Blading - Chapter 3 - Bed sheets


“Something to drink?” I asked. “Sure, whatever” she replied. I went to the mini bar and got out a bottle of wine, German I think, cracked it and poured two glasses. With drinks in hand I got onto the bed and handed her a glass. We toasted to rollerblading and then I settled down beside her admiring this Temptress. Cindy took a sip of wine and then snuggled in beside me with my right arm over her, it wrapped its way round her neck and down onto her breast. Cindy’s nipples were still erect and my hand soon made sure that the right one was going to stay that way as I gently rolled the nipple between my thumb and fore finger. Her left breast was now leaning against my chest and as I look down I could see more pre-cum emerging from the hole on the head of my cock. Cindy obviously noticed it too as she ran her hand down my chest and onto my penis head. Collecting the clear juice and bringing it to her mouth. She then turned and kissed me lightly on the lips, then took another sip of her wine. I put my wine glass down on the bedside table after taking a few quick sips, so that I could give Cindy my undivided attention. If what happened in the Jacuzzi was any indication of what was ahead, then I must have died and gone to heaven, because this was not what I was used to with my wife. Just lying in bed naked was not an option with her, but here was Cindy exposed and enjoying it. I then turned and gave Cindy a kiss on the lips, they opened and let my tongue in to taste the wine and again explore her teeth and tongue. We had a mini battle with our tongues trying to roll around the other and take control of both mouths.

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   Only low moans, smacking of our lips and breathing filled the room as we continued to kiss for what seemed like ages. We surfaced for air, Cindy took a sip of her wine, placed the glass on her bedside table and then came back to place her mouth on mine. Only this time her mouth was full of wine and our tongues swirled it around before we had to break and swallow, she had some and so did I. Her hand was now moving back to the head of my cock and spreading the clear juice over the head and down the back of it. My hands not to be outdone one went to her nipple and squeezed, causing a moan to be released from Cindy. The other hand made its way down to her engorged pussy to slide down its crack all the way to her asshole. Moans escaped Cindy as I brought my fingers back up the crack and then up and into my mouth letting me taste the nectar of this Venus before me. I then rolled her over onto her stomach and with my knees on either side of her hips she could feel my cock and balls lying on her ass. As I leaned forward my cock forced its way into the crack on her ass, she moved to put more of it in, and tried to lift it to position it closer to her cunt. “But its not time yet, my lovely” I whispered in her left ear as I moved her hair to one side and started to kiss the ear and earlobe. I kissed her ears, round to her mouth and then back to her ears, the slow sensation of the kisses my cock in her crack and the closeness of my body was definitely having the right effect, her moans were becoming more frequent. I then started to kiss her neck, with slow butterfly kisses darting my tongue left and right with the tip just lightly touching her skin. Each kiss went over her spinal column at the base of her neck, from there it was time to take this slowly down her back. Using my hands for support I inched slowly down her back, every kiss lightly touching her spine on each side. It took a while to make my way down the back, every once in a while I hit a sensitive spot and her body would shiver or Cindy would give a surprised moaning sound.


   All to soon, yes like 5 minutes, I reached the arch in her back that takes you to the bottom, those firm but soft mounds of flesh that then split into two and her muscular legs. Upon reaching the dip in her back I laid a long tender kiss, my body had snaked down so that my knees were now with her knees. And now it was time to place some long tongue lashing kisses on both her ass cheeks. Spending time on each ass and sliding my tongue into her crack on the way from one to the other caused more moans as she squirmed and raised it trying to get the tongue to her aching pussy below. She of course could not as her legs were between mine and so she had to suffer the torture. Cindy’s breath was now giving away the fact that the messages being sent to her brain were getting more sexually intense. I sat up and could see the glistening trail down the centre of her back, making its way down from neck to bum. Now it was time to let the fingers do the walking as her back was now so sensitive that the next set of pleasure would ensure that the bed sheet was soaked. Taking my hands and ever so lightly I touched her neck again, with just the very ends, and just barely touching her skin I dragged them across from the centre to the arms. Next bringing them back and crossing in the centre and over to the other side. This was repeated over her whole back from neck to her bum. Once at the bottom, the hands then went up each side of her spine to her neck. Goosebumps appeared on her back she let out soft moans, some shivers and ‘mmmmm’ sounds. Cindy’s whole back was now a big sensory plate and my fingers were tripping sparks from every part of it. Her hips were moving up trying to get my attention, begging for me to touch her pussy which was adding to the whole frustrating sensation and turn-on.

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  Again I leaned down and started to kiss her back with plain kisses, no tongue, just the moist lips that seemed to peck at her back. In certain spots the sensation was starting to get to the painful one, too much sensory information being received. When those spots were touched there would be a shiver and “urgh’ sound instead of a moan. It was now time to roll her over. All this time my cock was hard as a baseball bat and oozing clear sticky liquid that was being caught on the backs of her legs. This caused cool spots and the liquid and air met and overall added to her longing. Cindy rolled over, this time I was between her legs not over them, her pussy was now clearly visible and you could feel the heat being generated by it. “Good heavens you’re a tease, no-one has gotten me that hot without touching my pussy, I have a good mind to just roll you over and fuck the crap out of you I’m so turned on” she said with a evil lustful smile. “ But my dear, I’ve only just started, and you said it was going to be a long night“ I replied with a grin. “Well whatever you do, I will do it back in spades. ” She said grinning from ear to ear. “I cant wait, but you will have to…” I said as I lowered my body to give her a kiss on those luscious lips. With my cock hovering above her pussy there was an increase in sexual tension and both were trying to gravitate and devour each other. Just as my cock touched her body I finished my kiss and raised myself so that I could start my work on the front of her warm body. Then with my fingers I slowly and ever so lightly, stroked her neck and then made my way down to her gorgeous breasts with nipples standing erect and ready.

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   The fingers traced their way towards then slowly encircling Cindy’s breasts and moving up and down as with her breathing so as to keep the same light touch. The feeling of the tips of the fingers effortlessly sliding over her skin was sending a thousand nerve impulses to her brain, new nerve endings coming alive as it was passed. Her moaning was a low ‘mmmm’ sound that was accompanied by the movement of her hips trying to get her cunt to touch my swollen and wet cock. This was not to be allowed as there was plenty of time…. . As I slid the fingers over the erect nipples a few times the heaving of her chest became elevated as her breathing changed pace. I then took my thumb and forefinger and pinched both of her nipples and pulled them away from her body. Her chest followed and her face winced in the sudden change from gentleness to roughness. Twisting the nipples between my fingers bought more groans and then I released them and watched as her breasts fell back into their natural position, the rest of her body also fell back onto the sheets. I lowered my head and took the left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it as if it was a popsicle. My tongue lashed and circled its captured pray. Cindy’s hands were in my hair massaging my scalp as she enjoyed the feeling on her nipple. I then released in and looked at this now wet nipple, just long enough to move over to her right nipple and then give it the same treatment. Cindy’ hands were now moving down my chest quickly to get hold of my cock. “Oh no… not yet my dear.

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  ” I said as I grabbed her arms and pushed them above her head. Now she was pinned, and before she could say anything I kissed her again. Then it was back to work. I shifted my body down her muscular legs till my cock was by her knees, this then allowed me to bend down and start kissing her body from her breasts. Will lingering butterfly kisses I inched down her flat and tight stomach, her breathing starting to get shorter as the tension built between her legs waiting for relief. She was not struggling even though I had her hands above her head. Her hips continued to push her pussy up into the air and into my mouth quicker. Continuing on, I slithered past her belly button, probing it with my tongue as I passed. Then onto the treasure below, that hearted moist area that was begging for attention. Here it was that patch between her legs, soaked and hot waiting for my tongue and mouth. I then lightly traced the length of her pussy with my tongue as she tried desperately to push it onto my mouth. Moans and pleads left her mouth as I then brought my tongue up the pussy just inside its folds. Stopping at her clit she moaned “Oh God, fuck me I need to cum!” which was met only with me lowering my mouth over her clit and sucking on it. Licking its swollen blood engorged head and then plunging my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, was enough to take Cindy over the edge. I felt her legs close tightly around my head, her pussy thrust upward and spasmed as she screamed “ Yes, yes um, lick it I’m cumming, yes oh god yes”.

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  After she came down from it Cindy wrestled her arms free and rolled me over onto my back. She then quickly startled me and with one hand grabbed my cock. In a single move Cindy then mounted me and started to move up and down my cock driving it in making a sloshing sound and causing my balls to slap her ass as she bore down. It didn’t take more than a minute to then have me explode deep within her as she reached her next orgasm. Her head tilted, her breasts bouncing wildly and her back arched as I send spurts of hot semen exploding into her pussy as her legs pinched mine as her orgasm took over. The sweat was rolling down both our bodies as she recovered, she bent down and kissed me and then slid her legs down so that she was lying on top of me. We lay there for about 18 minutes and at some point my cock slipped out of her oozing cunt and I could feel the dripping wetness of the mixture of her cunt juices and my cum dripping down onto me. I rolled over onto my side, she slipped off and was lying on her side. As our breathing started to come back to normal she whispered, “my turn now. ” The bed sheets were tangled and there were numerous wet spots, and more to come. More to follow. . . . .

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