Being my husbands slave for the day


My husband and I have been married for 3 years now and we are both in our mid 30’s. My husband was really shy when we first met but he has a kinky side that surfaced over the last year. I had promised him I would be his slave for a day. I was to do anything he said and respond with only a “Yes Sir”.

That morning I woke up and got ready. I was instructed to wear my short tight silver dress that barely covers my butt with no panties. I’m about 5’6 with long blonde hair, green eyes, size 4, perky C cup breasts and my waxed pink pussy. I got ready as I was told, applied my makeup and fixed my hair. I squirmed into my dress that showed massive cleavage and I could feel a draft on my pussy as I bent over to put on my 6 inch heels. I applied my jewelry and was out the door.

My husband would be texting me instructions. I was told to drive to a local mall and park. I found a parking spot and waited for my instructions. He told me to pull up my dress and expose my pussy. I began to look around a little nervous because there were people everywhere. I replied “Yes Sir” and did what I was told.

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   He told me to spread my legs and finger myself and rub my clit. After a few minutes I forgot about the parking lot and the people. He told me to take out my brush and start fucking myself with it. Before I knew it I was fucking my brush, my pussy was sopping. He said faster and I obeyed, while still rubbing my clit. I screamed out with a gushing orgasm. I did notice people looking and cleaned up. I told him that I had an amazing orgasm and he said for me to go to the Jack in the box down the street. Puzzled, I replied “Yes Sir”

I drove to the Jack in the box and parked. I’ll never forget my husband’s text. I was to go in and order something to eat and pick a guy to fuck and suck in the bathroom. My heart skipped a beat. I freshened up in the car and walked in. I looked around as I started to place my order. There were two couples but no guys by themselves.

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   I found a table that gave me a view of the door. As I started to sip on my soda a thin guy walked in and shortly after he had a friend follow. They were both starring at my cleavage and I just smiled and winked. All the time I was thinking there were two of them. They sat down at a table across from mine. Again, I kept smiling but this time I spread my legs and flashed my already glistening wet pussy. To my surprise the thin guy motioned me over and I obliged. As I sat down at their table, I explained my slave story and what my husband wanted me to do. They both smiled and agreed. I felt a hand go up my dress and he was rubbing my clit and fingering me right there at the table. I was already sopping again. I text’d my husband that there were two guys and he replied take them both. He said suck their cocks and to tell them to fuck me like the whore I was. He wanted pictures as soon as I was done. I showed them the text and the next thing I knew I was walking to the bathroom.

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I was now in the bathroom; my heart was pounding when I heard a soft knock. It was the thin guy and a second knock his friend. I immediately went for their cocks sucking and slurping. Their cocks were so stiff and hard I could hardly get them down my throat. All of a sudden the thin guy pulled up my dress and bent me over. He pulled my hair and slammed my face against the wall. He shoved his cock so deep in my pussy, I lost my breath. He said you want be a whore huh? Then I’m going to fuck you like one. He pushed my face further in the wall with every thrust. My pussy was so wet it was running down my leg. I’ve never been fucked so hard in my life. My pussy throbbed as I had an amazing orgasm. He started to moan fucking me as hard as he could he pulled my hair and my neck back as he shot his load in my already swollen pussy. You could see cum gushing out on the floor which covered my thighs. Before I knew it the other guy threw me against the sink and shoved my head down and kept it there.

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   I could still see my face in the mirror and him right behind me. He slammed his cock in my pussy, I gasped. He cock was thicker and longer. He was a bigger man and his thrusts were forceful. My hips were digging into the countertop. He kept asking harder whore, I said yes. He was literally fucking me raw. I felt my pussy stretch with every thrust. I started to scream and he covered my mouth and said shut up whore. I had another orgasm as my pussy was being stretched beyond belief. He started to turn red in the face as he blew his load in my red swollen pussy. I’ve never seen so much cum on legs, shoes and the floor. Then as quick as it began it was over. They both thanked me with a smile on their face and left.

I cleaned up the best I could.

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   I couldn’t hide all the cum on the floor, my shoes and my dress. So, I quickly headed to my car. The guys had already left. As I sat in my car, I decided to drive up the street and park. I sent the pictures my husband requested while they took turns fucking me. My husband said good slave now go home shower and be naked in bed when I get home. I said “Yes Sir”

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