Bareass Buddies I


Digging in the mud was not the way I wanted to spend my Saturday. My best friend, Jack, was learning the ropes as a new home owner, so I wouldn't be a friend if I didn't help him with the busted pipe in his yard. Besides, he was letting me crash there for free since my lease had run out. The plans hadn't shown us how deep this thing was gonna be, but after 6 hours of digging we were covered head to toe in mud, and soaked to the bone. I'd enjoyed watching Jack put his body through such a tough workout, and I think I surprised him with how much I was able to help. The mud-soaked t-shirt exposed all the muscles in his back, and I'd forgotten how muscular he was. As close as we were, he was painfully shy, and it was rare to even see him with his shirt off. Thought I caught him sizing me up too. I'm a slender guy, but my muscles were popping at this point.

We got the pipe repaired, but were in no shape to do anymore work. It hadn't crossed my mind until then, but I realized there was no way we were leaving the backyard in our work clothes. Jack was coming to the same conclusion and I could see the distress. I reached for the patio door, so he'd have to say the obvious.

"Wait! You can't go inside like that. I'll get the hose. " he said, resigned to the situation.

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   I gave an embarrassed smile and started struggling with my sticky, wet shirt in the middle of the yard. Before I could get it off, I felt a sting of freezing water and let out a scream that was way too high for a man. Laughing now, Jack seemed like he was gonna have some fun with the situation. I started spinning around so he could get all sides. "You need to take off your shorts, they're dripping with mud," he said, as I let the heavy shorts fall to the ground. He was laughing now because I was doing an unintentional dance to deal with the cold water.

"Underwear too!"
"Underwear too. " he said again with some force.

Now grateful for the high walls in the yard, I slid off my soaked boxers. Immediately he shot for my dick, cracking himself up as I yelped. I turned around and let him get my ass. If it wasn't for the cold water, I'd have a huge erection at this point, so I wasn't complaining. He seemed to be deriving more and more pleasure from the situation, so as he was getting my ass, I bent over and spread my cheeks. He let out a gross out yell that was so obviously faked, I knew this day would only get better.

"I'm done, now you.

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  " his face froze a little.
"I'll get myself, you go finish in the shower"
"Nope, you're gonna make a huge mess, and track it in. Give me the hose. " I said while still bare ass naked and shivering. He shuffled to the middle of the yard and hit the hose before he started undressing. The water turned his tshirt from muddy to transparent as he wrestled it off. He winced at the water, and giggled a little before reverting back to the tough guy.
    "Pants off!" I yelled before he had time to even start.

    He could see the fun I was having at imitating him and was probably regretting the precedent he set. I savored the site of him in wet boxer briefs for a minute before yelling "Underwear too!!" He turned around and pulled his underwear off one-handed as he covered up with the other. He had such a perfect round ass on top of some thick legs, and my eyes were huge seeing it for the first time. Trying to act like it wasn't bothering him, his face was turning bright red. "Arms Up!" I ordered as he was now covering himself with both hands. "There's mud running down your legs still, I can't get you clean unless you raise your arms. " Embarrassed, but laughing, he very slowly lifted his hands away from his cock.

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       I couldn't help but smile as I realized he had been hiding a partial erection and very nice dick.

    "Here, cold water will take care of that" I joked as I sprayed him right in the dick. He jumped and called me an asshole, but he looked relived that I wasn't horrified. "Are you enjoying this" I asked in a cheeky tone, but he only had a big smile and a bright red face.

    "Ok, we're done. Turn it off" he finally said.
    "Shower's mine. " I said in a competitive voice.
    "Not if I get there first. " he replied.

    I lept for the door, as he scrambled to turn off the water. He was still hot on my heals, as I sprinted to his shower. Kept hearing doors thrown open after I had slammed them close. I jumped in the shower, and started bragging about my victory. He flew into the shower knocking me against the wall.

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       I froze as he reached his arm around me, then turned on the water. "Fine, I said, you can have it. " He gave me a devilish smile and said. "You're not going anywhere. " That's when the real fun started.




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