Aunty pushed my lust button.


My aunt certainly pushed all my buttons,but being rather young I'd kept the fact hidden. Instead, I'd directed my desires at my cousin, my aunts daughter. There was two reasons for this, it gave me the reason for being at their home most of my free time and two, my cousin had let it be known thro' a mutual friend that she thought I was lush,but being that we were cousins was scared to tell me directly.

So, I took full advantage of this and in no time she was letting me play with her tits and this developed into her playing with my cock as she let me play with her pussy. - All very fine, but darned if she'd let me fuck her - Said she was scared I'd put her in the club - 'course I couldn't claim I was safe,because she'd wanked me so many times by now she knew darn well I was shooting sperm!

Anyway, this particular day she seemed a bit odd, reticent I suppose it was, until she hesitatingly told me her mum wanted to talk to me in house. - "Come on then, what's it about?" - "No, you go, I'll just hang about here!" - Off I went,but on the way, alarm bells started in my head. . . Fuck! Has she told my aunt I'm trying to get in her pants? - No it can't be,we've played with each other to much,she'd be scared I'd blow the whistle that she'd been wanking me and having her cunt worked up all this time. Still its a bit dodgy. I racked my brain in the short time it took to get back in house.

"AAH! Stewart. Just the man, come in the living room, just want to check something with you!" - We sat, me facing my aunt in a chair,her on the settee opposite. - I always sat here as did my aunt sitting on the settee. I knew this was my best vantage point,in case she showed anything, you know, thighs,knicker's,all that stuff. Whenever I'd got lucky,I'd search out my cousin and get her to wank me off.

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   - One time she'd said, - "whenever you stay in talking to my mum,you seem to want to play and get me to toss you off" - But it seemed she'd never put two-&-two together,so I never told her.

I noticed aunt put a book down as I sat in with her - In explanation, - "Dirty that is, its all about relationships and I'm at a bit in it where. . . well where related relations do stuff" - The alarm bell went to red. Shit! she's going to nail me for wanting to fuck her daughter. - "Yeah,it surprised me how often cousins are interested in each other and you got a believe it, aunts and uncles with nieces and nephews!" - My head was swimming, where's this leading - I took the plunge. 'Shit or bust'"well I 'spose like me and Maria! we enjoy each others company,have done since we were little and I enjoy being here with you as well" - "Yeah, I realise that"

She went on - "But you seem quite old for your years,so I wanted to ask you something" - Shit! Here it comes! - I couldn't have been more wrong! - "I know you're into puberty, tell me,do you. . . well do you think stuff about me, I know I'm twenty odd years older. Don't be shy,I'm just curious,you know if boys do stuff to themselves while thinking about their aunts, or mothers for that matter!"

"Blime aunty, - my aunt shifted her legs a bit and as one knee rose to let her take the other out from under her bum, I was sure that was her quim or rather her pubes, surely not,she's sat in front of me without knicker's! - I realised she was watching me intensely - "Ah you do! I could see you were hoping to see something. I've noticed it before but was never quite sure!" - "That's it, you can catch up with your bosom pal again, bet you'll tell her if I know you!" - She said this so meaningfully. I was sure she knew her daughter was wanking me and was probably aware I masterbated her as well.

Escaping I thanked my lucky stars that it wasn't about me wanting to fuck Maria.

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   - Maria declined to play with my cock,but let me feel her tits. - "I think mum only touched on some stuff she's been reading because she suspects we're doing stuff" - "Shit,you haven't said anything about me wanting to do it to you surely?" - "No, but she said its not surprising about cousins doing stuff like the book says that she's reading" - "What else did she say?" - "Nothing really! - Oh she did say, puberty does funny things to boys,then added,girls as well. . . then she talked all weired about older women have similar stuff in their change - whatever change means!"

I'd heard mum and aunt talking about 'change' but took no further notice - thinking that the way they spend money 'change' wouldn't come into their shopping. - My cousin pushed off with a mate she'd arranged to go somewhere with. I returned to my aunts to find my aunt still deep into this book. - She looked a bit hot, well flushed in her cheeks. "Want me to make a cuppa?" - "Yes please. Maria's off to that thing with her friend is she?" - "Yeah" - "Good" - I never gave this another thought until I brought our two cups of tea in. - The book went down and my aunt modified her position, but! in doing so, she intentionally opened her thighs and I saw the total cunt,bush and belly all of her.

"Bet you liked that!" - "I want to see if what they say is true,after our tea I want to see if I can seduce you" - My heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing - "you've been coming on to my Maria,she told me, now I wondered if you'd come on to me - will you if I offered?" - I was thunderstruck - My aunt was asking if I'd fuck her! - The cup tinkled against the saucer as I tried not to shake as I sipped the tea. - Smiling now,my aunt - "Shocked are you? I'm shocking myself but reading this book has turned my brain I think" - "I can't drink it aunt, I'm too shaky" - "Me too. Come and sit by me and you can do stuff,you know like you do to Maria,but she told me she won't! - When you get that far, - I will though!"

I surprisingly got right into it, I felt my aunts pussy,as soon as I got into the slit,I felt it,the lips the hole - bigger than Maria's as was her mum's clitoris. In no time my aunt had lain back and with her skirt up around her belly she encouraged me to lick her.

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   - "you've done this before, was it all with my Maria?" - I bobbed my head up and down in answer - Christ she must be strong willed not to have secombed having had you do that. Get shot of your trousers and give me that cock of yours here" - I did as she in turn stripped herself letting her tits flop out before me. - she wrestled my skin back off my hardon and sucked for a bit,then told me about 69 and she got me to turn over her and do it together. I think it was only nerves that had so far stopped me from cumming.

"Come on you, up on my bed, You're going to have to fuck me PDQ" - "PDQ?" - "Yeah 'pretty damn quick' Shit I need a cock" - Now on the bed,I'd never heard my aunt talk like this and I found it made me really horny. - "Aunt this rude talk is making me want to cum!" - "Me too! - Now get between my legs and fuck me, you've made me as slippery as an eel!" - My hard cock slid into her vagina and I'd say it never touched the sides, I mean she was so wet and slippery my ball sac was dripping as soon as it came against her cunts opening. - "NOW! FUCK AS FAST AND HARD AS YOU CAN!!

Make me cum nephew,make it shoot you horny young bastard!" - this talk made me shoot alright,I shot so much cum in her it now slopped and gurgled as I persisted with my first fuck. After about a quarter of an hour,the constant pumping must have dried aunts cunt somewhat because it started feeling far more tight and the friction now had me swinging from the rafters until I again shot off. This time my aunt jerked and jiggled until she gasping had what I knew was a giant orgasm. She jerked about so much that my cock although still as stiff as a poker slipped out and she demanded it rammed quickly back into her vagina to continue making her multi-orgasm.

The experience was over now and not before time. Getting downstairs, in minutes, Maria re-appeared from her mates. - "High girl, Stew's okay now, we've sorted your and his little problem, I'll follow up any time he's after - You know what. - Don't want you pregnant do we?" - I blushed,the cunning bitches,it was a conspiricy,they both knew and arranged the sorting of my and my cousins difference. - I had the best of both worlds now tho' - 'Young sexual play followed by experienced sexual training' - My aunt giggled unmercifully as I asked so innocently - "Is it alright if I come round tomorrow? - "Hey Maria, he's asking if he can cum tomorrow!! Ha! Ha! Yeah and every other day! What say you daughter?" - Maria's head popped round the door, - "Yeah! But not in me tho' mum,well not yet anyway!"

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