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Welcome back baby, I push you down onto the couch. My shorts slide down, and my thong slips around my firm thighs. As I walk towards you my hard nipples show through my tight shirt. I kneel down towards your crotch, lifting my shirt above my head, my tits bounce freely. I unzip your jeans with my tongue and slide down your boxers. Ha your hard cock accidentally springs out and hits me in the face. I lick my juicy lips and slap your cock against my tongue. Sliding your cock between my luscious lips, I pull it back out with a *pop* of my mouth. Kissing your dick passionately, my tongue expertly explores every curve of your shaft, savoring your taste. I lick your cock as if it were a juicy Popsicle, and you've gotten me soo wet. I slip your cock between my soft lips again, sucking at your cock.

I bob my way up and down your cock, enjoying how much you fill my mouth. My tongue dances within my mouth as your cock plunges in and out. Massaging your member with my lips i take one delicate hand and wrap it around the shaft, pumping and sucking it with passion. I hum to send pleasurable vibrations along your shaft.

**You like this baby?** I look you in the eyes as I slide out your big cock, slowly licking your underside.

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   I begin licking at each of your heavenly balls, loving the taste. Eagerly, I suck both into my mouth; rubbing the soft underside of my tongue against them as I continue to suck. Pulling your balls out, I make my way back up to your head, I flick my tongue against it rapidly. Your head is so sensitive I can feel you begin to shake. I slurp your dick back into my warm mouth sucking and bobbing even faster than before. I start to choke as your cock repeatedly hits the back of my tight throat. I pull out your cock and spit on it, letting my saliva glisten. Plunging it back into my mouth I manage to swallow even more until my lips hit your balls. Your hard cock deep down my tight throat.

**Wanna try something baby?** With that I get up to retrieve a box of mints. I pop one into my mouth before slurping your cock back in. The icy chill of the mint mixing with the warmth of my mouth send tingling sensations up and down your spine, and I can feel your cock begin to swell. Sucking as if i were a vacuum, I rub my fingers on your balls. Praising your dick with my tongue, my moans and slurps fill the air. Suddenly I feel your hips buck and I open my mouth wider to allow you to fuck my eager mouth.

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   You clench my hair as you approach orgasm and send streams of hot cum down my throat. Your body violently shakes as you ride out the pleasure. Cum overflowing my mouth, spills onto my chin, dribbling onto my tits. With a finger I suck off excess cum from my tits. Going back to your cock, I milk the remaining cum by pursing my lips. Licking the last cum from your head, I lick my lips and swallow it all. Thanks baby for the fun ;).

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