Birthday Present VI


We finally arrived home after a long, meandering, drunken walk through the town. As we entered the hall I told Emily to go get a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and meet us in the lounge. I took Anna's and and led her through the door to show her the stripper pole I erected in the lounge. 'Right then, go show me what you've got,' I said to Anna as I turned to put on a CD. Anna just winked as she wandered over to the pole. I placed myself on the sofa as Anna began to give me show that put anything I saw in the strip club to shame. A few minutes later Emily walked in, I turned round to look at her as she took in the scene of Anna naked drapped round the pole. She smiled and handed me a glass of champagne and took a seat next to me as Anna bent over smiled at us both between her legs and pulled the vibtrating egg out of her arse. She then wandered over and gave Emily a deep french kiss and told her it was her turn on the stage. I sat there watching Emily seductively stripping whilst my wife sat naked next to me alternating between sipping on her champagne and giving me deep, long french kisses. Anna then whispered in my ear 'Why are you the only one in here with any clothes on? Get them off. ' I did as I was told and stripped, Anna immediately kneeled between my legs and took my rigid cock into her mouth. I was in heaven as my wife gave me a blowjob and Emily was giving me one of the dirtiest strips I had ever seen, the egg that was up Anna's arse had now made its way up Emily's. Emily then looked me straight in the eyes and slowly pulled the egg out of her bum, placed it into her pussy and began to play with her clit. Anna then took my cock out of her mouth, stood up, turned round to face Emily and sat down on me taking me deep inside her. As Anna was bouncing up and down on me I looked over her shoulder as Emily rubed her clit to an orgasm.

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   Anna lent her head back and said 'This is the horniest I have ever been,' and as she finished speaking her body began to shake as an orgasm went through her. When she had recovered she began fucking me again, and Emily walked over kneeled between my legs and began snogging Anna. This was too much for me and within seconds I was cumming in Anna whilst watching her french kiss Emily.

After I recovered I grabbed them both by the hand and led them towards the stairs. As I watched their naked, pert bums walk up the stairs I couldn't resist myself, grabbed Anna and knelt her down on the stairs. I positioned myself behind her and rammed my cock up her as hard as I could. Emily smiled, sat down a few stairs ahead and put her hands between her legs. After a few minutes I dipped a finger in Anna's pussy and then pushed it up her bum, she moaned loudly and looked over her shoulder at me with a ravaged look in her eye. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and put it up her arse, only the tip at first, and with each stroke I pushed another inch in. When I was all the way in I motioned Emily to come down and sit in front of Anna. 'Anna,' I said 'eat Emily to an orgasm whilst I fuck you and cum up your arse. ' Anna again turned round to look at me smiled and buried her face inbetween Emily's legs. As I surveyed the scene before me I couldn't help but cum immediately shooting my seed deep up Anna's arse. I sat back and watched as Anna continued to lick Emily, playing with my cock as Anna slowly brought Emily towards an orgasm. As she began to orgasm she looked me in the eyes and as she shook all over she never broke eye contact.

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   As Emily was recovering from yet another orgasm Anna came and sat next to me 'Emily didn't take her eyes off you the entire time I was licking her out,' she whispered, 'she is absolutely desperate to fuck you. Tonight tease her that she is going to get your cock as often as you can, and then tomorrow I will make myself scarce and you can give her the best shag she has ever had. ' With that she got up and grabbed both mine and Emily's hand and lead us into the bedroom.

As we entered the bedroom I playfully pushed the girls onto the bed and ordered Emily to return the favour of the licking that Anna had given to her on the stairs. The girls quickly got into position Anna lying on her back with Emily between her legs. Anna gave out a loud moan as Emily began pleasuring her. I looked down at the scene before me, my wife lying legs spread, her erect nipples pointing to the ceiling, a big smile on her face and her eyes closed as Emily lay between her legs her head moving up and down and her pert litle bum on display. After taking in the scene before me I began to kis Emily's left ankle slowly working my way up her calf to the back of her knee which made her shiver. I continued up the inside of her thighs towards her sopping pussy. When I got there I gave her a quick lick on her outer lips, eliciting a sigh from her, and then moved onto her left butt cheek. I tried to take a nibble but there was hardly any fat so I moved onto her back nibbling, kissing and licking my way up her spine. As I worked my way up her back Emily began to squirm under my touch, when I got to the top of her back i moved up her neck and whispered in her ear 'Your pussy smells amazing, and looks so tight.
    I can't wait to put my cock up there and show you what a really good fuck feels like. ' I then turned her head towards me and gave her a deep kiss tasting my wife on her tongue, and placed the end of my cock at the entrance to her pussy rubbing myself up and down her wet lips. After teasing her for a couple of minutes i began to kiss my way back down her spine and down her right leg, paying special attention to the back of her knee.

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      When I reached her ankles I placed my hands under her hips and lifted her into a kneeling position, and started to lick her out from behind. As her moans raised in volume I removed my tongue and replaced it with my rigid penis again rubbing up and down her wet lips. As I whipped her pussy up into frenzy she placed the tip of my penis right at the entrance to her pussy and gently moved in and out a couple of millimeters. Emily obviously couldn't stand the teasing any longer and tried to back up onto me. About an inch of my penis went inside her before i reacted and pulled away only just managing not to come. I then realised that Anna was within seconds of cumming so moved up towards her and gave her a deep kiss`as an orgasm shot through her body. As Anna was recovering Emily looked up and motioned me to put my cock in her mouth. I did as she ordered, kneeling either side of Anna's hips and placing my cock into her waiting mouth. Emily slide her mouth all the way down to the base of my cock and I almost came`there and then. As Emily continued to slide her mouth up and down my cock I felt Anna sit up and then wrap her hand round my penis. Emily withdrew her mouth looked up and me and said 'I want you to cum all over my face. ' My mouth fell open, other than a threesome this was my biggest fantasy and I wasn't going to miss the opportunity. Once again Emily's eyes didn't leave mine as Anna continued to wank me off and didn't leave me as I began to spunk all over her face until i shot a load in her eye. I continued to spunk all over her for longer than I can every remember doing previously and when I finished I flopped backwards onto the bed next to Anna absolutely spent. After Emily had cleaned herself up she came and lay on the other side of me and I fell to sleep with two naked beauties lying in either arm.

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