Beth and Alan: Lust Unleashed


This is my first story being submitted here guys. Let me know what you think.

Edit: Got a bit more descriptive with it and edited the formatting. Should be easier to read now :)

A midsummer morning in a quiet town. Essentially the picturesque version of standard American living with freshly mowed lawns lining a suburban street, blooming flowers decorating the walkways leading up to the front porches of modest houses and calm silent air of the morning settling in after the morning rush of workers leaving to earn their daily wages. Those lucky enough to have the day off were either lazing the morning away in bed or taking full advantage of the cool morning air before the sun brought about another summer heat wave.

Beth was of the latter on this particular morning. At the age of 23 her body was small, but beheld the full curves of a young woman having blossomed into youthful beauty. However we find her now, wearing a green tank and biker shorts that snugly hug her voluptuous frame as she pumps her legs in an attempt to work her bike up a hill, trying to work away what she thinks is just a bit too much curve to her hips. Despite the relatively cool temperature the air around her held her small body had beads of sweat forming and glistening across her smooth skin as she made a morning attempt to get a cardio work out in.

A sigh of relief escaped Beth's lungs as she crested the hill, allowing gravity to take hold for a moment and coasting her way down the slope of her last obstacle on her course. The ride may not have been so bad were she not alone this particular morning. Alan was supposed to meet her at the park near her house but as he ended up being late and wasn't answering the texts she had been sending him asking him where he was Beth decided she had little choice but to go on without him. A shame really, as seeing him often gave her more motivation to venture out like this.

Alan was the same age as Beth and had been a good friend through high school. He was one of those guys that Beth felt she could talk to about pretty much anything she had on her mind and, more often than not, she did.

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   The two had gotten to know each other quite well over the years and perhaps it wasn't surprising that her comfort with him caused her to want something more than friendship. It didn't hurt that he wasn't too rough on the eyes either. His body, though it would be considered average by most, nearly fit into Beth's ideals. His chest and shoulders were broad and it was obvious his body had a good muscle even if a lazy past couple of years in his life were evident in his current shape. Still he was making an effort to fix that and it helped motivate Beth to do the same about what she viewed as her own physical faults. That is, when the two of them managed to get together for a morning workout. She couldn't help but hold a flame of frustration for being stood up this morning.

One more turn and she would be on the street where she lived. The last hill of her ride wasn't the hardest to get up but it was one of the most relaxing to ride down as Beth was capable of simply coasting most of the way home. As she turned the corner Beth noticed another person taking advantage of the cool morning air with a light jog. From behind it looked like a man, not much taller than her, with shaggy brown hair wearing a form fitting t-shirt and sweat pants. It almost looked like. . .

"Alan!" Beth yelled out, recognition of her friend dawning on her as she got closer.

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   At the mention of his name Alan turned to face who had called out to him. A smile came across his face when he saw her. If her heart weren't beating so fast from the bike riding she would have sworn it skipped a beat for a second there. . .

"Where have you been you jerk?! I waited for nearly 20 minutes for you to show up this morning! You never responded to my texts and in the end I just went on without you!" Beth exclaimed, slowing her bike as she approached him and hopping off the seat to stand next to him. Considering the level of perspiration she could see Beth couldn't help but wonder if he had ran the entire eight mile distance between their houses.

"I had to leave my phone behind to charge. Damn battery can't survive more than a couple days anymore. Besides I thought we were jogging today. "

"How many times do I have to tell you I don't run? I told you last night I wouldn't do that!" Beth couldn't help but want to grit her teeth. Alan was a great guy but sometimes she felt like he just didn't listen to her regarding some things.

"The battery must have died before I got that text. Sorry. Hey, mind if we walk back to your house? My legs are a little sore.

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  " Alan broke out in an embarrassed smile that caused Beth's frustration with him to fade away. The jerk just had a look about him that Beth couldn't help but melt a little at.

"Yeah, alright. Did you forget a water bottle again?" Beth asked as they slowly walked their way the remaining block to her house. She wondered if it was just her imagination but she could swear he kept taking glances at her as their conversation and cool down walk went on. Her already snug clothes began to feel tighter as her face flushed a bit at the thought of his gaze bearing down on her, undressing her with that perverted imagination of his. Then again, it's not like she wasn't stealing glances of her own.

The pair let out a sigh as they closed the door behind them after entering Beth's house. The air conditioning felt wonderful against their heated skin and the two sank on the couch for a bit to let themselves simply take in a bit of rest.

Beth still couldn't help but wonder if Alan was still glancing at her in her workout clothes. The thought of teasing him a bit came to her mind and she couldn't help but entertain it. Standing up from the couch Beth put her arms behind her back and stretched. The tank she wore did well at covering her up, but with a little bit of stretching her body in just the right way the full voluptuousness of her form was easily accentuated. As she stretched Beth kept one eye open to watch her friend's reaction as her modest bust became much more noticeable.

Alan's reaction didn't disappoint her, though he seemed to be trying to hide the fact that he was aware of her body.


   The fact that he couldn't help but observe her curves left a giddy feeling in Beth's chest. It was cute how he was trying not to make it obvious. . . Until suddenly he reached out and poked her sides. Beth let out an embarrassing squeal as Alan relentlessly tickled her until she managed to pull herself away. A sly grin had spread across Alan's face at his success in his sneak attack.

"You jerk. "

"Hey, you left yourself open. " Alan replied with a smile. "Hey, I got an idea. How about we take a dip in the hot tub?"


"Well. . I'm just saying we both worked out today. My legs are still really sore and I could use some time to relax like in a hot tub like that.

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All sorts of crazy ideas instantly flashed through Beth's mind. She couldn't say she didn't like the idea. But Beth couldn't help but wonder. . . Alan didn't have swim trunks on, just his workout apparel. What in the world was he thinking? He couldn't possibly be. . .

"What, you planning on getting in naked or something?" Beth asked, actually surprising herself when the words came out. She hadn't actually meant to say it, she simply thought out loud.

Alan's brow rose and his smile grew a bit. "Wanna see?" Alan stood up, his thumbs going into the waistband of his sweats. Beth could feel her face flush a bit as his suggestive actions played out. With a quick motion Alan dropped his pants to reveal.

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  . . the pair of dark blue board trunks Alan wore for swimming. This time Beth couldn't account the sudden rise in her heart rate to her workout.

"You had those on this entire time?"

"You wouldn't believe how uncomfortable it is to run in these. "

Beth couldn't help but laugh and shake her head at the man. "You're an idiot. Let me go get everything ready and go get changed. "

It didn't take long to get the hot tub prepped and Alan let out a comedic cheer when the bubble jets started. Afterward Beth headed toward her bedroom to go put on a bathing suit. With a sigh of relief Beth peeled off her workout attire and took a look in her drawers for her one of her swim suits. With a glance at her mirror Beth took in her naked form.

To be honest Beth was proud of how she looked. Sure, she had more hip than she cared for but despite the flaws she knew she had, something Alan always denied when she complained about them, she could still say she was proud of her body and she knew the curves she had bore the kind of sex appeal that at least caught the attention of the one guy she wanted them to.

Her face was still a bit flushed due to her wild imaginings from earlier and she could feel her body responding in kind.

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   A heat had developed between her legs and she could feel goose bumps all over her body. There was only one person that could evoke a response in her body like this and he was here right now with nothing more than a pair of swim trunks on sitting in her hot tub. Beth ran a hand down her chest over one of her breasts, a small twinge of excitement running through her body as her hand ran over her nipple. If only a he would make a move. . . or maybe Beth would have to take the matter into her own hands.

After a few minutes Beth walked back out toward the hot tub to see Alan relaxing in the water, his eyes closed as he leaned against the wall of the tub. Beth snuck up behind him and swiftly covered his eyes and pulled his head to her chest. She didn't imagine it would take him too long to realize what his head was being pressed into and perhaps it was from the heat of the water but Beth thought she could feel Alan's face grow warm. He managed to pull away from her grasp and turned to look at her, being rewarded with the sight of her in a two piece bikini instead of the one piece bathing suit he had seen her in while they were swimming only a few weeks ago. The bikini top covered enough of her breasts to be acceptable in public, but left enough of a view open for the sight to be rather erotic, and the tight shorts that made up the bottom half accentuated Beth's hips and made her butt very flattering. Beth smiled as Alan's cheeks flushed a bit and she made her way into the water, making sure to immerse her body completely before leaning back, the material of her suit clinging to her curves as the water cascaded from her top and down her body.

Alan wasn't even trying to hide his stares anymore but it seemed he hadn't quite caught the hint as he tried unsuccessfully to make conversation and relax back into his position he had been in before. Admittedly, Beth was impatient for the response she wanted.

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"Hey Alan. "


"You know what I like to do some times out in this tub?"

Knowing how Alan's mind worked Beth had an idea of what possibilities flashed across his mind. Still, his guess would remain a mystery as he simply responded with "What's that?"

Beth could feel her own face beginning to flush. She couldn't believe she was going to do this. Slowly Beth lowered herself into the water just far enough for her nipples to be hidden in the rushing water of the hot tub's jets before removing her top and draping it over the side of the tub, a mischievous smile on her lips as she stared him in the eyes. She hadn't actually expected to go this far on her own and her inexperience in seduction left her fearful but seeing Alan's face turning bright red as she got closer to him, her hand running from his knee to his thigh, only spurned her forward. Her hand ran along his side and around his back as she pressed her breasts into him and slid up against him out of the water, her legs straddling his thigh.

Their faces were now mere inches apart and Beth's entire body felt like it was tingling with electricity. She didn't think she'd ever been this turned on before and wanted to take it further. Would he make a move? Should she do it herself? Perhaps it was the heat of the tub but her body felt so hot right now she could hardly stand it. Beth's free hand began to wander toward Alan's body, running down from his shoulder to his side, headed toward the waistband of his shorts.

Another jolt of electricity ran through Beth's body as, suddenly, she could feel them. Alan's hands were on either side of her body slowly sliding down as he leaned in and kissed her deeply. One hand found its way under her shorts grabbing hold of her ass and pulling her body the rest of the way toward him. Beth could feel it now, just how turned on he was by what she had been doing as his cock pressed into her thigh.

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   Beth returned the kiss in kind, her arms reaching around Alan's neck as she tried to hold the kiss. Alan's free arm wrapped around the small of her back and held her tightly to him, the heat from their bodies infecting the other.

Alan broke the kiss and began kissing down Beth's cheek, down her neck and to her chest. Beth let a moan escape her lips as Alan took a nipple into his mouth and began to lick and suck as the fingers of his hand that had found its way under her shorts began to sneak toward the lips of her pussy from behind.

Beth continued to moan as Alan teased her body. Unsure of what to do, but wanting to let this go further, her own hand had found its way to Alan's waistband, reaching into his shorts and grabbing hold of his cock, gently stroking it. She felt a moan come from Alan's throat as he nibbled on her nipple, the sensation exploding in Beth's virgin chest.

Alan released her breast from his mouth and moved up, kissing her lips again.

"Lets go inside. I want you naked and in the shower. I've got to wash you up from that bike ride you took this morning. " Alan said as his hands reached under her butt and lifted her up as he stood. Beth wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly so as to hide her exposed breasts against his chest. In her excitement she had forgotten that her hot tub was out in the back patio! If any one of the neighbors living behind her had been home they could have looked through their back yard windows and seen what it was they were doing!

Alan hurried inside, closing the patio door behind him and bringing Beth into the bathroom.

    With the door closed behind them Alan stood Beth up in front of him and kissed her again, pulling her body to him.

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       Beth was almost overwhelmed by this surge of affection from someone she had until moments ago not expected to take the lead. However, the realization from coming indoors had cleared her head enough to reveal an unfortunate truth to her.

    "We don't have a condom. . " Beth said disappointedly.

    "Then we won't go all the way yet. It's not like that's the only sex out there. " Alan said as he kissed down her neck, his hands in her shorts again and pushing them down as he kissed down her body. Each kiss filled Beth's body with a pleasure she hadn't ever experienced before as he drew closer and closer to her crotch.

    Beth put her hands on either side of Alan's head and stopped him, pulling him up toward her face and kissing him again. A smile spread across her face. "What happened to washing me up?"

    Alan smiled as well as one of his hands squeezed her butt, the other reaching for the faucet handle for the shower. "Smart-ass," he remarked as the shower sputtered to life.

    Beth's hands pushed Alan's shorts to the floor. For the first time she was getting a glance at the rock hard rod that hung between Alan's legs.


       She grabbed hold of it and began to stroke it gently once again, kissing Alan one more time before walking her way into the shower, leading him along by his dick.

    Once under the water once again the two found themselves in each others embrace, Alan massaging Beth's ass as she stroked his cock. This time Beth decided it was her turn and she slowly parted from Alan's lips to kiss down his body, lowering her own as she went down. She had a general idea of what to do, but she still had never thought of doing this before and hoped she wouldn't screw up. Alan seemed to sense her apprehension and placed a hand on the top of her head.

    "Lick it. . . " Alan said gently and Beth felt compelled to obey this simple command. Her lips parted to allow her tongue to sneak its way out and run along the shaft. She heard Alan let out a sigh, his hand almost guiding her head as she began to teach herself how to pleasure this man. Her lips reached the head and slowly parted to put it in her mouth, running her tongue across the tip. Alan's grip on her head urged her to go deeper and she slowly complied with his silent instruction. She suddenly felt him twitch as her teeth scraped across the mushroom-like head.

    "Don't bite on it.

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       Suck on it and use your tongue. . . " A moan escaped Alan's throat again as she followed his commands. Beth's own hand had made its way down to her crotch. She couldn't believe how wet this was making her. As she let Alan's hand guide her in her first blow job her fingers began to play with her clit. He was big enough to fill her mouth and then some and despite nearly gagging a couple times from him guiding her head too deep Beth slowly began to develop a rhythm, gliding her tongue across his sensitive rod as she continued to go down on him.

    A small sense of pleasure and pride came over her every time Alan gasped or moaned in response to her experimental strokes. Slowly Alan had her bobbing her head faster and faster on his cock. She could feel him beginning to thrust his hips and made every effort not to have her throat impaled by his dick as he began fucking her mouth. She suddenly began to feel his body tensing up. "Shit, Beth, I'm cumming!"

    The sudden burst of his seed in her mouth caused Beth to pull back in response, only to be met with a shot to her face and another to her chest. Beth coughed a bit and looked up at Alan who now stood on what looked like shaky knees. Despite the sticky surprise that now clung to her face she couldn't help but feel proud of herself.

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       Alan slumped against the wall of the shower, looking down at her with a content expression adorning his features. He smiled as he looked at her. "Your turn. "

    Alan pulled her up, helping her wash his cum off of her face before kissing her again and trading places with her in the shower. He leaned her against the wall and lifted one of her legs up, allowing him access to her most private of spaces. Alan lowered himself down her body once again, stopping for a moment at her breasts to nibble on her nipples again as his fingers inexpertly played with the folds of her pussy.

    Each kiss down her body was like a new surge running through her. All of Beth's nerves were electrified and a small twitch ran through her body every time his lips touched her. Slowly he trailed his kisses along her inner thigh, licking at the soft flesh of her legs as he went down until finally his tongue ran across the lips of her womanhood with a quick flick. His tongue's sudden contact with her clit caused Beth to twitch and a small squeal at the surprise of it escaped. One of Alan's hands reached up to her lower back, causing her to push her pelvis out a bit as his tongue began its attack.

    It was Beth's turn to moan, and moan she did, as her hands suddenly went to Alan's head, her fingers grasping his hair. Each time his tongue hit her clit Beth couldn't stop body from convulsing a bit. The speed at which he lapped at her pussy increased slowly as he alternated between gliding his tongue over her lips and single-mindedly attacking her clit. He remained fixated on her as he continued to do this, watching her body twitch, her breathing grow heavy, her pussy moisten as his relentless assault continued.

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       Slowly Alan's other hand found its way to her body as he pulled himself back a little bit. Alan's mouth soon clamped over Beth's clit and with short, quick flicks of his tongue he continued. His fingers slowly traced her labia as he teased her. Beth sounded as if she were about to protest until Alan's finger began to make its way inside of her. Another moan rang out as he began to stir her insides while simultaneously teasing that sensitive little nub.

    Beth's convulsions suddenly began to intensify and her head was thrown back in a silent scream as she thrust her pelvis forward. Alan could feel almost every muscle in her body tensing and he heard quiet little squeaks escape her throat as Beth tried to silence herself from screaming as a powerful orgasm ripped through her entire body. Alan only contributed in making it continue by keeping up his assault. Finally Beth seemed to regain control of her arms enough to push Alan's head away from her just so he would finally stop.

    Without Alan's support Beth's legs would probably have buckled under her. He stood and pulled her to him, sitting down on the tub floor with Beth leaning against him as she tried to catch her breath.

    "I take it you enjoyed that?" Alan said, a smile once again adorning his features.

    "You. . are such.


      . a jerk" Beth gasped between breaths of air. She rested against him, the water of the shower raining down on their naked bodies.