Blackmailed Into Pleasure


In the Men's Locker room, in a private catholic school, in the shower, young 18 year old petite Mike, waited. Mike mid length sandy blonde hair, and his fur was a light yellow. His fur was nice and shiny, he took pride in grooming to perfection. His light blue eyes always sparkled, whenever he walked by the ladies. He was definitely a pretty boy, he had to be, he secretly made money that way. Money, that he spend all on his girlfriend Jeanne.

Mike looks against into the picture, that was left stuffed into his locker attached to a note, to be there after school. What was on the picture was something that will haunt him forever, if he doesn't resolve the situation fast. He knew it his secret small career was risky, but he wasn't planning on keeping it up. He just needed the money, his girlfriend wanted so much expensive stuff.

The door to the locker room busted opened. He couldn't see who entered yet cause he was in the shower, but he could tell right away there was more than one person or two. Mike looked at the edge of the corner of the exit to the shower, waiting for the worst. Worrying and wondering. Why would more than one person be here. Could it be they were going to kill him for his crime? Could it be that their going laugh at him for his moment of weakness? He couldn't figure it out as he heard small whispers in the distance.

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   Maybe they weren't there for him, and it's just random men grabbing some gear out of their lockers, and his messenger is just running late.

A large muscley male figure appears from around the exit of the shower. He was tall, and bull like. He was wearing his football jacket which barely fit his tight hard muscles. His dark fur was scary in the shadowy shower room, his blue jeans weren't tight, but you can still see his legs were ripped. His eyes were brown, and his horns extra sharp, and his looped nose ring gave off and extra shine. What this man wants from him, he could only hate to know. Mike was sure he'd die tonight.

In a semi deep voice, the large bull says, “heya mike. . one of my boys here were surfing the internet the other night and came across something very interesting, related to you. ”

holding the picture extra tight, “I don't know what you mean. I don't even have a face-book account. Nothing about me is on the internet. ”

The large bull grinned in an evil manner, then spoke “i think you know exactly what I mean.

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   I wonder why a guy like you would resort to a thing, when you have a girlfriend that is so pretty, she is the envy of the school. Hand me that picture, let's have a good luck at that again. ” the large bull reaches his hand out.

Mike grabs the picture tighter, in fear, shaking his head 'no' in a cute shaky manner. The large bull gets furious and runs straight into poor little Mike, slamming him hard into the wall. Mike KNEW he was going to die tonight. The bull forced the picture out of Mike's hand, then letting him go.

Mike falls to his knees, looking down helplessly. The bull only laughs and he called the other 3 men to come in. “look at this picture, guys. I didn't know a guy could take in such a large dick. . . but there you go, Mike surely did it. ” the guys just laughed.

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Mike looked up, angry and sad, at his humiliation. Seeing all the guys. The bull turns to mike and says, “I guess you we should make a small introduction, before getting to business”

“Business,” mike said, worried, “what do you want, money? You can't openly tell people that picture. You'll be called gay for looking up that type of porn”

“ha ha ha, nice try, but there are ways to spread it without anyone knowing. Just pipe down, and listen carefully. My name is Jake, this is Fred” pointing to the horse-like male, “ this is Ben,” pointing to the black hound dog, “this is Gil,” pointing to a goat-like male, “and the five of us are going to get to know each other REAL well after today. And we aren't interested in any money. . . . ”

The three large makes then began to take their shirts off, as Jake continued, “No, what we are interested in, is you and your pretty girl friend”

Mike BARKED furiously, saying “I rather DIE a THOUSAND DEATHS before I let you TOUCH HER”

Jake just laughed, “thought you might say that. I thought I try just in case. ” the three large men surrounded mike, limiting the amount of light around him, “that's why in all good and fun, we will settle with you. ” Ben then slowly unzipped the front of his pants, and pulls out his large, eleven inch, bull like cock, and it falls limp against mike's shoulder.

Mike shuttered when this happened, “you can't be serious,” he managed to mutter out in a scared tone.

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   Looking at the large dick resting on his shoulder. It smelled terribly, like Jake just got back from practicing football recently. This wasn't an unfamiliar scent of course, but not one he enjoyed, the thought of doing what was suggested filled him with rage and sadness.

“Oh, I'm quite serious,” Jake said with a smile, and the two other men started to undo their pants.
“now open up,” then grabs the back of Mike's sandy blonde hair real hard.

Looking up at Jake, with hate in his eyes and tears on his cheeks, and slowly begins to part his lips. Jake slowly takes the tip of his against his mouth and slowly but roughly pushes it all the way inside. Mike could feel the bull's dick slide passed his tongue, and make it down the start of his throat. Surely this is as far as he'd go in his mouth he thought, but he was wrong. Jake went deeper and deeper, smiling evilly as he does. Mike tries to cough, but cant cause of the wide load inside his mouth.

This was not the first time Mike has done this, of course. He been doing gay porn for money all year, since he turned eighteen. But he never liked it, he wasn't gay. He did it for the money.

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   No one was ever hiring, and he just fell into it when he noticed him so many men said they'd pay to be in bed with him.

Jake's cock began to get harder and harder into his mouth, as it got deeper. Mike's nose now was touching Jake's lower stomach. Jake gave a long pleasurable moan, turning to Fred, “i told you he could do it” and Fred laughed, obviously glad to be wrong. Jake pulled on the back of Mike's hair, sliding out his hardening cock.

Mike squinted at the force Jake was giving, having the large suction come out of his throat and mouth, and then Jake began to press back down, slowly at first, but now is throat fucking poor little Mike. Ben and Gil were now stroking their cocks with one hand and holding onto each of Mike's hand, placing their hard cocks in his hands.

Mike didn't need to be told what to do, at the same time be began to stroke the large cocks. They weren't as big as Jake's, but that was a good thing. He wasn't sure how much he could take from these men and hated what they were making him do, or so he thought.

Fred grabbed Mike's legs and swung him a better direction, without him letting go of the other three men. All three now on their knees, and poor mike on all is now bent over. Fred then began to unzip Mike's dress pants, then pulling them down, along with his boxers. Mike was only wearing his buttoned shirt. With the large hard cock deep in mike's throat, moving in and out, he couldn't tell what Fred was doing or planning, until something fell on his back, while still being bent over.

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   It was long, real long. Almost thick as Jake's, and longer than it.

Fred behind to squeeze Mike's soft sensual ass cheeks, sliding his huge hard cock between them. He took the head of his dick and placed it at the entrance of Mike's asshole. Mike had the look of true worry on his face. Even though his mouth was full, Jake's could see the worry, and while groaning he started to laugh more. Jake's grabs the back of Mike's hair harder, and says “look into my eyes, poor little mike, I don't ever want to forget the look on your face as he does this. ”

Terror swept through Mike's mind, as Fred slowly started to push the large tip of the head of his cock inside his ass, but couldn't get it in, “DAMN, this guy sure is tight,” the guys laughed again in a chuckle, “i thought since he has taken so many cocks before, you'd be looser. ” Fred pulls his cock from Mike's ass, and then spits right against his cheeks, rubbing the saliva between then, and spits one more time, rubbing it in his ass hole with his finger.

Mike twitches from the roaming finger, entering his exit point. Fred then starts to place his large cock against Mike's flinching asshole. Digging the head of his dick against it, it pops in way more easier. Mike looks right into Jake's eyes, looking sad, but then turns into a painful expression as Fred begins to push deep into Mike's rectum. His full 18 inch cock pushes deeper and deeper, as Fred groans, stops, and pushes more.

The look Mike gives Jake sends him into ecstasy, and mike is now as hard as a rock.

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   Jake sees this and it sends him over the edge, as he gets harder and harder, throat fucking poor Mike. Jake then pushes Mike's head hard against his throbbing cock, and unleashes his cum deep inside him. Mike can do nothing but try to cough up the cum. It drips from the sides of him mouth, swallowing a lot, and some coming out of his nose. Tears are pouring down his face. Jake then pulls out his dripping large cock from Mike's mouth and falls back on his ass, sighing with sweet relief.

“WOOT, go Jake,” Ben says, quickly grabbing mike's head, not giving him time to rest, “you animal, you made a huge mess. ”

“Well clean it off, I'm too tired to after that”

Mike was in daze from the pleasure, of the cum dripping out of his mouth and nose, and the horse dick slow fucking his tight asshole.

“Maybe I will,” Ben says, pulling Mike's head to his own, licking the cum off his face and then sticking his tongue deep in his mouth.

“OH, grows dude, I didn't mean THAT way. ”

Ben releases the kiss, “your all bi, I'm full gay, bro. I was planning on letting him fuck me before we are done anyway”

“Whatever, do what you want, hahaha”

“Was planning on it,” Ben then gets under Mike, and then proceeds to lick on his dick. Mike wasn't sure what was happening, he grabbed the cock with his opened hand, and slowly started to work his tongue from the base, all the way to the top, circling his cock head. Mike then takes Ben's dick into his mouth, sliding his tongue all around, then moving it further in.

Ben was licking on Mike's balls, when Fred started to groan loudly and pull out his cock, as he was cumming furiously.

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   His limping cock fell against Ben's face, and the cum kept pouring out against him. Ben didn't stop sucking, he just took the load like he loved it. Mike felt so much pleasure from the force of Fred cumming and the constant sucking, he began to cum as well, deep into Ben's eager mouth. Ben swallows every drop he could, that came from the dazed Mike. He then pulls the still hard cock out of his mouth, and begins to lick it clean, along with the mess Fred made.

Fred just falls on his ass, like Jake, breathing hard from the pounding he was giving mike. Jake began to stand up as Ben pushed Mike on his back, and leaned up, starting to throat fuck Mike. Licking his lips, he grabs Mike's neck with both hands, pushing his dick deep in Mike's throat with each stroke, slowly at first, but then working up speed. Mike's mind was to stunned to think, he took the took the cock down his mouth with ease.

He could feel the could feel the head of Ben's hard cock go in and out of his throat, despite his mouth being opened, he knew to breath out of his nose, he did that as a profession . The hands wrapped around his neck could be felt getting tighter and tighter as he heard Ben's groans getting louder. The cum burst inside his mouth, not as much as Jake's, but harder. He coughed only once, as Ben pulled his cock out, sighing of sweet release, and Mike swallowed everything in one gulp, like the pro he knew he was.

The four large boys cleaned themselves up and put their clothes back on, as Mike just laid there on the ground, unsure what was happening, lost to the world. Jake grabbed him by the arm and lightly dragged him to one of the shower faucets, and turned it on.

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   In no time, warm water started to pour against Mike's helpless body. Only 1 thin buttoned shirt covered him as the water poured down him tight little muscles, rinsing the cum off his face and gaping asshole.

Jake bent down near him, and grabbed his hair really hard, and said, “thanks for the fuck, Mikey. Be here every day at the same time, or your little secret will be known to the whole school. ” with that he let go of his hair, and Mike's head dropped to the ground. The men left mike there, and an hour must of passed as he laid there. He started to come to, from his dazed state, but had absolutely no energy to move. So he just laid there as the water continued to fall, drop by drop, on his limp poor body.

The door could be heard opening in the boys locker room. “FUCK, these kids are going to send me to an early grave, leaving the water running, leaving trash in the hallway, BUBBLE GUM under CHAIRS. . . ” the man sighs and makes his way to the shower room to see poor mike laying there, wet. Mike knew it was the janitor,but had no energy to open his eyes and see. There was a moment of silence, before he heard the footsteps come up next to him.

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   He felt a hand on his chest, near his heart, but it was quickly removed. The janitor quickly picked him up, still naked and brought him to the coach's office, laying him on the small couch in there.

Mike was assure things would be ok, from there. The four boys would be kicked out of school, he wouldn't be humiliated anymore, and he could still be with his beautiful girlfriend. Thoughts of never going to porn for money ever again, swept through his mind. But he soon realized his worries have yet to come, when he felt the slow unbuttoning of his shirt, and it getting pulled off, and the now wondering hands on his legs.

Mike still couldn't move, and now he was being taken advantage of by the new janitor of the school. He began to think they he would not be able to escape this. He might not be able to go to how the things were.