Another Ride On I-85..Went to See Friends


Wel, I got a call from Rahnee one afternoon. She asked me to come to the store after 6 that evening and that I was going to have a good surprise. I thought that she was more than anough of a surprise and told her so. Seren (her husband) would not be there thill closing but she wanted to play with me for a few hours before he got there and they closed the store.

I drove there and got there right at 6 and Rahnee was just getting ready for me. She had on her traditional Indian dress but it was really thin, just one layer of a wrap that they wear. "Do you like it?" she saiod and the bulge in my pants should have been an answer for her. "Yes, very much. " I said. Now, the counter cannot be seen behind from out in the store and anything can happen there if one wanted to hide something. Rahnee asked me, "Come behind the counter, I have the irst surprise for he night. I did and she turned to me and sat on a bench that rotated and then spread her legs. There was no panties to take away from the lovley view. "Hungry?" she said and I got on my knees and began eating slowly and when a customer came in I would slack off and slow down for her. A few times I would bite the clit. as she was trying to take money and serve the customers.

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   She had several orgasms all over my face. Finally it ws time to close and she locked the doors and turned out the lights. As she did she dropped th rest of her dress on the floor and pushed me down right in front of the doors on the inside and pulled out my cock and rode it thru a couple more orgasms. I filled her pussy with my load and then Seren spoke. "She has had a good fucking? Very good now take care of this. " he said and offered me his cock to suck. I took he pulsing meat in my mouth and then further into my throat and he was slowly moving it in and out. Making some really growling noises. Soon he filled my throat and pulled his dripping out of my throat and gave it to his wife to clean.

"Now we have a surprise for you, her name is Rah-jin and she is our neise from India. She is very interested in sex with Americans and we have decided we wanted you to teach her then we will all enjoy a time together. Rahjin was nervous but she came to me and kissed me. Being about 4'10" she was very short and had just some nice breasts that looked to just be budding. "How old are you?" I asked her and she looked at Rahnee. She spoke and then I was told she did not know English and that she is excited to do everything here.

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   Well, we kissed and I took her to the couch in the back and sat here there and began eating her slowly and teasing her. She kept on talking to Rahnee and Rahnee would laugh. Her orgasm finally and was a nice squirt for a girl her size. She said something and Rahnee said, "She wants to have you in her. " and so I massaged my cock some and then she took it and positioned it at the entrance to her totally hairless pussy. I mean hairless not, shaved. I moved the lips apart some and pushed foward and she closed her eyes tight and Rahnee told her to relax. I was moving in a little at a time and then she wrapped legs around me and pulled my into her as she let out a cry as her chery broke.

Damn, I did not know she was vigin. " I said and Rahnee was kissing her and then she kissed her deep. She said something to her and then to me, "That is the fist woman to gil kiss she has had, the first orgasms and the first fucking. " she said. "I am not finished yet. " I said and began pumping the slowly bleeding pussy. Soon I was plunging into her deep and she was moaning and her eyes were closed.

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   Suddenly I built up and unloaded in her. She had an orgasm at the same time. I filed her and then she moved to let me fall out and began sucking and licking till it was nice and clean and half hard again. Seren moved to my potition and slipped his larger cock to the entrance of her pussy and she closed her eyes and in he went. Now she was going wild and fucking him like crazy. After it was over they were both dripping is sweat. Rahnee was on her knees sucking me again and I grew and she led me to Rahgen who was now on her tummy with a pillow under it. "Now take her as. " she said and Rahnee loked at me and smiled and so with all the juices all over her I pushed at the entrance of her ass and it slipped in. Rahnee asked me to move so that she was sitting on my cock and she could eat her pussy while her ass was fucked and I did.

For hours we all did different things, fucked and sucked and twisted nipples and rammed dildos in and out and finally we were all wor out. I slept with Rahjin and Rahnnee was on the other sidce of her, kissing her and carressing her all over till once again the women made love. Sometime in the morning we all got up and showered and dressed. It was wild to say the leats. I left very satisified and I hope that they were too.

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   I stay in contact. And by the way, little Rahjin is pregnant.

see ya.