At 17 with my cousin


Hi readers, I'm kumar(26) from chennai working in a s/w company and residing in madipakkam area. I wanted to share something with you all that happened to me when I was 18 Lots of time I thought about writing it here But didn't get the chance as I didn't had net connection at home.

This happened with my cousin(Saranya) when I was waiting for my 10th results. She was 18 and was moving from 9th std to 10th std. She is my aunt's daughter(dad's younger sister) We had a good relationship with each other family ever since my birth. she is very beautiful with round face, brown eyes, fair skin. . Our parents use to tell us when we were 8 & 7 that we will get married when we grow up. I was very happy that I gonna have a beautiful wife in future. our house is appoximately 25 kms away from my aunt's home. I mostly go there for my annual holidays, stay there for 18-18 days and come back.

I completed my 10th exams and went there to spend my holidays. I haven't seen her for the past 2. 5 yrs and when I entered her home, she was wearing a white shirt and black skirt. My face brightened after seeing her. I was shocked to see that her boobs were grown and very inviting and she was very beautiful.

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   she greeted me and my family and we went to the guest room. My dad and mom said that we will have to leave in two days. I was so disappointed after hearing that. My aunt asked me how I did my exams, I said "wait for my result". We got settled after a while. then my aunt requested me to teach her maths and I was very good in that. I said "with pleasure", days passed. My dad said that we will have to leave tomorrow morning, I requested to stay for 2 more days. My aunt told my dad that I can stay there for some more days so that I can teach more to Saranya. then my family left and I stayed back. My uncle is very strict, he used to go to office at 8am and come home at 9pm.

I started mingling more with her, my aunt use to take tutions for children from 1st std to 10th std in upper terrace. One day when I was teaching algebra to her she told me that she want to share something with me, I asked her what. She said she had fallen in love with a guy who studied in her tution. I was so disappointment after hearing this, I didn't express any reaction to her.

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   She contiunued telling the story, Fire was burning throught my body. I told her that people like us at this age get attracted to something and to someone and that is not love. She got angry and told me that she knows the differnce between attraction and love. I asked her not to get angry and I was just trying to make sure that her decision is right and as she also knows how strict my uncle is. she asked my help. I asked what do you want me to do now. she said our parents are taking about our marriage in future and I should not agree for that. I told her, there are years to go for that. let's see it later. that night I was thinking about what I should I do. Shall I leave it as it is and move away from her or to take attempts. then i decided to take attempts to bring her my way.

As usual I started teaching her maths next day and didn't smile or talk to her apart from the subject. she asked me to come to play carrom. I said I am not in a mood and lets play later and left for sleep.

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   got up in evening, saw her studying, went to upstairs where my aunt was taking tution. She asked me to come down as she has some doubts. I went down, she asked me why I was not taking to her. Then, I told that she was not giving an opportunity for me to talk on her issue, then why the hell she had to discuss that with me. she said sorry. I then told that Iam more matured than her and also bothered about her future and wanted to make sure that she is going right thing. she then hold my hands and said sorry again. I smiled and asked her to bring her books. that night I was thinking about what should be my next step. I then got an idea to start with zoology subject as there were chapters on reproduction and menstrual cycle with picture. next day came. at around 18 am I asked her to bring her zoology book. She asked that she can take her of zoology and maths is the only problem. I told her that she has taken biology group for +1 and +2 so it is so important and learn some chapters now itself to score good marks in academics. She then agreed and came with zoology book.

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   After teaching some basics I went to reproduction chapter. There was outline picture of male and female with private parts. she felt embarrased when I was on that page. I asked her you should not feel shy by seeing this kind of pitcures as her ambition was to become doctor and she will have to face more such things in future. she boldly said she is feeling shy, but smiled. I was thinking myself that positive waves are on and I might acheive my target in 2 days. I was reading thru the chapter and explaining her my showing the picture. I silently noticed that she was avoiding to see my eyes, but was smiling, I then paused and told her that I was wondering about one thing in this chapter and I have some doubts that are uncleared. she asked me what was the doubt and why didn't I ask to my teacher. I told her I felt shy and also she was in old 40's. She asked me to tell my doubt. I told her that upto my understading a baby is born after one hughs the wife after the marriage. she laughed and asked me who told this. I said it was my school friends. I asked her why did she laugh.

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   she said nothing but I was wrong. I then requested her to tell me how if she knows the answer. She got angry and said she cant tell as a girl cannot talk about this to a guy and she left. that night I was thinkg about my next move and improvisation. then I got an idea to continue with menstrual cycle in zoology.

(readers Iam so sorry that I making it so lengthy that it consumes more of your time, sorry again)

Next day I didn't smile her in the morning, she came to me with maths book. I told her that I am not gonna continue teaching her anything be it maths or zoology. She asked me why, I told her I teach her everything I knows and she is not even cared to clear my doubts to which she knows the answer. she said that doubt cannot be discussed between us and she feels very shy in explaining that. I begged her to tell and finally she finally agreed. I was very happy with her approval. She said males and females will have private parts, once that is rubbed a baby will be born in 18 months. I innocently asked her "which private parts?". I told her very boldly that for males, we have only one private area, but for females they have two private areas, up and down and which has to be rubbed. she felt very shy and ran to her room, I followed her.

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   she was sitting in a bed. I asked her to tell. She said the topic is getting too vulgur and she is feeling uncomfortalbe. I again reminded her she is gonna be doctor and should not feel uncomfortable with these kind of talks. she said "OK" louder and said the down one only. I told her I have some more doubts. She said enough for the day and will see tomorrow. Next day I went to her with zoology book. I told her "Could she clear some of my doubts, she said later. I then continued with menstrual cycle page. She saw my face angrily. I didn't show any sign, I know that she got flowered one year back. After reading the page I asked her when do you get periods? what is a period ? the chapter says females get periods every 28 days, are you getting it in every 28 days ? she breathed heavily, I thought she will not answer it now and I was about to tell that that she gonna be a doctor. . .

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  . much before words come out from my mouth, she said yes she will answer and she is aware that she's a doctor student should not feel uncomfortable with such questions and then said yes she use to get periods every month and some liquid substance comes from her private part just like how males get when they mastrubate and thats why whispers are sold for.
I was stunned with her spontaneous answers and boldness. I said ok and saw that her tshirt was torned near her upperarm area. I touched her skin thru the hole with my right fore finger and said it is torn. she said she have eyes and I need not touch that. I asked her does she use to exercise ? She said no. then asked her how she keeps her stomach flat. she said by diet foods. I then asked her I have an other doubt. she asked me what. how does boobs look like and when is starts growing. she asked me whether am I expecting her to answer this question. I told her, I know girls will not answer for these kind of questions to guys because they are not as bold as guys. She got angry and said girls are bold too.

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   I then asked her to prove it and answering my question. she said she don't know when it starts to grow for other but for her it started to grow 2 years back and it looks like upside down cups. I laughed andteased her saying "upside cups??!!" what a funny thing. . . she said its not funny and its the fact and she smiled.

I asked her why is she wearing the same tshirt again that is torn on arms area. she said she likes that tshirt. i told her I saw some hairs in her underarm area thru the hole. she asked me don't I have that. I said ofcourse but I feel something differrent when I see yours. she said there is nothing different in it. next day it was saturday, my aunt and uncle went to bazzar(t. nagar) to buy some items needed for her to go to school. I thought this is the right opportunity and I must make best use of it.

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   at around 11:30am we were playing cards, I saw resting in bed and she was sitting in floor, while putting cards I wantedly touched her hips that was near to place where the cards are kept. she didn't show any reaction. I then told her that I liked her flat stomach. she stared at me. then while taking my card from the floor, I placed my right palm on her stomach, she closed her eyes and was breathing heavily. I got scared if she gonna shout at me but she didn't say anything. I pressed my hand on her stomach. after few seconds she asked me to take my hand away. I did. then we went to dinning table, not having a word we had our lunch that was prepared by aunt and was kept ready. After lunch she went to bed and was sleeping on oneside. she was wearing the same black tshirt and gray color skirt. I slowly went close to the bed, there was some space beside her. I started resting there comfortable. I thought she might have noticed that I was closely sleeping to her.

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   With slow voice I asked her "Saranya, are you awake?" she didn't reply. I repeated with slighty higher tone. no response again. bUt I was very sure that she is awake. I put my hands on her left shoulder and shaked it, she responded with "hmmmmm"and I turned her body such that she faces the wall. I advanced with courage. I put my left arm on her stomach and I too acted as if I was asleep and closed my eyes. I then applied some pressure and turned her towards me. I was now hugging her tightly. . she responded again with "hmmmmmmmm" and put her right leg and on me. her face is so close to me and I started kissing directly on lips. her lips were dry and chewed it for sometime. with my left arm around her abdoman I pressed it tightly against me. Her softs boobs were pressing against my chest.


   we continued in the same position for about 10mins. I slowly released her from my left arm. she immediately turned around and was facing the wall now. I was so scared that "Is she is co operating with full consious or without consiousnous?!". I saw that time it was 1:40pm, almost only one hour left for my aunt and uncle to return home. I decided to proceed further. I again asked her "Saranya are you awake?" she said "sleeeeeeeeep" with lower voice. I slep close her her, I asked her shall I put my hand on her stomach. she said "sleeeeeeeeeeep" I then placed my head on her stomach and pressed it tightly, My right arm was onher left underarms and I placed my left hand on her tighs. with my right hand I raised her tshirt on her left arm and raised it till her hairs are visible on her left underarms. I touched them. she moaned "hmmmmmmmmm" I asked her shall I touch her boobs, she again moaned "hmmmmmmmmm" I kept my right hand on her left boobover the tshirt and touched it gently, she moaned "aahhhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmm. . . " I applied some pressure and pressed it.

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   parallely I raised her skirt with my left hand and raised it completely I saw white bigger tighs and pink color panty. she didn't say anything. I switched to her left boob with my right hand and pressed it hardly, I placed my left hand on her couch and I tried to part her legs, but she didn't comply. I pressed her pussy over her panty with my left palm. she moaned little loudly "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm. . " I thought of feeling her raw boobs and left my right hand inside her tshirt, it seems she was wearing some inner cloth. I reached her boobs with my right hand and felt the nipples, she moaned " kumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar" I proceeded. I moved my right hand to her left boob and pressed it harder, It was hand full(i think, the size should be 34) I pressed them hardly. On the other side I was pressing her pussy with my left hand over her panty. She slightly parted her legs, I thouhght this is the chance and slowly lifted the panty over the pussy, she said please don't do that. I said you sleep nicely, don't say anything. She didn't open her eyes all the while. her panty was very tight that I couldn't lift it for more than 2 inches. Some hairs were visible and Icouldn't see her pussy.

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   I was in a situation and I cannot do anything further to her pussy if she gonna keep her legs tight together. I left my left fore finger and middly finger inside her tight panty and felt the wetness and hairs. I then lifted her tshirt to see her boobs, but I could see only her white inner cloth. I then started pressing both her boobs with my hands as I couldn't do much downwards. I then climbed over her and was kissing her lips and pressing her boobs with one hand. She was feeling my weight and couldn't withstand.

Suddenly she woke and I got very scared. She in a louder voice asked what am I doing. I told her It was she who asked me to sleep over her, she shouted "Never have I said that, Even If, I had said that, I shouldn't have done like that" I said sorry, but she was not convinced. She said get out of my room. I felt disappointed and left the room and was sitting in the other room. I heard the door bell, came out and saw that aunt and uncle were back. I went to toilet and found that jockey is wet due to precum. I then mastrubated and was shocked to see the loads of cum, it was almost half a tumbler which I never to had untill that time. I was asked to come home the next day and didn't see her face at all.

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   While leaving home, I saw her studying in the room. I went to her and told that I am so sorry for that thing and I may not come for next annual holidays. she smiled and asked my reg no for seeing my 10th results. I gave and whispered to her "thank you". I again met her during family functions and birthday parties, she acted as if nothing happened and did not talk to me expect for formal conversations, She got married last year.

I then had an opportunity of having physical contacts with my senior in my college. I will share it later. But, till now I didn't get an opportunity to even see the boobs or pussy except in porn movies. Sometimes I feel happy about it as I can present my virginity to my future wife.

(Extremely sorry for taking more time, If you have any comments you can mail to kumar. chennai555@gmail. com)



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