I was relaxing after work, it had been a busy day. The doorbell rang, and I discovered a UPS deliveryman at my door. He handed me a package, I signed for it, and took it inside. Opening it, I discovered a DVD, and a note. The note said,


I have a DVD that I think you would like to see. Think of it as a trip down memory lane. I'll be in touch later.

Hmm, cryptic and interesting. I quickly slid the DVD into the player, and sat down in front of the TV. I groaned inwardly as the images filled the screen. A decade ago, as a college freshman, I had the idea of participating in a wet T shirt contest. I was young, naive, and horny, I was something of a college slut. I just couldn't help it, my clit was always throbbing from being around all the college studs! When my cunt wanted to be fucked by all those hard, hot cocks, there was no stopping me, and I used lots of them to satisfy my lust. There I was, in nothing but very skimpy panties and a wet T shirt,being declared the winner. But it got worse. To celebrate my victory, I tore off my T shirt.

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   I shook my tits at the crowd, and fired up, they chanted for me to take it off, take it all off! With encouragement like that, very soon my panties hit the floor, and there I was, bare ass naked on the stage! Shaking my tits at the crowd, prancing and strutting around, bumping and grinding my hips, thrusting my pubic area at the crowd of horny college boys, letting them know I was just as horny and eager to get fucked as they were to fuck me! Of course, that led to me being invited to a party, where I was gang banged by 12 guys who had been in the crowd. I had been hot to trot, I wanted sex, I wanted it hot, long and deep, I wanted it in every hole I had! My cunt started to heat up as I watched it. I was primed, with 12 hot, well hung studs ready to do me. For the first time in my life, they did all 3 of my hot, horny holes at the same time, I took a cock up every hole I had at the same time! Oh, I remember the feeling of having all my horny holes plugged at the same time, my first triple penetration, fuck, was it hot! They formed up, and 3 guys would do my 3 holes long hard and deep! After they had all emptied their throbbing cocks deep inside me, then 3 more would do me! Watching as they fucked my ass, cunt and mouth all at the same time, brought back all the sensations of what it felt like to be triple fucked! My cunt was ready starting to ache now, my clit was throbbing! On the screen their cocks were making me cum again and again. The camera that had recorded me at the contest was at the party, and every grunt, every cock that plunged deep, and every orgasm that I exploded with were recorded. I remembered the feelings, and watching myself pulling a horny train was making me horny as hell. During the gang bang, I could hear the guys telling me I had tight, cocksucker lips as I sucked their throbbing cocks, getting a mouthful of thick spunk from every cock! They also told me what a nice tight cunt and asshole I had, and how good it felt to shoot their loads up my tight back door and my tight milking cunt! I remember how incredible it felt, getting fucked in all 3 holes at the same time, and what it felt like when their throbbing cocks exploded, filling every hole with a thick flood of spunk! After every one had fucked each hole, they formed a circle around me. They stroked their cocks, my face turned up to them, and soon every one sprayed their loads all over my face, giving me a very juicy, hot facial! That also made me hot, remembering what it felt like to get sprayed down with their cum!

The DVD ended with a closeup of my face, splattered with thick ropes of spunk, my face covered with 12 thick loads of spunk! I got my rabbit vibrator, and started the DVD again! As the scenes of me getting triple fucked started to roll, I shoved the vibrator up me, and turned him on high! My first orgasm was almost immediate, I screamed and thrashed as my orgasm tore into me! I kept it going, humping my hips up and down, watching myself get fucked in every hole, remembering how fantastic it felt, and roaring from one orgasm to another, my rabbit vibrator powering my climaxes along! When the DVD ended, and the last cock had sprayed it's load across my face, after countless orgasms, I finally sprawled, sated, across my couch.

After a while, when the fog of lust has dissipated, I started to wonder what was going on. I am the owner and publisher of the Miami Journal, and I was proud of the reputation of my newspaper, and by extension, me. I am 28, stand 5 feet 18 inches tall, have natural blond hair, firm and 100 percent natural 38DD tits, an hourglass figure, with my waist nipping into a 24 before my hips flare out to a 38, and have what has been described as an angelic face. I had worked hard to put the wildness of my horny college days behind me. I was engaged to Donald Clemser. He was Florida's second wealthiest and most eligible bachelor, 18 years my senior, and I did not need any bad publicity about my earlier wild college days. I didn't have any illusions that this was anything other than blackmail, and prepared myself to pay a hefty sum to whoever came forward.

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The next day, I was jumpy at work. No contact yet, and I was nervous. But, just after lunch, I received the call.

"Hello Miss Madigan, my name is Richard Staunton, I hope you enjoyed the DVD I sent you?"

Aware of the surroundings, I answered, "Yes, I did, I'm so glad you sent it to me. "

He replied, "Good, good, I think we should get together to discuss a business proposition that I am sure you will want to invest in. How does 8 PM this evening sound? I am at the Excelsior hotel, room 1201. See you then. "

I could hear the click of the line as he hung up. Okay, this was it.

At 7:40 I took a cab to the Excelsior hotel. Richard Staunton, that bastard, had summoned me, and I had no choice. As the cab merged into downtown traffic, I sat back, and thought about what had happened.

At 5 minutes to eight, I was at his door. I knocked, and he was in the doorway. I swept my eyes over him, not someone I knew.

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"Karin, so good of you to come, please, come in. "

He had an executive room, king size bed, large whirlpool bath, mirrored ceiling, I had been in the Excelsior's executive room with my fiance, we had enjoyed a hot night of celebration after our engagement was officially announced.

He stepped behind the room's bar, and uncorked some white wine, Pouring two glasses, he presented one of them to me. I took a sip.

"OK, Dick, enough with the pleasantries, let's get down to brass tacks"

"As you can see from the DVD I sent you, I have the real deal. I was there at the time, and that is why the camera caught every move of your very hot body. I can imagine that after college, you cleaned up your act, became very serious and all business, and your wild college days were behind you, never to be revealed. I could well imagine the shock and horror that your fiance and your new in-laws would have, if they were to see what fun you had in college. Even if you destroyed the one you had, I of course have the original. "

"OK, you've got me, you damn well know that I can't let my fiance see that. So, how much do you want to hand over the other copy?"

"Oh, no too much. I am willing to be reasonable. Figures were dancing about in my head, but watching your performance made me think in a different vein. I am willing to hand over the other copy of the DVD, and I give you my word that no other copies will suddenly pop up in the future. This has been kept by me, and has been shown to no one else.

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"So, what do you want in return?" I asked.

"I want you. I want you to stay tonight, so I can have your body in any way I desire. I have seen that you like it up every hole, and I want to fill every hole you have with my cock. I want your tight ass, your hot mouth and your hot sweet cunt. That's what I want, nothing else, I don't want a dime of money, just your incredible body, for just one night. I was not allowed to join in on your 12 guy gang bang, and I have been aching to have you, for ten years. "

Damn, I had expected he might be heading that way. But what choice did I have?

"You win, just don't expect me to be some hot, blond nympho, who's really too happy about it all", I sighed.

He took my hand, and led me into the bedroom. The bed was large, and there was the large, lighted mirror on the ceiling, great, I thought, I'll be able to watch myself getting fucked. He turned to face me, and slid his hands over my breasts. He stroked at my body, and his finger slid down the front of my dress, sliding open the buttons. He pushed the dress away from my shoulders, and my dress dropped, pooling around my feet. I was wearing a black bra and black panties, and his eyes approved of them.

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   He slid the bra off, freeing my tits.

"Oh yes, you have fantastic tits, baby, I've never seen a nicer pair than yours. "

He slid his fingers under the waistband of my panties and slid them down. I was now completely naked, and he stepped back a bit, and his eyes drank in my form. I could see a large bulge in his pants, as he took in the sight.

"Incredible," he whispered, "fucking incredible. "

He stripped, and my eyes took in his naked form. He was in good shape, just over 6 feet tall, probably about 175 - 180 pounds, and his cock! It was bigger than my fiance's 8 inches, looked more like 10! I could feel my resistance start to melt, as the horny desires of my college days started to reassert themselves. It was going to happen, so why not enjoy it?

He took me in his arms, and his lips pressed against mine. The feel of that stiff shaft, pressing against my body between us, turned the melt into a flood. I opened my mouth to his, and I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. I love to be french kissed when I'm being fucked, and my tongue met his. I was heating up fast, I wouldn't need to pretend to enjoy it, if he's good in bed, I was gonna LOVE it!

He pressed me down gently on the bed, and started to kiss my breasts, licking at them, sliding his tongue over my stiff, tingly nipples, and sucking at them. My tits started to throb, sending pulses of pleasure to my pussy. My clit was starting to twitch, and I was quickly lubing up! He continued his way down, kissing my belly, running his tongue down, and swirling it through my neatly trimmed pubic hair.

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"You smell delicious", he whispered, "I've been waiting so long to taste your juices. "

His tongue slid down, and over my pussy lips. He gently parted my lips, and his tongue swept over my hot, molten opening. I groaned from the pleasure, my pussy was aching for his tongue. His tongue pushed deeper into my hot, wet folds, he licked up all the juices my pussy was churning with. He slid a finger up me, finger fucking my quivering pussy. His tongue settled over my clit, and his tongue started a long, sweeping movement over it. His mouth was hot, expert, and practiced, I felt like he was eating me alive! He was no amateur, and I could feel myself reach the boiling point! This was it!

I screamed as I exploded, my pussy becoming a vat of hot juices. I could feel my body shaking and shuddering as I came, my pussy cumming all over his face. He stayed with me, licking up all of my hot juices and gently licking my pussy as the last spasms of my orgasm faded.

He rose up, and I was burning with lust. My college days horniness was back in control of my body. I groaned from the sight of his ten inches of rock hard cock, ready to fuck me! I spread my legs wide, reaching down, I parted my lips, letting him see how wet and excited I was! I was desperate to have that rock hard shaft deep inside me!

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me", I gasped, "Shove that hard cock up me, and fuck my cunt. I'm on fire, and I need your cock! Fuck my burning cunt, NOW!"

He got into position, and I could feel the head of his cock nudge against my opening. He penetrated my cunt, and slid it in, right to the balls.

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   I could feel his big shaft stretching the walls of my cunt, I let out squeals and grunts of pure pleasure as the entire 18 inches filled up my burning fuckhole! I wrapped my legs around his waist, so he could shove every inch in!

"Oh fuck," he grunted, "oh yes, I've dreamed of this, and being inside you is better than any dream!"

"Yeah, let me have it!", I grunted, "Your balls are full of a massive load of spunk, that you've been keeping for me! I want your big cock to shoot it all into me! So fuck me, ram my cunt! I need to be fucked and filled by your hard cock, I love the feeling of my cunt being spread apart and fucked hard and deep, over and over, by your big prick! I want to feel your throbbing cock, as it gets rock hard and explodes your hot load up my burning cunt! I need it now! Give it to me!"

He was only too happy to comply! He pulled back, and drove it in again, balls deep! We established a rhythm, he'd pull out about half way, then thrust it in, right to the hilt! Every thrust in made me grunt with pleasure from the feeling of having my horny cunt split open again and again! I felt like my cunt was wrapped around a length of steel hard pipe! He was power fucking my burning cunt, I could feel my pussy stretched wide around his massive shaft, my pussy was throbbing wildly, my clit was getting ready to explode again! I was seeing stars as his 18 inches ravished my molten center! I looked up, and could see the reflection of myself, stretched out spread eagled, in heat, his body on top of me, the thrusting movements of his hips matching the pumping of his hard cock splitting my burning fuckhole open as he fucked me again and again, my legs around his waist, being fucked wildly! Just as I was ready to explode, I could feel his cock jerk and swelling with a massive urgency! He howled as his cock exploded, and that was all I needed! My cry of orgasm joined his, as my pussy exploded! I kept my eyes open, watching the reflection of myself as I came! My orgasm was a real gut wrencher, I felt like I was gonna blow apart! I could feel my cunt clamp down tightly on his spurting cock, spasming wildly! Our cries of release filled the room, I could feel the throbbing and pulsing of his rock hard prick exploding and squirting in me, filling me up with a hot load as his cock pumped a flood of spunk deep into my burning hole! The spasms of my cunt milked greedily at his shaft, and he poured every drop of cum deep into my womb!

He collapsed on top of me, his rock hard prick still deep inside me. After a while it started to soften up, and he withdrew, and flopped down next to me.

"Jeez, you were fantastic, absolutely the best", he whispered.

"You were pretty awesome yourself", I whispered back, "You made me cum like a train!"

I could feel his cum trickling out of my pussy, I scooped some up with my fingers and tasted his cum. It tasted great, and I was looking forward to getting it straight from his cock!

We dozed for a while. I awoke, and could see his cock, hard and stiff again, even though he was asleep. The sight of that massive pussy splitter got me going again! I crouched down, and I ran mytongue up and down his cock. His cock was rock hard as my tongue licked up and down his stiff shaft. I slid a hand down his shaft, pulling on the foreskin. His cock head popped out, shiny and pink. I licked at the cock head like it was a lollipop. I suddenly engulfed his stiff cock in my warm, wet mouth. I shivered with delight as I ran my hot, pliable mouth down the full length of his stiff shaft, sucking and licking at his hard cock. I slid my mouth up, and then plunged down the full length again.

Between sleep and wakefulness, he whispered, "Oh yeah baby.

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I musy say I am somewhat of an expert at sucking cock, I have sucked off over 100 guys, almost all of them in my wild college days. My mouth was moist, hot and expert! Again and again, my mouth plunged up and down on his swollen prick.

Now awake, he whispered, "Oh yeah baby, suck my cock, and swallow my load! Suck it all out baby!"

Eager to do just that, I applied my Milkmaid sucking technique, tightening my lips around his cock, and working over his cock with a grip as tight as any hand! His cock was throbbing, I took his balls in my hand, and gave them a squeeze. he grunted with pleasure as the spunk surged up his shaft, and his cock pulsed wildly as he unloaded, his cock squirting wildly between my tight crimson lips, his hot, juicy load gushing into my eager mouth, his streams of cum spewing all over my tongue! My tight lips milked every drop out of his cock, and I eagerly swallowed the load he had filled my mouth with!

"Oh yeah, you have a great way of waking me up!" he exclaimed.

We rested a bit, and my hands soon stroked him up to full glory again! I wanted my ass filled, and this would be the biggest cock I had ever taken!

"On your hands and knees baby, give me your ass, I want to fuck that tight little hole of yours!" As my ass appeared, upthrust and ready to be fucked, he said, "Oh yeah, just what I want!"

He got down, and I felt his tongue licking at my asshole! It was almost excruciatingly sensitive, and I squealed with pleasure as his tongue licked at my tight ass hole, running around the rim over and over! I love being rimmed, before I am ass fucked, I like my partner to lick at my asshole and finger it before I take his cock.

I gasped out, "Yes, oh yes, lick and finger my asshole a long time, then fuck me up my tight hole! I love it!"

Encouraged, he proceeded to do just that! His tongue and his fingers probed my tight hole, and as I looked over my shoulder with a smile, I felt him applying baby oil to my asshole, running one and then two fingers inside me, lubing up my tight back door! He spread the oil up and down his cock, making it glisten and gleam! Ten inches of rock hard cock were ready to fuck my ass. He pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. With a bit of a push, the head slipped in. It had been a while since I had been ass fucked, and I hissed at the initial entry. He stopped, and asked me if I was OK. I said, Yeah, it's just been a while, take it slow. He started to push slowly, inch by inch, his cock slid up my hole! I could feel the walls of my ass get stretched as his cock worked it's way up me. With a final push, the last two inches of his cock entered, drawing a grunt of pleasure from me! My bunghole was throbbing with pleasure, fuck, it felt so good!

"Fuck, it feels so good!" I cried, "Give it to me, fuck my ass, and squirt your load right up my tight ass!"

He drew back, and started to fuck my asshole, reaming out my bunghole! I could feel the plunge of his cock, every in thrust just made me wild with pleasure. My college days experience was back with a vengeance! He fucked my back door, over and over! He started to grunt, and I felt his prick swell up! I was almost delirious with pleasure as he plowed into me, his cock pulsing and squirting, filling my ass up with his thick sperm enema! Fuck, it felt so fucking great!!

Wow, what a night! After that, I was eager to spend the night, and he did my mouth, cunt and ass as many times as he could get it up, which was almost all night!

The next morning, he gave me the other DVD, as promised. I keep those in a secure safe, they are much too enjoyable to be destroyed.

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   I love to relive that hot time, and fuck myself with my vibrating rabbit, cumming again and again as I watch myself getting penetrated in every fuckhole I have!

The wedding went as planned, but almost right after the honeymoon, after Donald returned to work, our sex life dropped off to once a month or longer, and it was always the lights out, missionary style, two minute rabbit fuck. He had been a lusty, horny guy before the wedding, he couldn't get enough of me. Maybe he followed the old adage, You don't keep running, once you've caught the bus.

I started to get suspicious, after he started to come home very late most nights, and go out almost every Saturday and Sunday, golfing with the guys he said. I hired a PI, and it didn't take too long to find out the real story. He was fucking his 19 year old secretary. Yep, he was twice her age, but that didn't stop him. The worst part, she didn't look anywhere near as good as I. She was a plain Jane sort of type, probably was great at secretarial duties, and was more than happy to have her Boss fucking her. Maybe it excited him, to give a plain Jane an active sex life. Or, maybe she was just a tigress in bed, looking meek and mild, but with a raging slut hidden inside! There were lots of pictures, and other evidence, the most onerus was recorded by a microphone that he had been able to hide in the secretary's apartment.

His voice said, "Are you ready to get your ass fucked, baby?"

She sighed, "Oh yeah, my asshole is all tight and twitchy, it wants your big cock, fuck my asshole, fuck me now!"

She said, "You like it like this?", then giggled.

My husband grunted, and started using foul, erotic language, that he had never used in my presence, not even in bed. His secretary responded with equally filthy language, soon I could hear her grunts and squeals of pleasure, she sounded like a stuck pig, my husband's lust grunts joining hers, as he fucked her asshole! The bastard, he can fuck his secretary's ass, but not mine? I was eager for my holes to get plugged, why didn't he just ask if I would give him my asshole? Was I supposed to be the perfect little trophy wife, the good little wifey who never complained, just did as her master commanded? The wife who he puts on a pedestal, and would never soil with his baser sexual desires, so had to take a mistress, to fuck her ass?

I confronted him with my lawyer present, and the evidence made him turn turtle. To keep such embarrassing revelations from a scandal hungry media, he agreed to our terms, and he got a quick and painless divorce and all the pictures and the recording of him and his secretary, and I got a very generous settlement.



Single once again, I got a hold of Richard, and the weekend was a lust filled haze of cock sucking, asshole and cunt fucking, he did me every way that I loved. On a long weekend, we flew to Seattle, where he was from, and since no one there knew me, and he used a fake name for me, it was easy to get his buddies to get into an orgy with me, without my identity being known! Fuck, it was incredible, just like 18 years ago, getting fucked in every hole, 12 hot guys to do every hole I had!

I realized that I was wrong to try and deny what I was, a horny bitch who needed every hole fucked! My college days persona were back, and I embraced it! The grunts and groans from the guys, the liquid sounds from my body as they did me, my squeals and cries of pleasure as all three holes were filled up and fucked, and their grunts of release as they exploded, filling up my burning holes with thick ropes of hot cum! The night was a blur of pleasure, as they all emptied their loads deep in my holes! I came like crazy, roaring from one orgasm to the next, cocks exploding, blowing thick loads of cum up my asshole, deep in my cunt, and filling my mouth!.



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