Anita in denial.


Our camping weekend.

Myself and my wife decided on a camping weekend. Although a bit early in the year,all was packed in the car,so off we went. One slight detour to leave our cat at her mum's and that was it. That cat! had a lot to answer for. It was because of him that our camping expedition changed radically.

The bloody thing wasn't a good traveller, but when in the cat cage it seemed far more content if alongside me in the front. So in the front it was placed,with my wife relegated to the back seat, [Only until we dropped it off tho'] Comfortably driving the odd few miles to her mother's place was quite a pleasant trip as it entailed leaving the city somewhat behind and was in the general direction of our planned camping destination.

As we drove,I commented to Anita, "Oh! Oh! That walk looks familiar, [The persons features at some distance away,but heading towards us,were not clearly distinguishable] the stride though was. It was none other than an old mate. "Blime Ani' how long has it been?" - "Six,eight, a longtime!" - "Yeah! Isn't it just. We know why and all!" - "OH YOU! Just drive on, I don't want that all over again" - "No way! I wouldn't do that!" - "Anyway I admitted what happened" - I started to slow up, "Only because I had you in my dentist chair so to speak and extracted the facts one-by-one" - "Don't start that again,it was all over age's ago!" - "Sure, I told you I was cool with it, once you'd admitted it happened" - We pulled up just short of Den -"I never admitted anything, you just told me it happened and I agreed,just to stop you going on all the time!"

Den, now with a big broad grin of recognition,came up to the nearside window,instantly my wife's window went down before I had the chance to lower the front one. - "I'm here! This one, cats in the front!" - "Bloody hell, - fancy meeting you two after all this time, pity you're going the wrong way, I could have cadged a lift" - My Anita couldn't hide her excitement. - "Just like a man,always assuming they know everything. No,its only to drop the cat off, then we go back towards where you were heading!" - I thought, 'Lying cat' we're on the right road to short cut onto the main drag we're going to use.

"Alright Rich'?" - "You heard her, we've had our orders" I aswered - "The other door Den, I need to be on this side for the cat!" - Den walked round the back of the car and climbed in.

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   - "Where were you off too then?" - "Off nothing, I'm just heading back!" - "From?" - "Nothing! - You heard we split a while back I suppose, I'd just popped out to give her some money for the kids,I thought she was giving me a lift all the way back, but, here I am, she dropped me at the fork, 'couse our Norm' had sommut to get too" - "She's okay tho' we get on great now, just can't do it living in the same house"

"The woman stuff?" - "RICH' Shut it, Den will tell you anything he wants us to know. . . I bet it was though Den' - was it?" - In the mirror I seen Den give Anita a knowing smile and her smile in response. - "Whe're you two off then after the cat?" -"Camping" - "Yeah, camping, we've not done stuff in the open for ages,thought a change of scenery was. . . only the weekend mind. . . worth a try" - "This early, you'll both freeze to death!" - Ha! Ha! "No, not with what we got in the boot, its a couple of double sleeping bags" - "Oh those, they're good, you know, if you zip them together, they'll join up into a bigger one" - "Well we'd reasoned being so early,if one's not warm enough, we'd put one inside the other to double the insulation" - "Oh! Hadn't thought of that!"

I'd clocked Den as he'd got in and being on my wife's right, he leant into her and gave her a rather long peck on the neck [When I say peck! it was enough to make her eyes close as he did it] on pulling back,I noted, he'd glanced towards the rear mirror and obviously realised I watched him as he could see my face as I his. He'd eased away a bit, but now he was in rather more closely - body to body that is,not face or lip wise. - We dropped the cat, Den studied my mother-in-law unnoticed I guess,but then I'd had years of watching him womanize.

He just had a natural ability or was it attraction that women fell for carnally. In fairness to the guy, he didn't seem to do anything,but always took them up on realising the offer was there.

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   "Den is it, we've met awhile back if I remember" - "Yeah, another world sort of, well if they're already going in the direction they've said, I could drop you back the other way and let them get on their way" - "Mum, I'm sure you don't listen to me, Den's coming with us, we've already sorted it" - Catty bitch! - What a little lie bird, no such plan had even been thought of let alone mentioned.

"Yeah. Said I wasn't doing anything this weekend,so got the invite" - Conspiring fucker, doesn't miss a chance this boy. - "I'm not doing anything myself -'Mum the cat' - Oh yes,the cat!" - "Well Den, another time maybe eh!" - Mother and daughter. Tallons out! fuck I'd like to be there when he jockeys his cock into her mother, but then again, i've not seen him ride Anita yet. But its looking good!

At this stage let me say you may think I'm a shit, wanting to see my wife having sex. N-O-O-O! Its primitive I agree, but far more common than people realise! As for seeing a mother-in-law getting some man meat wacked up her. Many men have a desire to wack their own man meat into their wife's mother. Me included!

Off we went - A burning glow on the victor and vanquished amazon's faces. No doubt her mother had no illusions at what was going to happen in our tent,what she didn't know was I was hoping for just such an event. - Would you believe it, with the cat gone, Anita still plumped for the rear seat as did Den. Settled now for the ride down, I kept an eye on the mirror just to see if I could see any moments of lust. - Remember my wife knew very well I got a buzz if she flirted. It wasn't long in coming, Den with his mouth close to my wife's ear clearly said something to her.

A smirky little smile creased her lips.


   She responded and the glance by her and his eyes at the mirror was plain to read as, 'he can see us!' - Slowly and quietly their faces went out of view as they [their upper bodies] gradually slipped more over to one side of the car. A sly glance told me he was kissing her full on the lips [I wasn't bothered about that, I wanted the sex stuff] I unobtrusively moved the mirror down and got it lined up with what I could see of my wife's knees/lower thighs. Exactly where one of Den's hands was resting on her flesh. [stockings or tights were not a feature of my wife's wardrobe, except in very formal circumstances, weddings,funerals, but not holidaying.

The hand quietly drifted north on my wife's thigh until she moved slightly to allow one leg to spread slightly more. I knew that leg was now against the back of the front seat and I wasn't going to see right up even if he did manage to touch her cunt. I breaked rather more than necessary, - "Hold on, coppers, looks like there's some sort of accident!" - They straightened up in the seat as we passed. For a time now, they just sat and included me in conversation about nothing and everything. The mirror was more revealing again now as as she was more straight in the seat, her legs being either side of the tunnel, I watched with an uncomfortable stiffness in my groin as Den played thigh games on Anita, but couldn't go high enough for the cunt.

I could stand it no longer, lifting my ass in my seat, I juggled about until I had my cock firmly up my belly. A quick glance back at my wife, - "You alright back there?" - "Yeah, we're fine,keep your eyes on the road, we don't want what they had back there!" - I did. Well between looking at the rear mirror. - It must have been tortuous for my sweety, her legs kept moving about and a couple of times she stopped his hand from touching her. I guess his playing on her thighs was nearly bringing her off.

I adjusted the mirror some more and was pleased to see she had a hand touching what could only be the end of his knob! - I thought, he'll stand less of that than she could of having her thighs played with.

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   Sure enough, as soon as she tried taking his penis out of his fly. The slight sound of a zip moving had his hand hold hers to stop her from making him cum. I thought, I bet she's disappointed he stopped her and sullenly I suspect she removed his hand from her thighs. . . We arrived!

Site and tent organised, we went to the camp cafe and ate. Den went off to relieve himself and I jumped straight in. - "Right, the sleeping arrangements!" - "I know! I know! I saw you watching on the way down, you want me to do stuff, the stuff you always reckon I did back then!" - "Yeah! Okay I do! But what he said is good, you know joining up the two bags. He's obviously got nothing with him, It'll be colder as the night goes on and if we all get in together, we can see what he does and I will be in on the action!" - "My wife smiling now. - "I never thought of you being that close, I was thinking more of us doing it as you secretly watched us!" - "Here he is, get him to show us how to join them, then I'll suggest we use them like that because he's got no gear with him!"

"I've just looked outside, its dampish, a dew later I reckon, we'll bloody freeze in that tent, good job its got a double ground sheet built in!" - I expected Anita to go for the all in one bag plan. instead she said nothing. - "Not if we all got in together, [I interjects] we'll keep each other warm, Den can show us how to join the bags up!" - "What. Me in one sleeping bag with two men at the same time? [Indignantly] I think not,I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing I was in with both of you together!" - I stumped her - "It'll be okay, you can lie one side of me and Den the other!" - Her face said she could have rung my neck.

"Could I trust two men next to each other, giggle! giggle! still any grunting would wake me up!" - We both got the drift of that. - Den had no input but I knew he had been hoping for a different arrangement! - [he was not to be disappointed] - The bags now joined, I think Den was surprised to see my wife take all her clothes off except her panty's and bra' - It was enough to excite his and my knobs! - Anita seemed not to notice as she bent forward in front of us showing a beautifully rounded pair of ass cheeks and a puffy bulge of pussy covered only by her flimsy panty's.

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Clearly she positioned herself plonk in the middle of the bags. - "Better me here, I don't want to be freezing all down one side. God this bags not very warm, hurry up and get in you two. We need to warm it up. She flipped the bag apart some and even thro' her bra' it was plain her nippled had stiffened and the oreoles were crinkly and dark thro' the sheer material. Den clocked all this as did I, but having snuggled down together, all remained still as the bags began to warm through.

Anita was on her back between us and we both were,as well. - A while past, then I heard the bag rustle slightly with some movement. My wife had just opened her legs a touch. My cock tingled as it started to pulse, - Was this it, had she just eased herself for comfort or was there another reason? - I let my left hand pass on to her belly and just glide down towards her mound. She never attempted to stop this,but I felt her flex slightly as my hand seemed no where in particular to get that sort of reaction. The leg away from my side moved again and I detected a short sharp breathing happening.

Oh dear, now at my wife's bush, although outside the knicker's, the lower part of her pants was just pulsing slightly. I let my fingers wander ever nearer to where her slit was, my fingers were feeling movement under them and with a film of material between my hand and the other hand already at my mife's slit. Den was already fingering her inside her knickers.

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   The heat down there was damp already. - Now she knew I could feel what he was doing she gasped quietly and opened her thighs more, letting one leg rest over my leg and the other over Den's leg.

"Go down the front!" - I withdrew my fingers and put them down inside her panty's until my fingers touched her pubes, - "Smooth there!" - I smoothed her cunt fur but ever letting my hand get nearer to Den's. Openly now he circled her clitoris, while I had a secret neither could have dreamed of. I reached over to feel Den's cock. He was rampant, so I pulled the end above his pants waistband then holding my wife's hand I placed it on his prick. I just stayed there long enough to feel her grip it tightly before her other hand gripped my own wet cock, that already had had my Boxers discarded.

Her moving told me she was well on the way to cumming so I joined Den's hand at her pussy. Holding his hand at her knickers waistband while pulling at my side, he quickly realised my intent. Her knicker's were unceremoniously discarded. - Now she really started to go. Her hips were like a giro' as she tracked first mine then Den's finger at her pussy. With some loud gasps and ARRGH OOO UUGH's my wife went into a rapturous orgasm. With her in denial - [NO! YOU MUSTN'T - NOT TWO TOGETHER - I MUSTN'T LET YOU - PLEASE STOP NOW!]

All the time her ass humping as first Den guided his hardon into her, she screeched as orgasm after orgasm racked her tiny frame. Still in denial, she knew Den was feeling her vagina as I pushed at the slimmy hole and plunged my cock right to the hilt thro' the gooey cummy mess he'd just filled her with.

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   Her orgasm's ran on, I realised, the experience of two men on her was almost unbelievably erotic for this horny young woman, My wife! - as I'd fucked her, her bra' had gone and Den was sucking her tits like there was no tommorow.

I pulled from her and as she lay recovering a low happy chuckle was present as her hands explored our slowly softening cocks. She followed the softening process until satisfied we were both spent. - Laying quietly, after awhile she exclaimed - "Den. You're not going to fuck my mum are you? you're mine! [going on] And Rich' [She held my soft cock & squeezed it] that's mine as well. You haven't ever done it to her either have you?" - "No,of course not!" - "I bet you'd like to tho' - I bet you'd both fuck her given the chance - I want you all to myself,both of you! and Rich, now you've watched me having Den, is it alright if he does it with us a lot.

"Alright by me Anita, you better ask Den" - She got her answer in as much he rolled her up onto his belly and let her help herself to his now stiffening cock. I in turn felt between them as it went in and moved my finger round and round her clitoris. - "No Rich, feel me in the bum, my pussies to touchy" - With the residue of her fucking on my fingers I felt for her crinkly and rimmed it with my finger until as she entered harder thrusts at his cock I finally fingered inside her butt and she went mad untill with grunts and gasps she collapsed like a sack onto Den's belly.

We slept warm and soundly, had a breakfast in the cafe and spent most of the day planning what we'd do back home after the session we were intent on having tonight again. - "I wonder if anything would have happened if I had had slept on one side of Rich'? A devilish grin on her lips, - "I bet one of you would have! - but which of you?" - She giggled in mirth as we both pounced on her and tickling her ruthlessly. I said - "Why bum each other when we can bum you?" - Between Giggles and pants, she gasped. - "You wouldn't dare - Giggle! Giggle! Oh god, stop I didn't mean to say that" - She quirmed and twisted as first Den and then my fingers forced their way into her sphincter. - "STOP! STOP! No don't that hurts when you do that!" - "It wont at home, Den, We didn't pack the Gel' - I winked, he pulled out his cock and pushed the very wet end right close to Anita's face.

"This is slippery enough, go on roll her over, she didn't realise we were joking as her teeth latched on to Den's cock head and bit in harder than she realised.

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   He yelped in pain and for a moment he was not amused, then realising what was at stake he instantly laughed it off while I rescued her, saying. - "She always bites when she gets that excited, she needs another good fucking. - Passively she excepted her punishment [punishment? that's a laugh] and we now sat looking at her open thighs as our cum droooled from her well fucked highly inflamed gash.

Home we went!