Bean Bag Chair Surprise


Being a mom of three kids is tough. Being a single mom of three kids is even tougher. When I walked through the door with groceries in both hands after a long day at work I was about as stressed as it gets. The boys were nowhere to be found, so naturally I had to make the extra trips back to the car to get the rest of the groceries.

Once back in the house my anger spurred me to go see where they were. My 12 year old was in his room, face buried in a book with his earbuds in. My 9 year old was sound asleep on the sofa. My 18 year old was nowhere to be found. I continued to search. I headed down to the basement and spotted him sitting facing away from me in a beanbag chair. I said his name, but he didn’t reply. As I approached I spotted his earbuds in his ears which explained why he wasn’t responding. As I got close enough to see over his shoulder I was caught off guard. On his iPad was a porn movie playing. The scene was pretty raunchy. Some slutty looking woman in her 30’s was on her back with a dozen guys surrounding her taking turns on her.

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   I found myself oddly aroused at the scene, but ignored it as I was more concerned that he was watching porn.
Another step closer and I saw it. My son had paused stroking his cock and was just holding it in all its glory. It was beautiful! He was easily 8 inches and as thick as my wrist with big, bulging veins, a large round cock head with a slit big enough to slip the end of my pinky into it and massive balls that would make most men jealous. I was flushed with arousal. If he wasn’t my son I would have rushed over and climbed on it right there, but instead I just watched. He began stroking it again, gently and slowly, clearly enjoying his own touch, his big testicles gently bouncing up and down with each stroke. I found myself feeling the urge to touch it. As I stood there staring at his cock I watched as a glistening drop of precum rose to the tip. In one deft swipe he swirled his finger around his head smearing it all over it making his entire cockhead glisten and sparkle like a big, pink, fleshy jewel. I wanted it bad.

I was so engulfed in staring at his cock that I didn’t even see him turn his head slightly and see me standing there, so I nearly jumped out of my shoes when he said “You can come closer if you want a better look. ” Every nerve in my body screamed “RUN AWAY!!! Don’t watch your son stroke his big, beautiful cock!!!”, yet I took a step closer. I felt like a moth drawn to a flame. I wanted to get closer to it.

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   I wanted to touch it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. As much as I didn’t want to admit it to myself, I realized that I craved it.

Without thinking I had taken several more steps closer and was standing with my toes tucked under the edge of the back of the beanbag. He looked back and smiled at me and went back to gently stroking it. After a few minutes he broke the silence again and said “You know it usually takes me a while to shoot. Why don’t you have a seat beside me and watch?” Again, I didn’t speak a word, I just stepped beside him and slid to the floor coming to rest on my knees. I then realized I had just subconsciously gone to my knees beside of him. I didn’t know if he noticed, but I was blatantly aware how my actions had positioned me. My heart was racing. My mouth was watering. I found myself licking my lips and wanting to taste it. The only thing stopping me was my guilt. Everything else…my body, my subconscious…everything about me craved his big cock. That voice in the back of my head screaming “You are his mom! You can’t do this!” was the only thing holding me back and I could feel myself losing the battle with that voice.


   With every stroke of his cock, with every bounce of his big balls, the voice was becoming weaker and weaker.

Again he broke the silence “I have fantasized about you seeing me doing this. I wanted you to see it. ” I said nothing. He let go of his cock and it just sat there rocking back and forth as it throbbed with every beat of his heart. Then he asked “Do you like it?” Without contemplating my words I gushed “It is absolutely beautiful!” My face flushed with embarrassment. I couldn’t believe I had just told my son his cock was beautiful! It throbbed…pulsed…swayed. It was intoxicating. I felt like I was in a trance. I could feel him looking at me, but I was unable or perhaps unwilling to take my eyes off of it. We just sat there, him staring at me while I stared at it. That voice in the back of my mind was long gone and had taken the last of my inhibitions with it. I softly said “I want to touch it. ” I couldn’t believe I had said it, but deep down I was glad that I did. The courage to say it would have quickly gone away if I hadn’t.

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   Barely a whisper came out of his mouth…”It’s OK, I want you to touch it too. ” Without another word I reached out, my hands shaking, and gently wrapped my fingers around it. It was hot. So hot! I could feel it throbbing in my grasp. I was amazed at how thick it was. My middle finger and thumb were unable to touch as I wrapped my fingers around his thickness. I had never held one this big before. I looked at him and his eyelids were heavy, barely open. My touch was bringing him pleasure and I hadn’t even done anything but held it. I slowly slid my hand towards the head, feeling the ripple of every vein and I did until I reached that huge head and repeated his previous actions and ran my finger around the tip, swirling another big drop of precum all over it. He shuddered in pleasure.

He slid his iPad off onto the floor and said “I want to watch you. I want to see you enjoy my big dick. I want you to make me cum. ” That was all of the encouragement I needed.

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   I began to slowly stroke it. I wanted to make him cum, I wanted to see it shoot, and I wanted to take my time and enjoy it. And I did.

I spent the next 18 minutes slowly and gently stroking his cock and fondling his big balls. They were heavy, but drawn up tight. He produced a tremendous amount of precum, big droplets rising to the top before gliding over the edge and lubricating his cock as I stroked it. At one point I told him to let me know when he was close although I was sure I could tell. Soon his breathing grew heavy and he whispered it was close. I am sure he thought I was going to let him finish. Instead I let go of it and allowed his orgasm to fade. The frustration on his face was obvious, but I wanted to bring him to the ultimate orgasm by edging him, something I was sure he had never done. I repeated the process several times, bringing him to the edge then letting it subside. His cock was so amazingly hard and throbbing…I could hardly believe how perfect and beautiful it was. I was thoroughly engulfed in pleasuring him and a big part of me didn’t want it to end. After the fourth time of me edging himhe told me he couldn’t take it anymore and felt like his balls were going to explode.

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   The precum was gushing and his cock and my hand were heavily lubed by it. My hands were sticky with it. I knew he was ready to explode.

That voice in the back of my mind was obsolete. My inhibitions were entirely eliminated. I had crossed into the point of no return. I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t going to stop until I got it, no matter what. With the loving tone that only a mother can have, I gently told him “OK sweetie, mommy will make you cum now. Don’t hold back no matter what. Don’t warn me, just cum when it is time for it and know that I want you to do it. ” I released his throbbing monster from my grasp allowing it to sway and pulse, then leaned down and wrapped my lips around his head and swirled my tongue along the edge of his glans. His entire body shuddered with pleasure. He said “I shoot huge loads. I hope you like lots of cum because I have fantasized about feeding it to you for years!” and put his hand on the back on my head and proceeded to push my mouth down onto it until I was deepthroating him. He eased up and let me off of it long enough to rotate between his legs and get my breath, then gripped my head with both hands and began thrusting his hips fucking my mouth.

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   With both of my hands bracing myself on the floor my mouth was his. I was lost in paradise! I could hear him talking quietly, but I was so engulfed in pleasuring his cock I could barely make out the words. Then he got a little louder as his orgasm drew near…”Not holding back. Feeding you all of it. Make you my cumslut. ” My heart was racing! He was right. I really was going to be his cumslut. There was no turning back from this. In my heart I knew that I would give him this anytime he wanted from now on because I wanted it too.

He thrust harder and harder, holding my head in place with handfuls of my hair, his big balls slapping my chin with every thrust. I normally gag, but I felt no gagging at all as he shoved his big dick as far down my throat as it would go. My pussy was throbbing. I was so turned on by being used like this by him. I needed to cum too. I shoved my hand in my shorts and began furiously fingering my dripping cunt.

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   Then I felt the first gush of cum blast my tongue. It was delicious! He wasn’t kidding either. He was a huge cummer. I was gulping cum down as fast as I could as still more was leaking out and running down his shaft and pooling at the base on his balls. One part of me was upset that it leaked out, but another was celebrating the joy at getting to lick his cum up from his shaft and balls. Then I felt his hand slip inside of my blouse, push my bra aside and cup my tit. I was in a state of euphoria. Everything felt amazing. I heard him say “Keep sucking my cock until you cum. ” And I did. He sensed as my orgasm grew close and used his free hand to shove my mouth back to the balls on his cock as his other roughly squeezed my tit and pinched my nipple. With his cock buried down my throat and him holding me there I was his. I could not breath, I did not care. I was in blissful heaven. Moments later, with his balls smashed against my chin and his cockhead halfway down my throat, his hand gripping and squeezing my tit, I came hard.

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   Harder than I had in a very, very long time. The orgasm rocked my body. I tried to scream in pleasure, but his thick shaft down my throat muffled the sounds. The room was spinning, partly from orgasm and partly from lack of oxygen, but I was still cumming and had no desire to stop. Suddenly he yanked on my hair pulling me off of his cock and shoved my face to his balls and told me to lick up the cum that had escaped my lips from them…another orgasm plowed through my body at the sound of him talking to me like a slut. I slipped three fingers inside of my sloppy wet pussy as I lapped the sperm from his crotch and immediately had my third orgasm, my own cum gushing onto my hand and wetting the crotch of my shorts.

After my orgasm subsided I laid my head on his stomach with his cock literally laying across my face. He had pulled my shirt and blouse over my head and was gently fondling my tits and pinching my nipples as I enjoyed the warmth of his cock on my face mixed with the afterglow of orgasm. It felt so erotic having such a big cock laying across my cheek, still hot and throbbing. Part of me was embarrassed at what I had just done and didn’t want to raise up and face him. Part of me was thoroughly enjoying his big dick laying across my face and didn’t want it to end. Eventually he took my head and lifted me up and looked me in the eyes and said “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. I want to do it again soon. Your mouth is amazing!” What else could I say? I told him I loved his cock and thought it was the most wonderful cock I had ever seen, which I really did, and that I wanted to do it for him anytime and as often as he wanted. He smiled and said “I am glad you said that” and put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me back down on it.

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