Birthday girl


A week to go, and I decided to ask my wife exactly what she wanted for her birthday. I wanted to make sure that she got exactly what she wanted, forget the surprise. Surprise is no good if you don't get her something that she'll love. My wife thought about it for a few minutes.
"I'd like something that you can't buy", she said. "I want you to fulfill my fantasy. I want you to be my slave for the day. You have to pamper me, and do everything I tell you to. "
My wife is stunning. She is 5 ' 8" tall. She is the same 35 years old that I am. She has a mane of long wavy red hair, dark jade green eyes, full red cocksucker lips that were made for sucking and to be sucked on,grapefruit sized tits, a curvy hourglass shaped waist, a neatly trimmed nest of red pubic hair, and full hips, tapering down to long lovely legs. I have seen lots of other men taking in the view of my sexy wife, especially during summer with shorts and light summer dresses her usual attire. And at a pool or the beach, her tanga style bikinis were a powerful sight, and I had seen many a man with a hot bulge under their bathing trunks, their stiff hard-ons straining at the sexy sight! I am a lucky man, and I was eager to agree.
Her birthday. We were up at the usual time, and I made her breakfast in bed.

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   She smiled as she saw me bringing in the tray.
After breakfast, she said, "Slave, run me a nice hot bath. "
I did so, getting a kick out of the slave persona I was in.
She stepped into the bathroom, and her robe dropped to the floor. The sight of her completely nude got me going, and my cock tented up my pants accordingly!
She looked at my pants, then at me.
With a small smile, she said, "I can see the effect my nude body has on you. Well, slave, since you are to service me, you may have to wait for any kind of release. And no secret playing with yourself, either. Or, I may have to discipline you!"
She stepped into the tub, and with a sigh of contentment, lowered herself into the hot steamy water.
"Now slave", she commanded, "wash my body. "
I did so, enjoying the rubbing of my hands all over her body. After her bath, she stood up, and ordered my to dry her off. She then ordered me to the bedroom.
"Now slave, I want you naked, on your hands and knees!"
I did so, and she produced a set of fur lined handcuffs! She slid the chain through the slats of the headboard, and then clicked the cuffs shut around my wrists.
"I hope you have the key for that!", I joked.

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She gave me a stern look, and growled, "Slaves don't speak, except to say Yes Mistress, they merely do as they are told! You need some discipline for that!"
She went to the closet, and produced a blackboard pointer. She whacked the pointer against my bare ass twice! I let out a yelp as my ass felt the pain!
"Any more disobedience, and I will have to tan that ass of yours some more! Understand, slave?" she growled.
I said, "Yes mistress. "
She disappeared into the bathroom, and she soon reappeared. She was wearing a black leather garter belt and long black stockings. Below the garter belt, at just the right level, she was wearing a dildo harness and a black, 8 inch dildo!
"Slave, I just realized you've never had an asshole fucking! Every good slave should be corn-holed!" she said
Mindful of the blackboard pointer, I held my tongue. She stepped to the side of me, showing me the stiff 8 inches, as she slid lube up and down the shaft.
"There, now my slave will get the asshole fucking he needs to be a good slave!" she said.
Getting into position, she placed the head of the dildo against my ass. With a push, I felt the head of the dildo slip into my asshole! She pushed it in slowly, bit by bit. With a final push, she slid the last inch up my ass! The stretch of my asshole being filled up was wild! The small twinge of pain from the initial entry had quickly faded, and it felt fantastic!
"How does my slave like his asshole being filled?" she cooed.
"Mistress, I love it, fuck my ass!"
"Good slave, very good", she said approvingly.
Gripping my hips, she begin to fuck me. She gave my ass a doggy style reaming, fucking me slow and gentle. As I grunted with pleasure, she started to fuck me faster, driving the 8 inches up my throbbing bunghole over and over.

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   My cock had never been so stiff and hard. Her reaming was stimulating my prostate, and I knew that I was going to shoot a massive load! She sensed it, and withdrew, leaving my cock rock hard. She unlocked the handcuffs, and ordered me into an armchair. She cuffed my hands together again.
"Slave, I'll be right back! Don't go anywhere!" she giggled.
She stripped off her dildo, leaving the garter belt and stockings on. As she slipped on a robe, I could hear the doorbellring. She left the room, and went downstairs. About 20 minutes later, she returned. She was leading a man by the hand.
"Slave, I'd like you to meet Ron, one of my coworkers. Ron, this is my slave for the day. He must do everything he is told, is it okay with you if he watches us"?
Ron said, "Hell yeah, I don't mind at all!"
Ron, ah yes, my wife had mentioned him. He was one of the new assistants at the office, 20 years old, and as my wife saw, his cock made a very noticeable bulge! My wife had teased him one day, wearing as short a skirt as she could get away with, and her lacy red panties that don't cover much! After an "accidental" flash, and seeing his pants tent up accordingly, my wife had slipped into the ladies room. She quickly skimmed off her panties, and at his desk, gave him a longer, not so accidental look! The outline of his rock hard cock had made my wife's pussy pulse and throb, and she had me fuck her two times after work, to satisfy the burning need!
"Slave, I want you to watch me getting fucked by Ron! Remember, you agreed to be my slave, and follow all my orders! If not the blackboard pointer is ready to beat your ass, do you understand?", she growled.

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"Yes mistress", I meekly replied.
She undressed Ron, stripping him down. She made sure that I got a look at Ron's cock, and it was a monster! I pack seven inches, but Ron's much have been a full ten inches! Stiff, hard, and a nice wide girth! She positioned Ron so I was very close, Lisa wanted me to get a good, up close look at my wife sucking another man's cock!She looked my way, a smile of lust on her face, her eyes glittering, then she turned her head back, and slid her hot mouth over Ron's cock!He grunted with pleasure as she took him in, and swallowed his cock! After gliding her mouth along the stiff shaft, she swallowed his cock right down to the balls!
"Oh fuck, yeah, you suck real good Lisa!" he grunted.
Watching my sexy wife suck another man's cock was a massive turn on, it kept my cock rock hard!
She slid her mouth up and down the stiff cock for another minute or so. His cock was glistening, steel hard and ready to fuck her. She lay back, and spread her legs wide for him!
"Yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard, I want to feel that monster splitting my burning cunt open, and I want to feel your rock hard prick exploding and squirting in me, filling me up with a hot load of your spunk!" she gasped.
Getting into position, Ron nudged the head of his cock against my wife's horny cunt. With a push, he started to slowly enter her. My wife squealed with pleasure as he slowly pushed in, until the entire 18 inches were buried up my wife! She brought her legs up around his waist, so Ron could shove every bit in!
He grunted, "Oh yeah, I've been horny for your red headed cunt ever since the day I got a glimpse of it at work!"
She gasped, "That's why I slipped off my panties, after I saw how much my "accidental" flash got you going. I wanted you to see I was a true redhead! And seeing how stiff and how big an outline your cock made just made me need to get it! I need you to fuck me hard! Drive your nice stiff cock deep up my slick burning cunt until you explode, I wanna feel you squirt and pump every drop of your hot spunk up my pussy! My burning cunt is on fire, I'm going to milk your big prick of every drop you can pump into me! I need to be fucked and filled by your hard cock! I need to feel my pussy being spread apart and fucked hard and deep by your big prick! I need to feel your throbbing cock, as it gets rock hard and explodes your hot load inside of me! I need it now! Do it!"
Ron was happy to oblige as he began to ride my wife, brutally, rhythmically, he drove his hugeness into her, over and over!My position gave me a porn video view, right between my wife's spread thighs, as his huge cock fucked her! I could see her pussy stretched wide around his massive cock! Ron would pull back, until he was halfway out, then thrust forward, burying his big cock balls deep in my wife's burning fuck-hole! I imagined the feel of that huge pussy splitter, stretching open the walls of my wife's horny cunt, fucking her deep!It was wildly erotic seeing that huge tool splitting my wife's cunt open, over and over!
"Oh Jeez, this feels so good", she gasped. "Yeah, give it to me, let me have it! I want your load up my burning cunt! Flood my horny cunt, give me everything you got, I want every hot drop!"
Ron grunted, "Oh fuck, yeah, I'm gonna explode, get ready baby!"
"Slave, cup Ron's balls, and give them a gentle squeeze!"
As I did so, my wife cried out, "Yes, cum in me, cum in me NOW!"
His cock started pulsing, and as my wife cries of orgasm filled the room, his howl of release joined hers, as his throbbing cock exploded! I could feel his balls throbbing, I could see his throbbing cock pulsing wildly, gushing thick ropes of cum deep inside her!
As the orgasm started to subside, my wife asked Ron to unlock my handcuffs. He did so, and my wife ordered me to lie down on the bed.
"Now, slave, I am going to sit on your face. I want you to suck and lick every drop of Ron's spunk out of my pussy, and swallow it all!"
"Yes mistress" I replied.
As my wife's pussy started to lower towards my face, I could see her pussy lips, soaked with her juices and Ron's spunk.

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   She parted her lips, and I could see her pussy full of Ron's cream, he had really filled up her horny fuck-hole! She settled down on my mouth, and I could feel a huge gush of spunk slide right out of her, and into my mouth. The taste was very enjoyable, and after that first swallow, I couldn't get enough. I licked wildly at her,sucking every drop of Ron's spunk out of her. Her pussy started to run with her juices, and I kept licking at her, until she cried out in orgasm as my tongue brought her off!
She climbed off my face, and said, "Very good, slave, very good!"
My cock was rock hard, throbbing, needing to cum!
"Slave, back on your hands and knees, I'm not done with you yet!" my wife commanded.
I took the position, and she again threaded the chain through the headboard slats, and cuffed my hands again.
"Slave, since you have taken my 8 inches, I think you should be ready for more! Ron, would you like to fuck my slave's asshole? I broke him in with my 8 inch dildo, and I think he needs another good corn-holing!" my wife said.
Ron said, "Yeah, I can do that, sounds like fun!"
"First, I'll give you some help in getting nice and hard again!"
She took Ron around to the side of the bed, so I could watch. His cock was throbbing back to life, and my wife swallowed his cock, taking in his entire 18 inches right to the balls! Ron grunted, as his cock was again surrounded by Lisa's hot mouth! She sucked him, her tight lips sliding up and down his thick shaft! She released his cock.
"Now that you are hard and ready, give my slave the corn-holing he needs!"
I could feel Lisa's fingers spreading baby oil around my ass, and she slipped a finger up my tight hole, spreading it in. I felt Ron's cock head against my ass, and I could feel Lisa's hands spreading my asshole open. His cock head slipped into my ass, and I let out a grunt as my ass was opened. He pushed in, slowly, ever so slowly, spreading open the walls of my tight bunghole. He was big, painfully, wonderfully big. Inch by inch, he slowly pushed his throbbing prick up my bunghole! With a final push, he pushed in the last inch of his prick, and his entire 18 inches was shoved up my ass! He gave my ass a minute to adjust to the huge stretch, and he began to fuck my ass. My cock was rock hard, and his thankfully slow, grunting reaming was making my prostate heat up, as his red hot poker stimulated it! Suddenly I felt a soft, wet, hot mouth surround my cock! I looked down, saw the red hair of my wife's head, as her mouth surrounded my prick! His cock was giving my prostate a great massage, and just as my cock jerked and swelled, ready to explode, Ron grunted out, "Yeah, oh fuck yeah!"
His cock blew, gushing thick ropes of spunk! The feel of his hot load filling my asshole gave me the final push, and my cock exploded! Lisa's mouth was tight around my throbbing prick, as I pumped my pent up load into her hungry mouth, tossing off the biggest load I had ever shot off! I gushed stream after stream, Lisa's tight lips milking my prick, drawing every drop out of me!
After a while, Lisa told me to suck Ron's prick, get it nice and hard, so Ron could fuck her again.

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   Lisa lay back on the bed, spreading her legs wide, and teasing her pussy, sliding her fingers over the glistening lips, while smiling at Ron, while I quickly got on my knees, and stroked at his big shaft. I could feel that big cock start to surge in my hand, and I slid my lips over the big head, and sucked down 6 inches of that big shaft! Ron grunted with pleasure, as my mouth drew back and thrust forward again, swallowing his big prick! I sucked his cock, he was rock hard and ready to fuck Lisa again!
"OK, slave, take your place, and watch Ron's hard cock fuck me again!" Lisa ordered.
I quickly did as commanded, watching Ron lead the head of that big cock up to Lisa's cunt. He thrust it forward, and my wife squealed with pleasure as he penetrated her again! He pushed in, until the entire 18 inches was stuffed up my wife's hungry cunt!
"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me with your huge cock", Lisa urged, "Fuck me until you cum, I want to feel your huge cock exploding and squirting wildly in me, filling me up with a huge load of hot spunk! Give it to me, let me have it!"
Ron was happy to oblige, as he drew back, and slid in again! My wife grunted with pure pleasure at every plunge! Ron's grunts of lust joined hers! My cock was rock hard, as I again had the best view, watching that huge curving cock splitting open my wife's cunt over and over, fucking my wife's burning fuck-hole!
Ron fucked her wildly, until my wife howled, "Oh fuck yes, I'm gonna cum, shoot it, blow your burning load into my cunt, fuck yes, yes YES!!"
Ron grunted, "Oh yeah baby, I'm cumming too, oh fuck, YES!"
Their cries of orgasm filled the room, I could see Ron's thick shaft pulsing as he exploded, filling my wife's cunt as he pumped his thick cream deep into Lisa's burning pussy!
When Ron withdrew, I took his cock in my mouth, and sucked off the combined taste of their juices. Then, without having to be told what to do, I dove in between my wife's spread legs! I could smell Ron's cum all over her pussy, and I quickly dove in, licking and sucking out the fresh load Ron's cock had just shot into her! I sucked out every drop, and quickly licked my wife to another shuddering orgasm!
We waited awhile, until Lisa's skilled hands brought Ron's prick back up to a full, stiff erection. He had fucked my wife twice, and taken me up the ass once, and his cock was still horny for more! Lisa ordered me to sit in the chair, and to not touch or interfere. She dropped to her knees, and ran her tongue up and down his hard, throbbing shaft, her skillful tongue drawing a moan of pleasure from Ron! He gave a grunt of pleasure as she took his entire 18 inches in, right to the balls! My wife is an expert at deep throating, and she started to mouth fuck his hard cock, her mouth drawing back, then plunging down his shaft again! I could see Lisa's crimson lips, clamped tightly around Ron's thick shaft! My wife has true cocksucker lips, and she makes sure to keep them clamped tightly around the cock, so her hot mouth can milk and suck every drop out of him!
Ron grunted, "Oh yeah baby, suck my cock, I'm gonna flood your hot mouth!"
Lisa released his cock just long enough to say, said, "Oh yeah, give me every drop you got! Fuck my mouth, and shoot your load right down my throat!"
Ron gently took my wife's head between her hands, and he started to pump his hips, fucking Lisa's hot mouth! I know how much she loves that, and I heard her make a moan of pleasure. She started making passionate noises as he fucked her mouth! Watching my wife's pouty lips wrapped tightly around Ron's 18 inches made my cock rock hard! I know very well the tight milking pleasure of her cocksucker lips, and I could well imagine the feeling Ron was enjoying! Ron was grunting, his cock shiny wet with her spit, ready to explode! Lisa took his balls in her hand, and squeezed them gently! That did it, and Ron howled as his cock exploded, his pulsing prick gushing, spewing a thick load of spunk all over my wife's tongue! She kept his throbbing cock in her mouth, until she had gotten every drop, then swallowed his thick, juicy load!
We flopped on the bed, momentarily spent. After a while, Lisa got up, pulled us up, and led us to the bathroom. We have an oversized shower stall, and soon all 3 of us were under the spray. It didn't take long to get Ron's cock back up to full erection! This time, my wife asked Ron to fuck her in the shower! Ron lifted my wife up, and positioned his cock at her horny entrance. He lowered her down, and my wife growled with pleasure as her horny cunt was impaled! She slid down to the balls!
"Yeah, you know what I want! Give me your load, every drop, fuck me!" my wife gasped.
Ron was happy to oblige. He pinned my wife against the shower wall, his hands clamped around her sexy ass, and gave it to her! He really reamed out Lisa's fiery fuck-hole, power fucking her over and over! The sight had my cock bone hard! Lisa shrieked as her orgasm hit her, and Ron grunted with pleasure as his throbbing prick exploded, and he pumped his thick cream deep into Lisa's pussy!
Out of the shower, we toweled off, and Lisa led up back to the bedroom.
    Lisa lay back, spreading her legs, and ordered me to service her, fuck her hard! I happily climbed aboard, and mounting her, I thrust my steel hard 7 inches right up her! Lisa squealed with pleasure as she wrapped her legs around me, letting me sink my entire length into her!
    She said, "Oh yes, slave, you've been an excellent slave, and now my slave must have his reward! Fuck me, slam your stiff cock into me, and shoot your hot cum deep up my horny cunt! Let me have it!"
    I was glad to do so as I slid my stiff prick in and out of her again and again! Fucking Lisa's cunt, while her pussy was all slick and slippery with another man's cum inside her drove me wild! My wife was grunting passionately as I fucked her wildly, and my mind replayed every erotic detail of the day, making my cock throb, keeping me steel hard! Feeling the burning tide of orgasm approaching, I could my ball sack draw up tight! I could feel Ron's hand around my balls, giving them a gentle squeeze, as my wife's slid a finger along my asshole, then right up my well used bunghole!My cock jerked and swelled up tight, ready to explode!
    "Fuck, yes!", my wife cried, "Cum in me, cum in me now!"
    That did it, and I let out a howl as my cock exploded, my cock gushing torrents of thick cum! My wife's cries of orgasm joined mine, as her pussy clamped down on my spurting cock! The wild spasming of her inner pussy milking greedily at my prick, and her finger up my ass emptied my balls and my prostate, gushing thick ropes of spunk deep into her welcoming womb, her spasming pussy sucking every drop out of me! As I withdrew, Ron sucked all the juices off my cock, and got between her thighs, and he sucked my load out of Lisa's horny cunt, bringing her to another climax!
    Ron insisted on taking us out for dinner and we were happy to accept.

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       After dinner, he gave my wife a probing tongue kiss at our car, shook my hand, and said if we ever wanted another slave night, he would be glad to join us, and be a second slave to her!
    Later, after we got home, and we were talking about it, I admitted how good it felt to be her slave, and how much I enjoyed getting done up the ass.
    "So you liked getting ass fucked? We may have to make a slave night with Ron a regular thing! Since he would also like to be my slave, I could order you to fuck him up the ass. Maybe fuck his ass while he's fucking my pussy! Or, I could order you two into a 69, until you both blow your loads in each others mouth!"
    Just talking about it and hearing her plans gave me a huge hard-on, and soon I was riding Lisa, giving her a doggy style power fuck! She grunted and sighed with pleasure, as I gripped her hips tightly, as I reamed her horny pussy, fucking her fiery cunt, until we both exploded in massive climaxes, Lisa fiery fuck-hole sucking every drop out of my pulsing cock!
    While we relaxing in our post orgasmic bliss, Lisa told me how wonderful I had been. She told me that I now had my choice of fantasy to be fulfilled for my birthday, which was 4 months away. I told her that a three-way with one of her hot friends would be something I would love to fulfill.
    With a smile, Lisa said, "I will approach them, and see if one of them is agreeable to a 3 way. There are 2 of them that I have in mind right now, and we'll see if we can fulfill your fantasy!".



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