Behind the Desk


Author: Tilly
Behind the Desk
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Arms pinned behind back, gasping for breath.

Weight on top, erection pressing into her. She could barely breathe. He covered her mouth and she tried to quiet herself but she bucked into him instinctively as his cock rubbed her across the groin. Hand off of mouth, he started touching her, hurriedly. Behind the desk, she could tell the door was open and noise in the hall was audible, but not in close proximity. Her nipples hardened as he grazed her breast and fumbled.

She got a hand free and ran it through his hair, down his back, across his chest. She undid the top button of his shirt and he grabbed her by the wrist, holding both of her hands above her head with one of his.

Licking her neck, his hot breath on her ear, she started to get extremely wet. She could feel blood rushing to her pussy and she squirmed with pleasure. He brushed her hair back and licked and sucked, using his teeth to undo one of her buttons. She squirmed again and rubbed herself on him, feeling his erection and feeling herself get even wetter. Her hand came loose.

He started licking down her neck and she got her other hand free.

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   Pulling his shirt over his head she ran her hands down his back and up again. He undid her bra and she gasped. She put a hand over her own mouth and he smiled, looking right into her eyes.

He curled his lips into a silent "shhh" and the corner of his mouth crept up in an impish smirk.

She shot him a look and undid his buckle, his pants, and slid a hand into his boxers. She did not let him see the surprise in her eyes when she felt his cock. It was long and thick and she could tell he was shaved. She licked her lips in anticipation. She began to stroke him and she felt him get even harder.

He bent down and took her nipple into his mouth, rolling it back and forth and flicking it with his tongue. Again her back arched and she tried not to moan or breathe too loudly. She felt his hands on her pants now as he undid them and slowly slid them down. He gently pulled down her panties, which were now completely soaked. She felt his cock move in her hand as he stuck a finger in her hot, wet slit. He immediately found her clit and she started to pant.

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   He smirked again and she turned her head so he would not see how aroused she was.

She slid her pants all the way down and he did the same. He moved on top of her and he looked right into her eyes as he sunk his long thick cock in to the hilt, moving slowly and painstakingly. She held her breath so she would not moan out in the delicious pleasure of it.
    She could hear the sounds of two coworkers walking by the open door and the cold floor on her back helped her to calm her breathing as he began thrusting in and out.

    Every time he pulled out he waited a minute before slowly pushing back in, the head of his penis pressing on her pussy lips and then his entire girth filling her up. She couldn't believe how good it felt and found her hips moving in rhythm with him as she felt that familiar
    sensation of her orgasm coming.

    She ran her hands down his back again taking in the feeling of his long lean muscles. They were almost in a trance as he thrust in and out, starting to gather speed as she rose to meet him. They were both breathing heavy now and neither of them cared if anyone heard. She felt herself start to cum and she bit into her shirt, dulling the sound of her moans and cries and she came hard and long, and soon after she felt him tense and let out his own moan as he shot his hot load inside her.

    He let the weight of him down onto her again and she could feel his heart beating in his chest as his breathing started to slow. He absentmindedly played with her hair as she started to look around for her clothing. .