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This story is completely fictional. None of it is real. This is my first story, comments are very much welcomed. =)

It's a cool, rainy January day in Antigua. I was lying next to my wife, Aruna. She had brown hair and light brown skin, almost like caramel. She had an hour-glass body, she wasn't a sporty girl, but she kept her figure by eating health, even though she had a huge sweet tooth and I gave her anything she wanted. She was more the shy, playful type, very sexy, C-cup breasts and a nice ass. I was a year younger than her, but I was taller, not tall enough enough to tower over her, but tall just the right height for her to tip toe up and reach my lips. My skin tone was a bit darker than hers, not by much.

Light shined through the small window, the light hit her skin and she glowed. Our hands were still together from last night. I tightened my grip around her for a second, hugging her against my chest. She turned in my arms and said "Good Morning don. " I smiled and kissed her, "Morning baby, how was your sleep?" Her eye's slowly open, "don't know, no dreams last night. .

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  . " She started to smile and pressed her body to mine, I feel her soft C-cup breasts press against my chest, then she rests her head back against my chest. "You look sleepy Princess, want to keep sleeping?" She nodded, snuggling into my chest, I combed my hand through her soft brown hair. "Yes" She finally said, her face buried. I ran my hand down her back,then back up, you say "but if you keep doing that, it's not gonna happen. . . " She listened to the deep laughter from my chest, sounding much deeper than it actually was. I stopped running my hand on her back and pulled it back from around her.

I lay there, watching her beautiful, warm skin for 18 minutes, until she fell asleep, then attempted to get out of bed, it didn't work "hm Don, stay please?" I rolled my eyes and she turned your back to me, I moved back to where we were last night, once again, holding her hand, offering her security with my touch, she took my hand, holding it to her bare chest. "Mi ta stima bo. . . " I smiled, when we we're younger, and had some time alone, I thought her some random Papiamentu phrases. I ran my free hand down her side to her hip, then continued down her leg.

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   I did this a couple times, her eyes were closed, but definitely not asleep. I felt her heart beat with the hand she had pressed to her chest, slowly getting faster, getting more aroused each time I passed my hand over her amazing body. I kissed the back of her neck, "Still tired baby?" I said with a grin on my face, already knowing her answer. She shakes your head, eyes open now, I loosened my hand from her grip and slowly move my hand down her chest, brushing against her soft breast, down to her tummy, but I stop there and move back up, teasing her with my hands.

My hand comes back up, and stops over her breast, and fiddles with hernipple, already rock hard with excitement. Her head drops back with pleasure and she moans, I kiss her soft, sweet lips, pushing my tongue into her mouth, our tongues play and dance. Enjoying the company of each other. "I Love You Aruna" I said between our kisses, she turned in my arms again, pressing her lips against mine, sweet in comparison to my lips. Both of our eyes close as we kiss, passionately. I almost forget to keep moving my hand over her body, this time, coming up from your leg, I pass my hand between her legs, checking to see if she was wet. She definitely was , aroused by our play, I slip my finger into her wet slit, she moan with pleasure, kissing me harder, expressing her passion to me. I pull out my finger and start to rub her pussy, she moan again and again, enjoying the feelings. I Put my lips to her breast, sucking on her rock hard nipple, she arches her head back. I start to kiss down her chest, kissing along your tummy, then down more , tasting your juices. I kiss back up to your face, and push into your tight pussy.

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She scream, "Donovan!" and I smile, she move herself on top of me, mounting me, and begins to ride my cock, movingup and down, I groan as her pussy swallows my 8 inches, loving the feeling, watching her move above me,she brings her face down to mine, kissing me again, both of us moaning now. After our kiss breaks, I say "Aruna, your amazing!" pulling her body down to mine, feeling her breasts against my chest. I roll us over suddenly, and thrust deep into her tight slit, causing a scream to come from her. Her head is against a pillow now, as I push deeper and deeper into her. Light from the window shining down on her , making your face light up, beads of sweat on her face, I kiss her soft lips, swallowing your next scream as I thrust deep again, hips crashing together, moving the bed. Her beautiful body beneath me, taking in the pleasure. She closes her eyes as our kiss breaks, and she moans louder and louder, nearing her orgasm. I moved my head lower, placing my mouth on her breast, flicking her hard nipples with my tongue. I feel small tremor's move throughout your body and your pussy constricts on my dick, deep inside her , as I thrust into her one last time, coming into her sweet pussy, creaming the inside. She rolls us over and lay down on my chest, me still in her. gasping for air, I finally say "Happy Birthday Baby Girl. . . " and then peck her soft lips. .

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