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I have to share this with the world. When I tell you I'd rather nail my aunt than any other women in the world, you gotta know it's the truth. She's the sexiest woman alive to me. Her beauty is unbelievable. Just to describe, she about 5'6", strawberry blond hair, b cup breasts and the most unbelievable ass you've ever seen. Her personality too. She's always flirted with me. My mom and I are close, I learned that Patsy was a real slut growing up, sneaking out and doing drugs, etc. is there anything better than a sexy slut aunt? Nope.

Me, I'm a lucky one. I was supposed to only be 4. 5 feet tall. The doctors discovered this early though and put me on growth hormone that helped me grow to 5'7 but more importantly (IMO) made all my appendages grow. Big hands, big feet, huge cock!!!

I'm 20 years old and get into all types of sex. I don't do porn as I have a great family and wouldn't want to choose that as a profession but I advertise my dick on certain website and the size queens go crazy. I don't have a girlfriend, don't need one.

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   I get all the sex I want with none of the hassle. On to the greatest conquest of my life.

I posted my oversized meat on CL for Martha's Vineyard as my family was taking a vacation. My mom already lives on the island, she just rented a place for her sister (the beautiful Patsy). I posted that if any sub ladies wanted to worship my cock I'd allow it. I get less responses on these ads but the ones that do come in are great.

So I'm looking through my email, I see a response. . . it's my fucking aunt. How do I know? My mother gave her the bed frame that's in her room, it's super unique. Pasty included a body shot with that incredible ass. Her reply was: I've never been a sub before, but I could see bowing down to that thing. That's amazing, wow. If you have any other photos I'd like to see.

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I fucking knew it was her. I know that sexy body and that fucking bed frame. My dream woman aunt is telling me how great my cock is!!!

I had to think about the reply carefully, did NOT want to lose this one to some jackass comment I'm know to throw out here and again. I didn't want to sound to rehearsed either though. I just played it cool.

"Dear admirer, tell me your fantasy. What turns you on the most. I'd love another picture of your unbelievable ass. Garter belts are my biggest turn on. "

Reply: I've never had a really big cock before. I love giving head. How big is that anyways? Are you for real? Enjoy :-)
I'm going to be on MV tomorrow. If that's for real I'd love to taste it. :-)

The picture was her in a garter, leaning over the bed frame and really sticking her ass out far. Full arch, very slutty, fucking unbelievable.

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First night is $300. Let me know if you want to meet. (Was a balsy move but needed to crank this up a notch).

Got a reply right away, always a good sign.

$300, to see it? Wow, you really think a lot of your self. Good luck with that thing.

This was ok, I knew she was still interested.

My lady. I provide a service to women like yourself. I'm very professional and my clients are 100% satisfied with their results. I don't know much about you but I'm sure I can guess. . . (I knew everything about her, here I go blowing her mind :)

You have an important job. You spend day after day lretending you have more respect for yourself than you actually have.

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   You are a slut, a beautiful whore that needs to worship cock in order to make up for all the day to day fakeness you use in business to stay ahead.

Being a slut is a great thing. Taking a whore like yourself is a wonderful experience for both master and slave alike. The balance you seek is within your grasp, the pleasure is like no other.

Start talking to me as my slave, just to try it out. Tell me your deepest desire, free yourself by telling me you're a fucking whore. Admitting it to someone feels good. Try it first, if you don't like it you can stop. "

It didn't take too long for a reply. . .

Your cock is the most magnificent thing I've ever seen in my life. I hope to see it if I can muster the courage. My fantasy is to be raped by a stranger.

I didn't reply, left it like that for the day.

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   Fucking perfect, leave her wondering.

So there's my fucking aunt for you, unbelievable. Shes arriving tomorrow to Martha's Vineyard. Can't wait to see her, jeez.

The longest morning of my life culminated with her getting off the boat, my mother and I was there to pick her up. She was radiant, she just oozes sex. she's so close with my mom (her older sister) so it's nice, I get to relax and just listen to them cluck, don't have to interact much. She gave me a big hug of course when I saw her, I was so tempted to grab her ass (that slut)!

The apartment mom rented was right above the main drag. My mother works day and night and is pretty broke, she couldn't give up her bar shift the first night of the vaca so she just spent the day with her sister then went off to work. My brother was off doing his own thing. . Patsy was tired from the flight and what not so she just stayed in for the night with her bottle of wine. She did all the usual little flirting with me when mom wasn't close. . " you have a girlfriend, the girls must be all over you".

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"If you weren't my aunt" I boldly said at one point. She laughed out loud and repeated "if only" under her breath. Maybe it was me but she sounded like she meant it.

Shortly after I left her alone, I received an email from her (to my cock basically, yep).

Tell me what to do please. It does feel good to let go of control. I'm at your command :-)

I want you to find a younger man and flirt with him, tease him. Is there one at the place you're staying at? (Hehehe)

Instant reply. Yes, there's a younger guy here at the house. He's actually my nephew but not blood related (she lied). He's very attractive, what should I do?

You'll think of something. .


I had one more beer at the bar and then booked it for the apartment. What would she do, she would do it tonight, right?

The front door made a super loud noise when I came in, I didn't mean to, it was stuck a little and i bashed into it with my shoulder.

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   I looked to my left and there she was. Now this was a site to behold.

She's lying there with the covers pulled back, her right leg folded, her panty clad ass in full view for me to see. I panicked a little and went straight into the bathroom.

Holy shit what a site. No way she's sleeping, she's faking it. She's showing me that azz. I peered through the bathroom door at it and did what anyone would do, pulled out my phone and snapped a few silent photos. Then I got an idea.

"Aunt Patsy" I whispered. "Auntie" I pretended to implore. I stood over her and admired the view.

I then reached down and touched her shoulder, shook her a little. "Auntie wake up". Nothing.

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"Wow, you are out like a light" I said so she could hear. I continued. .

"Thanks for the show" I said quietly. You're so beautiful Patsy, what I would do to be with you. .

She lied there like she was dead, she was soaking it all in.

I reached down and inched a few fingers under her silk panties, I rubbed her lower back just above the ass crack.

How to play this I thought, if she had any objections to this or "woke" and played mad I could always play my trump card. Show her the emails and tell her to shad up. How far do I want to take this tonight, I want to dance the dance with her but damn it I want to take her here and now too. . . fuck.

I heard a foot on the back stairs that lead up to the apartment.

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   Patsy jerked around and looked towards the window, then grabbed the blanket to cover up. She didn't even acknowledge my presence. I bolted to my bedroom, mom was home from work. .