Auntie Mabel Book 2 Still Sixty Still Sexy


Auntie Mabel.    Sixty and Sexy.


Book two.


Sunday dinner with Mabel.


When John got home that evening, his mum asked him what he had been doing all day.

He considered telling her that he had been fucking his Auntie Mabel’s mouth, cunt and arse.

He then decided, that perhaps he had better keep those activities secret.


He sat down at the kitchen table, while his mum made him a cup of tea. He told her about mowing the lawns, and clearing up the garden, and cutting the hedge.

‘Good heavens John, she really worked you hard, you poor boy,’ commiserated his mum.


He said that he hadn’t minded too much, and it had made a change from the usual things he did on a Saturday.

His mum told him that as Mabel had given them such a lovely dinner on Friday, she had invited her over for Sunday dinner tomorrow.


John was over the moon at this news, and ran upstairs to his bedroom to think about the events of the day, and get some well earned rest.

He hadn’t realised that fucking a woman was so tiring.

He lay naked on his bed, and examined his cock.


It seemed a bit tender, but it had been worth it.

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He was now a man, and his confidence had been given a fantastic boost.

Then guilt reared its ugly head, what if his mum found out?

Doreen was such a straight laced woman, she would be shocked and disgusted if she found out.


Then, as he was lying there in bed, he looked over at his wardrobe.

Getting up he went to it, and reached up to the top of it.

He knew that his mum was too short to reach up here, and there was no reason that she should.


Hidden in the corner by the wall was a matchbox.

John brought it down and lay back on his bed.

He opened it as he had done so many times in the past.

The contents had given him much pleasure over the years, and he remembered how he had come by them.


His mum wouldn’t allow any newspaper with rude pictures in her house.

He first saw a picture of a pair of naked tits, around his friend Steve’s house, and that was only a page three girl.

When Steve realised that John wasn’t joking, he took him up to his room and showed him the dirty magazines under his bed.


John had been shocked and enthralled, by the pictures of naked women. At first he had thought that the photo’s had been faked.

Surely women didn’t really suck men’s cocks, and to see pictures of men’s cocks stuck up a woman’s bum, was more than he could accept.

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John’s most guilty secret, was that he had in fact seen a real naked woman.

The good part was that he had seen her very clearly, tits , cunt and bum.

The bad part, was that it had been his mum.


Steve had said that all men including John’s dad, had a dirty magazine hidden somewhere in the house.

It was usually on the top shelf of the bedroom wardrobe, out of reach of children.

That’s where Steve’s dad hid his anyway said Steve.


John’s mum. . Mum’s bum. . Mabel and Sam. Mabel Pornstar. Dinner at Doreens. eption.


John decided to have a quick peep in his parent’s room while they were out, to see if indeed his dad had such a magazine hidden in his wardrobe.

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Unfortunately while he was standing on a box inside his dad’s wardrobe, he heard his mum come back in.

She came directly up the stairs and entered the room.


John only had time to close the wardrobe door a bit, and keep perfectly quite.

His mum however thought she needed a bath, and started to strip off her clothes.

He tried not to look, but curiosity got the better of him, and he pressed his eye to the crack in the door and watched avidly.


Doreen had always been a pretty girl, and she was still a good looking woman.

She had looked after her figure, and her breasts were still reasonably firm. After she removed her blouse, she reached behind her back and undid her bra.

He saw her large breasts bounce free, as she threw her bra onto the bed.


She was a cautious woman, and religiously checked her breasts for lumps.

As she was standing facing him, the next thing John saw was his mum lifting up each breast and feeling it all over.

She also squeezed her large rubbery nipples, to check for any tenderness.


Once she was satisfied that all was well with her breasts, she undid her skirt and placed it neatly on the bed.

She was standing in front of him with her breasts bare, and only wearing her sensible white cotton knickers.

The problem with her wearing white cotton knickers, was that she had very dark and bushy pubic hair.




She had always thought women who trimmed their pubes were being rude, and so hers were natural, and untouched by scissors or razor. Consequently her bushy pubic hair had escaped from the confines of her knickers, and could clearly be seen by John.

He felt a strange sensation in his pants, and looking down saw his first erection pushing against his trousers.


He was so embarrassed, and looking back at his mum she seemed to be staring at him intently.

He froze, until he realised that she was in fact looking at her reflection in the mirror on his dad’s wardrobe door.

Doreen also could see her unruly pubic hair, and thought it made her look like a slut.


Mum shaving.


She decided there and then that it would have to be trimmed after all.

She bent over and pulled her knickers down.

Bending over allowed her large breasts to swing about in an interesting fashion, and Johns erection got even bigger.


She straightened up to put her knickers on the bed, and then walked closer to the mirrored door.

Again looking intently at her hairy triangle, she ran her fingers through it to determine just how long her pubic hairs were.

She decided to trim them to about half an inch long, and possibly shave the hairs that were growing towards her belly right off.


Doreen walked into the bathroom and returned with his dad’s electric razor.

She sat on the bed and faced the mirrored door behind which John was hiding.

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She opened her legs wide, and positioned herself so she could see her hairy cunt clearly.


Concentrating carefully, she started up the razor and commenced trimming her long pubic hairs.

Unfortunately his dad’s electric razor didn’t have spacers, that allowed different levels of stubble.

It shaved very close, and in her inexperienced hands, it took off all her cunt hair down to the skin on the first pass.


‘Fuck’ John heard his mum swear for the first time ever, as she realised that she would have to shave the other side of her cunt, just as close to match.

He saw her shrug her naked shoulders making her tits bounce, as she decided to shave all the hairs off altogether.

Soon he could see her entire naked cunt.


Mum wanking


Doreen was a straight-laced lady, and had never used a vibrator.

She had also never fingered herself, or rubbed her clitoris to achieve an orgasm.

She was concentrating so much on shaving, that she didn’t immediately become aware that the vibration of the razor was making her cunt juicy.

However she did notice that after a stressful day, the sensation that the razor was giving her was very pleasant.


She lay back on the bed and propped herself up on the pillows.

Doreen stopped actually shaving her cunt, and just rested the body of the razor on her pubes.

The buzzing was very soothing, and the vibrations transmitted to her clitoris, were making her feel very good indeed.


She started to rub the buzzing razor gently over her pubes, and the feelings got nicer and stronger.

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She found if she rubbed harder it felt even better.

Soon she was rubbing the razor hard and fast over her cunt.

Then she was hit by a wave of sheer pleasure, as she experienced her first self-induced orgasm.


John watched in amazement as his mum gasped and moaned in ecstasy. Lifting her arse off the bed, as the waves of orgasm washed over her.

He could see her naked shaven cunt clearly.

He could also see the juices that were pouring out of it, and running down his mum’s inner thighs to wet the bed.

After a minute of laying flat on the bed savouring the orgasm, Doreen pulled herself together.


By this time John’s cock had grown so big it hurt, and he undid his trousers to let it out.

He held it tight as he continued to watch his mum.

She had even opened her cunt lips, to shave off any hairs growing in there.


He could see right up into her juicy cunt, and with a start realised that he had come out of that very cunt when he was born.

His mum’s cunt didn’t look big enough for a baby to get out from, but he had been assured that it was true.


He was rubbing himself to ease the feeling of pressure in his balls, when suddenly a very strange sensation emanated from his balls.

A stream of white liquid spurted out of the end of his cock, and ran down the inside of the door.

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The relief was instant, and he looked up in time to hear his mum speaking to herself.


Doreen was embarrassed to have played with herself so wantonly.

‘In for a penny, in for a pound. ’ She muttered.

She walked naked over to her own wardrobe, and reaching up onto the top shelf brought down a cardboard box.

In it were various presents given to her over the years by various friends.


She pulled out an apron with a pair of naked breasts on it, then some silly knickers without a crotch.

She finally discovered at the bottom of the box, a vibrator still in its unopened packaging.


It had been a present from her friend Mabel; she was always buying her unsuitable gifts.

Apparently to embarrass her at Christmas, when she opened them in front of the family.

She had learned to put Mabel’s gifts straight into the cardboard box in her wardrobe unopened.


She brought the sex toy back to the bed and sat down.

When she finally got it out of its packaging, she had to slide two batteries inside it.

She then twisted the end, and it started to vibrate.


John watched, as his mum seemed to be holding a bigger copy of his cock.

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Doreen had so enjoyed the orgasm from the electric razor, that she thought she might as well try the real thing.

Leaning back against the pillows again, she inserted the imitation cock into her still wet cunt.


She found by rotating it deep inside her cunt, she could feel the vibrations more intensely.

She started to thrust it in and out of her cunt; it brought back memories of her husband Sam’s big cock fucking her.

Once more a wave of pleasure flooded out from her cunt, over her entire body, and she jerked and writhed on the bed in abandonment to it.


She had been watching herself come in the mirror, and had noticed that when she lifted up her arse in passion, that she had a lot of hair growing around her bum hole.

She put down the vibrator, and picked up the razor again.



To John’s further surprise his mum then knelt on the bed, with her naked bum to the mirror.

He saw that as well as having a hairy cunt, his mum also had a lot of hair around her bum hole.

He watched as she carefully shaved between her bum cheeks.


When she had finished, she pulled apart her bum cheeks, to inspect her anus in the mirror.

Thus John had the perfect view of his mum’s bum hole.

Still kneeling on the bed, with her bum to the mirror.

Doreen picked up the vibrator again, and slipped it back into her wet cunt.


She worked it around for a minute to get it slippery and withdrawing it from her cunt, gently inserted it into her bum.

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Doreen had never, and would never, be fucked up the bum.

However Mabel had assured her, that the feel of a big cock up the arse, was an experience she should try at least once.


Doreen privately thought that Mabel was one step away from being a slut. However she prided herself on being open minded when it suited her.

So she thought she would see what all the fuss was about, concerning anal sex.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of it entering her bum. The stretching of her anus was a bit uncomfortable, but the vibrations eased that discomfort quickly.


She found that pushing it in and out of her bum did nothing for her.   Rotating it deep inside her arse gave her similar feelings to when she was vibrating her cunt.

A slow pleasant wave of pleasure overcame her.

It was nothing like the explosive intense orgasm, that she had experienced when she was wanking her cunt.



This was somehow more comforting, and seemed to go on for much longer.

Then as she relaxed into the feeling it suddenly intensified, and before she knew it she had to let go of the vibrator.

She grabbed hold of the pillow with both hands, as the main orgasm hit her.


John could see his mum kneeling on the bed with her bum towards him.

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   The cock thing was sticking out of her bum, and she was gasping and moaning again.

The orgasm was making her shake her arse from side to side.

However the vibrator was in so deep, that it didn’t fall out, no matter how much his mum writhed on the bed.


The orgasm wasn’t going to stop, until she pulled the vibrator out of her bum.

She let go of the pillow with one hand, and reaching around grasped the vibrator and pulled it out.

She then collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed.


From his position, John could look straight between her bum cheeks.

The vibrator had opened up his mum’s bum hole, from a small tight hole to a gaping big hole.

Her bum hole was now the same size as her cunt, it seemed to open and close as her orgasm receded.

However as he watched, he saw it contracting until it returned to it’s usual size.


When she had recovered from her experience, she rubbed some cream on all the areas that she had shaved, and a bit around and into, her throbbing anus.

Doreen then brushed her pubic hairs into a neat pile, and dropped them into the wastebasket in the corner.


She put the vibrator back in its box, and went into the bathroom and shut the door.

John tucked his limp cock back into his trousers, and crept out of the wardrobe.

He was going to leave the bedroom immediately, but some strange desire made him go to the wastebasket, and take a handful of his mum’s cunt hair.




Years later he still had it in this matchbox, and sometimes would open the box and sniff his mum’s cunt hair as he wanked.


Closing his eyes, he intended to think about May and all the things they had done.

Perhaps he might even have a wank.

However he was so tired, that he fell asleep with his hand on his cock.


The next morning, his mum told him that she had invited Auntie Mabel to dinner, and that she had been happy to accept.

Consequently his mum was very busy getting things ready for the occasion.

She wanted him to help tidy up the house, while she cooked the dinner.

Doreen was astounded when he made no complaint, and started hoovering the carpets and generally helping her.

 Little did his mum know, that the thought of seeing May again was making him hard.


During the morning, one of his friends turned up to see him.

His name was Steve, and John had always looked up to him at work.

His parents were well off, and Steve worked hard, and saved his money. As a result, he owned a lovely little hatchback.


Steve had it fitted out with a decent stereo system, and by all accounts it was a bird magnet.

John had passed his driving test ten months ago, but was still saving up for a similar car.

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He estimated that it would take him another year, before he would be driving his own car.


Steve had come round to invite John out that night.

He had met a new girl at the pub, and she had a friend that he thought might interest John.

Yesterday, John would have been jumping for joy at the thought of a date with a girl, but now he simply thanked Steve, and told him that he would be busy tonight and would have to pass.


As Steve drove away, John was already thinking about May again.

To take his mind off her, he went into his bedroom and looked through the car magazines.


The day seemed to crawl along, he considered asking his mum if he could pop over to Antie Mabel’s for some reason.

However good sense prevailed, he didn’t want his mum to become suspicious of his interest in her old friend.


Mabel was also very excited; she genuinely liked John’s mum Doreen and his Dad Sam.

She would have been pleased at the invitation anyway.

However the thought of seeing John again so soon, made her pussy wet with anticipation.


She was realistic enough to realise, that the chances of him fucking her tonight were very slim.

Anyway, her cunt and arse, were still a bit tender from yesterday.

To allay any suspicion from Doreen over her relationship with John, she decided to cut out the glamour, and dress to suit her age tonight.


She had gone a bit over the top at the housewarming party, with her scarlet silk dress, and her hair loose and flowing down her back.

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How had John described it? Like a golden waterfall.


She could tell that Doreen had been taken aback, at the effect she had on John and her husband Sam.

No, tonight she would play the sixty year old Auntie, and hopefully Doreen would forget her alter ego, that she allowed out at the party.


Thinking of last night, and the thorough fucking she had organised for john and herself, made her feel so randy that she had to hold her pussy and squeeze it tightly.

Once she had got him going, he had really fucked her hard, mouth, cunt and arse.


She was so glad now, that she had taken the big decision to move from her large lonely house, to this small flat in the village.

She started to gently rub her clitoris with her fingers, as she relaxed in her chair and remembered the big move.


Mabel moving


Mabel had decided at last, to move to the same village where her friend Doreen had settled.

Since her husband had died, she had been rattling around in this big lonely house.

It was time for a change, and she had sold this place and bought a small flat near Doreen.


Mabel owned a lot of stuff, far too much for a small flat.

She had given a lot of it to the local charity shops.

The rest of the big stuff, she was putting into storage for the time being. The remainder she was taking with her.



She heard a noise outside, and looking out, saw the removal van pulling up.

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It was a scorching hot day, and the two men walking up the drive towards her were only wearing teeshirts and shorts.

Mabel had become very hot and sweaty as she sorted out her stuff, and had just come out of the shower.

She was only wearing a towelling housecoat belted around her tiny waist.


Both the men smiled at her as they approached.

Mabel was a very pretty woman for sixty, and she appreciated attention from the male sex.

These two were definitely male; the senior of the two was a trim white man in his forties.

He had with him a young muscular black man in his twenties.


After introducing themselves as Tony and Jules, they commenced moving her stuff into the van.

Soon the heat forced them both to remove their teeshirts.

Mabel sat on a lounger in the garden, and watched the movement of their muscles as they lifted her stuff about.

After a while, she called them over for a break.


She had put some cold beers on the garden table, and had made some ham sandwiches.

They both thanked her, and sat on the grass to enjoy their rest.

The young black man’s name was Jules.

He was reaching down to pick up his glass from the grass; when he noticed that Mabel’s housecoat had slipped down her leg.




He saw that her smooth thigh was exposed.

Being young and randy, he slightly shifted his position for a better view.

He could see that she appeared to be naked under it.

As he watched out of the corner of his eye, Mabel twisted round to get her glass from the garden table.


This turned her bottom to him, and he saw her naked bum clearly.

This made him hard, which showed, as he was only wearing shorts.

When she turned back to him, she noticed that he looked uncomfortable, and asked what was wrong.


He apologised, and admitted that he had seen her naked bottom.

To his surprise she just laughed, and told him that she had been enjoying watching their bodies on purpose.

She didn’t mind them watching hers by accident in return.

This banter had turned on the older man, who’s name was Tony.

He also had an erection in his shorts, and tried to hide it with his plate.


Mabel felt strange, this was a day for new beginnings, and letting go of the old.

The old Mabel had lived alone for the past few years, and had kept herself free of attachments.

This was one of the reasons that she was now so lonely, that she was having to move.

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On impulse, she cheekily asked Jules if it was true what they said about black men.

He looked at Tony in embarrassment.

Tony told her that it was true, he himself was pretty big, but Jules was enormous.


As if in a dream, she heard herself asking them to prove it.

Perhaps it was the beers, or the scorching heat that weakened her inhibitions.

Tony as spokesman for the two, smiled and said that they would show her theirs, if she would show them hers.

One of the main things that Mabel knew she was going to miss about this big house, was the indoor swimming pool.


It was always cool in there, so she stood up and told the men to follow her.

They followed her through the big conservatory, and into the pool area. They both were impressed at the size of the pool, and relived to be out of the heat.

Mabel stopped by the side of the pool, turning towards the men she undid her belt.

Her housecoat slipped from her shoulders and fell on the floor.


She stood naked in front of them, her breasts were large and firm for her age, and the cool air had made her nipples stand erect.

Her pubes were hairy and golden, she had her hair in a bun and it made her look taller than she really was.

Both the men’s erections were now very noticeable.

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Mabel reminded them that as she had shown them hers, she wanted to see theirs.

They looked at each other, Tony was the first to drop his shorts.

His cock was about eight inches long and reasonably thick.

‘Very impressive,’ said Mabel admiringly.


Then it was Jule’s turn, as he pulled down his shorts his big cock sprang out.

Mabel squealed in surprise at the sight of it.

His cock was about ten inches long and extremely thick.

Both mens cocks were rigid with desire, as they looked at her naked body.


‘They are both lovely, she said and walked over to them.

‘May I?‘ and kneeling down in front of them both, she reached up and grasped a cock in each hand.

‘ I want to compare them for thickness and stiffness,’ she said.

‘Whatever you say Madam,’ replied Tony, ‘ we are in your hands. ’




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