Bettie Page Meets Marilyn Monroe


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not know Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: F/F

Bettie Page Meets Marilyn Monroe
By Muhabba

Marilyn Monroe was the queen of Hollywood. Loved by all. And lusted over by most of them. She was the one that men wanted and women wanted to be. And more than a few women wanted her as well. She loved her fans. The way they made her feel. Feel about the world and feel about herself. The whole world knew who she was and she’d be lying if she didn’t admit how much she enjoyed it.

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  But from time to time the constant adulation by her fans wore her down, made her more tired than any pill could handle. Some times she just had to get away, to hide, to recharge, to rest from the stress of being the platinum blonde beauty that the whole of America wanted her to be. And the restaurant her new friend had chosen was perfect for a night away.

Bettie Page was the the dirty little shame of men everywhere. Her beautiful face with dark hair, dark eyes, and a girl next door look made her lusted after by most. She was the one men would never admit to wanting and women would never admit to wanting to be. In control with a whip one moment and bound and vulnerable the next. She could burn you with her eyes in one instant and boil your loins with a shy wink the next. There was no way to know how popular she was since nobody would admit to how much they knew about her. Or how much of her they had seen. But every once in a while she liked to be bold and tease the ones that knew her but would never admit it, to be seen out in the hippest of clothes that she wore like a second skin, showcasing her every amazing curve. And as her guest sat across from her, her smile was wide and bright.

The restaurant Marilyn and Bettie were sharing was nestled in the Hollywood hills at least a mile from the bright lights. It was a large house with two floors: the bottom floor was converted with the walls torn out to make a wide dining area separated from the kitchen with a wall covered in ornate art prints and a short hallway. The top floor was the VIP area with fewer tables than the bottom floor even though there was more room with a smaller kitchen but each table was set up to be more secluded than the ones on the bottom floor.

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  It gave both beautiful starlets more than enough privacy to get to know one another.

Marilyn wore a tight, strapless white dress similar to the ones she was known for with diamonds at her ears, throat and wrists almost as dazzling as her smile. Her blonde hair was done in loose waves just above her shoulders and her eyes glittered in the candle light. Bettie wore a even tighter strapless dress, coal black with a dark sash around her small waist, bangled jewelry on her wrists and her graceful neck unobscure. Her long, dark hair fell below her shoulders with harsh bangs framing her face like a curtain that her wolfish smile could be clearly seen from. She smiled sweetly at Marilyn as the waiter finished taking their order and walked briskly away.

“I’m so glad you accepted my invitation,” Betty said as she took a sip of her champagne, her lips painted an almost black scarlet red, “When I first discovered this restaurant I just knew that you would appreciated it. ”

Even in the dark light of the restaurant, Marilyn had a smile that could brighten the room. “I certainly do appreciate it,” she said with a sweet smile, “But I had no idea you even had my number. ”

Bettie smiled knowingly at Marilyn for a moment before saying anything, “We actually know a few people in common. ”She looked up a the blonde bombshell and winked. “Not that they’d admit it,” she added with a sly smirk.

Marilyn giggled sweetly, her smile wide. "No, I suppose not," she admitted, "After all we're pretty much known for different things. "

"I wouldn't exactly say that," Bettie said as she coyly toyed with her cloth napkin, "After all, it's not like the men who want us necessarily want different things from us.

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Marilyn blushed as she giggled again before taking a sip of champagne. "I suppose not," she said breathlessly, "Anyway, what's good here?"

"Pretty much everything," Bettie answered as she peered into Marilyn's eyes.

Locking eyes with Betty, Marilyn tried to see what the beautiful dark haired woman was looking at. "So what did you order?" she asked.

Bettie smiled wide as she peered confidently at Marilyn. "Something light. I plan to be very vigorous later and wouldn't want to upset my stomach," she said as she slid her hand across the table and placed it over the beautiful blonde woman's.

Marilyn blushed deep enough to show in the dark of the restaurant, her mouth dropping as she stared down at her silverware, surprised by Bettie's bold statement. "You're, ah. . . you're, ah. . . You sure seem confident of yourself," she stammered.

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"What can I say," Bettie answered as her fingers toyed with Marilyn's hand, "I'm inspired tonight. "

Marilyn looked back up and peered over at Bettie. "And I'm feeling inspired to skip dinner and head straight to dessert," she said with a knowing smile.

As both women entwined their fingers, Bettie smiled back at Marilyn. "They have wonderful pie here," she said cheekily.

"Can we get it to go?" Marilyn asked as she slowly caressed the small pulse in Bettie's wrist, not at all surprised to feel how fast it was racing.

"I'll ask on our way out," Bettie said as she squeezed Marilyn's hand and then grabbed her bag, "Your place or mine?"

"Mine is closer," Marilyn said as she signaled the waiter for their check while Bettie grabbed her matching bag.

The two beautiful women lightly held hands outside the restaurant as they waited for Marilyn's limo to pull up. Their fingers moved in their grasp, slowly caressing each other's. Marilyn looked over at Bettie and quickly moved her head down to hide her blush when she saw the wicked grin the dark haired woman had on her face. Bettie crooked a finger under Marilyn's chin and brought he head up before giving the blonde bombshell a quick peck on the lips. Marilyn giggled girlishly before hiding the blush on her face again with her hair. When the limo pulled up, Bettie held the door for Marilyn before following her in.

As the limo pulled away, in the back Bettie scooted next to Marilyn, hip to hip, and draped her arm around the movie star's bare shoulders. Bettie placed another, longer kiss on Marilyn's lips and felt the beautiful blonde star press closer to her.

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Marilyn looked at Bettie with wide, expectant eyes. "I've. . . I've never really. . . you know, done this before," she admitted with a coy smile.

"Don't worry," Bettie reassured her as she held Marilyn closer, chest to chest, "I have. "She leaned in and kissed the movie star, her tongue slipping across the other woman's lips, almost asking permission. When Marilyn parted her lips Bettie slid her tongue into her mouth, caressing the blonde woman's own moist tongue. She lightly rubbed her chest against the American sweet-heart's and drew a moan from her as she kissed her more deeply.

Marilyn slid her arms around Bettie's body as they kissed, holding her tightly as her nervousness began to slip away through their kiss. She kissed the dark haired woman more passionately, their tongues caressing before they began eagerly exploring one another's mouths. She ran her hands up and down Bettie's graceful back, searching out the buttons and clasps in her top for later.

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  She pressed her chest more firmly against the dark clothed woman's, her fingers sliding down her sides and drawing a deep moan from her.

As the two women kissed and caressed one another and after not nearly enough time together, the limo pulled into Marilyn's driveway. The two women climbed out of the back, trying not to let go of each other as the fetish model struggled with her large bag. Bettie tripped on Marilyn's dress and fell into the blonde woman's arms, both of them breaking out into laughter as they stumbled the rest of the way out of the car. Marilyn kept a firm hold on Bettie's hand, leading the dark haired woman up the steps to her house, then past the front door, and into the back yard.

Bettie looked around the back yard of the mansion with wide eyes. "That has to be the biggest swimming pool I have ever seen," she said in wonder. Even in the dark of night the fetish model could tell how impressive the pool, as well as the entire back yard, was.

"You should see my Jacuzzi," Marilyn said with a giggle. She released Bettie's hand and sauntered over towards the pool and a Greek pillar. The blond movie star flipped up a false panel on the pillar and pushed a button recessed into the stone. Lights turned on around the perimeter of the yard hidden behind the bushes. More lights clicked on highlighting the sculpted hedges and a cobblestone walkway running through the middle of the yard leading from the backdoor of the mansion to a small gazebo. And then in one quarter of the pool more lights came on as the water began to churn.

"Oh my," Bettie said as she placed her hands on her chest, "This is beautiful.

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"I'm glad you think so," Marilyn said with a smile of pride as she closed the false front of the stone pillar and Bettie placed her bag down. Never losing her smile she reached behind her and grasped the zipper of her gown between her fingertips, her chest out-thrust. She drew the zipper down, revealing her graceful back, her eyes locked onto Bettie's, silently daring the other woman not to enjoy the show. She let her arms hang at her sides, gravity sliding the gown down her chest exposing the top of her white, lacy, strapless bra. Reaching up with one hand she gripped the middle of her gown and slowly pulled it down her chest to reveal her bra encased breasts.

Bettie licked her lips hungrily, a low moan echoing through her chest as she watched Marilyn strip down in front of her. The loved and lusted after apple of America's eye staring defiantly at her as she revealed her body to her.

As her gown reached her waist, Marilyn had to use both hands and shimmied to draw it down her wide hips, her much sought after breasts jiggling enticingly in the cups of her bra. Her panties matched her bra, white and lacy against her tan skin with a white, silky stockings starting at her juicy thighs. She let the gown slide to the ground and stood there clad in only her heels and underwear letting Bettie look at her in all of her barely clothed glory.

As she groaned quietly in desire, Bettie's eyes crawled over Marilyn's body, her white lingerie glowing in the dim light in contrast to her tan flesh. Her eyes took in the white high-heels, up the blonde's long legs wrapped tightly in her pale white stockings, her white panties stretched tightly across her hips and hugging her pubic mound, her white bra encasing and lifting up her firm breasts, and Marilyn's scarlet lips smirking at her devilishly was she watched her stare at her.

"Like what you see?" Marilyn asked as she cocked her hips and placed a hand on her waist. She didn't wait for an answer from Bettie, instead she took another moment for the dark haired model to take in the sight of her body before slowly slinking over to the other woman. She walked with a exaggerated sway in her hips as she held her shoulders back, thrusting her chest out as she moved.

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  Her eyes twinkled mischievously as she came to a stop in front of the dark haired model. "Well?"

Slowly Bettie reached out, her hands lightly sliding up Marilyn's arms to her shoulders. From the blonde's shoulder she began sliding her fingers down her sides, past the swell of the sides of her breasts, down her tan skin to her hips. She grasped onto Marilyn's hips firmly, yanking her forward groin to groin. "I like," she said breathlessly before wrapping her arms around the other woman's body, holding her tightly as she bent forward and hungrily kissed her. She could feel Marilyn's hands gliding up and down her back as they kissed, their bodies molding to each other as they both moaned passionately.

Marilyn grabbed a hold of both of Bettie's hands and began walking backwards, leading the dark haired woman to the Jacuzzi. When they reached the soft edge she slid her arms around the other woman again, reaching up to the top of her back and began undoing her clothes. "We don't want these getting wet now, do we?" she giggled as she slowly removed Bettie's clothes. Letting the dress flow to the ground she released her hold on the model as Marilyn looked up and down at the model's body appreciating every inch of her. Bettie was wearing a black corset that left a great deal of pale cleavage exposed and ended just above her wide hips. Her matching black panties rode low on her hips just above her mound. Her legs were long and looked even longer thanks to her black pumps.

Marilyn slid her fingers over Bettie's corset and looked quizzically at her. "What material is this?" she asked.

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"Leather," Bettie said with a smirk, "The same as my panties. "She slid her hands slowly down Marilyn's soft sides from the silky material of her bra to the silky material of her panties.

"I didn't know that made them like that," Marilyn said as she stepped further into Bettie's arms.

"Special order," Bettie said as she once again wrapped her arms around Marilyn, holding her close, chest to chest, hip to hip, "Along with one other item. "

They kissed again as Marilyn wrapped her arms around her, their tongues wrestling together as they rubbed their bodies against one another. "It feels nice," she said through the kiss.

"So do you," Bettie said as she ran her hands over Marilyn's flush flesh and silky lingerie, "But I don't think either of us is dressed for a midnight swim. "She began kissing the blonde woman again, running her tongue across her lips before moving down giving small, soft kisses as she slowly got to her knees. She kissed down the other woman's chest to her fluttering stomach and heard Marilyn groan out as she slid her hands up the movie star's legs. Grasping the material of her stockings, Bettie began pulling them down to the American sweet-heart's ankles. Delicately she lifted the other woman's foot, sliding the stocking off before doing the same to the other foot.

Marilyn groaned out as Bettie slowly stood up, running her hands up her legs as she got to her feet. She began to unfasten her bra before the dark haired woman stopped her by grabbing her wrists.

"Let me," Bettie said with a wolfish grin as she released the blonde bombshell's wrists and sought out her bra. Her knowledgeable fingers quickly undid the clasps and she let the white, thin material flutter to the ground, baring Marilyn Monroe's plump breasts to her.

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Marilyn was a bit surprised when Bettie didn't focus her attention on her breasts. She knew that most any person on the planet would do nearly anything to have access to her chest but her new, dark-haired friend simply ran her hands lightly down her shoulders. The fetish model then slid her hands down her sides and the blonde-haired movie star shuddered when the other woman ran her thumbs over her hard nipples on their way down her body. When Bettie's skilled hands reached her panties, Marilyn shivered as she pulled them down off of her hips, letting them fall down her legs.

Bettie's eyes followed her hands down Marilyn's body taking in everything until the American movie star was completely naked in front of her. Her eyes slowly made their way back up the other woman's body, up her long legs, up past the small tangle of dark hair between her thighs, up her soft stomach, up her world renowned chest, and back to the starlet's beautiful face. How many people would kill to be where Bettie Page was right now?She leaned forward, pressing her barely clothed body against Marilyn's naked one, rubbing against her slightly, enjoying the way the movie star moaned lustfully into her mouth.

Marilyn held Bettie tightly against her body, rubbing herself against the dark-haired woman's leather corset and grinding against her leather panties. She ran her hands down the model's back and cupped her ass, sliding her fingers along the material, enjoying the way the leather felt in her hands. She loved the way Bettie looked in her outfit, like one of her photos come to life just for her but despite how much she enjoyed looking at the model's body wrapped tightly in dark leather she was even more desperate to see her naked. Her nimble fingers quickly undid the clasps of Bettie's corset and she let it fall to the ground, their bodies pressed naked chest to naked chest.

Each woman rubbed her firm, heated tits against the other, their hard nipples scrapping against the heated flesh of the other woman's breasts, moaning into one another's mouths. Their hands slid up and down their backs, Marilyn's hands slipping inside of Bettie's panties, stroking her naked ass as they grind hip to hip. Bettie's hands cupped the blond bombshell's own ass, parting her taunt cheeks, dipping her fingers between them. Their moans sang out through the specially lit backyard over the sound of the churning water as Marilyn worked the fetish model's leather panties down past her hips letting the brief material slide down her long legs.



As Bettie stepped out of her panties, Marilyn led her backwards into the Jacuzzi. She took small careful steps one at a time, the warm, bubbling water coming up to just below her firm thighs as the dark-haired fetish model joined her. She pulled Bettie down with her onto the molded seat, the water now reaching their naked chests, their kiss never broken as they continued to rub against each other. The dark-haired woman kissed down the blond-haired woman's neck causing her to moan out in pleasure. Bettie nibbled down Marilyn's neck to her chest, her hands coming up to cup the starlet's firm tits, her thumbs circling her hard nipples.

Marilyn gasped as Bettie took one of her aching nipples into her mouth. She was a little surprised by how gentle the fetish model was being with her, having expected her to act much different. But all the blonde bomb-shell knew about her new dark-haired friend was based on her pictures, a large supply of which were currently hidden below her bed in a locked box. She ran her hand through the model's hair as she nursed at her chest, gently squeezing and caressing her breasts as she first sucked on one hard nipple and then the other. Her head swooned at the pleasure Bettie was giving her with just soft, gentle strokes of her fingers, lips and tongues. It was pleasantly far different than the way men had treated her.

Bettie lightly licked from one of Marilyn's ripe nipples back to the other, softly nursing at her chest as she stroked her breasts. She went purposefully gentle with the American superstar knowing how most people saw her and the way most of them wanted to treat her. She had guessed that Marilyn had never been with a woman and she worked hard to impress her lover. As she continued loving the blonde's chest she slid one hand down her sides, lightly stroking her hip as she ran her thumb a bare inch from the juncture of the movie star's inner thigh, teasing her and causing the beautiful blonde to groan out in pleasure.

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  She ran her fingers low against the star's back, barely touching the swell of her ass as, once again, she licked from one firm tit to the other.

Appreciating everything Bettie was doing to her, Marilyn still used her hands and body to nudge the beautiful model up from her chest. As the dark-haired woman came up, the movie star kissed her deeply again, her tongue playfully caressing the other woman's warm tongue before kissing down from her lips to her jaw.

Feeling a bit nervous at having never been with another woman when clearly Bettie had, Marilyn decided to do what she would like done to her and everything Bettie had done to her. She kissed down to the other woman's chest and heard her giggle above her as she lightly caressed the model's firm breasts. She assumed she was doing well as the dark-haired woman brought her hands up to cup her head, holding her at her chest. She could hear Bettie moaning happily as she lightly licked from one nipple to the other while squeezing the model's breasts with her fingertips. Marilyn tried not to let her nervousness show as she nuzzled at her new friend's chest but as the dark-haired woman began moaning louder with her efforts she smiled around her tits in pride.

Laughing out loud at what Marilyn was doing to her, Bettie became pleasantly surprised with the blonde star started to become more forceful. Marilyn began sucking her tits more firmly, her hands reaching around her body and sliding down her graceful back. The movie star groaned out as she sucked harder, releasing her tit from her mouth with a wet pop before moving to her other tit. She held the blonde bombshell to her chest as she sucked noisily and she groaned out as Marilyn began pressing herself against her body. She released her hold on the movie star's head and slid her hands down her back to her hips and then to the top of her thighs.

Marilyn's eyes shot wide open as Bettie's nimble fingers slid between her thighs. On pure reflex she opened her legs to let her new friend in, the model's fingers searching through the nest of dark pubic hair, stroking her plump labia.

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  She groaned out, her head rolling back in pleasure, her lips parted, her hands sinking below the water as she gave herself over to the pleasure Bettie was giving her. She reclined back in the Jacuzzi, panting in bliss, her firm tits poking up from the water, her head resting on the edge as she opened her legs wider and the model's knowledgeable fingers working heaven between her thighs.

Bettie groaned as Marilyn groaned, her own pleasure coming from the pleasure she was giving her new friend. She lightly nuzzled the blonde bomb-shell's graceful neck, licking and nibbling playfully as her fingers spread the movie star's pussy-lips apart, her thumbs toying at her hard clit. Her new friend's chest heaved as she gasped for breath, her chest rising up out of the water, her back arched as she penetrated her. Her middle finger slipping inside of Marilyn, just up to the first knuckle, just enough to test the water, so to speak. And from the sexual reaction she got, Bettie knew that America's sweet-heart was wanting more. Smiling wickedly she slid her finger inside of the movie star's pussy slowly, penetrating her fully, causing her to groan out in pure lust, music to her ears.

Marilyn's languid eyes looked up at Bettie with disbelief at what the model was doing to her, the things she was making her feel. She was no longer in charge of her body, it belonged to Bettie now and she was fine with that. Her hips rolled up on their own, both trying to get as much of the dark-haired woman's finger inside of her as she could as well as giving her deeper access to her body. Her renowned chest heaved as she fought for breath, her body both completely relaxed as well as wound tighter than a spring. Her eyes couldn't focus but were still locked on Bettie's beautiful face as she felt a well-spring in her body boiling up, cresting between her legs. She could no longer tell the difference between the boiling water of the Jacuzzi and her own flushed skin as she came, surrounding to the sexy model completely.

As Marilyn's orgasm began to crest she could feel the blonde's pussy clamping down on her finger as she lazily stroked in and out of her.

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  She leaned down and kissed the movie star, slipping her tongue inside of her mouth, moving it at the same speed as her hand, fucking Marilyn's mouth with her tongue and her pussy with her finger. The blonde-haired woman groaned passionately into her mouth, her entire lovely, naked body shuddering in pleasure as her orgasm rolled through her.

Marilyn began panting, fighting for breath into Bettie's mouth, refusing to break the kiss as she came down from her orgasm. Her body felt like it was melting into the water and could, at any moment, float away, the only thing holding her together was the model's hands and body on hers. Her eyes fluttered as they began to focus again and she found herself beginning to giggle uncontrollably, breaking the kiss despite herself. Her laugh twinkled in the night air as the dark-haired woman released her and reclined next to her. "Wow," she cooed playfully as she lay shoulder to shoulder with Bettie.

"Wow, indeed," Bettie replied with a sly smirk.

Nuzzling Bettie's neck, Marilyn began lightly caressing the dark-haired woman's amazing body. "But I feel a little selfish. You've done all the giving and all I've done is take," she said with a fake pout.

Bettie gave Marilyn a quick peck on the forehead before sitting up straighter in the frothing water. "Don't worry, my sweet. There is still plenty to give and take," she said with a wolfish smile before grasping the beautiful blonde's hand. She helped America's naked sweet-heart out of the Jacuzzi with one hand and grabbed her bag with the other.

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  Both women giggled as they skirted across the yard, their naked bodies dripping on the concrete back porch. They laughed out again when Marilyn realized she had left her keys in her own bag and had to run back to grab her small purse and then run back.

"It's freezing," Bettie giggled as the naked Marilyn finally unlocked the back door and let them in.

"Then let's get you warmed up," Marilyn giggled back before kissing the naked fetish model. It was a quick but passionate kiss before the blonde movie star broke it and grabbed Bettie by the hand. "Let's get you under some covers," she said before dragging the brunette woman into her house and up the broad stairs leading to the second floor, water dripping off of their shivering flesh. Running down the long hall of the second floor of Marilyn's mansion in fits of giddy laughter, the blonde bomb-shell led them to her bedroom.

Bettie's eyes went wide at the sheer size of Marilyn's large bedroom. It appeared to be made of one large chambers with two smaller rooms set off to the side. She supposed that at least one of the rooms was the private bathroom which would made the other room. . .

"The other room is my closet," Marilyn said with pride.

"You have an entire room for your clothes?" Bettie asked in awe.

"Uh huh," Marilyn said with a twinkle in her voice as she began pulling Bettie by her wrist over to her bed and sat down on the mattress.

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  "Now about that giving and receiving you were talking about," she said breathlessly as she placed her hands on the model's wide hips.

Looking down at the beautiful actress with a wolfish smile, Bettie clutched her bag to her chest. "Do you trust me?" she asked, "Trust me to take care of you?"

"Oh yes," Marilyn immediately said.

"Lay back. "

Marilyn cocked an inquisitive eyebrow up at the beautiful model but quickly decided that there wasn't anything she wouldn't do if a naked Bettie Page asked her. She lay back on her king sized bed, the bed that leaders and power brokers across the world would kill to get in, and waited patiently.

Bettie's eyes twinkled in the dimly lit bedroom of Marilyn Monroe as the naked star got comfortable on her back. She never broke eye contact with the blonde woman as she sat her bag down and opened it before rising slowly with four strips of silk held in her hand. "I'll ask just one more time," she said breathlessly, "Do you trust me?"

A dull throb went through Marilyn's lower abdomen and she felt her stomach flutter. She could feel her heart rate speed up and her breath caught in her throat as she looked up at Bettie holding her silk restraints with a wicked twinkle in her eyes and a hungry smirk on her face. Slowly, very slowly, she raised her arms up and spread her legs, shivering in anticipation and just a small bit of fear. Fear of giving up control to the statuesque model, trusting her with her silk bonds.

Slowly, sensuously, Bettie crawled up on Marilyn's bed. She took care not to touch the other woman, the blonde superstar's eyes wide as she stared up at her. She tied one wrist firmly, securely, making sure that the other woman couldn't move before moving to the other hand.

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  She could hear Marilyn's breathing grow deeper, more ragged as she finished with her hand and crawled cat like to the end of the bed. She could smell the movie star's excitement as she tied her feet leaving her legs spread and then slid off of the bed to the floor next to her bag.

A shiver that had nothing to do with her wet skin or naked body went through Marilyn's body as she waited. Her chest heaved as she unconsciously tried to rub her quivering thighs together, the only thing she could see of Bettie was the top of the other woman's head. And then the fetish model began to slowly stand up.

"Do you remember when I said that my corset and panties came with one other item?" she asked as she stood up straight and unvield herself to Marilyn, "So what do you think?"

Her eyes grew wider as Marilyn took in Bettie and her "item". The fetish model was still, mostly, naked except for a leather belt around her small waist with matching strips around the tops of her thighs all holding up an eight inch, shiny, black, rubber phallus, a fake cock. The false prick was easily larger than any actual penis she had ever seen and was centered precisely over Bettie's pubic mound, further adding to the illusion that the beautiful woman was possessed of her own male organ. "What. . . what is. . . what is that?" she gasped in a mix of fear and lust.

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"It's called a 'strap-on'," Bettie said proudly, her hands on her hips with her hips out-thrust to show off her new toy, "I ordered it from France. "

Her eyes stayed locked on the strap-on, the largest penis she had ever seen. Her eyes crawled up and down the length of the rubber cock and her apprehension began to give way to desire. The black, shiny prick was sculpted to nearly perfectly resemble an actual male penis with veins and ridges from the base all the way to the bulbous, mushroom shaped head. It was an effort but she finally managed to tear her eyes away from the item to look up into Bettie's beautiful face. "God bless the French. "

Bettie released an apprehensive breath that she didn't realize that she was keeping as she waited for Marilyn's answer. Her smile grew wider as she slid her hands from her hips to the base of her cock, the blonde's eyes moving with her hands. She began running her hands up and down her shaft, jacking herself off, the underside of the base of her prick rubbing pleasantly against her hard clit and heated mound. She aimed her tip at the movie star's face, slowly moving closer to her as Marilyn tried to lean up towards her, her mouth slowly opening. Bettie could see the blonde bomb-shell licking her lips hungrily as she moved her cock-head forward, a bare inch away from the other woman's gaping mouth.

Marilyn gasped as Bettie quickly pulled her prick back from her mouth. She looked up at the dark-haired woman with need in her eyes, the fetish model's eyes twinkling in glee. She struggled against her bonds as the brunette bent over her, careful not to touch her until her face was only a hair's breath away. The apple of America's eye leaned up as far as her bonds would let her, mewling pitifully in desire.

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Leaning down just a bit forward, her breasts dangling below her, her sculpted ass up-thrust, Bettie kissed Marilyn. The star moaned into her mouth, her tongue wrestling against her's until she broke the kiss. "Should it come up, I love Raspberry Tarts," she told Marilyn.

Bettie gave her a quick peck on the lips as Marilyn thought about what she had just said. When the movie star realized that the fetish model was giving her a safe-word, she nodded her head quickly in understanding. She tried to to kiss the brunette woman again but she quickly moved away from her lips, deliciously teasing her. She groaned out as the dark-haired woman laid down next to her, the thick prick pressed up against her hip.

Giving Marilyn a quick peck on the lips, Bettie began kissing down her jaw. She licked and nibbled along the star's graceful neck down to her collar bone before licking up to her shoulder. She nuzzled against the blonde woman's pit before nibbling up her arm to the hollow of her elbow and then up to the pulse in her wrist. By the time Bettie gave the palm of Marilyn's hand a playful lick, the blonde woman was panting heavily, her chest heaving, a light sweat gleaming across the tops of her breasts.

"Please, oh please," Marilyn mewled pitifully as Bettie kissed back down her arm to her shoulder. She shuddered as the dark-haired woman kissed down to her chest as she arched her back, thrusting her breasts out before groaning in disappointment when the model nibbled across the tops of her breasts to her side. She struggled against the silk bonds as Bettie licked down her sides to her hips. She thrust her groin up and over, presenting her heated pussy to the fetish model and cried out in disappointment when Bettie merely nuzzled against the hollow over her thigh off to the side of her needy groin.

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  "Please!" she cried out in desperation.

Peering up Marilyn's naked body at the pure need in the beautiful blonde's face, Bettie whispered, "No. "She continued running her lips and tongue down the struggling woman's long leg to her foot, teasing the over-heated movie star. She placed a long, wet kiss to the sole of Marilyn's foot before crawling over to the other side of her and gave the sole of her other foot a similar kiss. She licked and kissed up the panting star's other leg, teasing the insides of the platinum blonde's quivering thighs and dripping pussy. She ran her hands over the struggling woman's soft, fluttering stomach as her lips and tongue continued up her body.

Marilyn's body was flush with desire, burning in need as Bettie continued teasing her. As the brunette woman neared her chest, Marilyn desperately thrust her chest over, the silk bonds keeping her from moving far enough. She cried out, her eyes wide, her chest heaving, her hips rolling up and down, her pussy churning in desire but still the beautiful model continued denying her the release she needed. She fought against the silk, the beautifully carved bedposts straining and creaking against her, holding her in place as Bettie continued up her body.

When she reached Marilyn's hand, Bettie gave her palm a deep kiss before making her way back down her arm. She skirted around the movie star's chest to her shoulder, dragging her lips over her collar bone, nibbling up her neck, her lips finally making their way to the blonde woman's panting mouth again. They kissed hungrily, their tongues wrestling as the both groaned in lust into each other's mouths. She climbed on top of Marilyn's beautiful, writhing body, the fake cock trapped between them as their bodies each moved against the other.

Bettie broke the kiss and peered down at Marilyn's beautiful, needful face.

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  "What do you want?" he asked.

"Please," Marilyn pleaded.

"'Please' what?" Bettie asked with a wicked grin.

"Please," Marilyn pleaded again, "Please, I need it. "

"Need what?" Bettie asked with a smirk.

It wasn't proper, what Bettie was asking Marilyn. Even in the bedroom men and women didn't say such things. But she wasn't with a man, she was with Bettie Page and needed what the other woman had between her legs. "Please fuck me," she begged, "Fuck me with your cock. Let me cum. Let me finally cum!"

"Yes, dear," Bettie responded, the smile never leaving her scarlet lips and the wicked glint never leaving her eyes. She slid down slightly between Marilyn's spread thighs, her shaft sliding wetly over the movie star's slit, stroking her inflamed clit. She positioned the head of her cock at the entrance to the blonde woman's heated, dripping wet cunt causing the desperate woman to cry out in need. The women were pressed together chest to chest, hip to hip, and with a small roll of her hips, the slightest movement of her body, Bettie slid the first inch of her strap-on into Marilyn's boiling pussy.



  . . !" Marilyn cried out, her cry of pleasure turning into a hiss through clenched teeth as Bettie slowly penetrated her. She rolled her hips up as far as she could to allow the brunette woman complete and total access to her, to give the model everything she needed to fill and stretch her wanton pussy. "F- f- f-inall- l- ly," she stuttered as a sudden orgasm crashed through her, her world renown body shuddering in pleasure as Bettie continued slowly filling and stretching her pussy. Her juices gushed out of her as she pulled against her bonds, her hands balling into fists and her toes curling. "Yessss. . . " she groaned out again as the fetish model filled her totally.

With the last inch of her cock buried inside of Marilyn's body, Bettie held herself perfectly still, letting the platinum movie star ride out her orgasm. As the apple of America's eye began so softly relax, the brunette fetish model pulled her prick out a bare inch before sliding it back in, rolling against Marilyn's groin to stimulate both of their clits and drawing a gasp out of the blonde's mouth. She began fucking her slow and deep, barely moving her hips, keeping a steady pace, drawing soft moan after soft moan from the beautiful starlet. She kept a steady pace as she wished that her cock was real, not for something a petty as penis envy or because she had a secret desire to be some boorish man, but to feel Marilyn wrapped around her shaft for real.

Slowly, steadily, Bettie increased her pace and drew longer, deeper groans from Marilyn's chest.

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  The platinum movie star continued to struggle with her bonds, wanting to wrap her arms around her brunette friend's neck to hold her to her, to wrap her long legs around the fetish model's waist so she could dive even deeper between her thighs. In desperation, her jaw clenched, Marilyn whispered, "Raspberry Tart. "

Immediately Bettie ceased her insistent thrusts, her cock buried deep inside of Marilyn's body. "Are you sure?" she asked worriedly, afraid that she had done something wrong, angered or upset Marilyn some how.

Marilyn nodded her head, her blonde hair plastered to her face with sweat, her breath coming in ragged gasps. "Yes," she whispered back. She saw the worried look on Bettie's beautiful face and smiled warmly up at the other woman. "The time for teasing is over," she said before giving the brunette a quick peck on the lips.

Relief washed over Bettie's face before she pulled her prick slowly out of the beautiful woman's sodden cunt and began untying Marilyn. She undid her wrists first followed by her ankles before laying down next to the beautiful movie star. She started to snuggle against Marilyn's chest before the blonde woman surprised her by suddenly pushing her on her back and climbing on top of her. Marilyn looked down at her and as she stared back up she saw that the look of desire was back on the movie star's face.

Bettie's black cock was nestled between her ass-cheeks and Marilyn rubbed herself back against it, the sticky shaft sliding wetly across her puckered asshole and giving her a idea for later on but first she had to finish what the fetish model had started. She bent down and kissed the beautiful brunette before sitting up straight again and lifting herself up a bit. She wrapped her delicate hand around the base of the plastic prick and poised it at the entrance to her hungry, needy pussy.

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  She gasped in pleasure as she slid the first inch inside of herself and let gravity due the rest as she braced her hands against her headboard.

With her hands on the headboard, Marilyn's breasts dangled in front of Bettie's face like ripe fruit. She placed her hands on the blonde's hips to help guide the horny woman down as she leaned up and caught a hard nipple between her lips. She sucked hungrily and noisily at the movie star's chest as the beautiful bombshell bottomed out on her cock. Slowly Marilyn began rocking her hips, sliding herself up and down and back and forth on the thick shaft, groaning in pleasure. The force of the star's thrust pressed the base of the false prick down against Bettie's cunt and clit, driving her own passion and pleasure higher and higher, their moans joining together and echoing through the dimly lit room.

"Yes, yes, yes. . . " Marilyn began chanting as her third orgasm began rising up inside of her.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm. . . " Bettie moaned from around Marilyn's firm, tan tits as she switched from on to the other and her first orgasm of the night rose up inside of her. She rocked her hips up, thrusting her black prick up into the blonde star's pussy as she thrust herself down to meet her.

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"Oh God, oh God, oh God. . . " Marilyn groaned out as her orgasm began to crest.

Bettie knew she was about to cum and from the noises Marilyn was making she knew the platinum blonde actress was about to as well. Wanting to share more than just a plastic cock, the dark-haired fetish model slipped one hand down between the light-haired movie star's thighs and began making circles around her clit with her thumb as she used her other hand to stimulate her own clit.

With twin cries of pleasure, both women reached their orgasms at the same time. Their eyes locked as they came together, their bodies synced in perfect unison as they shared the pleasures they had given each other. Their muscled twitched and seized as if they were both caught with a live electrical wire. They shuddered and stuttered dumbly in pleasure, their mouths open as they gasped for breath, their chests heaving, their firm breasts swaying as they both rode out the boiling lava rolling through their bodies. Each woman felt magically attached through the shaft buried between them, a spell of desire and need and pleasure until slowly their muscles began to relax and Marilyn slid down on top of Bettie, the spell over.

"That was amazing," Marilyn gasped with a dopey smile on her beautiful face.

"You were amazing," Bettie said as she ran her hands up and down Marilyn's graceful back.

Marilyn looked up and deep into Bettie's eyes. "We were amazing," she said breathlessly.

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  They kissed again before the movie star slid off the fetish model, letting the plastic penis slide out of sated body, and snuggled up comfortably against her chest. She reached down and lightly caressed the rubber cock sticky with her juices. "I hope you don't have any plans for the next several days," she said with a hopeful giggle.

"Nothing I can't put off," Bettie reassured her as she held her closer.

"Good," Marilyn said before giving Bettie a small peck on the cheek and snuggling into her pillow. It was to hot for covers anyway.

The End. .



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