Behind closed doors


Behind closed doors.

By Niteowluk2003

Gloria and her husband John had been married for eighteen years; as a forty nine year old she considered herself past child bearing age and she was happy that she had bore her two daughters at an early age; for both had now left home aged eighteen and seventeen respectively.

Gloria was five foot seven tall medium build and raven haired; her crowning glory was her largish breasts; which she was proud that they still had not even shown the slightest signs of beginning to sag; her 38 DD tits were as firm now as they were seventeen years ago when she had her youngest daughter Sally; However over the last five or six years there was something nagging away at her very soul; sure she and John still engaged in sex but now it was more hit and miss than a joyous event. Yes she could give you a thousand reasons for the absence of their love making but ask her to name the last time she actually participated in spontaneous sex with anyone let alone her husband and she would be stumped.

John was a hard working man of fifty five years; slightly smaller than his wife he stood five foot four tall; a few extra pounds showed his comfy lifestyle of late and his six inch cock still frequently responded to even the slightest simulation but he too felt; something was missing. For him; his love of his wife was still strong but he had begun fantasising about sucking cocks instead of eating cunt or fucking cunts. He almost wondered if for some reason he was turning gay and because of this he refused to tell his wife of his latest sexy dreams.

The last few dreams had always followed the same sort of pattern; he and Gloria had been out and about; he had been taken short and needed a toilet; finding a public toilet he had entered a cubicle and took his cock out and began to piss; when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he had spotted the glory hole; only always it had a largish semi erect cock poking through it; then as if on auto pilot he had been drawn to kissing the helmet of this strange cock and finally taking its entire length into his mouth; Several minutes of amateurish sucking had finally resulted in him taking a large load down the back of his throat.

At first this had disturbed him terribly but a few times since having this dream; when alone he had experimented and actually twice before had wanked off onto his own hand and then tasted his own spunk; the first time he had almost baulked at the salty acrid taste; but it had given him an instant hard on. Because of this he had tried again and found now he was beginning to like the taste but it also created a question in his mind was all men’s spunk the same in taste and texture or was it an individual thing?

One day whilst out with Gloria he did get caught short and found a public toilet in the edge of a park; he hurried inside and took the first empty cubicle he came too; As he pissed he glanced around and there almost three feet from the floor was a glory hole. Empty of course but it set his heart racing about the possibility of a stranger’s cock poking through it; so much so that he soon had a hard on and he suddenly felt horny. He wondered how Gloria would react if he pulled her into the toilet and actually fucked her right here in this cubicle with the chance of someone watching through the glory hole or even better slipping their cocks through that magical portal.

Gloria waiting outside noticed something was amiss as soon as John poked his head outside the door and beckoned her over towards him; he excitedly told her he wanted her and she laughed as she replied, “We better get home quick then!”

She was shocked when he said, “No I want you right now! Come in here and I will show you just how much!” Gloria could not believe that her husband was suggesting she go into a gents toilet to have sex in the middle of the day; she feigned shock and disgust but deep inside her stomach was doing flips; she could not explain why though for the idea of sex in a dirty toilet was not high on her fantasy list but being slutty and at risk of being caught was.

Neither John nor Gloria; said anything for what seemed like ages before Gloria simply nodded and led John inside the gents toilet. John escorted Gloria into the same cubicle he had just left; as soon as the door was closed he began unbuttoning his jeans and pulling his still hard cock from inside; Gloria was impressed for it appeared harder than she could remember for a long time and now her cunt was bubbling away like a babbling brook. Gloria raised her skirt and simply pulled her knickers to one side; then taking John’s cock she guided it to her cunt and a quick thrust from John had it pressed home into his wife’s horny love box.

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   As he began thrusting; he leaned forward and whispered, “Imagine if someone was watching you through that hole there; yes that glory hole in the wall there!”

Gloria spun her head till she saw the hole John was referring to; “how do you know that is a glory hole; John?” she asked.

John gulped and blushed; “well love! To be honest I had heard of these things and I recognised it from the description I had been given years ago!” he answered.

“But what exactly is a glory hole? John!” Gloria asked.

“It’s a hole in the partition wall between two cubicles which is large enough to slide a rampant cock through to be sucked by the stranger on the other side; sometimes it is more than just sucking which takes place; sometimes an adventurous couple whose husband likes to see his wife fucked by a stranger would use them and the wife could take the cock like a slut and feel no guilt because she would never know who that cock belong too!” he explained.

When he said slut, Gloria’s cunt twitched and her heart leapt; “You said the wife would take the cock like a slut?” she repeated. Again her heart leapt at the single word.

“Yes, I said like a slut because like a whore she would take the cock without any feeling of love and only the feeling of being a horny bitch on heat in need of a cock to service her slapper of a cunt. ” John repeated as he noted how her cunt would spasm and clutch at his cock at every derogative word about a woman’s honour.

Chancing his arm further he whispered, “Would you like to be my slut, my special sexy little bitch and whore?”

Gloria should have been outraged but instead her cunt was doing summersaults and her heart pounded so loud as to nearly deafen her; she could not explain why but she found herself nodding. John’s own heart was beating so fast as he slammed his cock into his wife’s hot cunt and it was his turn to blush and get extra excited when Gloria whispered, “Tell me John; if a cock poked through the wall right now; would you suck it for me; make it hard enough to fuck your personal slut!”

John groaned, “oh god yes!”

Then Gloria seized the opportunity to push this further as she said, “yes but would you let him cum in your mouth or even better would you suck his spunk from your wanton whores cunt!”

Again John groaned as he replied, “Oh god, would I; I would do either if it pleased you my love and further more I would suck the cock clean after it fucked your hot wet oversexed cunt. ”

Suddenly John could not control himself and he slammed hard into Gloria’s cunt and shot loads of spunk deep inside her. Pulling away from him; Gloria turned round and lifting a foot up onto the toilet basin she whispered with pleading eyes for John to prove his last comment and suck his own spunk from her cunt.

In an instant John was on his knees and his tongue was busy lashing Gloria’s spunked up cunt as he sucked his white sticky mess into his mouth marvelling at the taste of their mixed juices. Suddenly they both froze as they heard footsteps outside their cubicle and a door slam closed nearby. The both quietly stood and watched the glory hole but there was no flicker of activity in the next cubicle so they quickly and quietly adjust their clothes and slipped from the toilets.

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Later at home they both tried to avoid the conversation that they both wanted to begin but did not want to offend the other. It was Gloria who finally brought the subject up; “John, were you serious when you said that you would suck another man’s cock and eat their spunk from my cunt?”

“Well I did say I would and if you wanted me to then yes I would; just for you though love!” he answered bashfully.

“But tell me; love!” John began, “why was it that when I mentioned anything about sluts; whores; slappers and horny bitches; that your cunt clamped tighter on my cock and you seemed even hotter than before?” he asked.

“I don’t know; John but I have been feeling something has been missing for months and months now and it just seemed that it turned me on to think you were calling me a slut!” she truthfully answered, “but I am not sure I could actually become a slut and do half of the things that would entail!” she confessed.

Almost as eager as when they were newlyweds; John and Gloria could not wait for bed and as soon as was reasonably acceptable they headed off to their bedroom; it was the first time in years that both Gloria and John slipped beneath the sheets totally naked. As they lay there in the semi gloom of the darkening night; their breathing a little ragged as if in excited anticipation; neither keen to break the spell of silence in case the whole evening deteriorated into a mess.

John sneaked an arm towards his wife; and as she turned to meet it, John whispered, “Gloria my love; would you be my slut tonight?”

Gloria gasped her response, “Oh yes John anytime you want me too!”

With that John threw back the covers and turned on the bedside lamp; he looked down at his wife’s naked body and smiled; he parted her legs gently and said, “You know a slut has no pubic hair; so maybe if you are going to be my regular slut; you should shave your cunt and keep it shaved!”

“Oh John, if you want my cunt shaved then you had better do it as my hands would shake too much and I would probably do myself a mischief!” she replied.

John merely went to the bathroom and gather the items needed to shave his wife’s raven pubic hairs; upon returning he slid a towel beneath her arse cheeks and using his badgers hair shaving brush; he lathered up her pubes. He decided to tease his wife a little; so he deliberately tickled her clit with the bristles of the shaving brush. Midst chuckles; Gloria begged her husband to stop teasing her clit like that or she would be helpless to avoid making a lot of mess all over the bed.

Despite her pleas; John continued as he reminded her that as a slut she should make the very best of her horny body and in particular her over heated cock hungry cunt. Then very carefully; he used his wet razor to remove the bulk of Gloria’s jet black pubes; then he lathered her cunt again, this time using both the brush and his fingers to massage the soapy area and seizing the chance to slip two soapy fingers into her steaming honey pot.

Now almost groaning into the back of her hand; Gloria was thrusting her hips to meet an imaginary cock; just then John leaned forward and asked Gloria to close her eyes and then describe the imaginary cock fucking her. Gloria began; it’s so large and thick; covered in veins and as hard as granite; oh the balls slapping against her cunt lips sounded like the peal of thunder; she said. A disappointed John stopped her and asked her to describe the cock in more details; suddenly falling in she realised what John wanted.

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“Oh John, this cock is six inches long and when I first felt it; it was so soft and floppy; I slid my hand down on to the bollocks with it and felt their heat as the cock jumped; soon the cock firmed up and grew in length to a majestic ten inches; its purplish head glistening with pre cum; How I wanted you to suck this cock for me John; to prepare it for fucking your whore; I could just see you on your knees; as he stands in front of you and presses his cock to your mouth; you tentatively open your mouth and let your tongue slip out to lick up the pre cum; the man places his hand behind your head and gently impresses on you that you should take his cock into your mouth; more and more of the cock slips inside your mouth as he tells you, “Yes wimp! Suck it and make it ready to fuck you slutty wife’s cunt, yes wimp it is going to fuck your whore of a wife as you watch and anticipate the fun to come as you will soon be eating cream pie direct from the tart’s cunt!”

Now John’s hand was trembling so much he had to stop shaving Gloria’s pubes or risk cutting her; so he leaned forward and kissed his wife before asking her to remain quiet whilst he finished shaving her. This she did and lay watching the dutiful care and skill her husband demonstrated in shaving her honey pot. With a final patting dry of the towel; Gloria now examined her freshly shaven quim and thought how wonderful it looked devoid of hair.

She was just about to thank John for such a great job when he dropped his mouth onto her clit and sucked hard; pulling her clit this way and that; such was the effect it had on Gloria that she suddenly grabbed the pillow and bit into it rather than scream the house down; John for his diligent work got his face soaked in sprays of cunt juice as his wife ground her fountain like cunt into his face.

As Gloria began to calm down; she asked John if he was going to fuck his bitch now and if so; how he was going to fuck her. John told her she was damn right he was going to fuck her and he wanted her to show him how much of a slut she was by going on top and riding him like a two bit whore. With that John lay back on his side of the bed and Gloria immediately climbed on top of him and gripping his six inch rock hard cock she slipped it into her cunt; leaning forward she asked John to talk dirty to her. John was more than happy to do just that calling her a whore who could not get enough cock; a slut for fucking and a cum bucket to catch as much baby making seed as possible.

All too soon John grunted; as he shot his seed into his wife; who by now was wailing like a banshee; as she too climaxed. Now she slumped forward her body soaking in sweat from her exertions; draping her raven shoulder length hair over the still sweating body of her husband.

Moments later Gloria kissed him passionately and as she pulled back she told him to do as he promised and to suck his spunk from her still throbbing cunt; John was only too happy to do just that and as Gloria sat on his face and felt his tongue lapping at her wide open cunt lips she suddenly felt the need to push things further. She lifted herself just enough to be able to see his face; she asked him if he wanted fucking too. Momentarily confused John asked what she meant and she said I will show you.

Once John had sucked her cunt clear of spunk and swallowed every last drop; Gloria got off the bed and went to the wardrobe before returning with a twelve inch long dildo; “What the fuck is that? And how long have you owned that?” John asked. Gloria replied, “It is a dildo; a rubber prick in effect and it is not actually mine but belongs to a colleague from work who asked me to keep it safe for her as her parents were visiting and she knew her mother was a nosey cow and would go snooping and the last thing she needed to find was this!”

Gloria then added, “I sort of got the idea that it was a double edged sword, one side was to see what my reaction would be to this sex toy and the second was almost a declaration that she would love to use this on me if I was willing!”

Gloria now offered one end to John and told him to suck it like it was a real cock; John felt a little strange to be doing this to a rubber cock until Gloria pointed out he had better make the end very wet with saliva because as it slid up his arse the wetter the better as that was the only lubrication they had.

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   John could not believe his wife was not only in possession of such a toy but also the fact she was now willing to use it on him to fuck him with it. Deep down inside he desperately wanted to feel how it felt to be fucked but he did not know why; he rationalised that it had to be linked with his new found desire to suck another man’s cock.

After he had soaked the end of the dildo; Gloria ordered him to lie back and open his legs wide; then she put three pillows under his arse and raised his anal ring up to gain easier access; she told him she wanted to see his face as she fucked him and more than that she wanted him to see her face as he felt what a woman felt to be fucked. Slowly but firmly she pushed the dildo up her husband’s arse and once she felt he had taken a reasonable length she asked him how it felt; an almost ecstatic John told her it felt so wonderful he wished he had tried it years ago; then Gloria began to move it back and forth building up a steady rhythm as she went; when suddenly without John’s cock being touched it suddenly twitched and spewed forth a load of white sticky cum all over his stomach. Pulling the dildo from her husband’s arse she thrust it into his face and without thinking John sucked it clean while Gloria lapped up the mess on his stomach like the cat that got the cream.

Both slept the sleep of the dead that night as a new contentment seemed to settle over them and next morning there was more than a little embarrassment at the thought of them having broken a taboo. John though was convinced that the dam was breached now and he began searching the web for information about cuckolds and slut wives. Obviously there was hundreds and hundreds of sites; John found himself on one site which not only had lots of pictures and stories; but also a chat room and somehow he found himself talking to someone called master Dom. Well one thing led to another and without really realising John had told Dom all about his fantasy and the reaction he had on his wife by calling her a slut.

John was still none the wiser as to how; but apparently he had given Dom his home address and an invite round for that night; when he realised what he had done; John panicked as to how Gloria would take it. John decided to be honest with Gloria and tell her exactly what had happened even if he could not remember how he had got to that point. Gloria was upset but more supportive than he had expected and she calmed him by pointing out that at the end of the day; nothing could happen without the agreement and consent.

Later that night around 6. 30pm the door bell rang and John went to answer it; Gloria sat a little nervously in the living room waiting for John to return either with or without the caller. She strained her ears to try to hear the conversation out in the hallway but without any success; It seemed ages since john had gone to answer the door and Gloria was about to give in to her curiosity when the door slowly opened and in stepped a naked John; His cock already semi hard and he was quickly followed by a six foot tall; slightly overweight man who introduced himself as Ray; or as he said Master Ray; sir or just plain Master would suffice.

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The fact that John was naked shocked Gloria and she struggled for words; John though merely stood to one side and said, “Master this is my wife Gloria!”

Master simply pointed to the floor area in front of the sofa and said, “Sit!” John lowered his head and immediately sat in the place indicated; Master Ray then continued, “Oh so you are my slut Gloria; are you? I understand that you can be a horny fucker of a bitch! But I warn you I am prone to demand obedience and will not tolerate slipshod behaviour or disrespect; so remember it is master, master Ray or Sir, or face the wrath of my displeasure!”

“Stand Slut!” he commanded and hesitantly Gloria rose to her feet; “I understand you already shave your cunt; and in fact you did so for the first time yesterday?” he continued. Gloria simply nodded; “How does your cunt feel right now? Are you as horny as you look like a bitch on heat?” he prompted.

“I am fine, not too horny although intrigued as to why John is naked when he went to the door dressed?” Gloria answered nervously.

Master Ray stepped forward and took Gloria’s chin in his hand and applied gentle pressure as he spoke slowly and close to her face, “I will not warn you again, I demand full respect and the correct adulation and you have been told how to address me properly, do not make me punish you from the start, bitch!”

John looked up from his place on the floor and almost winced at the thought he may get punished because of his wife’s lack of respect to a dominant man.
    Gloria gulped and then with eyes lowered to the ground; said “Sorry Sir, I was just shocked at the speed of events and I beg forgiveness for forgetting my place!”

    A smile developed on Master Ray’s face as he said, “Very nice apology! Your wimp of a husband invited me here to take charge of the pair of you so it was only right I demanded he display his acceptance of my new role as master by making him undress but that is only the start for now I have seen you I can continue!”

    “Wimp, Stand up and go fetch a pair of stockings, a suspender belt and a bra from this slut’s wardrobe!” he demanded and John quickly stood up and left the room. Whilst he was gone Master Ray spoke to Gloria, he demanded to know her vital statistics and when was the last time she had taken a cock up her cunt; as well as the last time she had taken a cock up her arse; further more he demanded to know when she sucked cock did she swallow or spit and finally if the idea of displaying her tits and newly shaved cunt to a perfect stranger was turning her on.

    Gloria began, “Master, I am 38 – 26 – 32 five foot seven tall; my tits are actually 38 DD and the last cock up my cunt was last night when John fucked me; I have not taken a cock up her arse for over three years; I do swallow when I feel in the mood but recently I have preferred to simply let oral spunk drip on to my tits for John to lick clean; I must confess my stomach is doing wonderful things and the butterflies seem to have turned into albatross’s but my cunt is churning away at the thought of being naked wearing stockings in front of you, Sir!”

    Just then John arrived back in the room; turning to him, Master Ray said, “Firstly John Put on the bra!” John looked shocked but knew better than to hesitate or object; so he quickly done the bra which looked silly with their empty cups. “Wimp, now put on the suspender belt and stockings and be fucking quick about it!” Master Ray demanded.

    John hurriedly put on the suspender belt and began to slide the silky stocking up his hairy legs; the effect of the stocking on him clearly showed as his cock grew harder and stiffer; Now John stood awaiting his next command. Master Ray smiled and asked Gloria if she like the look of her new maid; he also asked john if he felt like the woman he was in these clothing.

    Both Gloria and John agreed; John looked sexy and effeminate dressed as he was; his six inch cock poking out from between his stocking clad legs like a flag pole. Master Ray then told John, “Right wimp; go stand behind my slut and when I tell you; you will open one button at a time of the bitch’s blouse!”

    John hastened behind his wife and she could feel his cock head touching the back of her skirt; so close was he stood. Master Ray then spoke to Gloria, “Tell me slut; why should I take the time to train you to my exacting standards!” he demanded.

    “Sir, to serve a real man and make my master happy is all I live to achieve!” she answered.

    Master Ray ordered John to undo her top blouse button; telling the pair of them every time she answered a question with a satisfactory answer John would undo another button; three unsatisfactory answers and he would disappear and leave them with no possibility of return.

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       He then asked her, “I am informed you fucked this wimp up the arse last night; how did you feel fucking him for a change?”

    “Master, it gave me a great feeling of power to slide the dildo deep into his arse and have him experience the sensations awoman feels when being fucked; I almost wished I had a real cock to feel the feeling as a man would do too!” she answered honestly. Master Ray nodded in her direction and told John to undo the next button.

    “Do you have a wide range of sex toys and if so how often do you use them when alone?” He demanded; Gloria almost froze for she did play with herself when home alone but had never admitted it to John; she was worried now as to how he would react.

    “I have a few sex toys; and a few ordinary items I use when I feel horny and John is not around! But I prefer to have him here to do the things I like; although I would never ask him to use the toys or items on me as I feel they are private things! Sir” she answered nervously.

    “Bitch, you have no privacy; you will learn your body is mine to use and abuse as I see fit and therefore you will not have any secrets from me or Joanna here!” Master Ray replied. Gloria shot a look at John who quickly mouthed its ok. Master Ray smiled as he saw this and told John to undo the remaining buttons but to count to ten between each one. Master Ray stepped back and watched as more and more of her cleavage was revealed until her blouse hung loose open fronted on her frame. “Remove the blouse; Joanna!” he simply said.

    John slipped the blouse off her shoulders and allowed it to slide down her arms and on to the floor; Gloria’s first reaction was to bring her hands up to cover her breasts but a stern stop from Sir made her rethink this ploy. “Wimp put your hands under her tits and hold them out towards me!” Master Ray insisted. “Bitch is your cunt wet and horny now as your husband is holding your tits out; offering then to a stranger to play with and use as he see fit!” he continued.

    “Oh, Sir, my cunt is on fire and I would also love you to play with my tits!” she gasped

    Master Ray then ordered Joanna to remove Gloria’s skirt and then made Gloria open her legs wider and had Joanna to slide her hand between her legs from behind and rub her cunt through her panties. As Gloria’s hips began thrusting from the ministrations of her husband’s hand; Ray asked her what she wanted more than anything at this moment in time.

    “Oh God!!! I want to take your cock from your trousers; Sir and to place it in my mouth; lovingly sucking and caressing it till you tell me to accept your powerful baby making seed into my mouth and then with your permission I would turn and share that spunk with my husband!” She excitedly answered.

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    “That is not possible, my horny fuck toy; because as I already told your wimp of a husband; he was going to be sucking my cock making it wet and hard for when I fucked his wife; my two bit whore; and besides; he is then going to eat my spunk from which ever hole I decide to deposit my spunk in; so cock sucking John here could be eating a mixture of spunk and cunt juice from your cunt or shit and spunk from your arse; I have not decided which just yet!” Master Ray stated.

    “I think your panties are quite wet enough now; looking at them! So John remove your slut of a wife’s panties!” Master Ray demanded. John quickly pulled the panties down his wife’s legs and allowed her to step out of them; then he handed them to Master Ray. Master Ray held them up to his nose and sniffed; then he held them out to Gloria and allowed her to smell the clearly visible wet patch. Gloria was about to open her mouth to taste the panties when they were quickly withdrawn and John was told to put them on and cover his poor excuse for a prick with his slag of a wife’s wet panties.

    Master Ray then ordered John to go to the corner and stand on tiptoe facing the corner with his hands on his head; Gloria was then told to stand directly behind him with just her nipples touching the back of John; she was also told to count to three then go up on tiptoe before counting to three again and back on to her heels; she was to keep this up until told to stop. This way she was actually rubbing her own nipples against John’s back and therefore increasing her own rapidly rising passions.

    Master Ray quietly undressed and once naked sporting a semi hard eight and a half inch cock; he told Gloria to stop and to come to him and kneel down beside him; then he called John over and made him kneel directly in front of his master. Then he told Gloria to watch her cock loving husband and to encourage him to make their master’s cock rock hard to fuck the bitch with. John immediately took his very first real cock into his mouth and began sucking and licking away; Gloria began telling how to do it to get the best results and how she wanted it rock hard as quickly as possible because her cunt needed filling and fucking hard and fast. John continued slurping away at the cock in his mouth while Gloria eagerly awaited the chance of taking the cock she was now desperate to feel throbbing away inside her. Ray sent Gloria to the kitchen to fetch a clean empty bowl.

    After a little while; Master Ray pulled out of John’s mouth and ordered him to lower the panties he was wearing and to slowly wank his cock off into the bowl; mean while he told Gloria that as she was a horny fucking bitch she would be fucked like one and made her get on hands and knees and took her up the cunt from behind in the doggie position.

    He fucked her hard and fast while verbally encouraging John to wank his weedy cock into the bowl; even Gloria joined in by telling John how good it felt to have a real man’s cock up her cunt and fucking her on to a proper orgasm and delivery of a real man’s spunk load.

    Suddenly John gasped as his cock erupted; stream after stream of white sticky cum was delivered into the bowl; as the pool of white spunk collected in the bottom of the bowl; Gloria suddenly began shaking and mewing her way through a powerful orgasm as she begged the real cock in her cunt to make her with child and show her wimp of a husband how to fertilise a barren desert.

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       For Master Ray he began to feel the tell tale signals of his approaching orgasm and he gripped Gloria’s hips as he thrust forward and unloaded his load of spunk deep into her cunt.

    When he pulled out he made John suck clean his cock before Master Ray squeezed a little piss out of his body and added it to the bowl. Then taking a seat on the sofa he made Gloria crouch over the bowl till the spunk seeping from her cunt dripped into the ever expanding mixture in the bowl. As the flow slowed he ordered John to now suck clean the horny bitch’s cunt and make her scream out his master’s name as she climaxed once more.

    Gloria did just that as her second orgasm inside five minutes hit home she was calling out how much she wanted and need to be Master Ray’s personal whore and slut. Then just when John thought the evening could not get any better; he watched as Gloria sucked Master Ray’s cock until it was hard enough and where Gloria hoped she was in for a second good fucking. She was disappointed though when Master Ray made her lubricate John’s boy pussy with her saliva and tongue before she watched as John Took his first real cock up his virgin ass.

    Master Ray fucked him for what seemed ages; sliding his hand beneath John and began wanking his cock while Gloria stood by with the bowl; after John cum once more into the bowl Master Ray increased his pace but at the moment of cumming he pulled out and added his load to the bowl. After John had cleaned up his master’s cock; Ray poured the contents of the bowl into John’s mouth and ordered him to share it with his whorish wife. Master Ray watched as they swapped spunk and piss until the contents of the bowl was completely gone; then dressing he simply left his telephone number for them to call him next time they wanted putting in their proper places and promised it would always be BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.


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