirt the whole bottle in my anus filling me up. Then covered in more lube the full water bottle slid right in my anus spreading my cheeks and anus wider than before. I then threw on some real old small gym shorts that I had to squeeze into so that the bottle and lotion wouldn't come out. After watching tv and eating a tuna sub and taking a nap (3 hours) I had to stop but it was only because everyone came home. My cousins and his friends actually woke me up to tell me everyone was outside but there's no telling how long they were there staring at my stretched anus. I figured that cause they didn't wana leave my room ;-)