Boca Trip with Diane Cont, Jessie Has Me For Her Slave


Well, first I was not able to get into my normal ID so what is with that? Anyway, I was going to continue the fun we had at Boca when I went with Diane and she gave me over to my 18 year old lover that had taken to me. Jessie was so cute and realy took to making lover and also loved the idea that Diane had put me under hypnotic command to obey her. So we have me, 42EEE plus size coming up on 40 years old and in a top that fit a 32A little girl and a black thong with a mesh top on walking down the beach holding hands with her. The top did not cover my nipples but she had placed it to cover the center and so the dark outer areolas are showing and it is almost sunset. We are walking and holding hands and she kisses me and massages my ass and boobs and we stop and hug and walk some more. I am soaking wet and needing some relief but she tells me to wait till she says I can do something about it. "I am looking for just the right situtation. " she says and laughs. "Oh Teresa, by the way, call me Mistress Jessie, understand?" I feel it inside me and so obey, "Yes Mistress Jessie. " She laughed and we walk more.

We finally walk into a sort or row of stores and enter one and she looks around and there are about 18 or so people there. She whispers into my ear, "If anyone asks our relationsship or if I am your daughter you will tell them that you are my slave and have to do anything I say, got that?" "Yes Mistress Jessie, I get it. " I hear myself say. We walk around and are getting stares from everyone and she kisses me and massages my ass a lot and I am so wet that I feel the juices flowing thru the thong. A woman comes up and is very attractive and tanned. She looks at us and says, "So, you have a very cute daughter.

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  " to me. Jessie squuzes my hand and I hear myself say, "She is not my daughter she is my mistress and I am her slave and I have to do anything she tells me. " The woman gets wide eyed and says, "Anything this little girl says you have to do?" I hear myself say, "Yes, anything that Mistress Jessie says, I have to do. " "No matter what it is?" the woman asks. "Anything. " I say. "Well you do not have much on but I wish she would tell you to take off what you have on right here so I can see all of you. " she said. I stood there and Jessie smiled, "What will you give me to tell her that?" she said and the woman pulled out 5 $20 dollar bills and held them to her. Jessie took them and said, "Tess, take off all that you have on right now. " I did as she said and then she took the top and thong and top and sandals. The woman smiled, "Oh that is nice, I could enjoy her. " Jessie did not hesitate but said, "Tess, do anything she likes. " and I stepped to the woman. She reached out and masssaged my tits pulling the already hard nipples making me moan.

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   "Come one hun return the favor, she said and I did as she had done. "Put your hand between my legs hun" she said and I reached out and was surprised at finding a hard huge cock there in the place of a pussy. The almost woman looked at me and smiled "That is right hun, got the stuff for both. " and I lifeted his/her dress and saw a huge cock swollen. People were looking at the game that we played and the shop keeper had closed the doors.

She/he led me to the counter and turned me around and bent me over and suddenly was shoving a cock into my pussy and I sprayed the cock all over making a loud groan. Jessie was watching and laughing and kissing a woman that had stepped to her, this was really a woman. I was being pounded hard by the man/woman behind me and finaly felt the cock fill me. "Oh that was sweet Hun. " it said and slipped out. "Clean me up Hun" was the command and I was sucking the cock and getting all the cum off of it and making it hard again. Suddenly I fekt fingers in my hair and I was forced onto a hard cock that went down my throat. I took it in but he held me there and finally moved it out and then in and out harder than before. I lost track of time but finaly my throat was filled and he movedc away from me. Jessie was just finishing an orgasm given to her by an older woman and was putting her suit back on.

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   Jessie dressed me and we walked out, cum dripping from my pussy and the thong did not keep it in. We walked further and she saw some men standing next to bikes and pulled my hand. "Time for some more fun. " she said. We walked up and she stood next to me, "Hey guys. " she said and they all looked at us, her then me. " "What's up little lady" one said. "My girlfriend needs a good time, you guys look good for it. " she said and pushed me in front of them. One looked to a small building, "Let's go in. " and we all walked to the dor and they took me in. There was a place that had a small mattress on the floor and I was undressd. "Now, Tess, give these guys the best fucking you have ever done. Be the slut we know you are, enjoy all the sex you can. " she said and I began moving slowly grabbing cocks and sucking them the best I knew how.

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   As each one gave me it's cum I would go to the next and then I laid down, "I need to be fucked guys. " I moaned and they began getting in me, filling me over and over again. Jessie told me later that a line was outside the small shed and there were more men than she counted but she collected 20 dollars from each one. It was after midnight when I got up sore and full of cum and she sid, "wrap this around you and let's go to the water. " We did and I felt the water sooth my body. " We walked to the apartment and Diane was sleeping in bed with the two 18 yr. olds. Jessie and I laid in the cusions in the floor and I drifted off to sleep and we woke to the sun the next morning coming in the sliding door. Jessie was kissing me and looked down at me, "Did you like being my slave?" "Yes MIstress Jessie. " I said and she said so what do you wanna do today. ?" "Satisify you. " and we kissed and slept more. The rest of the day we soaked and drank wine and made love. Diane and the girls left to shop and so we were left to ourselves. .

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