Angel & Karen's Night Out


I was wondering how this happen, My girlfriend Angela in her 40’s called me up from Karen’s house. It was a dirty house, smelled, not taken care of. Any given day you could find cloths scattered about and the dishes were never done. She was living with her because it was convent for and the kids. When Angel called she asked me what I was doing tonight it was Thursday, and thought she didn’t want to be alone so I thought. I told her that I would be there in a few minutes.
When I got there the house was in the same dirty shape lawnmowers, various junk in the front. Walking inside was about the same cloths on the floor dirty dishes she greeted me with a smile, and a kiss said come on in she wanted to ask me something. They both were drinking whine, and smoking cigarettes. They were laughing and caring on when the phone rang. Most of the time it was for Karen one of her many boyfriends.
Angel said, what are you doing tonight? I was going to ask you something, wait did you bring any smoke with you? Yea, I have some. Well let’s go back to my room and I’ll twist us up one. I agreed and knew what ever she wanted to ask me she wanted to get high first. In the room she shut the door and I gave her the smoke to twist. Kids interrupted us a few times, but Angela told them to stay out and would be out in a minute.

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   We got high she got a ill nervous about what she wanted to tell me, so I ask what did you want to ask. Well I haven’t been out in awhile as you know and were not tecnicaly together. Wondering if you would watch the kids while me and Karen went out tonight? I stuttered and went silent. Thinking I couldn’t believe she ask me that. I mean coming down here, and thought that maybe we would have time together. I don’t get out very much, and Karen and I wanted to get out for a while. I knew when it was a girl’s night out that they got dolled up and Karen was hooking up with some guys tonight. Maybe Brandon could comer over Friday night, grabbed my breast, and smiled at me with a wicked grin. You know you want its good for you I quickly agreed, That put me in good sprits, because that’s a name she use’s when she straps a cock on, and I get dress as Desiera, and she fucks me like a women more like a whore.
We argued for a few minutes, but I ended feeling bad and said I would. We quickly finished the joint, then her emotions turned to a glee of freedom as she got up and headed to the door. She went to go talk to Karen to let her know that I would watch the kids, and I could hear them both laughing at something, but when on thinking what I was going to do tonight.
They both proceeded to get ready shower and get dressed up. Let me describe Angel and Karen for you. Angel 40 115 pounds 5’1 natural red hair freckles, glasses, dog ugly no teeth Thirty-eight, C Fat saggy tits with fat puffy nipples that any man would love to suck on except for me she wouldn’t let me suck them they hurt her to much she said.

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   She has a tight ass, nice legs for an older woman. She has sexy body for her age beautiful to me.
 Karen is a little younger then Angela. Karen at 36 5’11 in heels Brown curly hair glasses, a little better face, but not much better, 36B, and 135lbs. her hips stick out just a little. Karen started to get ready. I sat at the kitchen table thinking about finding something to wear myself. I could see into the bathroom straight across the kitchen. Karen was kind of an exabinaist. She didn’t care who saw her get ready it was women in the house anyway. I knew she liked to torment me by getting Angela, and her all dolled up, it made me jealous and she knew it. I saw her talk to some guy on the phone, as she was getting ready in just black lacy thong, Suntan pantyhose, and a black lace bra. She was fixing her face. Applying makeup thick to her face talking on the phone to some guy about meeting at the bar tonight. She went into her room that was attached to the bathroom to continue getting ready.

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   I knew these sluts were going to meet guys. I was getting very jealous. This was turning me on however, seeing how she didn’t care who saw her. I was very, turned on watching, Karen get ready, and the thought of Angela finding a man tonight were more then likely looking sexy. Angela turned off the shower from the other bathroom down the hall. Before she was done I saw Karen step back into the Bathroom slide her hose to her knees and sat on the toilet, and pee talking on the phone. Marsha her 18 yr old came to 4’9 light brown hair at the doorway blocking my view, and asked her something. She left went back to her room where she was playing. She flushed; Angela came into the Kitchen all done up like a slut. My cock was straining though my jeans. Wearing a Black Cocktail Dress that came down a few inches’s above the knee black nylons, and pumps with lil bows on the tips. She knew that I liked what I saw, and asked if she looked all right. “All right I said you look hot baby can I get a quick peek. ” She flashed her short skirt up briefly reveling her ass in a g-string and nylon tops. Smiling strutting sexy to Karnes Bathroom by that time Karen was in a Green tight mid-thigh mini dress, Suntan pantyhose, and black 4 1/2-inch swad heels.

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   These primed sluts stood in front of the mirror finishing curling there hair, applying lipstick, and perfume. I was be side myself the thought Angela getting fucked by another man. These two tramps, could get laid with know problem. I knew Karen loved sex, and could get Angel in the right atmosphere, and drunk and would try to hook her up with a guy.   There was no love lost between Karen, and me. At any time she could bad mouth me to Angel she would.
            Angel walked out of the bathroom as the phone rang again. She giggled when she answer it, and over heard her say they would be leaving in the next ½ an hour. Angel wanted to see me in her room again. I knew what she wanted to get high before she left. “Wow baby you look hot! Why did you get so dressed up for”? Your going to get hit on” “I like to look good when I go out.   I shut up after that. She sat there cross-legged, rolling a doobie up as she said besides Brandon’s coming over and told me to find something to wear while she was gone. I was excited looking at her, but at the same time she was going out looking hot for other men as well. She asked me for another joint for the road.

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   I said yes, then she kissed me on the cheek and off she and Karen went.
            The kids wear playing in there Marsha’s room, while I went around the house looking for lingerie. I felt like such a slut walking around in the filthy place. Walking in the bathroom to smell the aroma. They had just left.
It was hot in their all the makeup, and curling iron still warm. Umm! Oh I knew I was going to be a bad slut tonight.   I then left. I rubbed my hard little cock size though my pants. Looking into Karen’s room. Then I wanted to check on the kids to see what they were doing. Marsha was playing with Sara Angel’s 18 year old. They were playing through out the house so I had to becarefull about getting some lingerie. Nervously, I looked at the laundry on the floor going to Karen’s room. I shut her door listening for the kids again, and peeked at her unmentionables drawer.

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   The slut had a pair of tan pantyhose left I thought I was in luck. I quickly tugged them down in my acing crouch stroking my small penis
I knew they were up to something; I glanced at the closet a burgundy choker color, mini dress. Then looked from the arch way the girls must of went back to there rooms to get ready for bed cause I still heard the radio, and there light was still on. When I went to check on them I figured the girls would be in bed.   The girls was getting laid down I shut off the light. Telling the girls goodnight. Turning some of the other lights off except the living room where the T. V was going, and of course Karen’s room. I knew I still had to be careful peaking around just getting the girls down. I quickly hit her room looking around I found black shinny heels in her closet, going back for the sluttish dress. I went though the bathroom to look down the hall in case they got up for something. I carried the dress out of her room and into Angel’s to try on.
Let me describe I ‘am 5’6 cute long brown hair 140 cute famine hands natural a b-cup nice legs and bubble ass. I started to imagine me going out with the girl’s tonight. I disrobed quickly, getting on the bed sliding pantyhose up my shaved legs I keep them shaved pulling them up to my waist.

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   Walking over to Angel’s panty drawer. I took out one of her white bra’s to put on. My eyes’s got widen at the blue body suit in there as well. Getting ready like a hot bitch. Sliding into the burgundy dress, and standing up in these black heels I couldn’t believe how sluttish I began to look and feel. I jacked off right there in the vanity mirror looking like a whore. I spewed all in my hose making a wet spot. Hearing giggling from outside my door, I KNEW IT! The girls were out side the door. Walking to the door to tell the girls to go back to bed. I was trying to get the dress off kicking at my heels. After getting my pants back on I opened the door to stare right into Marsha’s eyes in the living room. “What are you doing up I told you guys to go to bed” Trying to express my anger. What are you doing in there?” snapping at me with her teen attitude. “Why were you in my mom’s room” laughing? “Are you in there trying on dress’s, she chuckled looking over at Sara. “Why are you wearing mom’s nylons”? Looking down at my tan feet, and the outline of the bra.

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   Embarrassed I turned bright red, I couldn’t talk I just said get in your room. Marsha the pre teen bitch started back to her room. “I am going to tell her your were in her room messing around. ” I walked back with her to her room. Looking up at me. “  I seen you carry the dress back to the room. She quickly got into bed and turned over. I didn’t know what to stay stunned about what she knew now. I turned around to go back to and sleep on the couch. Turning off the lights was a relief I snuggled in as best I could.

    The thought of Angela getting hit on devastated me. Jealousy spewed through my veins knowing I couldn’t do anything.   Feeling bad still in Karen’s pantyhose I tried to deny that Marsha knew I was wearing women’s clothing especially her mother’ hosiery. Marsha mainly came up with the jokes with Sara adding lip to the jokes, to almost sending me to tears.
                I slept until I heard the car door shutting.

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       My eyes blurred seeing two figures walk in laughing. I sat up and saw Karen and her date. . He was a tall black man 6’5 250 young male. His jean shorts couldn’t conceal his bulge. Pushing Karen against the wall his hands finding his way around her body. She saw that I was looking at them, while he kissed her deep and full of lust. I watched as his black hand was pushing her mini easy, up to her hips rubbing her hot incased crouch. Squirming against the wall like a drunk bitch in heat. Karen pulled away from his embrace to look at me. Straightening her skirt again, and walked into the kitchen with a smile on her face. “Don’t wait up for Angela tonight she’s staying with a friend. ” What do you mean I said?” Her date followed her into the kitchen watching her butt sway “Like I said, don’t wait up for her she told me to tell you she’s staying with a friend, she paused Cliff I think his name is. ” My stomach turned I couldn’t believe that Angela would do this to me. Ask me too come over watch her kids while she went out and now with a guy named Cliff.


       I over heard them in the kitchen laughing. As I sunk back into the couch in disbelief. She then was chased into the living room giggling and playing with her Black date. “ She told me that if you wanted to talk about this she would be home tomorrow sometime, but if you didn’t want to she would understand. ” Karen snickered at me with an evil grin. Besides Tim why would she want some sissy boy that likes to wear women’s cloths? Karen already knew that I cross-dressed, and NOW apparently drunk blurting it out to her date. “She needs a real man.   I stood up to protest, “ By that time her date came up behind her. Looking me up and down snickering when he seen my silk feet. “Bitch! You better sit your pantyhose-wearing ass down.
    ‘. Towered over her still in her heels. Karnes eyes got big when he slide his big arm around her waist slowly caressing her breast in her dress. I sat down quickly embarrassed Karen smiled moving her hips back up against the big dark man. He whispered in her ear.


       Laughing backing up at the 6’5 dark Stallion. The man took control of her and off they went to her room. I heard the door shut with a sound of Karen and his laughter. I sulked deep knowing tomorrow was going to be awful one. I knew it was going to get back with Angela, getting caught in women’s cloths, but now she was out with a guy name Cliff. Knowing it wasn’t looking good for me. From the bedroom I heard the waterbed splashing around, hearing Karen’s moans of what sounded like desperate older slut getting off on his massive cock. I heard his thrust into her, she would cry out “Yes umm yea give me your big cock. ” I was surprised that Marsha or Sara didn’t get up. It went silent for a while. Then thinking Angel could be getting them same right now. I could only think of when I confronted Angela.
                I woke up with the sound of the phone ringing it rang though out the morning as I slept. Karen yelled from her room that it was for me. I answered it.

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       It was Angel “Hey what are doing. “Did you find something to wear” with a giggle. You should have been more careful, giggling again. She whispered something to try to cover up what she was saying to someone, but not me. “Karen told me that you stayed the night with Cliff is that true? Why I asked while almost crying? “Well you have been dressing an awful lot lately, and I need to feel like a women, and you don’t have a job. I need someone who will listen to me. I tried to dispute telling her that I would do anything, to convince her to stay with me. I will be home in a little bit if you love me get dressed I have an idea that we can still be together, but some changes are going to be made. “What changes I said” “I’ll talk to you when I get home. Go talk to Karen she say’s you can stay there and work on the house if you want to stay with me. I heard some guys voice in the background as Angel giggled. I have to go I’ll see you in a little bit, and before I could say anymore. She told me bye, and hung up the phone.
                Hanging up the phone defeated  I walked in to Karen’s room where she was smirking evil. So you want to stay? “Yea you want me to clean to stay while dressed? She nodded yes.

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       She was happy this morning just getting laid Tyrone must of left early. What about the girls I thought, but they had already seen me. She got up wearing just her burgundy nighty, walking over and throwing me cut off jean shorts, and her last nights pantyhose. Here and you can keep those pantyhose I don’t want them back and get a good whiff of them. If you really want to do this you’ll have to go shopping because you’re not always going to wear mine chuckling at my expense buy your own Pads. I went to the back bathroom shut the door to take a shower, and shave. I got out when Karen talked though the door. Marsha, and Sara will do your makeup if you want. Just get dressed first. I got really excited that I was getting dressed, but hurt that Angel found a new lover.
                I slipped into the blue body suit and got the three buttons snapped! Then Karen’s soiled tan nylons went sliding up my legs and I started feeling excited, but weak I was getting ready for the whole house. Hear in a little bit Angel was going to see me.