Biking With Sherri in Arkansas


I was stationed in Arkansas and married to Sherri and we had really begun having a great time. She was still under 18 but maried so legal and she had really taken a passion to riding the Harley we had gotten. She was tring to be a "biker woman" as much as she could. She had taken to wearing a pair of jean cut off shorts that had as the crotch hthe seam only. So the seam went through her pussy lips and hid almost nothing. The were cut (by her) higher than thigh highs. She waore a blue jean bikini top, well, really a blue jean pring bra that was a 38D over the 38DD tits she loved to have fall out (accidentially). Well, since she was fair skined she always wore sun screen and she looked really hot to the truckers we drove by. She waved and we took some up on offers. We were riding one day and took an over night bag sice we intended to stop somewhere.

We pulled into a resturant of the road and got off the bike. She always liked swinging her leg over the back rest sissy bar and that showed anyone looking her pussy. I parked so she could do that facing the front of the resturantand she squeezed my crotch saying thank you. We stopped and sure enough, over the sissy bar her leg went and several folks inside paid attention. We went in and there was a couple, maybe in their mid 50s at the oldest that invited us to their booth.

THe wife got up and moved to one side and she invited me to sit with her.

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   She had huge tits and a low cut top and shorts and looked great. Sherri sat next to the guy that was maybe 6'2" and in good shape. "We liked the wife getting of the bike. " he said. "I am so glad you liked the show, I like showing off. " Sherri said and I could tell his hand was on her leg and her hand on his. "Bob" he said reaching and shaking my hand with his free hand. "Mandy" he motioned to his wife and she had her hand on my leg now. Sherri had a look in her eyes telling me that Bob had his fingers in her or almost in her pussy. Then she looked at me and her eyes got big, "My god, this is really huge. " she said and Mandy smiled. "That is what all the women say. " and she massagged my cock, "This is noce too, bet it will do just fine later on. " "What did you have in mind?" I Said and Sherri smiled, "Well, I wanna see if I can get all of this in me. " and he was leaning back some.

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   Sherri now brought her hand up to the table and the head of his cock was just above the table top. It was thick and red and she was licking her lips as the waitress came up. "Damn, that snake could kill ya. " the waitress said. We all laughed and she took our orders. After she left Sheri said, "I am gonna have an appatiser. " and her head went down on his cock. She bobed up and down some and then he gave a gasp as her head was all the way down on what had to be a 12 inch cock at least.

Sherri kept going up and down on his cock and since we were at the end of the tables no one could really see but Mandy had my cock out masturbating me as she watched Sheri go on her husbands cock. "No one has ever done that including me. " she said and then he gave a groan and filled Sheri's throat. She was moaning loud as he filled her throat. Sherri came up as the waitress brought our tea. She had cum on her chin and licked her fingers and the waitress laughed. "Looks like you tamed that snake Hun.

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  " she said and Sherri laughed, "He spit at me but I took care of it all. " and his wife felt my throbbing and took care of my load. She came up, "I think you two need to stay in our camper tonight. " she moaned as she swallowed. "Oh fuck yes. " sherri smiled as she was massagging the snake again.
More about the rest of the night later folks.