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Ive known this chick for like 2 years. We actually went out once and just grew apart. We were still friends though. We were just friends,and she already found another boyfriend. Anyway, her boyfriend and her were fighting so her boyfriend went away for about a week.
She rang me and said that she was lonely and asked if she could come over. I said okay and she came over.
When  she arrived she was crying. She came in and hugged me. I asked her whats was wrong and she said that her and her boyfrined were fighting about me. He thought she still loved me. I said well do you? She said yeh. She kissed me and i kissed her back.
She put her tounge in ny mouth so i lifted her up and put her against the wall. She started unbuttoning her top so i helped her. My cock was starting to get hard and i knew she could feel it growing.

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When her top was off she started taking off mine. I let her down.  We turned around and she put me up against the wall. She took my jeans off and started giving me a blow job. It felt so good. She did this thing with her tounge. I pulled her up and lifted her skirt up.
I pulled down her panties. Now that my cock was fully erect, lifted her up and took her into the bedroom. She dropped on the bed first and open her legs. I stared at her body for a minute. She was a gymnast so her body looked good. Really good. I looked at her shaven pussy and her perfect tits.
I lay down on top of her.

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   My cock went into her pussy. As it went in, she moaned with pleasure. I started to hump her. She kept moaning and groaning. It turned me on a bit more. I started going faster and faster. I could feel my balls hitting her pussy. She moaned some more.
I kissed her neck and she put her head up. I bit her ear lobe and she started to giggle. I slowed down a bit and started going harder. She had her hands on my back. I started slowing down until i stopped. She turned over and i started fucking her doggy style. I went fast at first and but the bed head started hitting the wall.

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   I slowed down a bit. I put my hands on her ass and started looking at the tatoo on her lower back.
I couldnt help it but i had to go faster. She started screaming like she was having an orgasm or something. I slowed down and went harder. She told me to stop so i did. I turned to lie down on the bed. She hopped on top of me which i wasnt expecting and started riding me like a horse. It felt good that i didnt have to do the work anymore. I just layed back and enjoyed the view. Her tits were bouncing up and down.

    Then she got tired and layed down next to me. I thought ''damn the dreams over''. She layed on her side so i did to. I put my arm under her head and held her hand, while my other hand was massaging her nipples.

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       My hand slowly moved down to her pussy and then i started massaging her clit. It was really late so me and her went to sleep how we were.
    The next morning when i woke up she wasnt there. I got up put my robe on and went into the kitchen.  She was cooking. I snuk up behind her and put my hands on her waist. She moved her head and i kissed her neck. She told me to give a hicky so i did. She turned around and went in front of the bench. I lifted her on to the bench and took her robe off to see the other hicky i left on her tits. I took my robe off and started to get hard. Her hand was on my cock the whole time so she felt it grow. I was tall enough to fuck her up on the bench. But before i could, there was a knock on the door.
    I put my robe back on and when to answer the door.

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      Its was him. Him from the start of the story. She went with him and he told me not to fuck her again. I told ''well im sure that i fucked her better than you''. He walked off and looked really pissed off.  
    Youve gotta wait for the sequel to see what happens with me and her.