!!! Bitchs Slutty Genes !!! Ch 01


It’s Saturday April 14th 2018.
I normally return back for dinner at 7 pm but in the morning when we wake up and having our coffee, Nicole told me about inviting Mariana tonight for dinner and if everything goes as planned she might sleep over and asked if tonight is ok with me.

Niky was there, showed much enthusiasm encouraging me to accept, “Yes daddy please, we will have a big party and a lot of fun tonight, you will like Mariana as well, let’s fuck that bitch. ”

I'll explain later what is planned for Mariana and for what reasons.

I replied, “As you like Nicole, no problem with me regarding tonight. ”
I looked to Niky saying, “Don’t judge people sweetie, we talked about that before, right?”

“Yes daddy but I use the word bitch in good way, as you taught me,” Niky replied with a big smile on her face.

I smiled back saying, ”Ok my young sweet bitch. ”

Nicole laughed and said, “Sure she is, Niky loves you calling her so. ”

Niky smiled more saying, “Yesssss. ”

She came over my lap to kiss me, she stayed sitting on my lap just laying her head over my shoulder.

I knew for sure Nicole will give Mariana that Ecstasy pill, I didn’t know how she will give it to her willingly or will dissolve it in her drink, I didn’t care to ask.

I spend most of the day at home filtering and having sex with Niky most of the time as usual.

After lunch Nicole wanted to go to Carrefour for some shopping, Niky went with her because she needed some stuff for herself as well.
I took my shower, went out before they return back at about 3 pm.
I didn’t return back till 7. 45 or so to allow Nicole do what she wanted to do with Mariana.

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They were on the dining table when arrived home.
Guess what the dinner was!
Pizza, Tuica and beer.
Pizza for dinner meaning party night, normally we have such parties when Niky is at home and Nicole is off the next day, mostly in holidays and weekends.
Beside drinking beer after Tuica is quick way to be get totally drunk.

It was clear Mariana on that drug. It’s not my first time to see her, I heard their laughing from the stair case.
Also from Nicole’s text messages when I was out, I understood everything went as planned.

Nicole welcomed me saying, “Hi love, finally you are back. ”
I said nothing.
I kissed Nicole while she was sitting on her chair slipping my hand between her legs, she kissed me back passionately as if we were alone in the dinning room.

Mariana was sitting beside Nicole, so I moved to her.
Shesaid, “Hi Vally, long time I didn’t see you, how ar. . . .

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I didn’t let her finish her greeting.
I leaned over kissing her lips, she was speaking, her lips were not closed, so I slipped my tongue inside her mouth touching her tongue.
She didn’t reject my kiss or pull back, that encouraged me to cup her breast and gave one of her nipples a nice squeeze.
She was not wearing a bra.

Both Nicole and Mariana did drink a lot of Tuica. Their breaths, kisses’ taste were saturated with that Tuica.
No wonder why since 2 third of a big new bottle of that strong Tuica was consumed already when I arrived.

Niky was on the other side of the table. I moved to her.

She just laid her head over the chair saying, “Hi daddy. ”
Again I didn’t reply, just I bent behind her to kiss her more deeply than the ladies, while placing both my hands cupping both her tits in front of Mariana’ eyes.

On contrary to Nicole & Mariana, Niky didn’t smell much alcohol, she was the only one having a bottle of beer in front of her.

I sat beside Niky, finally speaking, “Good evening ladies, good evening, sweetie, how are you all?”

Mariana was open eyed looking surprised from the way I kissed her beside the way I kissed Niky in front of her and her mother.
Her nipples were so erected, so obvious pressing against her t-shirt she was wearing.

Nicole who replied, “Good evening my love, Why were you so late?, we are waiting for you”.

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I replied, “ Just to get comfortable with your lovely guest sweetheart. ”

For sure she understood what I mean.
She smiled saying, ”We are all just fine, waiting for you. ”

I ate some pizza and drink some Tuica which was still severed heavily, more than usual, it was clear that Nicole and Niky are pushing Mariana to get really drunk.

They continued cheering, drinking but actually Niky and myself didn’t drink much.

Niky left the table to return in few moments with a box of chilled beer saying, “Who is able to drink the whole bottle at once?”

Nicole replied joyfully, “I will drink it all in one zip, I want to have fun tonight,” she added looking to Mariana, “For sure Mariana is feeling thirsty too from all that Tuica as well. ”

Mariana just smiled without replying.
we cheer toastingthe four bottles of beer before raising them to our mouths.

I was closely watching what will happen moving my eyes mainly between Nicole and Mariana.
Nicole got her bottle totally empty in now time.

Mariana drank almost half of her bottle before putting it on the table saying, “I couldn’t but I'll drink the rest now. ”

“Yes sure, the night is still young, we will need more drinks later on,” Niky replied in her joyful voice, while coming to sit on my lap.
She started kissing me so passionately.

Mariana was looking little dizzy but she was just stirring at me and Niky while biting her lips before taking her beer to finish it.
Once she placed the bottle back on the table, she licked her lips with the tip of her tongue.

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She was looking really incredibly horny hot.

I cut the kiss with Niky saying, “let’s move to living room. ”

Nicole replied, “Yes but all of you take your drinks and your glasses with you. ”

She brought a new bottle of Tuica plus another box of beers to the living room, announcing, “There'sa lot of food on the table whenever anyone feel hungry. ”

Let me explain three things.
• Nicole and Niky were wearing only long wide t-shirts without anything under as usual.
• Mariana was wearing a jeans with a short tight t-shirt revealing most of her belly, I noticed when she stood up.
• The living room consists of my desk my chair, big sofa, big arm chair, two side table, and the book cabinet which have a big curved screen smart TV. The living room is connected to my bedroom.

Once we moved there and the drinks were on the side tables Nicole sat beside Mariana on the sofa, me on my desk chair, Niky on the arm chair.
Nicole served another round of Tuica before filling a water glass to its half with Tuica.
I just smiled I knew exactlywhat that big glass is for but I didn’t say anything.
I'm not sure but it seems Nicole gave a sign to Niky.

Niky asked me, “ Daddy, don’t you feel heated in your clothes?”

I understood what she meant and I replied smiling, “Yes sweetie I feel very hot. ”

She laughed while coming over to undress me.

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Mariana’s face look was telling how much she was surprised, or even shocked, but she didn’t say a word.

By the time Niky undressed me totally and started kissing my chest.

Nicole looked to Mariana telling her, “We are very open family here as you are with your kids Mariana. ”

Mariana said, “What do you mean?”

Nicole replied in affirmative voice, “We know that the baby born is Alex son!”
Mariana didn’t reply or say anything.

(Miruna and Alex are Mariana’s kids. They are 18 and 21 years respectively.
Mariana is 42 years old single mother never married, occupying an important position in the ruling party in Romania and she is the head of that party here in the city we are living in.
Mariana is about 175 cm tall, Like Nicole but slimmer than Nicole about 65 Kg, with more firm tits and similar big nipples.
Mariana is just a beautiful lady and so sexy looking.
4 months ago, Miruna gave a birth to baby boy.
Somehow Niky knew from Miruna that the baby is from her brother Alex.
Also she knew that, Alex is fucking her sister for the last 4 years or so as well having sex with his mother Mariana from time to time since he was 18 years old.

Since Niky mentioned that to Nicole and me, Nicole planned to that night telling me and Niky, “That is great way to blackmail Mariana,we need to invite her here and fuck her as well and video everything.
“I want the help of Mariana if I want to run in the next election, I need some tools in my hand,” she explained.

The time was set quicker after I know about the Ecstasy which Nicole and Niky are taking from the day before and I felt it’s a sort of bribe for me to invite Mariana the next night.

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“Tell me something my dear, do you fuck Alex every night or just you let Miruna fuck him more often?” Nicole asked Mariana.

Mariana was in sort of a shock saying, “What is such question?, how can you say something like that Nicoleta!”

Niky replied, “Miruna is my friend aunt, we don’t hide anything from each other’s beside I had sex with them few times as well but Alex is not my type. ”

Mariana was still looking shocked while saying, “Omg, so there are no secrets hidden then. ”

Nicole replied with slutty smile, “You bet my dear, if we want to hide our secrets we wouldn’t sitting here like that now. ”

Niky started sucking my cock by now after she took her t-shirt off.

Nicole leaned over Mariana’s lips kissing her so deeply, Mariana kissed her back placing her arm around Nicole.

“Go suck Vally’s cock with Niky, he is long lasting dick, you will love him,” Nicole Told Mariana after few minutes of their long kissing.

Mariana didn’t hesitate a bit, she just stood up, came over.
She got on her knees beside Niky between my legs.

I felt her submission, and commanded her, “Get your clothes off sweetheart, I want to see your sexy body. ”

She looked me in the eyes, I felt she was begging for assistance, so I leaned over and took her t-shirt off.
Also, I pulled her up to unbutton her jeans.
She took off her jeans together with her panty getting totally naked in no time.

Mariana returned back on her knees leaning closer to me.
Niky removed her mouth from my dick putting my cock over Mariana’ s lips.

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Mariana took my dick holding him in her hand, she gave him a closer look then moved her head up to look me in the eyes.
She started licking my ball then with all her tongue licked the shaft of my hard cock up reaching over him just to wrap the head of my dick with her lips.
She suck the head for few moments before returning back to my balls again.
She did repeat so from all sides of dick without breaking her eye contact with me at any moment.

Niky just watched for few moments before placing her hand over Mariana’s tits squeezing her hard-large nipples.
Niky leaned closer kissing Mariana’s neck before moving her hand to her pussy.
By the time Niky started fingering Mariana’s wet pussy, Mariana took my cock deeper inside her mouth.
After few minutes, I stood up on my feet holding Mariana’s head between my hands pushing my dick deep inside her throat.
She chocked few times but she didn’t object or ask me to stop, so I kept fucking her head hard.

Nicole was videoing everything from different angles and she came over and kissed me deeply before sucking my chest nipple for a min or so.
She knows, I like her to suck my nipples which get me more excited.

After about 18 min Niky said in her begging slutty tone, “I need a cigarette daddy, let’s show aunt Mariana how we smoke together. ”

Mariana got my dick in her hand out of her mouth.

While holding my cock still, she replied to Niky in frustration, “Stop that aunt, Niky, do not be mean to me. ”

We all laughed while Niky saying, “Ok Mariana, sorry.

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“Vally and Niky have special way for smoking and for doing many things together,” Nicole tried to explain to Mariana.

At that moment we all were totally naked. We moved to the window of my bedroom.
Niky lighted a cigarette before bending over the window, exposing her anus to me.
I just put some salvia over the head of my dick before shoving him all the way inside her asshole.
She was inhaling a big smoke from her cigarette before releasing a loud moan.

I stayed still inside her asshole just stroking my dick few times but most of the time just staying still while she continued smoking.

That’s not new as you already know.
That the smoke game I have with Niky all the time but for Mariana it was a mind blowing.

Nicole started kissing Mariana, sucking her nipples then she got on her knees eating Mariana’s pussy.
No objection or refuse from Mariana at all.
As her eyes were fixated on Niky’s anus while my dick is totally vanished inside her asshole during cupping her tits with one hand, scratching her back and her legs as far I can reach with my other hand.

I noticed the way Mariana was stirring at Niky’s anus.
I moved one hand from Niky’s body placing it on Mariana nearest tit to me, cupping it all lettingher nipple slipping between two of my fingers.
She let out a soft moan when I closed the two fingers squeezing her erected big nipple.

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“Come closer, kiss me,” I told Mariana.

She didn’t let me finish my word, she approached closer to kiss me so passionately.

After Niky finished her cigarette, I pulled my dick out from her asshole, I lighted one cigarette for myself.

Nicole stood up saying to Mariana, “Suck that beautiful dick. Vally like that while he is smoking. ”

Mariana kneeled down eagerly, she started to lick each inch of my cock.
Meanwhile Nicole went to the living room to bring the water glass filled with the Tuica.
When she retuned she said in blamingbitchy tone to Mariana, “Oh sweetheart! let me wash Vally’s cock first for you. ”

That was a mean say from Nicole because she waited till Mariana licked all the yellow liquid stuff which came out on my dick from Niky’s asshole.
As if she was stating s fact that Mariana did lick the shitt from my cock.

Nicole took my dick and insert him in the Tuica glass then took him out stroking him together with my balls with more Tuica.
She shoved my Tuica wet dick inside Mariana’s open mouth since she was still on her knees watching what Nicole was doing with open eyes and lusty unsatisfied mouth welling to continue sucking my cock.

Me and Niky lighted another cigarette while Mariana sucking my dick so eagerly, taking my balls inside her mouth from time to time.
Nicole continued drooping more Tuica over my dick and my balls for Mariana to swallow.

After I finished my second cigarette Nicole asked me seductively, “My love, where do you want to fuck Mariana first?”

I replied, “For sure in her ass, if she doesn’t mind but I saw how she didn’t remove her eyes from Niky’s anus.

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  ” , I added while looking to Mariana in the eyes who was still on her knees stroking my dick with her hand, “ sure your asshole is itching by now Mariana!!!!”

Niky and Nicole laughed loudly.
Mariana felt really exposed, she stood up saying, “You are paying much attention to what’s going on while you are busy Vally. ”

I replied with a smile, “Only when I’m among lovely women like you, trying my best to satisfy all of you. ”

That put a pleased nice smile on her face while Nicole saying, “You are charming and diplomatic as always, my love. ”

Nicole pulled Mariana from her hand to got her on my bed on her knees and elbows.
I positioned her on the edge of the bed so I can fuck her while I’m standing.
I lowered her butt a little bit opening her legs more.
As I did exactly with Niky I just spell over her anus before I shoved my dick all the way in in one stroke without even fingering her anus.
Mariana screamed loudly in pain which made me stay still deep inside her.

Nicole said, “Do it again she will get used to that. ”

Mariana didn’t reply or reject, so I got my dick totally out and again shoved him all the way in her asshole.

She screamed again but not like the first time.

“You see dad, she likes that,” Niky said joyfully.

I continued like that for few minutes, shoving my dick all the way inside Mariana’s asshole, pausing for a moment deep inside her then pull my dick totally out of her before inserting him all the way back deep as I can.
By now Mariana was really enjoying that invasion in her asshole, she started moaning in joy saying in begging low voice, “Omg that’s so nice please don’t stop Vally.



I asked her, “Don’t stop what Mariana?”

She replied in the same begging low voice, “What you are doing, you are doing great. ”

I tried to explain telling her, “Name it sweetheart. ”
I paused longer inside her.

It seems Mariana didn’t get what I meant till Niky told Mariana, “Say don’t stop fucking my asshole please Vally.

    Mariana just repeated the exact words which Niky told her to say in the same begging low voice.

    Niky continued, “I enjoy your dick fucking my asshole like you are doing now, you are amazing Vally. ”
    Mariana again repeated exactly what she was told without changing any word.

    “I’m your bitch Vally, you can fuck me whenever you like,” Niky continued.
    Mariana didn’t repeat that and just got silent.

    Here Nicole said, “Say it sweetheart, Vally likes to hear that while fucking me and Niky always, we all are his bitchs. ”

    Mariana then said in more begging tone, “Keep fucking me Vally please, I’m your bitch, I like your dick inside my asshole, please don’t stop, fuck me please. ”

    Nicole smiled saying to Mariana, “Good bitch my dear, later you will like him more inside your pussy. ”

    Nicole got her big didlo, wearing the belt strip on before laying on the bed.

    She told Mariana, “Ride my rubber dick, bitch. ”

    I pulled out from her asshole allowing her to do what Nicole asked her to do.

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    Niky didn’t stop videoing everything after we finished smoking with her mobile.

    Once Mariana took the rubber didlo of Nicole inside her pussy, she started ridding it really hard.

    After two minutes, I got behind Mariana on the bed.
    I pushed her gently to lay over Nicole’s body to get access to her anus while she keeping that huge rubber dick inside her vagina.
    Remarkably her anus was shiny wet still.
    I just hold my dick in my hand pushing him against her anus ring which welcomed my cock letting him slid all the way inside her asshole.
    That time I didn't pull my dick out any more.
    I fucked her asshole in quick long strokes.
    She adjusted her rhythm over the rubber dick to match my pace in her ass.

    In 2 or 3 minutes Mariana was having her first orgasm after that double penetration we gave to her groaning in real pleasure.

    I got out of her asshole hole then I straighten her up on the rubber dick before french kissing her while squeezing her nipples.
    Mariana appreciated that move very much, putting her hand around my neck to pull me closer to her and kissed me back very intensely.

    Nicole harshly commanded Mariana, “Switch positions bitch, take my rubber dick into your asshole, let Vally fuck your pussy. ”

    To be honest that rubber didlo is much bigger than my own cock.
    Mariana had hard time to get it all inside her asshole but never she refused or rejected or not follow what was told.

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    After Mariana accommodated that rubber dick inside her asshole facing up.
    I raised her legs over my shoulder and started fucking her pussy really hard as I did in her asshole before.

    After few minutes Niky came over and started to bite Mariana clit. Yes, biting by her lips and sucking it hard.

    Mariana didn’t take much time to groan in stronger orgasmthan the first one.
    Big rubber dick in her asshole, me fucking her pussy with my own dick and Niky biting and sucking her clit.

    I pulled out putting her legs down on the bed.
    Mariana was taking that big rubber dick in her ass still but not moving, just pausing for a break after her orgasm.

    After few moments, once Mariana regainedher normal breaths, Niky moved up standing on the bed opening her legs over her face telling her, “Mariana eat my pussy please. ”

    Mariana adjusted her position over Nicole rubber dick raising her head to Niky’s pussy and started eating her pussy.

    Niky looked to me saying, “Daddy I need your dick in my ass please, I need to cum”

    I did as she asked.

    I guess Niky tried to teach Mariana a lesson of dirty talking.

    Once I shoved my dick inside her asshole, more than usual, Niky didn't stop saying loudly, “Yes daddy, fuck my ass please, I love your cock fucking your bitch's ass, I’m your bitch daddy, fuck me please. . .

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      . . ”

    Also she talked to Mariana instructing her how to eat and suck her pussy.
    So, Nicole was on the bed, Mariana ridding that rubber dick but she faces up eating Niky’s pussy while Niky totally standing on the bed positioning her pussy over Mariana’s mouth, just pending a little to give me a path to her asshole.

    We stayed like that for a while till Niky held Mariana's head steady between her hand pushing her pussy more inside her mouth, rubbing her clit against Mariana's teeth.

    Yes daddy fuck me harder, I’m Cumming,don’t stop dad pleassssse, yes yes yes , oh daddy,. . . . . . . ,” Niky kept saying and moaning till she finished her orgasm.

    Once she stopped talking, I pulled my dick out of her ass.

    She then turned around to kiss me saying, “Thanks daddy, that was amazing as always, I adore you and your cock dad.

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    I kissed her back saying, “You are welcome sweetie, you should thank Mariana as well. ”

    She turned her head over her shoulder telling Mariana, “Thank you Mariana, you doing fine, that was fun. ”

    Once Niky finished her say, Nicole said in real loud slutty tone, “We need to welcome our new bitch more than that guys. ”

    I moved back getting my dick inside Mariana’s pussy fucking her slowly while enjoying cupping her tits, squeezing her lovely big nipples, and feeling all her body.

    Mariana understood Niky’s demonstration of dirty bitchy talk, she didn't stop saying in real horny bitchy way, “Yes Vally, you are amazing, I love you fucking me, I love your touch on my body, I love being your bitch Vally,. . . . . . . . . . ”

    After a while Niky brought a strong vibrator applying it directly to Mariana clit.

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    Mariana had still that rubber dick filling and fucking her asshole for over half an hour by now.
    I was feeling the shape of that rubber dick in her vagina walls.
    Me fucking her pussy and Niky applying that vibrator on her clit while Nicoleand me squeezing Mariana’s tits and benching her big erected nipples from time to time.

    Mariana didn’t bear all of that and she entered in induced continued orgasms, gushing out like crazy while screaming in total joy.

    She was screaming really groaning loudly but none of us me or Niky and of course Nicole stopped till Mariana’s arms couldn’t hold her anymore.
    She collapsed over Nicole not able to catch her breaths.

    Nicole laughed and moved her away pulling that huge rubber dick out of her asshole telling Mariana, “I think you got enough for one-night sweetheart.
    “Call your kids let them fuck each other’s or fuck themselves and tell them you will sleep here. I need you for my pleasure tonight bitch. ”

    Mariana still trying to catch her breathing replied, “Whatever you want Nicole just give me few minutes please. ”

    They stayed on the bed silently beside each other's .

    Me and Niky just smiled before I told her, “Time for a cigarette sweetie. ”

    “Yesssss,” Niky replied with her joyful voice.

    We went to the window and I lighted my cigarette first.
    Niky just got on her knees to suck my dick as usual.

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    Once I finished smoking, she stood up, sat on the edge of the window facing the bed looking at her mother and Mariana who were laying there still.

    She took my dick in her hand inserting him in her pussy which was soaking wet, putting her head over my shoulder.
    She lighted her cigarette while I just fucked her pussy in slow strokes.
    She squeezed my dick with her vagina muscle while I contracted the muscle of my dick inside her.
    She likes that wrapping squeeze so much.
    I placed my thump over her clit rubbing it nicely till she groaned having her orgasm again before she finish her cigarette.

    Once I pulled out of her, Nicole came over to kiss me and Niky, saying to me, “Thank you my love, you are amazing as usual, we will leave you to have a break, me and Mariana will have some fun together before we sleep. ”
    Nicole pulled Mariana from my bed taking her to her bedroom.

    “let's have some beer and a slice of pizza sweetie. ” I asked Niky.

    “Sure daddy, well deserved break, well done dad” she replied with a big smile on her face.

    To be continued.