Boss's Night Out


Topic: Boss's Night OutA Boss's Night Out--Call him lucky!
by Rodger theDodger
A boss insinuates himself into the two lovers' scheduled romantic night. . . [FMM, Cuckold. ].
* * * * *
My lover and I have a lot of fun doing various things: dining, travel, shopping. But, it is our special Friday night visits that are, well, the icing on the cake. He and I are both married but to others and our married lives are boring with only the occasional "mandatory" sexual interludes. Jerry and I get together on some Fridays, when he is "away on business" from his mate and my mate is overseas. Jerry and I look forward to a little dinner, wine, fantasy, surprises--as you will see--and the rest of the evening takes care of itself: sex in its many varieties and joys. Some say coming is good for you and we were good for each other.
Jerry had to talk me into our affair and it him took more than a year. I would get flowers at work only to tell him not to send them. Romantic cards would arrive which were, again, rejected. But he persisted and my will power weakened to the point I finally agreed to see him. My plan was to convince him to leave me alone.

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   I was flattered by his attention but I was married. He finally confessed that he was, too. He was attracted to me, he said; to my personality, my body and ample breasts, girlish figure, my laugh. We met after work at a pub in the country. . . a good distance from where our own neighborhood. Discreet was the thing, you see.
With drinks, softening me. . . dinner filling me. . . laughing together.

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   He enticed me to the point I wanted just one taste. . . just once and we could go our separate ways. He drove me a short distance and parked. Holding me, kissing me, tasting me, his hands going where they wanted. . . stroking and penetrating. I was warm all over before he made his final move. By then my body surrendered all resistance as bodies do. I was so hot to his touches, straddling his lap, fumbling to open his pants to see what he had. Then I was what he had. The car windows fogged. We were breathing hard as he thrust into me.

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   I knew I was being a dirty girl. . . a very excited dirty girl. "I've got a surprise, honey," he whispered in my ear as I was holding and fucking him. He pushed me to the side. . . one knee on seat and my other leg near his.
He pushed me down at the waist. I didn't understand. "Squat down, honey," he whispered. He loved whispering in my ear. I sqautted down to where my cunt was against the gear shift knob. "More," he demanded and I let the knob go inside.

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   I was spread wide and wet and forced it, spreading me more. He moved me around on it. "Wait!" he said. I stopped, the knob still inside. He turned the ignition. Now I was impaled on this vibrating thing. His surprise. . . and mine! He was laughing now. I was instantly coming, riding it hard and deep. I held on tight and was dizzy, grabbing him to me as he pet my thighs and felt where the knob was in me. "I can feel it inside you," he said. "Me. .

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  . me. . . tooooo," I purred.
"We've got to go now. " I'm late to get home. That was our first time but hardly the last.
I still got flowers and notes but now we arranged our trysts, often at my home when hubby was out of town. More games and fantasies. Usually, I would wear things Jerry got me for these special evenings. I thought about our "nights" all week long and by the time evening arrived, well, what can I say, I was really horny and ready. After all, Jerry had been fucking me in my mind from Monday to Friday, the anticipation growing each day.
This particular Friday night, I dressed in my French Maid outfit: a short skirt, small apron, hair in a pony tail, low cut blouse. That was it.

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  . . no stockings or knickers to get in the way. Bare legs, bare bottom, no frills. I could feel the coolness from my wetting pussy and popped the cork on the wine he had sent. . . waiting for the door bell to ring. . . taking a sip or two of the wine to get a head start and I was completely ready for our evening of lovemaking.
The bell rang but when I opened the door, there was not only Jerry but someone else. "This is my boss," Jerry said.
I was both devastated and disgusted. "But I only have enough dinner for two!" I protested, looking daggers at Jerry.

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   "We'll share the food and I even brought another bottle of wine," he said, "It'll be fine," as he and his boss, Mark, walked in. I decided to make the best of it, even in my agitated state. I'd settle with Jerry later. . . you bet I would. I did the best I could to cool down from the shock and cool my body down, too. I would wait 'til later.
We sat around our small dinner table, Jerry on one side of me and Mark on the other. He turned out to be nice and we all laughed at his unexpected visit with us. We talked and drank and nibbled at the hors d'oeuvres I had fixed. There was something strange about Jerry, though. He seemed off his usual mood and subdued. Mark took the lead in the conversation and so we finished off the first bottle of wine. All three of us were relaxed.

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   "Tell you what, honey," Jerry said. "I'll fix dinner tonight and you and Mark can just talk. I'll open the other bottle. " Jerry was soon back to fill our glasses. Mark and I talked while Jerry returned to the kitchen.
The next things I knew, Mark's knee bumped against mine. I looked at him smiling at me. This was nervous time. I had been so hot all week and had dressed for sex, as I'm sure Mark could see. . . but it wasn't Jerry touching my knee. It was his boss. My knee was ready for touching, just not by Mark. We sat drinking our wine and I felt the warmth of his leg.

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  . . under the table he put his hand on my bare leg. . . I looked at him now. . . scared and questioning. . . my eyes were saying: "Jerry's in the kitchen and could come in at any moment. . . without warning.

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  . . ?" He squeezed my thigh and whispered--Whispering again!--"It's okay, he knows!"
A shock went through me. Was this another gear shift knob surprise? Jerry, the Rat, with another surprise for his lover. . . so he wanted to share me. . . without telling me?
I was so hot and wet and wine warm that I guess I was easy. Now Mark was moving his hand to my cunt. His hand hesitated, hoping that this was to be a special evening, waiting for my response. I parted my legs and moved down a little. . .


  one ear on the kitchen in case Mark was lying to me but my eyes closing and enjoying the feelings this stranger's fingers sent through me. I could feel my nipples harden, his fingers working on me. I began to shake and fought to stifle my responses. I sat upright and disengaged. Mark looked at me, my face flushed. Jerry came into the room with dinner, smiling at both of us. My cunt was aching and I pretended to be hungry for food as we ate and finished off the second bottle of wine. It was a hard act. I wanted something hard but would have to wait.
I wondered what would be the next surprise in our evening. What had Jerry planned? A little feel by boss Mark. . . or. .

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  . something else? It wasn't long until I got a clue because Jerry announced, "I'm going out for more wine. . . I'll be right back. " Just as simple as that and was up and out. Now I was alone with Boss Mark. . . the handsome and very forward man. I had wetted his hand with my passion only minutes before. I had teased the beast, as it were, maybe he wanted more.
"Let's go sit on the couch," taking my hand as we walked into the living room, "Jerry talks about you all the time and the fun you have. I asked to meet you. .

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  . more than meet you. He said okay. . . we'll give it a try and see how you two hit it off. " I smiled at him, crossed my legs and sipped the remaining wine in my glass. "So, how are we hitting it off?" he asked. I didn't really answer but uncrossed my legs. in reply. "He won't have to worry about job security. I can tell you that. " I was always interested in job security, which translated to more of our outings, vacations, dinners, shopping trips. I was being pressured, very politely of course, and wondered if this really was what Jerry wanted. It was his surprise so he must have wanted it to turn out okay.

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   I walked to the bathroom. . . thinking it all over. Was it only job security that Jerry had in mind or a new sexual thrill as well?
When I returned, Mark took my hand. I was standing over him. "Jerry will be back soon," he said as he reached under my tiny French Maid skirt. . . right to my spot. Smiling, he pulled me closer, kissing and feeling me as he pulled me onto his lap. . . straddling his legs. .

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  . opening me wide to his urgent feeling. I was so hot. I was boiling over and my body was giving in even if I still had reservations about all this surprise evening. He was at my mouth and his fingers on my other lips feeling and probing as I shivered and shook. I broke away, finished my wine, looked Mark in the eyes as he took my hand again. "Unzip me," he said. I hesitated and he unzipped himself. "We don't have much time!" he said. Out came his full-standing large cock. The head was wet, his cock throbbing and he pulled me over him. Both his arms around my waist now and pulling me down. I felt his large cock against me, fumbling for an opening. I was thinking of a vibrating knob. .

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  . letting his cock find me. I wasn't going to help him. . . playing a little hard to get. Teasing this wonderful beast I'd only just met. What would he think of me? What did I care?
"I've dreamed of this all week," he said, more fumbling. I lifted up, helping him. He was hard and straight. It wouldn't take us long. Then the door opened and in came Jerry with his wine! We froze. Jerry looked over at us. . .

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  me straddling Mark, my face flushed. For a moment we were a frozen image of lust. Faces flush, bodies hot. Jerry just laughed. . . "I guess you two are getting along okay from the looks of it," he said, "I'll open the wine for us. " I was shocked still. . . Mark's cock at my cunt. . . Jerry popping a cork. .

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  . and just then Mark pulled me down. I was impaled on his cock and Jerry came with the wine and acting as though nothing unusual was happening. I was feeling the throb of Mark's cock deep inside as it flexed and teased me. Jerry sat down and took my hand: "Some surprise, right, honey?" he said. I knodded my head and Mark's cock flexed again. "Well are you two just going to sit there? Or are you going to do something?" he said, smiling. "You bastard," I breathed at him. "You bastard. " I laid my head on Mark's shoulder, starring at Jerry. . . smiling, nodding, squeezing on this stranger deep inside me.
The ice was broken! The prick had pricked my wet cunt. .

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  I was impaled, hot and wet. What's a girl to do? I squeezed Mark's cock and hugged him all the time looking at Jerry. . . who sipped his wine and smiled. Now I was going to teach the bastard a lesson. . . or so I justified all of this to myself and squeezed on Mark again. "Are you just going to sit there with your cock in me?" I said looking Mark in the eyes and he lifted my thighs up and then back on to him. It felt like I was lifting off a pole and I tried to sit on it but Mark was teasing me now. It's strange but Jerry wasn't there any more in my mind. . . there was a man, a man's hot cock, and my hot, thirsty pussy.

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  . . and forced down on this cock. I didn't need teasing, I needed fucking. I lifted off his cock until the tip was at my cunt lips and sat down on him again, building a rhythm, hugging his cheek. Jerry leaned over and gave me a wine kiss, putting a little wine in my mouth, feeling my back. He lifted my little maid's skirt exposing my bottom. "Everything fits!" he said. "You're a bastard," I whispered to him as my rhythm quickened. "Kiss me again. Uh! Uh!" I grunted and breathed into his mouth. " Jerry was rubbing me. Mark was being a beast.
Now I was kissing my boyfirend and fucking his boss as he was wetting my mouth with wine. .

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  . I was wetting his boss all over his cock. . . Oh! I wanted this thing deep in me and could feel Mark thrusting hard now. I bit his ear and whispered my breath on him and shook and came and screamed like I did when Jerry made me come. "Mark's so big!" I said. "Only the best for you, honey," Jerry said. I was sweating and hot and dizzy and resting on this big cock as it relaxed and softened.
"It's my turn," Jerry said. "I know you. You dirty girl. You're not finished. I know you too well. You got a taste and want another taste.


  " I slipped from Mark's lap in a kind of daze as Jerry moved over me with his cock out now. Mark stood to one side and held my legs up exposing all of me to both of them. "You're pretty. . and especially pretty right now. " My little maid's skirt mess, my blouse open, my cunt open to these two horny men. I'll bet I was pretty. Pretty and still wanting more. Jerry did know me well. . . and often. I was too weak to reply and then Jerry was at me. . .

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  his cock ready for its own taste. Mark was holding my legs apart, standing over my face opening me for Jerry. My lips must have been red. I knew they were ready. Holding me like that, my cunt was cool in the air. Jerry smiled and kissed me and I felt his cock searching, finding, slipping easily into me. I didn't know if I could come again but the whole excitingme. I was looking up at Mark, standing over me, smiling and bending down to kiss me, and Jerry began to work on me. Smiling, whispering: "I love you, honey. " I was starting to build again. The scene, the surprise, the two good-looking men, enjoying me and I was enjoying myself. All my resistance was gone and I was fucking again. . . this time Jerry with his boss watching.

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  . . I began to feel it again and my hips flexed. I tossed my head from side to side, letting out little grunts and sighs, exploring a second coming, exploding at my waist, this time on Jerry's cock as it stroked me. Jerry leaned and kissed me: But I told him: "He's better than you, you bastard. Now see what you've done?" Just whispers in his ear and I was thinking about that long ago night of dinner, drinks and, especially, a vibrating gear shift knob.
This special Friday dinner was a very memorable one. I was certain Jerry had the job security we both wanted. I was hot just thinking about it as I got ready for work on Monday morning wondering about our next rendevous. The door bell rang. It was Mark! I was literally dumbstruck. He came in and put his arms around me. "Don't kiss me, Mark. I'm just leaving for work! You'll mess my makeup. " "Let's not kiss, then," he said.

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   But he kept hugging me. "You're really something. I couldn't get my mind off you. Sit on the table. " He walked me backward, lifting me on the kitchen table. . . my waist level with his. He unzipped and pulled out his beautiful cock. "I won't tell him," he said. "He'll never know about it. " he said as he spread my legs. I admit, I was still hot from the thoughts of the weekend. He pulled my knickers to the side and hugged me. I was instantly wet.

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   "I won't tell him. I promise" he whispered to me. It was my chance to get even with the bastard. If I didn't fuck him now I would be late to work. . . no time for preliminaries and certainly no messy kisses. I took hold of Mark's cock, putting it on my cunt, rubbing it and pulling him into me to begin a delicious morning screw. It was our secret. Mark's vibrating knob and me, impaled, flexing, coming, coming as Mark started his engine.
What a way to start the week!


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