Andy & Wally


Andy & Wally had known each other since the fourth grade.

They were a study in opposites. Andy was tall and slender with an athletic build while Wally was rather plump and not nearly as coordinated. Andy was a star in all high school athletics and Wally played in the band.

They had discovered sex at about the same time. They had enjoyed helping each other go through the trials of puberty and had become close enough that exposing themselves to each other was no big deal. They enjoyed showering together when they were alone and each would spend extra time lathering up and scrubbing, then thoroughly rinsing off the others cock, balls, and ass, especially the length of their cracks and that special wrinkled little hole that was so sensitive to the touch.

They didn't consider themselves gay. They were simply good friends who knew what felt good to the other and were willing to do what they could to help the other relax and feel good. They also learned the joys of sucking each others cock, though doing a 69 was not their favorite activity as both discovered it was too difficult to give and receive pleasure while concentrating on the other.

Andy had long been fascinated with the possibility of butt-fucking Wally but had hesitated mentioning it. He knew the first time for the bottom could be very uncomfortable and didn't want to hurt his best friend, even in the pursuit of taking his anal cherry. He also knew if he'd take his time and prepare him properly Wally would probably enjoy it and would be more willing in the future to drop his pants, spread his cheeks, and allow Andy to enjoy the pleasure of fucking that dark, tight, soft tunnel.

One summer night between their junior and senior years in high school, an opportunity presented itself for Andy to try to get his cock up Wally's chubby ass: Wally's parents were out for an evening with another couple and would not be home until quite late. Andy had already been invited to spend the night at Wally's which meant another enjoyable evening of taking down their pants for each other and then fondling their naked genitals within the privacy of Wally's bedroom.

Wally's parents left by about 6 PM so after a dinner of pizza and chips, both boys retired to Wally's upstairs bedroom.

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   Making certain the door was securely locked and the drapes closed, each took his turn emptying his bladder in Wally's private bathroom, then returning to the bedroom.

Normally, since Andy was the guest, Wally would have proceeded to undress him do what each knew Andy would most enjoy. Tonight, however, Andy suggested both undress themselves. When both were naked, they embraced for a moment and then Andy dropped to his knees. He leaned up and began licking, sucking and biting Wally's boy-boobs since he knew from previous explorations that Wally really enjoyed this sensation. After spending several minutes on each of Wally's plump tits, Andy began to fondle Wally's cock and balls. By this time, Wally was moaning and muttering little noises, telling Andy how good that felt.

Andy stopped just short of sucking Wally's cock and quietly suggested Wally get on the bed, on his knees with his shoulders down, ass in the air and knees apart. Lightly kissing Wally's ass-cheeks, Andy gently moved Wally's legs further apart, opening Wally's ass crack. Reaching between Wally's legs, Andy began lightly scratching Wally's balls which hung down below his ass. At the same time, Andy placed his nose in Wally's ass crack and swiped Wally's poop hole with his tongue. Andy made certain his tongue was very soft and gentle as it slowly licked up and down on that wrinkled surface.

After working on that magic center in the middle of Wally's crack for several minutes, and getting it slimy with his saliva, Andy began quietly talking to his friend about fucking his plump ass. All the time he was talking softly, he ran his hands over Wally's delightfully puffy ass (a sweet cushion for the pushin') and back down to his bag-o-balls, assuring Wally how he would take plenty of time and use lots of lube to minimize the discomfort to his good friend when the moment was right for Andy to enter Wally's ass. Then he reassured Wally that he would want to cum, too, after Andy's cock had been pushing against Wally's prostate gland, cumming with more intensity than he had ever cum before.

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Listening to Wally moan and gasp at the erotic sensations his tongue and hands were producing and noting he didn't hear any refusal to continue, Andy took a quick break and retrieved the tube of K-Y jelly he had thought to bring with him. Very gently applying a generous amount of lube to Wally's super-tight asshole and working a good amount inside him as well, Andy continued a near-constant stream of soft assurances, telling Wally how very good it was going to feel when Wally at last felt Andy's rock-hard cock meat slowly and gently begin to seat itself inside Wally's backdoor.

Starting with first one finger, then two, then three, and finally carefully working four fingers into Wally's ass, Andy exclaimed how very tight his friend was and what a wonderful experience Wally was about to enjoy, if he simply held still and put himself completely in Andy's hands. Working not only to spread the lube around, but to begin to force the muscles around Wally's very tight opening to relax, Andy slowly began to stretch Wally's asshole wider and wider, taking his time and assuring Wally what an adorable ass he had.

At last Andy believed Wally was ready. But there was one more thing he wanted Wally to do for him: his cock so stiff it was nearly painful when he crawled up on the bed to where Wally's head lay on the pillow. Telling his friend that the moment of truth had finally arrived and how he believed Wally was ready for Andy's cock, Andy said he needed Wally to kiss the head of his cock before Andy mounted him. Grinning widely, Wally cheerfully kissed the pee/cum slit on the bulbous head of Andy's cock, then lay back down with a contented sigh. Andy had offered to wear a rubber while he fucked Wally but Wally said he'd rather feel everything Andy had to offer, especially that sharply defined ridge just below the head of Andy's cock. .

Andy took up the required position between Wally's upraised ass. Placing his left hand on the small of Wally's back and grasping his cock with his right hand, Andy positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to Wally's hole. He inched forward on his knees and asked Wally if he was ready. Once he started entering Wally he didn't intend to retreat; pause, perhaps, to allow Wally to adjust to the feel of a cock up his ass, but then it would be onward until he was balls deep and leaning against Wally's soft and plump ass cheeks.

Feeling Andy's cock poised at the entrance to his shit hole, Wally asked once more that Andy please be careful not to hurt him too badly, then quietly said, "Okay, do it.

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Even though Wally's ass had never been violated, the fact that Andy had made certain he was well-lubed and had taken the time to stretch Wally's ass, plus the fact that Andy's cock was as hard as a piece of steel, Andy wassurprised with the relative ease with which he was able to force his cock into Wally's ass. Wally gasped and cried out briefly as the discomfort became more intense. Andy stopped pushing and froze, promising Wally that it would soon feel better, telling his friend he would wait for Wally to adjust a bit before continuingbut insisting it was important for Wally to try to hold still. How he wanted to continue violating his friends tight ass and simply thrust away until he could fill Wally's bowels!

Soon Wally's ass began to relax under the unrelenting presence of Andy's thick cock. Once he appeared to be in less pain, Andy once again slowly pushed forward until he felt his balls touching Wally's taint. He could hardly believe it: he was balls deep in his friend's ass and ready to begin fucking away. Sighing to himself, he held absolutely still and counted to 25 before quietly asking Wally is he was okay. Wally answered rather timidly that he guessed he was okay and asked Andy if he was ready to fuck him.

Andy decided right then and there that when he was finished, he was going to ask Wally to spank his naked ass. Andy really didn't care one way or the other for that routine but he knew it excited Wally very much and as payment for being such a patient and trusting friend, Andy would let him pink-up his ass, then suck Wally's cock to satisfy the arousal Wally always felt after spanking Andy.

    Andy responded that yes, he was finally ready to begin fucking Wally's ass. But before he started he told Wally what he had decided to let Wally do. Andy then suggested Wally think about how exciting it would be first to spank Andy then have Andy suck his cock. Wally cooed delightfully and said he was sure he'd enjoy it very much!

    With that, Andy firmly grasped Wally's ass with both hands and carefully drew his cock back before thrusting forward slowly at first but then picking up speed, grunting and huffing with the effort of plowing in and out of Wally's shit channel. As much as Andy was enjoying the sensation of his thrusts and pull-backs, he found he was even more excited by the sounds and movement of his dear best friend! Wally was pushing back with Andy's pull-backs and soon was squealing like a pig as Andy thrust forward, once again burying his cock deep in Wally's ass.

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    Soon Andy could feel his balls begin to tingle, a sure sign that the moment of cumming was rapidly approaching. He told Wally that he was nearly ready to cream his turds and Wally began jacking himself off. Andy brought his right hand down sharply on Wally's right ass cheek and told him to stop it immediately. Andy reminded Wally he had a date later that night to suck Wally's cock and to swallow his cum after being spanked and he didn't want Wally wasting any cum on a jack-off session! Wally laughed and agreed.

    When the flow began, Andy felt as if he blew more jism into Wally's ass than he had ever released before! Stream after stream of cum issued forth from his cock before he finally finished. Even Wally insisted he could feel an excessive amount of Andy's life essence being pumped up his ass. The strain of being hard for so long and the tremendous release of so much cum left Andy feeling exhausted. Even though Wally had stopped beating his meat in anticipation of having his cock sucked by Andy, the fact that Andy's cock had been stroking Wally's prostate gland had caused some pre-cum leakage to drip from the head of Wally's cock. When Wally told Andy about this, Andy assured his now butt-fucked friend that he'd take care of that in just a few minutes.

    Andy slowly slipped from Wally's now stretched ass hole and went to the bathroom, returning with a water-soaked washcloth to gently and carefully catch the stream of his cum flowing forth from Wally's newly opened fuck-hole. He was as gentle as he could be, realizing his friend's ass was going to be sore for a few days until it got used to being plowed by several inches of erect cock.

    Wally appreciated how careful Andy was in cleaning him. He would be uncomfortable whenever he tried to sit for several days until his butt recovered but he would never forget how cautious Andy was during Wally's first butt-fucking. When Andy felt he had cleaned as much as he could from his friend's newly fucked ass, he tossed the washcloth into the tub and returned to the bedside.

    Wally was waiting with a smile on his face as he gestured toward the bed.

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       He rubbed his hands together vigorously in an attempt to warm them, not wanting to apply a bare-bottom spanking on his friend's ass with cold hands. Andy obediently assumed the position and got comfortable as Wally sighed and placed a warm and loving kiss on each ass cheek before starting to spank Andy.




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