Being a wealthy single man on a small Island.


Being a wealthy single man on a small Island.

I am Steve, a 35 year old single man. I am tall well-build and ripped, due to intensive training I do and well-endowed with a fat 18 inch dick. I am a rich well known man, living on a small special and beautiful island and the following is my story.

 I used to live in Malta when my parents died in a car accident when I was 25 years old. As I was their only child I inherited all their wealth and it was of a large amount. Being a shy person I did have few friends due to mum and dad being over-protective on me, I was all alone when they died. So I decided that I would leave Malta and go live abroad. Soon I started my search for places where I could go. There I started to have vacations so I could see firsthand the places I choose and talk to the local villagers.

Once I was abroad and was talking to a stranger I met at a pub, about what I had in mind. He told me that, there was an Island not far away from where I was, that was quiet and the people were friendly and open with each other. I asked him how to get to this Island and after I listed down all the details he told me, I decided that as it was too late for me to go and visit the island, I would go first thing the next morning.

The next morning after breakfast I started my journey to the Island that stranger had told me about the previous day at the pub. After a 1 hour journey, I arrived and remained struck with the beauty and peacefulness of the island. I went round this island discovering and asking the local villagers about the life on this island.

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One lady told me “This is a rather peaceful island. The villagers aren’t wealthy but commute rather well with each other, so no one starves or is left behind starving to death while others get rich.   All villagers know each other and when rarely there is a new comer he is welcomed and can find help easily. The people here, after they get to know you, tend to get rather open and treat you like you are part of their family. ”

These words struck me and couldn’t believe what I heard so I decided that I would ask some other people to get their version of the island and they all match and viewed the same opinion of the other lady. So I decided that I would choose this Island to live in. In the afternoon I went to the governing body of the Island to ask him on, what I had to do to live on that island.

The head of the Island helped a lot and after a few months time I was allowed to go. But before I was allowed to go, I had to find myself a house where I could live. Which I had opted for a small villa which the mayor of the island told me about and when I saw it I remained struck with the setting of the house and all its characteristics.

 I found a job on the Island as being only 27 years old, 2 years after the death of my parents. I couldn’t just spend my life doing nothing. So I found a part-time job with a local bar, owned by an old man. After a year the owner of the bar died and I took over the business.

After some renovations the bar was re-opened and started to go better than before.

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   In no time I needed to have some persons to help at the bar. Every morning I would go round the streets to find teenagers searching for a job and were eager to work with me. Passing through the narrow street, I meet two, 20 year-old girls, Chloe and Britney sitting in front of their house talking. I heard them talking about me, being still a new comer to the island, was already making a good name for myself on that island. I stopped and went to talk to them. I asked them if they wanted to earn some money, replying immediately that they were ready to do anything for some money. Being sisters they were almost like twins; average length, brown eyes, slim, and with a nice set of boobs at the front and a round ass at the back and to add to that they both liked to wear tight clothes that showed off their body.

With one on each side, we walked to my bar and telling them what the jobs were about. In the morning one had to go and take care of my house and the other help me at the bar, at about 16. 00hrs the one at home would come at the bar and help me and her sister at the bar. When we arrived at my bar, I left them on a table alone at the bar, whilst I was cleaning the bar. After five minutes they came near me and told me they agreed to work with me and immediately I told them the conditions of work so they would know what they were up to, agreed between them that they would alternate the work days; one week Chloe cleans the house and the next Britney cleans the house.

The eldest one Chloe decided that she would start the first week cleaning my house and her sister would take care of the bar in the morning. So I explained everything to Britney what she had to do till I take Chloe to my house and explain to her the work she had to do.

Me and Chloe headed to my house, when we arrived she remained mesmerized standing at the gate and looking at the house.

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   I told her she had to clean every room of the house but she wasn’t allowed to open the door to the garage even though it was locked and the only keys where always with me. Afterwards I headed back to the bar and continued explaining every little detail that I wanted to be done at the bar, the day passed in a flash and that night I told them to come at my house and talk about their first day of work. When we arrived at my house, we headed to the terrace and sat down while pouring a small drink for all of us and thanked them for the good work they did. The house was in perfect order and clean and the bar was always clean and the clients were happy with the way they were served.

Days passed and we became like a small family, I took care of them and started to know more about them and their family. Their father, being always drunk, used to beat them and their mother. And after some time their parents separated and he left to Germany. One day before my birthday, Chloe and Britney came to me and told me that for my birthday they had a small surprise for me.

“Being your first birthday with us, and seeing how much you helped us we would like that tomorrow you take it off and we do everything. ” Chloe said

To which I replied “let’s do one thing, so tomorrow, being Monday, we will not open the bar in the morning, and open the bar at 18 in the evening. We would spend a day here at my house and bring your mother if you like. ”

They both liked the Idea. That night when they arrived home they told their mom and she agreed to come but after work. The next day, in the morning they arrived at my villa, sent them to do some cleaning while I prepared something. They agreed and went to start cleaning the house and whilst working they talked about giving me a surprise.

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   They agreed that as it was my birthday, they would give me a good message and let me relax by the pool at the back of the villa while sipping a cold drink.

After some time they came back and told me that from that time onwards they would take over for the rest of the day. They told me to get to my deck chair by the pool, stay with only my under pants while they prepare something. So I did as they told me and in a short time they were one on each side giving me a message in their bikini. After an hour and a half of pampering and drinking, left me there relaxing in the sun. Time passed and with all the drinks I had, I began to feel my a bit tipsy but still knew what I was doing.

When the girls saw how I was, as they noticed how I was talking to them, they came and sat on my side and Chloe said to me “Let’s have some fun, I will cover your face with a piece of cloth and you have to try and guess who is touching you”. With that Chloe covered my eyes and made sure I wasn’t able to see anything. After they made sure I wasn’t able to see, they stripped naked and started to touch me while I tried to guess who was touching me.

Then Britney and Chloe started their final level of their plan, Britney stood up naked in front of me on the sun bed and placed her pussy on my mouth and gently pressed against my face not letting me remove her while Chloe stripped me naked and when my dick was in full view she got wet and Chloe immediately started sucking my cock. Feeling all this I didn’t give any resistance and went with the flow. I got hold of Britney from her hips and gave her orgasm after orgasm of pleasure till she wasn’t able to stand up.   Britney went down and replaced Chloe and resumed sucking my cock while Britney came up and I kissed her passionately for a while and then Britney stood up and placed her pussy on my mouth and while playing with her clit I removed the cloth covering my eyes and saw the perfectly shaved pussy. I continued sucking her clit making sure every lap of my tongue sent a jolt all through her body.

With the aim of making her cum I sucked like it was the only thing that could keep me alive, for the next 18 minutes till Chloe started shouting that she was about to cum.

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   Hearing that I removed Chloe and went straight to fucking Britney hard and instructed Chloe to suck Britney’s clit. All this sent Britney over the edge and without any advise she started to cum in her sister’s mouth, I couldn’t help anymore and feeling all her juices flowing I came hard deep in her pussy but it didn’t stop me as I continued to fuck her hard. After some 40 minutes of fucking Britney, I pulled my cock out of her and inserted in Chloe’s mouth to clean it a bit and let Britney take some breath.

Seeing that my cock was shining full of her saliva and clean from my and Britney’s juices, Chloe straddled me and with both her hands placed my cock right at the entrance of her pussy, and with one move, Chloe fell hard on my cock inserting it as deep as it could go up her pussy till I hit the top of her womb. Chloe stopped for a while to let her pussy adjust to my cock and then started to go up and down slowly and my cock making sure she was taking every inch of it with every stroke. After some minutes I shouted I was ready to cum and to my surprise Chloe continued to jump on my cock more furiously then before till I couldn’t hold it anymore and emptied my balls deep in her pussy and Chloe had a great orgasm with me and fell on my chest to take a breath.

While I and Chloe were resting I felt some take hold of my cock and sucking it clean. I looked on my sides and saw that Britney was busy masturbating. I lifted myself up a bit to see who it was. To my surprise it was Britney and Chloe’s mother naked sucking my cock clean.

Their mother was a really beautiful woman, in her 40’s with D-cup sized firm natural breast and large areolas and a nipple poking out 1 inch rock hard, a clean shaven pussy and a firm ass. Talking to her she told me she had been seeing me and her two children fucking like rabbits almost from the start but remained hidden from me and her daughters to see what we were up to. After seeing me fucking Chloe and seeing my juices flowing out of her pussy she was too horny to remain hidden and came out to suck mu cock clean from her daughters’ and my juices.

While I and their mother were talking Chloe went to sit on a deck chair beside me. I stood up and greeted Xanthe their mother with a long passionate and wet kiss.

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   Xanthe feeling my member rock hard between us, she got hold of my cock and started jerking it while we were still kissing. I then went kissing a trail from her mouth to her breasts and stood their sucking and biting on them hearing her moan in pleasure and then continued to kiss my way down to her pussy. Xanthe was still standing while I was searching with my tongue for her clit which was easy to find being rock hard and dripping wet. I started to suck her clit and with my hand I opened her legs for better access, she placed on feet on the deck chair so for me to have better access to her pussy I continued to lap hungrily an her clit and fingering her ass and pussy while she was having orgasm after orgasm of pleasure.   But after sometime she could stand anymore and was about to fall when I got hold of by the hips and held her their till I got up behind her. Then I turned her around facing her daughters, opened her legs bent her over a bit, took my cock in my hand and placed it at the entrance of her tight pussy and teased her slit with it. Then I ordered Chloe to suck her nipples and Britney to kiss her passionately. They all complied and in a few seconds Xanthe was moaning again, with all the lesbianism going on in front of me I took Xanthe by the hips placed my cock at her entrance and with one fast hard move I all my fat 18 incher up her pussy and pumped her harder and harder. Xanthe feeling me getting in with such a force started crying and moaning in pain and pleasure and was really loving every moment of it. For about 18 to 18 minutes I continued to fuck Xanthe hard till I made my mind to shove my dick up her beautiful asshole. Without mentioning anything to her I pulled out and in a swift I rammed my cock up her ass and continued to fuck her for all she was worth. I was in heaven fucking her tightest hole and hearing her crying in pain of pleasure. Britney stopped kissing her mother and went down to suck her clit and wet slit and trying to keep up with all the orgasm her mum was having which after a few seconds pulled her sister to help her without spilling anything they were taking every drop their mother throwing. Seeing all that I could take any longer and released my load up Xanthe’s asshole and when finished fed my cock to one of her daughters to suck it clean for me and then she continued helping her sister cleaning their mother and scoping all my cum from her ass with their tongues.

That day I didn’t open the bar and we all remained at my house and stood naked eating near the pool.

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   While having desert I stood poured for all of us a drink and told them that if they wanted I would like that they come to live with me. Chloe and Britney like the idea and after a few seconds of thinking with my cock in front of her eyes Xanthe agreed and said that the next day she was getting all their clothes packed and moved to my house. From that day onwards my life was the best I could have. I had three woman ready for me to fuck them whenever and where-ever I wanted, also in a short time their mother was carrying my own little boy in her hands and her to daughters were waiting to deliver their own first child two girls.