Ashley & Madison ch.01


Gene’s divorce was finalized early in January and since then he’s been devastated. When he first found out that his wife Courtney was cheating on him Gene fell to pieces. For 18 years Courtney and Gene seemed like they were a very loving couple. Both married at the age of 20 after being High School sweethearts. This was not the happy ending that is told in story tales or romantic comedies. Courtney never thought the affair that she was having would lead to her husband divorcing her.

Courtney was in her mid thirties and wanted to get back into shape and her husband Gene had suggested taking yoga lessons to get her flexibility back as well as lose about 20lbs. When Courtney started taking classes she noticed how beautiful her instructor was. Pamela was in her late 20’s and was a stunning young woman. Courtney somehow always found herself directly behind her in class. There was something about how Courtney admired Pamela’s pussy as it was outlined with her leotard as she went from pose to pose.

Pamela on the other hand noticed Courtney right away and found her to be extremely enticing. It was very hard on Pamela as the allurement of Courtney became insatiable after each class. Pamela was a monogamous lesbian and stealing a wife away from a loving husband was never in her plans. The relationship just sort of happened. It started off with soft touches as she helped Courtney with her poses.

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   That led to a kiss one afternoon when class had ended and that became the beginning of a whole new relationship for both women.

Courtney was surprised that she loved being with a woman sexually. Making love to Pamela became intoxicating for her she could not get enough. She always thought that Pamela would indulge in the idea that would allow Gene to share in their love affair but that never happened and Gene never wanted a lesbian in his bed. Gene a typical red-blooded American man would love to have a m?ge a trios especially a heterosexual woman not a lesbian. When Gene demanded Courtney to end her affair with Pamela that affectively ended their marriage.

Gene devastated by the decision that his wife altered his life and reality forever. He lost the love of his life, his house and most of his money but the silver lining is that he still was a pretty good looking guy with a good job and he was in his mid 30’s. When 4th of July rolled around Gene declined numerous invitations to parties and barbecues. Gene decided that what he needed is some complete alone time and perhaps the movie theatre was just the place. Then if the mood was right maybe go out to a bar try to pick up a woman and if that didn’t work the Chinese massage parlor. Gene always thought of the massage parlor as a day spa for guys.

Gene arrived at the movie theatre and looked at the start times of the various movies and he just missed the action thriller of the summer and was saddled with a romantic comedy. Things just weren’t going his way as usual. He got some popcorn, candy and a drink and to his happiness an almost empty movie theatre.

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   Just as the previews were over in walked two ladies who decided the best seats in the house just happened to be right in front of him.

This of course pissed Gene off, he thought of all the places to sit these two bitches had to plop down in front of him. To make matters worse they were both gabbing at each other the whole way from the front of the theatre to their seats. Whispering was not part of their fortes. As Gene listened it was a horrible conversation about how one of the ladies was being cheated on and how men are all bastards.

Several minutes into the movie the conversation the two ladies were having started and stopped as each new idea that popped into their heads and had to be said right then. Gene couldn’t concentrated on the movie which really pissed him off because he didn’t want to see in the first place and second he couldn’t hear half of it because these two decided to sit right in front of him. Half way through the movie Gene finally popped his head between the ladies and very politely asked if they could hold off on the man bashing until the end of the movie and then added that woman are not so innocent themselves.

This new insight brought on a whole new litany of insults that were targeted towards Gene. Gene retorted the best he could and after five minutes of insulting both men and women they all began to laugh at one another. By then both girls had forgotten what they were talking about and asked the question as to why Gene was so bitter with women. As he began to tell his story the girls interrupted and then invited him to sit between them. Gene told his story with just the highlights and both girls felt sorry for him. Introductions were in order and Gene found out the older of the two was Ashley and the younger was Madison.

Sitting in the dark Gene could not tell their exact ages but he knew that they were both younger than he was but at this point who cared.

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   It had been over six months since he had sex and that with was an escort that he found on Craig’s list. Madison turned to her friend and leaned over Gene and asked if she had any aspirin that the air conditioning was giving her a headache. Ashley turned and said no that she too was getting a headache.

Gene seized on this opportunity. Before he left the apartment he had several ecstasy pills in his pocket. He figured if he didn’t pick someone up at the bar that he was planning to go to after the movie then he would use the pills at the massage parlor. Now, he had two women next to him and a chance to do something he had never done before. He turned to Madison and handed her a pill and then gave one to Allison. Allison questioned him what the E was on the pill and Gene came up with a quick answer that it was Excedrin aspirin.

The girls took the pills without question and 20 minutes later they started to take their affect as with the movie there was a lot of kissing going on Ashley leaned over and kissed Gene on the cheek, “Thanks for the aspirin I’m feeling so much better. ” Her hand mysteriously fell down on to his inner thigh. Madison seeing the hand of Alison on his thigh upped the ante as her hand fell ever so gently into Gene’s lap. Turning to face Madison Gene was about to say something but was interrupted with a kiss on the lips. Alison removed her hand from Gene’s thigh and turned his head and kissed him as well.

Madison moved her head on Gene’s shoulder wrapping her shoulder with his arm.

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   Ashley continued to kiss Gene but she moved his other arm around her shoulder. The ecstasy was really taking its effect on Ashley and placed his hand on her breast. Both girls had a warm feeling in their bodies that was ready to escape in sexual explosions. Both girls wanted to pleasure Gene right there. Ashley unzipped his pants and Madison reached in and released his manhood. Madison began to kiss his manhood while Ashley French kissed him. Gene couldn’t help it as he could feel his sperm begin to bubble up his shaft but then the stupid movie ended. People started to get up and move around the theatre and girls quickly put Gene’s manhood away and adjusted themselves. The lights came up and as the three of them looked at each other the excitement was still there to continue what they were just doing.

Ashley then made the suggestion to go back to her home. She kissed Gene mentioning that her parents were out of town. Gene being as horny as he was could care less where the three of them went just as long as it was soon so he could release the cum that was pent up in the shaft of his cock. Gene followed the girls back to Ashley’s house. Gene couldn’t believe the turn of events and good fortune even though the girls were drugged, he just wanted to get some pussy.

Arriving at the house became a whirlwind as Gene got out of his car Madison ran down the driveway and into his arms.

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   Her legs were wrapped around his waist and kissing soon ensued. Ashley grabbing his hand led the two of them into the house and up the stairs to the bedroom. Both girls pushed him down on the bed and that is when Gene realized the ages of these two ladies. They both had to be in their early 20’s.

Ashley was 5’4” dirty blonde hair with hazel eyes. She danced around in a circle and Madison who was a little shorter followed the lead of Ashley and began to shake her very small and tight booty in little circles as she looked back at Gene with a tiny little smirk. As the girls danced Gene wasn’t wasting any time on dancing and like a small tornado his clothes were off and lying on the bed with a hard on. He was ready for whatever was going to happen next.

Madison had crystal light blue eyes and her hair was a silky light blonde. She had her top off she was a small A cup. Her g-string though made her ass look spectacular. As she was shaking her ass around Gene was following the bouncing ass like the bouncing ball overtop of the lyrics that you see on TV. Gene couldn’t get over how tiny her fuck holes were but that is to be expected from a petite lady. Madison looked back at the bed and giggled looking at Gene and tapped Ashley on the shoulder. “Look sis I think he’s ready for some fun what do you think?”

Gene observing both girls finally could see the resemblances between them and blurted out, “Your both sisters?”

Ashley threw her top at his face to reveal her 34-b breasts with her small perky nipples and very small areola’s.

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   Madison said, “Hey we both agreed to get naked at the same time and seduce him. ”

“Well, Madison I don’t think that is a problem as he’s naked and he’s already got a stiffy. ”

“Come on girls no fighting. Take your time I’m enjoying the hell out of this. ”

The girls made their way over to the bed and told Gene to sit down in the chair in the corner so they could put on a little show for him. Gene sat in the chair thinking that this was a whole lot better than going to a whorehouse. The girls climbed on the bed and Ashley and Madison were on their knees kissing each other. Gene stroking his cock watching them realized he was about to be a part of a m?ge a trios. Finally with two heterosexual women but it was going to be awesome because they were sisters.

Ashley lay on her side and smiled at Gene as her sister moved over to her ass and grabbed her thong and moved it to the side and exposed her pink pussy and asshole. With Madison’s painted fingernails pulling her sister’s ass open made Gene focus all the more. There were no tan lines around her ass that made Gene think that she must sunbathe nude. The more Gene fixated on her ass the more images ran through his mind. Madison on her knees let go of her sister’s ass cheek and with both thumbs inserted into the waistband of her g-string pulled it down to the middle of her thighs and revealed her pussy and asshole as well. Gene hadn’t seen a woman naked in over six months but to see two young vibrant pussies and they are both sisters, made this moment even more special.

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   It warmed his heart to know he was getting to fuck both of them.

Ashley rose to her knees and spread her sister’s ass cheeks and said, “You like this Gene? You like the look of my sister? She’s only 18 and still a virgin. ” Ashley pointing to her sister’s pussy said, “Look here can you see her hymen. If you’re lucky enough maybe she’ll let you have it but she does love to suck cock and she likes it up her asshole. See this is where my father fucks her, if she were to lose her virginity to him my mom says she’ll divorce him. ” Ashley smiled at Gene and lightly bit her 18 year-old sisters ass cheek.

Gene sat up to take better notice and said, “Can I see both of your ass’ at the same time?”

The girls got on fours and crawled to the top of the bed and grabbed the headboard and spread their cheeks apart to reveal their woman parts once again for Gene. Then Madison looked back at Gene and said, “If you fuck Ashley first and you don’t hurt her with your big cock maybe just maybe I will let you fuck my pussy. You look so lonely over there how about if we come over there and take care of you?”

“Sure that would be great. ”

The girls slid off the bed and Gene got up from his chair. His cock was throbbing with eager anticipation as he watched the two sisters crawl on their hands and knees over to him. Ashley went down and began to suck on Gene’s balls and Madison the little cocksucker went right for his cock. To Gene’s amazement this little girl was amazing as he watched his cock slowly disappear in her mouth and then with a slow push on the back of her head Gene’s cock slid down her throat. The girls took turns sucking his cock. Ashley who loved her mouth filled with cock tasted the beginning of Gene’s pre cum.

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   She released his cock from her mouth and staring at it slapped the head of his cock with her hand and said, “No, not yet bad boy. ”

Gene couldn’t believe it, he was so close to sweet release but this little vixen knew exactly what she was doing. Gene said, “How did you know that I was about to cum?”

“I’m 20 and been sucking my daddy’s cock since I was about 12 and I can always taste his pre cum before he blows his load into my mouth. How about we get you to slow down a little and you can get a taste of my pussy. ”

The girls moved back up on the bed and both spread their legs and Ashley used her finger to call him over and Gene dropped down to his knees and before he began to eat her pussy he put his nose down between her legs and sniffed her pussy then did the same thing to her teenage sister. Gene couldn’t help himself his tongue dripping with saliva slid it inside of Ashley’s pussy. Madison was using her middle finger playing with her tiny clit and slipping it inside of her pussy overtop of her hymen. Gene didn’t want to just pay attention to just one sister so he moved over to Madison. With her legs spread apart and a smirk on her face Gene spread her pussy lips to reveal her immature pussy and Gene’s new goal was Madison’s hymen. Using his tongue the best he knew how to penetrate her pussy through the tiniest slit.

Ashley jealous of the amount of time Gene was spending on her sister picked his head up from between her sister’s legs and kissed Gene. Ashley was turned on that this strange man had the smell and taste of her sister’s virgin pussy on his mouth. She smiled at him, “I want you to fuck me Gene. ”

Gene got on top of the bed on his back and Ashley straddled his manhood. Ashley grasped Gene’s shaft and began to move the head of his penis between her wet pussy lips. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   Gene’s knees actually began to quake and began to think about all the ugly nuns that used to be his schoolteachers when he was a kid. He didn’t want to cum in thirty seconds. Ashley felt her pussy begin to ache. To fulfill her needs she let it penetrate her young vagina. Madison felt a little left out so she pushed Gene’s head down and straddled his face wanting his tongue on her womanhood again. She began to grind her clit then her pussy and finally her asshole over his tongue. Gene wanting to only taste her virgin pussy pushed a finger inside of Madison’s asshole and as she squealed in ecstasy Ashley took his other hand and inserted his middle finger inside of her asshole as well.

Ashley’s tight vagina became too much for Gene. The image of the nuns was not working as the smell of a virgin pussy crossing over his nose and a very tight pussy made Gene ready to cum. Not more than a few minutes ago Gene was ready to pop and now he was ready once again. He pushed Ashley off of him and mumbled something between Madison’s legs. Madison instinctively leaned down and noticed how her sister’s pussy juice was glistening on his shaft and took Gene into her wanting mouth. After she let Gene slip down into her throat Gene could no longer hold his orgasm inside of his shaft. With one loud guttural yell from between Madison’s 18 year-old-thighs, Gene exploded into Madison’s teenage mouth. With Gene’s cum seeping from the corners of the teenager’s mouth Gene thought to himself, ‘Finally I thought it was never going to happen today.

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Madison rose from her knees and went to the bathroom. While she was away Ashley looked at Gene and said, “You feel better now?”

“Oh, you have no idea, I can’t thank you two enough. ”

“Make you a promise. You make me cum and I promise you will get to cum in all of my holes and if you are really good maybe all of my sisters holes, okay?”

Shaking her hand Gene said, “You got a deal.

Gene knew he couldn’t get hard right away so he went down on Ashley. As he was eating her pussy he stroked his cock praying that he could get it hard again. Gene did not want any of this to end. He knew if he couldn’t get hard the girls would lose interest in him and this adventure would come to a horrible end. After a couple of minutes Madison came bouncing back in the room with a washrag. Lifting Gene’s face from between her sister’s legs she kissed Gene on the lips and then stuck her tongue in his mouth. “See my mouth is all clean of your cum, now let me wash your cock. ”

Madison using a lukewarm washrag began to stroke Gene’s cock. When she had finished he thanked Madison by kissing her. Gene wasted no time and went back down on Ashley. Ashley loved the way his tongue caressed the inside of her vagina.


   Gene was trying to clean every inch of her love canal with his tongue. Madison did something that shocked Gene. It was pretty shocking that a 18-year-old would not only suck his cock but also allow him cum inside of her mouth.

Madison maneuvered behind Gene as he was on all four’s eating Ashley. Madison got down on all four’s behind him and spread his ass cheeks wide and dipped her tongue into his asshole. Gene thought to himself again, “Who the hell are these two chicks. They let slip that they suck their father’s cock and Ashley lets him fuck her on a regular basis and Madison the 18 year-old lets her father fuck her in the ass. ” Ashley moved her hands to the back of Gene’s head and nudged his tongue deeper inside of her. The feeling of Gene’s snake like action brought her to an orgasm on his tongue.

Gene popped up licking his lips with a smile on his gazing down at the allure of Ashley’s naked body and said, “Now, I already came in your sister’s mouth so that means I have the chance at five more holes to shoot my cum. If I make you cum again I get Madison’s cherry, right?”

Madison said, “If you want my cherry then you have to fuck me one on one with out my sister. If you want it you are going to have to wait until tomorrow morning. ”

Gene held out his hand to Madison and said, “Deal. Now I want to fuck your sister’s pussy and fill her with cum. Is a cream pie okay Ashley? Is that okay ladies?”

Ashley grabbed Gene’s forearms and pulled him on top of her kissed his lips that tasted like her vagina and said, “Come on and fuck me.

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Gene smiled and thought to himself ‘I’m going to have to keep ecstasy in my pants pocket from now on. ’

Gene’s cock was nice and hard because the nice work that Madison did eating his asshole. Gene rolled on his side and spooned Ashley and Madison help him slip inside of her sister’s vagina. Ashley smiled at Gene as he grabbed her breast and she kissed him. “That feels so nice inside of me. Push it in – all the way – nice and slow – please. ”

Gene began to pump his cock inside the young 20 year-old-vagina as he played with her clit with his left hand and with his right hand began to slightly choke her throat. Ashley responded by sticking her tongue out for him to suck and Gene instinctively opened his mouth and kissed her. It only took about thirty more seconds and Ashley had another large orgasm but this time all over Gene’s cock.

Madison’s heighten sense of smell pulled Gene’s cock out of her sister’s vagina and said, “I want to taste my sister’s cum on your cock. ” Madison opened her mouth and once again Gene watched this teenage cocksucker make his manhood disappear down her throat. She sucked him for several minutes.

Ashley pulled her head off of Gene and said, “Come on baby I want you to finish inside of me. I want you to fill my love tunnel full of your cum. ”

How could Gene deny a request like that and pushed himself back inside of a very wet, warm, inviting, tight, juicy pussy.

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   Ashley was on her back with her knees pulled back to her shoulders. Gene once again mounted her and her sister lay beside her. Madison opened her legs nice and wide. Gene began to ogle her virgin pussy and for some strange reason he felt that his cock actually become larger inside of Ashley. Gene also noticed the very small balloon knot under her undefiled vagina. Gene spit on his fingers and rubbed around the edges of her lovely little rectum. Madison’s smile was all the invitation that he needed.

“Yes, Gene that feels great you can put fingers inside like before. My daddy can only get two inside. I bet you can’t get three. ”

Ashley had her eyes rolling up inside of her head, as Gene’s cock was now harder than it ever was. He was pumping her very hard and when he slammed down on top of her it felt like his cock was half way up her stomach. Gene turned on by the two sisters and their voracity they had for sex wondered where they both were all of his life. How lucky their father was to not only have a wife who fucked him but a wife who allowed him to fuck their daughters. While in thought Gene was able to get his forefinger inside of the rectum of Madison.

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   Gene was sweating profusely now and was wiping the sweat from his brow with the hand that was just inside of Madison’s asshole.

With all that sweat on his fingers Gene decided to see how many fingers he could just put inside this little cocksucker. Gene started by putting his middle finger deep inside of her. Madison looked at her sister and said, “Damn he so good. Is he fucking you better than daddy?”

“Yeah, he’s fucking incredible you need to let him take your virginity. ”

Gene slid his finger out just a little and then he added his forefinger inside of her anus. Madison smiling at Gene bit her lip. Gene with two fingers inside of her now began to fuck her asshole harder just like his cock was inside of her older sister. Gene then pulled out of Madison and put his three fingers together and slowly inserted them into her 18 year-old-asshole. Madison took it like a trooper and it only took a little while when she looked up into Gene’s eyes, “Don’t you stop motherfucker, finger fuck my asshole – make me cum with those fingers inside my asshole – come on stretch my ass open. ”

It didn’t take much longer as Gene looked down at Ashley and said, “Are you ready honey? Do you want me to cum inside your pussy or your mouth? I get to cum in a three holes so I don’t care where you take it honey. ”

In – Inside of me – I, I, I want you to cum inside of me now – fill my pussy with your cum. ”

That’s all he needed to hear as emptied everything that he had inside of this young girls vagina. Gene couldn’t say anything it felt so good to be inside of her as he came. Gene collapsed on top of Ashley he was breathing so hard that he couldn’t move.

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   It took several minutes for Gene to recoup himself but it was worth it. As Gene pulled out of Ashley she looked up at him and said, “Gene that was incredible, so much better than my father. You’re ex-wife is an idiot. ”

Ashley looked at her sister and said, “Well, do you want to clean my pussy? I’ll clean yours if you want?”

“Sure sis sounds great. ” Madison climbed on top of her sister and put her head between her legs and spread open her vagina. Gene sat there with his limp dick wiping the sweat off of his face as he watched these two sisters take care of one another. With Madison’s ass in the air she slowly lowered it down on Ashley’s face. Ashley noticed the gape of Madison’s asshole and slid two fingers inside of her sister while she tongued her pussy.

Gene decided to help Ashley and moved over to the girls and put his tongue inside of Madison’s asshole while Ashley ate her pussy. Madison was ready to cum a couple of minutes ago so getting her ready to cum again didn’t take all that much. Gene got three fingers back inside of her anus and then Madison lifted her face from Ashley’s pussy with Gene’s cum dripping from her lips she screamed. “Finger fuck my asshole motherfucker and make me cum. ”

Madison rolled off of her sister and lay on the bed. Ashley moved over to her sister and said, “Let me taste the cum that was just inside my cunt. ” Madison opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out towards her sister and Gene could she his cum on her tongue.

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   Ashley sucked on her sister’s tongue and then swallowed. Ashley didn’t stop there as she continued to dip her tongue into Madison’s mouth until there was no white cum left in her sister’s mouth.

The three of them fell onto the bed and fell asleep as all three were depleted of energy. It had been an hour or so when Madison tapped Gene on the shoulder and whispered, “Gene come with me let’s take a shower together. ”

Gene thought about it for a while. “Yeah, that’s a great idea. ”

Gene kissed Ashley on the forehead and said, “Sleep little angel I’m not through with you yet. ”

The two of them tiptoed out of the room and down the hall. Madison got some towels put the toilet seat down and turned the water on. Gene ogled her perfect teenage body. It reminded him so much of his wife Courtney when they were in high school together. Madison spun around got to her tiptoes and French kissed Gene. It was the first time in a long time that Gene had tasted his cum on another woman’s tongue.

Before they slipped into the shower Gene grabbed a couple of toothbrushes as his mouth tasted like Madison’s asshole as well. They spent the next half an hour or so in the shower cleaning one another and making out.

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   Then Madison looked up at her lover and said, “I want you to fuck my asshole. You got it nice and stretched out with your fingers. I am sure you could just slip it right in. Beside I want you to fuck me – just the two of us. I’ll make a deal with you. I let my daddy fuck my asshole and the only reason that I am still a virgin is that he never made me cum when he fucks my dirty shithole. You make me cum and tomorrow morning I’ll let you take my virginity, deal?”


Gene took some of the soft soap they were using and got a nice lather in his hands and began to work the 18 year-olds-asshole. Then he lathered his cock. Madison turned first and kissed him and played with his cock. “If you’re as good as my sister says you are then you’re going to make me cum real easy. ”

Gene spun her around and bent her over. The warm water was beating on his back and he gently pushed the head between her ass cheeks. Leaning forward Gene began to caress her A cup breasts and tweaking her nipples. Gene pushed a little more and the head of his cock slipped into her asshole. There was a little gasp that came from the young teenager but Gene continued to feed her asshole until the base of his cock met the base of her asshole.

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   Completely inside of her now Gene pushed just a little harder inside of her and Madison gasped a little but to Gene it felt so good there was no way he was pulling out.

Pulling Madison up making her back meet his chest Gene grabbed her face and buried his tongue inside of her mouth. His hands were squeezing her breasts and then alternating by moving his fingers down to her virgin pussy and played with her clit. Gene said, “Come on baby I want you to squeeze your ass nice and tight. ”

Madison did as she was told. She pulled his head to hers and they began to kiss as Gene began to move faster and harder each time he went balls deep into her 18 year-old-asshole. With both hands now playing with her vagina Madison began to breath heavily and she couldn’t hold it in anymore and began to moan very loudly. Then to the surprise of both of them Madison actually squirted her cum over his fingers.

Gene became so excited that he inexplicably shot a load inside of her asshole. That had never happened before premature ejaculation was never a problem for him. Gene kept himself inside of her for a little while and then once again they cleaned each other. Once they were toweled off Madison led Gene to one of the bedrooms and told him to just relax in here for a while. Then Madison went back to her bedroom.

Gene was naked and the air conditioner was working just fine so he climbed under the covers. He thought that he heard the shower but he fell back asleep.

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   Once he was asleep he felt someone slip in bed with him. Gene rolled over and lying next to him was Ashley. She smiled at him, “So, did you fuck her in the shower??


“Did you get her virginity?”

“No, I had to make her cum while I fucked her asshole. She promised me that I could have her virginity tomorrow. ”

“Cool. That gives you and me all night to be with each other. Madison went out with one of her girl friends. ”

Ashley moved close into Gene. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He kissed her on the lips. Ashley was the one who took the shower she smelled so good. Gene looked down at her and said, “So do you think you can handle getting fucked again?”

Ashley looked back and said, “Hey you’re the one trying to satisfy two girls and fill each of their holes with cum. The real question is can you reach your goal?”

“I don’t know but I would really like to try. ”

“Okay, let’s get started. I’ll help you to get hard again by sucking your cock while you attend to my asshole. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   I am not like my sister who has daddy fucking her in the ass all the time. He only does it so she can maintain her virginity. I on the other hand need more work. My asshole is like my sister’s pussy almost an anal virgin. Daddy has always fucked my pussy since he took my virginity when I was 12. He’s been fucking my vagina ever since. My mom couldn’t say anything about it because I lost my virginity but she made absolute certain that Madison would remain a virgin until she was at least 18 and she would lose it to someone other than my father. Once she breaks her hymen with you my father will be allowed to fuck her at will. I don’t think he is going to change though, he likes fucking my cunt and fucking my sister in the ass. ”

“What about your mom, how does she deal with your father fucking both of you?”

“Yeah – well mom and dad didn’t shut the door when they fucked each other. When I walked in on them when I was about eight or nine they didn’t stop what they were doing. They made me sit on the edge of the bed and watch. That is how I got my lesson about the birds and the bees. My mom was the one who started the incest path with me first and then Madison. She was the one that encouraged Madison and myself to play with each other in front of her.

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   How we were to satisfy each other and more importantly how to satisfy our father. Eventually we progressed to being okay with playing with each other’s pussies and suck on our tits. Mom joined in from time to time with both of us. There are times when all four of us are in bed together. We are a very close family. ”

“I guess it’s okay to fuck you and your sister then, even though she’s 16?”

“It really doesn’t matter now does it? Now that you know that my father has been molesting his two daughters what can they do to you?”

Gene kissed Ashley, “Come on baby I want you to suck my cock. Get it nice and hard I want to fuck you in the ass. ”

Ashley went down on Gene but not before she straddled his face. Placing her young pussy on his mouth Gene inhaled her sweet aroma. To his surprise he got hard right away when Ashley enveloped his limp cock. It probably helped that he had a tight 20 year-old-pussy staring him right in the eyes. Gene went to work on devouring Ashley’s pussy and her asshole. Gene’s fingers began to move rapidly in and out of her. Ashley’s arousal with Gene’s two fingers penetrating her anus was enough for her to let Gene fuck her asshole. It hadn’t been all that long just two hours ago he had his cock inside of Ashley’s sister’s asshole.



Gene began to fantasize about fucking Madison in the ass as Ashley sucked his cock. Her mouth felt as good as Madison’s asshole. Closing his eyes and pumping his cock inside of her mouth Gene was in heaven. Ashley wanted Gene to cum so she slipped her forefinger into his asshole. Once she got a finger inside of him Gene didn’t last all that long and he shot a load into her mouth.

Gene lay there on the bed thinking that he hadn’t gotten any pussy in the last six months. He goes to the movies and before too long he fucked both girls and got blowjobs from both sisters. He fucked Ashley’s pussy and he got to fuck Madison in the ass. The only thing he was really looking forward to now was taking the virginity of a 18 year-old-nymphomaniac. Oh yeah, he was also promised to fuck a college sophomore’s asshole as well. This was a great independence day but more important Gene’s independence from his ex-wife was finally realized with these two little nymphs’.

Ashley had a mouthful of Gene’s cum. She swallowed what she had in her mouth and looked down at Gene and said, “Look, I’ll be right back. ” She kissed him on the cheek while squeezing his cock with her other hand, “I’ve got a surprise for you – just relax and I’ll be back. ”

Ashley was gone for about a half hour.

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   It didn’t matter to Gene cumming inside her mouth just relaxed him to the point where he just wanted to nap and try to regain some power to perhaps get some more ass. When Ashley climbed back in bed and she woke Gene with a smile on her face, “Hey, are you ready to have some real fun?”

Gene smiled and wiped his eyes with his hands and noticed the presents that Ashley returned with and said, “Hey, look, I’ll let you lick my asshole I’ll even let you put your finger up my ass but if you think you’re sticking any of those things up my ass you are sorely mistaken. ”

Ashley laughed shaking a 12’ rubber dildo in one hand and 8’ vibrator in the other and said, “No, these are for me silly. My asshole is very tight we need to loosen it up. I’ve only let my daddy fuck me twice in the ass. So, just calm down and go back to sleep I’m tired as well. We’ll do this later okay. ”

It was about 8 pm the last time Gene looked over at the clock. He had been fucking and sucking for some six straight hours and he definitely needed a break. Ashley and Gene fell into a deep sleep. Some time around midnight Madison had come home. She looked around for Gene to see if he was still there or had he gone home for the night. After going out with her peers for several hours made her realize that she wanted to lose her virginity but she wanted someone who knew what they were doing. She found Ashley in bed with Gene spooning one another and a huge sigh of relief came over her that Gene was still here. Madison got undressed and slipped into bed with Gene and Ashley.

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   For some reason she liked older men mainly her father but Gene is ten years his junior and has a superb cock.

Sometime around two in the morning Gene felt a hand begin to stroke his cock. As he opened his eyes it took him a minute or so to realize who was stroking his cock and where the hell he was. He was relieved to see that it was Ashley and she had an evil smile on her face. Ashley looked at Gene and said, “You ready to get some ass?”

“Sure. ” Kissing her on the lips. He wrapped is arms around her. They began making out. Ashley and Gene started playing with each other. Gene was caressing her ass as she was playing with his cock.

Ashley smiled and said, “Let’s get the toys out. ” Ashley wanted the vibrator first and turned the bottom until it began to hum. “Okay, instead of putting your fingers inside my ass just use this. ”

Gene looked at the toy smirked to himself when Madison woke up next to him. “Hey what are you guys doing?”

Gene looked over at Madison.

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   “Ashley wants me to fuck her ass. So she got some of the toys that your mom has. ”

“No, my mom doesn’t have any toys. These are all mine. My daddy bought them for me so that he could fuck me in the ass without hurting me. My mom doesn’t want my dad to take my virginity but he is allowed to fuck my asshole. So can I play?”

Ashley said, “Yeah but Gene is going to fuck my ass and cum inside of me. If you can live with that then no problem. ”

“Cool. Okay, Gene let me show you how all this works. ” Madison picked up the dildo and spread her sister’s legs. “Okay, Ash just relax and let’s show him how two loving sister’s ride a dildo. ” Madison eased the head of the dildo into her sister’s vagina. Spreading her own legs Madison slipped the other much smaller head on the other side into her asshole. Once it was in the girls had their legs scissor together and began to thrust their pelvises forwards and backwards making the dildo inch in and out of their holes.

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   Gene sat there in amazement that these two women who are sisters were fucking each other with one shared dildo.

Ashley reached out and hugged her sister very lovingly and they began to kiss. Gene for the first time saw the real love that the two sisters have for each other. Both girls were going through the same thing and the only person each one of them could rely on was their sister. Gene sat and watched as the two sisters writhed back and forth with their hands caressing each sister’s breasts while their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths. Finally both girls achieved an orgasm and fell backwards on the bed and they slowly eased the dildo out of themselves.

Madison regained her composure and helped Ashley get on all fours. Ashley said, “Gene you lay right here. Okay, I’m going sit my cum lined cunt down on your face. ”

Madison grasping the vibrator in her hand was preparing to penetrate her sister’s very tight asshole. “Okay, here we go sis. When you feel this go inside your ass just pretend to push out. It will help you open your ass better. Then Gene you can either suck on her pussy or use the dildo on her again. ”

Madison with sisterly love eased the vibrator inside of her sister’s ass.

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   Gene took the large dildo and penetrated her vagina again. Ashley’s emotions were all over the board. The dildo Gene was using was immersed in her love canal deeper than anything had ever been before. Gene never stopped but pushed the entire 12 inches inside of her. It felt great but that just masked the deep pain that she was experiencing with the smaller vibrator that was deep inside of her asshole. Madison didn’t want to hurt her sister but she enjoyed watching the full eight inches of her favorite vibrator disappear inside of her sister Ashley ass. At one point Madison pushed too far and actually had some trouble trying to eject it from her asshole.

Gene lying on his back pulled out the enormous dildo from Ashley’s vagina. Ashley’s was close to having another orgasm when she straddling his face. With her clit dancing on Gene’s tongue and her sister feverishly pumping her vibrator inside of her sisters asshole Ashley tried to scream but she could not. Madison pulled the vibrator out and spit inside of her sister’s ass. Both of them worked on Ashley’s holes with their tongues.

Ashley stopped rocking back and forth on Gene’s tongue and just sat down on his mouth and came. Gene’s tongue was bathed with her sweet juices. Ashley was breathing so hard she felt like she was going to have a heart attack and fell forward off of Gene’s face so he could once again breath.

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   Ashley lying on her stomach trying to catch her breadth then Madison moved to Gene’s mouth. She and Gene began to kiss. Gene could smell and then got taste Ashley’s asshole on her sister Madison’s tongue. Madison on the other hand liked the taste of her sister’s orgasm and became excited that all she had to do was kiss Gene to savor her sister’s flavor.

While Madison began to hog Gene’s attention Ashley regained her composure and looked at Gene’s sad limp cock. She kissed it and slipped into her mouth. Ashley loved the feeling of a man growing inside of her mouth to the point where she could no longer keep all of it in her mouth. Then try to put the full erect cock back into her warm dewy mouth. She would even attempt to go balls deep on her man as long as when she choked on her guys cock until she felt like she was actually going to throw up.

Gene was not hard and the way Ashley sucked his cock gave him the craving that he needed to attempt fucking her asshole. Pulling out of her mouth and bringing Ashley to all fours Gene lined up the tip of his cock to Ashley’s teeny asshole opening. As he began to line up his approach Madison wanted to help as she spread her sister’s ass cheeks wide for Gene. She kissed him once again and said, “I wanted to be in the room the first time that my daddy fucked Ashley in the ass but I was at summer camp that year. So, I don’t want to miss this. Oh, God Ashley you should see how big the head of his cock is compared to your little fuck hole.

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   Brace yourself honey because I think he’s really going to be able to fuck the literal shit out of you. ”

“Madison you’re disgusting. Come on Gene lube it up and let start to party. ”

Madison spit on her sister’s asshole and then on Gene’s cock. She took it into her mouth and got it nice and wet for her sister. With one hand pulling her sister’s ass cheeks apart she helped Gene to slide the very tip of his cock inside of her asshole. Gene pushed as gently as he could as he watched Ashley’s back began to arch upwards and he could hear little gasps of pain from her mouth. Madison moved down to her sister’s face. “Honey just calm down he is practically all the way inside of you. I wish you could see how awesome it is to watch his cock slide in. It was a smart idea to let me use the vibrator first on you. ” Madison kissed her and then came back up to Gene and kissed him on the lips and said, “You think her asshole is tight wait until you fuck my virgin pussy. Now, just move nice and slow in and out of my sister. I have a nice surprise for you. ”

Gene finally pushed deep inside of Ashley and then he pulled Ashley back to his chest.

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   Madison maneuvered behind Gene he felt her 18 year-old tongue penetrate his asshole again. This was the second time today that she rimmed his asshole. Madison couldn’t help herself for such a young age she’s a sexual deviant. There was something about tossing a guy’s salad that turned her on but every older guy just reminded her of her father. Madison closed her eyes and pretended that it was her best lover her father that she was licking. This in turn excited her and her left hand moved down to her clit. The three of them for the next ten minutes or so just writhed back and forth even though Ashley was biting her bottom lip trying to endure the pain. Gene on the other hand was playing with her clit and was bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm. Gene loved looking down at his fat cock stretching Ashley’s 20-year-old asshole to its limit. Madison just loved to jerk off and cum.

Madison was the first to finish. She pulled her finger from the little slit above her hymen and tasted her young precious cum. Madison came up to Gene kissed him and with a fresh dosage of her fresh cum allowed him to suck it off of her finger. She slapped Gene hard on the ass, “Come on pound my sister’s asshole. You like that tight shit hole?”

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Ashley had tears streaming from her eyes but then leaned her head back and kissed Gene on the lips. She was able to taste Madison’s fresh dosage of cum on his tongue. Then without warning she began to squeeze her ass as tight as she could then she looked into Gene’s eyes, “I am so glad Madison wanted to bring you home. Come on Gene pound my ass and bring it home. I want to cum with your cock inside my asshole”

Gene pummeled her ass as hard as he could and then Ashley screamed. “Yes. ” Her body began to quake and shiver on his cock. Ashley wanted to fall forward off of Gene’s cock but he was smart enough to fall forward with her. With his cock still inside of her asshole he straightened her legs. He made her raise her ass just a little and then fell on top of her back and continued to fuck her. It was more than he could handle and then Gene emptied his nut sack into her asshole.

Gene was the one who could not move this time. He was sweating profusely and he didn’t want the feeling of being inside of her never end. Gene lay there until his cock was limp and then pulled out. Ashley put both hands on her ass and cried, “Holy shit that fucking hurt.

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“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you it was supposed to be good. ”

“Yes, yes. It was great I just never had anything that big inside of me before. I think that I’m going to walk funny for the next week or so. ”

Madison couldn’t wait anymore. She was eating everyone’s asshole before then why not now. Gene helped her by opening Ashley’s ass. He was admiring the work he did and how big her asshole was gaped. Then Madison dipped her tongue inside of her sister’s asshole and sucked out the first mouthful of cum. She didn’t want to be selfish so she moved to Ashley’s mouth and they kissed each other and swapped Gene’s cum. As Gene was no longer part of the equation he got up and took a shower.

When Gene returned to the bedroom the girls were gone but the water was running. Gene climbed into Madison’s bed to fall asleep.

When Madison woke she new that it wasn’t morning by the amount of sunlight that was streaming through her windows. When she looked at the clock it was 18 in the morning.


   Sleeping next to her was Gene the guy that she and her sister picked up at the movie theatre the day before.

Madison promised this guy that she was going to give him her virginity. Yesterday she gave him a blowjob. Well, that’ no big deal she gives blow jobs like doctor’s give lollipops to young kids at the doctor’s office. She also let him fuck her asshole. Again that was not a big deal her father has been fucking her in the ass since she was 18 about two years now. She loved playing with her pussy and fingering herself but with her hymen still intact was she willing to allow a perfect stranger take her special flower or should she save it for her father. She thought to herself I could just suck his cock and let him fuck my asshole again and then get rid of him. That sounded like a good plan.

Madison went to the door and locked it. She crawled under the covers and between Gene’s legs. When she got to Gene’s balls she figured it was time for enacting her plan. She kissed Gene’s balls and taking his limp manhood into her other hand began to stroke him. While Gene was still limp in her hand she kissed the head. That was the trick as his penis started to come to life and stand at attention for her.

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Gene once again woke to someone playing with his cock. This time he panicked, as he did not recognize where the hell he was and who was sucking on his cock. Pulling he covers off of him he recognized Madison. Gene thought to himself how lucky he was. Not only did this girl like to suck and fuck but she was a young hot teenager. Then he remembered that Madison had promised him her virginity today. I guess she couldn’t wait any longer.

Madison working on his penis wanted to get it nice and slick and then pop up and hop on top of Gene and fuck his brains out and send him on his way. That seemed like a good plan but when her mouth popped off of Gene’s penis there were several beautiful streams of her saliva connecting her gaped mouth and Gene’s penis.

Gene wanted to take care of her before he took her virginity. Grabbing her shoulder’s he pulled her up to his mouth and kissed her. “Now, that is the way to say good morning to your man. Now, let me take care of you. ”

Pushing her down onto the bed on her back he spread her legs nice and wide. Gazing at his new goal for the morning was a pristine pink slit that was the size of a dime in width.

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   Spitting on his fingers Gene began to caresses her outer lips as his palm as in constant contact with her clit. Madison lifted her nightgown above her hips to give Gene all access that he needed. Then she pulled her arms in and let the top slide down exposing her A-cup breasts. Madison felt the need to play with her nipples as Gene was working her vagina.

Madison liked the feel of a man playing with her vagina. Her father only fucked her asshole and never paid no never mind to her vagina. Now, that Gene was working very diligently on it she began to realize what she was missing. The idea of not allowing Gene to take her virginity went out the window. If he wanted a cock full of blood on his shaft then that is exactly what he was going to get.

Gene seeing that this young virgin was enjoying her morning with his hand and fingers working their magic that he decided it was time to taste her virgin pussy. Gene never took a woman’s virginity before so he wanted it to be special not only for her but for him as well. Gene knew it was time to bring her to orgasm before fucking her with her pussy nice and damp it was time for his tongue to taste her hymen. Gene with his years of experience of eating pussy made Madison squeal and squirm with joy. Madison actually squirted Gene in the face a couple of times. It was the first for Gene to actually get his face shot with hot cum from a woman.

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Madison being the little sexual imp that she was pulled Gene down to her face and licked her cum from Gene’s face. Gene squatting on his knees between Madison’s legs stroked his penis to full length and girth. Madison smiled at him, “I know it’s small just like my sister Ashley’s asshole last night. Are you ready to pop my 18 year-old cherry baby?”

“Yes. Do you think you can take this?”

“Well, my asshole was actually smaller than my pussy two years ago when my daddy started to fuck me – so I guess – come on Gene just fuck me please. ”

Gene pushed forward and Madison opened her mouth and coated his cock with her spit. Gene then moved between her legs. Madison wanted to control the first penetration into her teenage cunt. With both hands on his cock she maneuvered the head between her lips. Taking a deep breadth she looked up at Gene, “Okay honey, push. ”

Gene pushed and he could feel her hymen beginning to bend and envelop his head. “Okay sweaty, I’m going to push through are you ready?”

“Yes, Gene make me a woman today. I want you to finish inside of me okay?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I finished having my period two days ago so I’m good to cum in for the next week or so. ”

Before Madison could finish her sentence Gene pushed through her little girl hymen and went balls deep his very first time. When his balls met her pelvis he looked down at her and kissed her.

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   “Welcome to womanhood. ”

Madison was in obvious pain but Gene was a caring lover. Her pussy being as tight as it was normally would make Gene cum rather quickly but after losing five or six loads the day before Gene was able to last well beyond his normal twenty minutes. Gene working Madison’s pussy for half an hour straight became more like work more than anything else. Madison on the other hand like a real trooper became very comfortable with his seven inches moving slowly and deliberately.

Madison looked up at her lover, “Honey I don’t hurt anymore. Come on fuck me like I wasn’t a virgin. ”

Gene took over and knowing he was no longer hurting her virgin pussy began to fuck her like he fucked her asshole and her mouth the day before. When Madison pulled his mouth to his and told him that he was the best lover she ever had got him excited. “Come on honey talk to me, that will help me finish. ”

Madison began talking as dirty and as nasty as she could. It only took a minute or so talking dirty and Gene looked down at his little muse and said, “Where do you want me to cum honey? Are you sure you want me to cum inside of you?”

“It’s my first time I want to feel a man empty himself inside of me. Cum inside of me. Fill me up. ”

For Gene this was not a bad decision it felt absolutely incredible being inside of her.

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   He finished inside of her and when he pulled out his cock it was wrinkled from Madison’s cunt being so wet and the amount of blood from the tip of his head to the bottom of his shaft. It was even coated with his own cum. Madison looked up at Gene with loving eyes. “Thank you”

Madison squirmed down under Gene and took his limp cock and with her cum, blood and Gene’s cum on the shaft and sucked it clean. When she finished they both went to the shower and cleaned each other. When they went down to the kitchen Ashley was waiting for both of them with bacon and eggs and toast. All three ate together and the girls and Gene exchanged phone numbers. All three agreed to get together later either one on one or try more m?ge a trios.

to be continued. . . .

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