Anticipation 4


Kevin and Whitney are speechless. The prospect of a threesome is quite arousing, they're both just still shocked by the turn of events.
"How did you get in here, Nicole?" Kevin tries to get a handle on the situation
"Your door was unlocked, genius. "
Kevin thinks for a second, then looks at Whitney. "I was distracted by your ass. "
Whitney smiles, but the smile disappears quickly. She realizes that they're both naked, and looks at Nicole. "Well, either we're getting dressed, or you're gonna strip. " She gives her a sly look, and then looks back at Kevin.
"She's got a point. You got anywhere to be, Nicole?"
Nicole pretends to think for a second, and says, "Nope, day off, and no plans. " She takes off her shirt, and notes, "And I locked the door. "
Kevin feels his dick get hard again, and smiles. Whitney watches Nicole undress, and stands up. She walks over to her and as Nicole gets up from pulling her panties off, grabs her waist, and pulls her in for a kiss. Kevin watches and is simply amazed.

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   "That's probably the hottest thing I've ever seen. "
They stop the kiss, and turn towards him. Very seductively, they walk over, and alternate kissing him. Nicole moves down to Kevin's dick. "Hey there, long time no see. " She takes it in her mouth instantly, to which Kevin moans in response.
"Whitney give me your pussy. " Kevin says, and almost immediately, she moves from the kiss, and straddles his face. He starst licking her pussy and sucking her clit faster than before, and she almost falls backwards, but Nicole, almost instinctively, pushes her back.
Nicole, having watched Kevin and Whitney orgasm, was already severely aroused, and sucking dick was just not going to do it for her. "Tits, turn around. " She moves to straddle Kevin as Whitney turns around, leaning a bit towards Nicole to make sure Kevin can still eat her pussy and suck her clit. Nicole positions Kevin's dickhead in her pussy, and drops down in a swift motion. She grabs Whitney's tit and starts massaging and pulling her nipples while they make out.
Kevin just thinks, "Holy fuck," and starts eating and fingering Whitney's pussy, and then remembers the vibrator, and reaches to the nightstand for it.

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   He turns it up half way, and puts it straight into her pussy, which causes her to moan, as she continues kissing Nicole.
Nicole starts riding Kevin fast, knowing she's close to orgasm, and Kevin turns the vibrator another notch up as he sucks Whitney's clit hard. the sucking, kissing, and riding get to a point where its almost one motion. Nicole starts moaning harder, and riding faster, and Kevin decides he wants both women to cum together all over him, so he turns the vibrator to full power and starts licking and sucking the clit almost violently. Whitney moans, as the two women start trading off sucking eachothers' nipples, and as they both feel close to orgasm, they bring their lips together passionately once again, and break it as they cum to moan, almost scream in unison.
"Aahh!" They both release Kevin from his position, and he stands up for a second, to let the blood flow again. He bends over to stretch.
Whitney and Nicole start making out again, and Whitney quickly moves to Nicole's pussy. She bends over on the bed, and starts eating her out. Kevin, vertical again from his stretch, sees her pussy almost begging for his cock, and the height of the bed is perfect for it. He moves behind Whitney, and slides his cock in slowly.
"Mmmm. " Whitney moans loudly, and starts licking Nicole faster. She sucks on her clit viciously, and only speeds up with every stroke of the dick.
Kevin moves slow at first with deep, full strokes, but then looks at Nicole and she looks like shes ready to orgasm again.

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   "Whitney's done this before, " he thinks. The thought of that only gets him more excited, and he speeds up his thrusts. Nicole is broutht to another orgasm after fifteen minutes, and as Whitney comes up for air, Kevin starts ramming her hard and fast, and she starts to feel another climax buzz. She moves back towards Kevin, to make it easier to get deep inside her.
Nicole gets off the bed, and goes around to Kevin, she gets between his legs as he's ramming Whitney, and starts licking Whitney's clit as Kevin's fuckin her pussy. "AAh!" Whitney screams out from pleasure, and Kevin finally starts to feel another jolt shoot up his dick, which means he will cum soon, Whitney's pussy starts tightening, and he speeds up yet again. Nicole sucks on Whitney's pussy, and Kevin goes deep and fast, and after another minute, Kevin and Whitney climax in unison. Kevin's cum spills out a little, but Nicole laps it up.
Whitney moves over on the bed, and Kevin and Nicole join her. All three kiss, tasting eachother, and they all pass out.

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