“Ok, I’m beginning to feel like a ‘wildcat’ already,” she laughed.
The black skirt was extremely short. Becky had refused to wear it to the club because she knew men would look at her long legs. She was shy and considered her legs too long. Tonight she wanted men to notice her.
Next she slid the silky tiger-striped shirt over her head. The coolness of the material made her nipples harden even more.
One last look in the mirror as Brandie honked her horn out front, Becky decided that she looked “hot” and laughed as she walked out the door.

The ladies arrived at the club and let the valet park the car tonight. This was a night to make an entrance.
They walked in together, laughing and joking.
The valet watched them walk into the club, a bulge forming in his khaki pants. He parked their car wishing he could score with one of them.

The bartender noticed them right away and made sure to get their drinks quickly.
Becky scoped the club for potential lovers. She noticed the blonde with the black leather pants on.

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  He was eyeing all the women as they walked past. She quickly dismissed him as “too stuck on himself. ”
She watched the goy with the long dark hair sitting at the bar as he gulped his beer down. Too drunk. She wanted someone with staying power tonight.
Her eyes scanned the crowd. She did a double take when her eyes found the cowboy at the pool table.
His laughter drew her attention first. He laughed with a sort of jingle. Her eyes traveled over his body, taking in his broad shoulders, his muscular back and lingered for awhile on his very nice ass in the tight Wranglers. He had on ropers so she knew he could dance. His back was turned to her but she instinctively knew that the view from the front would only draw her closer to him.
She winked to her friends before strutting over to him. She walked up behind him as he was taking a shot and whispered into his left ear, “Hey cowboy, teach me to play pool?”
He was startled by her nearness and missed the shot, drawing laughter from his friends. He turned to see who was interrupting his game and was taken back by Becky’s subtle beauty.

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A smile crossed his mouth very slowly as he drank in her scent. His eyes took in her sexily clad body. He stepped closer to her and said, “I’d be glad to help a lady learn to play. My name is Randy. ”
“My name is Becky, nice to meet you Randy,” she said.
Becky went right into the stance of taking a shot. He slightly leaned back to admire her long legs and cute ass before leaning against her to show her the proper way to hold the cue stick.
Becky moved back against him slightly, her ass rubbing his crotch. His sharp intake of breath indicated the response she wanted.
After a few lessons, Becky asked her cowboy to dance. As they proceded to the dancefloor, Becky was in front leading. Randy watched her ass sway to the beat of the music. Once on the dance floor, the song changed and a slow one began.
Randy was happy at the prospect of having her in his arms again. She walked into his arms as if she belonged there and Randy took note of that fact.

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They began swaying with the music, his arms around her waist and hers around his shoulders. Randy pulled her closer and breathed in her perfume.
Becky loved his smell, a combination of musk and a manly frangrance that was intoxicating.
Randy’s hands began moving of their own accord and Becky felt them on her ass. She smiled as she moved her hips against him. She heard a barely audible moan escape his lips as he pressed his mouth into her silky hair.
Becky leaned back and looked into his blue eyes and said, “How about giving me a ride home, cowboy?”
Randy was very turned on and welcomed the chance to be alone with Becky. He grabbed her hand and basically dragged her out of the club. Becky waved to her friends as she grinned from ear to ear. They all sent thumbs-up her way as she left.

Randy opened the door to his truck for Becky and admired her sexy ass as she climbed up. He went around to his side and slid into the seat with ease.
Becky was impressed with his manners and thought how nice it would be to have a boyfriend like Randy. She shook off the thought, it’s just “wildcat night. ”
Randy reached for Becky and pulled her into his arms.

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  His mouth found hers and his lips tasted her for the first time. He moaned softly at the sweet taste of her mouth. Then the kiss deepened and his tongue delved into the sweet nectar he wanted more of.
Becky loved the feel of his mouth and swirled her tongue around his in order to taste more.
He stopped the kiss long enough to lean back and apologize for being so forward in the dance club.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get so carried away in there. You just took my breath away. I’m having a hard time controlling myself right now, too,” Randy said.
Becky smiled and said, “Randy, please take me home and make passionate love to me. ”
As soon as the words left her mouth his tongue was filling it again. His hands caressed her hair as his mouth devoured hers.
He reluctantly pulled away from her to start the truck. He took several deep breaths before putting the truck into gear. He asked for directions and Becky gave them as if on automatic pilot. Her left hand felt the strong muscles of his thigh under the denim material of the Wranglers.

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  She squeezed and heard him moan again. She didn’t dare to move her hand further up, he would have lost control of the truck and they would never get to share the night together.

Randy pulled into her drive and turned the truck engine off. He took a deep breath before turning to her. They looked into each other’s eyes.
“Are you sure about this?” Randy wanted to hear a yes but expected a no.
“I want you,” was all he needed to hear.
Randy jumped out of the truck and ran to her side to open the door. He lifted her down, sliding her body along his as he did so. They walked/ran to the house together, laughing.

As Becky unlocked and opened the door, the passion ignited and they tumbled inside together. Locked in a fiery embrace, they kissed and fondled each other. Hands were everywhere and anywhere they could touch. Clothes were removed almost unnoticed. Finally when their skins touched, Randy regained controll long enough to ask where the bedroom was.

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  Becky could only point in the general direction.

    Randy picked her up and carried her to the queen sized bed. He sat her down on the bed long enough to turn the tiger-striped comforter back, revealing matching sheets. He picked her up again and lay her down very tenderly before lowering his body over hers.
    His lips found hers once again and he kissed her lingeringly, savoring each new crevice that he found with his tongue. Her hands were restless and roamed up and down his back, her nails softly scratching as her passion grew.
    His mouth moved to her jawline, his tongue tracing the line down to her neck. He nibbled at the delicate skin there. Licking a path down to her shoulder, he moaned at the silkiness of her skin. He gently bit at her shoulder and she moaned with pleasure. His body moved downward as his mouth did.
    Her left nipple was firmly grasped by his eager mouth and he suckled hungrily. Becky’s hands went to his head and her fingers entangled themselves in his hair. Her breathing quickened and her heart fluttered.
    His hands moved up and down her sides, loving the feel of her skin.

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      He reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her into him, pressing his hardness against her.
    Her legs came open automatically and wrapped around his waist, trapping his cock between them. She moaned as she felt him harden even more.
    Becky clled to him, “Randy…Randy. ”
    He raised his head, afraid that she would say she had changed her mind. Their eyes met.
    “Please make love to me, Randy,” was all she said.
    Randy raised himself up, her hand guiding him to her hot opening. Randy took a deep breath and moved the head inside her tight pussy. Her legs gripped him tightly and pulled him even deeper. He kissed her just as deeply when he entered her fully. They lay together like that for a moment, him inside her, her pussy gripping him. He sucked on her lower lip and began stroking his cock in and out of her wetness. Moans filled the room along with the heavy scent of sex. Becky’s removed one of her hands from his hair and moved it to his ass, squeezing it to encourage him.

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    Randy loved this and began moving a little faster. He repositioned himself between her legs and lifted her legs onto his shoulders so that he could stroke deeper.
    Becky felt her orgasm start when he thrust hard into her. Her pussy contracted on his hard cock and this sent him spiraling toward his release. He began bucking against her, pounding harder, bringing himself closer and closer to the edge. She squeezed one last time and he came with a loud groan and thrust as deep as he could.

    As they lay together, him still inside her, Randy began kissing her cheeks, her lips, her eyelids, her jaw. He tenderly held her face in his hands and then kissed her mouth.
    “I think I love you,” Randy said softly.
    Becky’s eyes widened in surprise.
    “I know we just met, I know that you probably weren’t looking for more than this, but I would like to get to know you better. Can we pursue this further?”
    Becky smiled softly and said, “I don’t know how you did it but you read my mind. ”




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