Birthday Present III


As I tried to work out exactly what was going on Anna asked Kayley to go and make them some Mojitos. As the little redhead walked round the pool I couldn't help but watch her pert 19 year old bum as it moved away from me. A light punch on my thigh brought me round and Anna said 'Go and do what you have to with that tight little body, then send her home and bring Emily and I our Mojitos. ' I got up immediately not even attempting to hide my rapidly hardening cock, and followed Kayley inside the villa. 'I have been sent to help you,' I explained as walked into the kitchen. I walked over to the fridge to get out the limes and the mint, as I was looking Kayley wrapped one arm around my chest and put her other hand around my cock and whispered in my ear 'I have seen the way your eyes follow my arse around, and I know you want to put your dick in me. When was the last time you fucked a tight teenager? Anna is 28 and Emily is 26, why don't you have my tight little pussy right now?' My dick was now rock hard and there was no way I could say no to such and offer, especially as she was right. I turned round picked Kayley up and carried her towards the dining-room as she wrapped her legs around me, as I passed the glass doors to the pool I saw Anna and Emily in deep conversation with Anna stroking Emily's leg. I was intrigued but didn't stop to look as a horny little Kayley was rubbing her bikini covered pussy up and down my dick. I laid kayley down on the table and ripped off her bikini bottoms, pulled off my shorts and plunged my cock all the way into her soaking pussy, as she let out a load moan and looked me straight in the eye as she said 'Fuck me hard and don't stop until you have cum inside me.

' I did as I was told and began to pummel her wet slit. I was so turned on as I watched her pert little boobs bounce as I rammed into her that I didn't realise I was making her come until I heard her suddenly let out a loud moan as her whole body began to shake, as her orgasm subsided I continued to fuck her as hard as I could and 30 seconds later she was cuming again even harder than the time before. This one lasted for about 5 minutes seeming to come in ebbs, as when it seemed her orgasm was subsiding her moans would again grow louder and her body begin to shake again. When they finally stopped Kayley looked up wided eyed at me and said 'Your turn. ' I began to pound her even harder, and as I began to orgasm I looked down at her pretty face and let loose a torrent of cum up her pussy. After I pulled out kayley jumped of the table picked up her bikini bottoms and whispered in my ear 'That is the best fuck I have ever had. 

   I have to go to work now, but if you ever need a teenage pussy again just let me know. ' With that she turned around into the kitchen picked up her bikini top and bag, blew me a kiss and went out of the door.

I stared at the door for a while reliving her 5 minute orgasm.
    With a big smile on my face I put on my shorts walked outside, saw Anna and Emily sunbathing topless and dived in the pool. By the time I surfaced both the girls were also in the pool swimming towards me. I stood up and they both came up either side of me and wrapped there legs round one of mine. I had Emily on my left and Anna on my right, their boobs brushing against my arms as they bobed up and down on the water. 'Right then,' said Anna, 'Emily has told me what a good little boy you were when she tried to sit on you,r dick, so your birthday present has got even better and they are currently wrapped around you. Emily and I are your slaves from now until midnght tomorrow. We will do what ever you say, whenever you say. ' Without a word I moved over to the edge of the pool, lifted Anna onto the side and pulled off her bikini bottoms. 'The first thing I want to do is thankyou,' I said as I licked her slit. I knew exactly how Anna liked to be licked and set about bringing her to an orgasm. I latched onto her clit and quickly heard her starting to moan. I stiffened my tounge and flicked her clit as she loudly moaned her way to an orgasm.

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       As she came back down I jumped out of the pool, pulled Anna's legs up onto the poolside, and drove my cock straight into her sopping pussy. Her eyes flew wide open and she just gasped out loud, I put her legs over my shoulders and pounded into her as hard as possible. She quickly started to move towards another orgasmand my penis was becoming harder as I moved to my own orgasm. I looked up and saw Emily sitting on a lounger with her hand between her legs playing with her clit. She looked me straight between the eyes and we smiled. I then felt Anna start to shake and moan louder and louder as her orgasm hit its peak . This drove me over the edge and I pulled my cock out of her to spray my cum all over her tight, sweaty body. I looked over to Emily and she was orgasming as well, her pert little tits shaking as her orgasm shook through her body. As I finished coming I rolled over and lay next to the pool. 'Well,' said Anna rubbing my cum into her 34C breasts, 'we have another day of a half of this Chris, and in my opinion that will be hard to top'. 'Don't worry,' I replied, 'I have plenty of ideas what I can do with the pair of you. '