An Office Tale


FistMy name is June, I am 31 years old, I am white, married with 2 children. I got married at age 20, more or less to get out of my parent's house and control. My marriage hasn't always been the best and even still now seems to be kind of on the rocks. We attend counseling on a regular basis and seem to stay together. My main reason is for our children which, is a position I guess a lot of women and men I suppose are in. I am considered attractive at 5"7" 132 Lb. Dark hair and 34C breasts. I wasn't virgin when I married and neither was my husband. We had premarital sex and more or less confessed to each other our previous sexual experience. I held one back and that was with a Black boy that I went to school with. It was a brief encounter and involved both oral and vaginal sex. Despite any premarital sex and 18 years of marriage, I had yet to experience and orgasm! When first married, my husband honestly tried and I read all of the books I could find and he bought me vibrators and we tried to no avail for me to achieve orgasm. One thing I think that has always stood in our way is my husband's luke warm feeling towards oral sex. He enjoyed me giving him head especially during my periods, but was kind of lax when it came to oral on me. So after many years, he kind of gave up and when he needed sex he kind of plugged into me and did his thing. I never in all the years cheated on him, although the thought of what I was missing was constantly on my mind.

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   The vibrators were soon running out of battery power in my drawer, since I couldn't even bring myself to an orgasm. I sort of gave up and excepted it as my destiny. My husband is a good provider, with a trade and works long hard hours. He is also a very good father to our children, so when I look at a lot of other husbands who stay out, drinking and then beat their wives, I consider myself lucky in that respect. So life went on! I had been mostly a stay at home mom until our kids got old enough to go full days to school. We wanted to add an addition onto our small 2 bed room house. So we decided that I would go to work to help bring in the extra income for it. I got a job at a trucking firm as a dispatcher in the warehouse. It is a good job and I like the people I work with. Everything was going along fine until one day my boss hired a new man for the warehouse loading platform. His name is Jeff and he is younger than me at 24, But for the job he was hired for it didn't take a lot of training since he did mostly manual labor and loaded the trucks and got them ready for shipment. I'm not really sure how it happened but as the time went on I began to really like Jeff. He was a nice guy and a hard worker and always very friendly. Deep down when I think back I know also that he turned me on. He quite often had to bring manifests into the office to me.

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   He was always casting glances at my legs, and on quite a few occasions, I noticed a bulge in his pants forming. One time he had come in just as I had bent over a file drawer. I didn't hear him come in and was busily filing manifests. When I straightened up and turned , there he was. I realized that I must have shown him a good expanse of my thighs from behind as I was busily bending over with my skirt on. A glance at his crotch confirmed it, there was definitely the outline of his cock, running down the right side of his leg. That's another thing I think that turned me on was the rumors about Black men having such big cocks. The boy I had sex with seemed to be of normal size, but then that was in school and we were both young. My husband is 6" at best and not very thick. I often kind of fantasized of what it would be like to have one a little bigger going into me. Winter had come and my husband and I discussed one of us getting permanent birth control since we both decided that 2 children was all we were going to have. I was willing to have my tubes tied, but it ended up with him getting a vasectomy instead. Then came the time of year for inventory in the warehouse. It involved long hours of work into most evenings. By then Jeff was basically the main man in the warehouse and also had to stay for the job.

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   I was wearing a wool skirt and was on the last days of my period. There was some remodeling going on in the office also. There was only one bathroom and it was unisex for the office. Then there was another one far out into the warehouse also. The door was off the one in the office, but it was no big deal since it was clear in the back, by another door leading out into the back of the warehouse. The door leading to the warehouse had a glass window in it. I needed to change my tampon and looked out the front office window to see that Jeff was clear down the other end of the warehouse. I knew that he and I were the only ones there. I went into the bathroom and sat down and removed my tampon. I was sitting there with my hips thrust forward and in the process of inserting a fresh tampon, when I looked up at the back warehouse door. There stood Jeff! Able to see everything from that vantage point. I was so embarrassed, I must have turned redder than the tampon that I had removed. But the embarrassment was short lived. A sexy feeling immediately came over me also. I should, explain, that when I am close to the end of my period and right after I am so horny I can hardly stand it for several days.

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   So instead of quickly sitting back down, and quickly pulling my skirt down, I arched my hips ever further as I watched Jeff and slid the tampon into myself. When I had it in, instead of pulling my skirt down, I wrapped the applicator and threw it into the waste basket. I don't know what made me do it, but I crooked my finger at Jeff and motioned for him to come in. He smiled as he opened the door and came into the bathroom. As I looked at his crotch, he had a full blown hard-on, it seemed huge! He was in front of me leaning back against the sink. His crotch only a couple of feet from me as I sat there on the toilet with my vagina with its string hanging out exposed to a strange man. I couldn't believe my own voice as I heard myself say. "Like what you see"? "Boy do I ever, you are beautiful"? I could feel myself moisten and it wasn't from my menstrual flow either, as I looked at the huge bulge running down his leg. I pointed at it and said. "Did I do that to you"? He smiled and grabbed the shaft through his pants and squeezed it. "Take it out, and let me see it"? By now I was a different person, I was totally gone from rationality. In retrospect, I should have done the right thing and quickly pulled my skirt down and stood up and taken my embarrassment. But I didn't and now it was past the point of no return. I felt my clit tingle as he unzipped his pants, reached in and with some difficulty fished out the biggest penis I've ever seen! It was at least 9" in length (9 ¸" we later measured). It was very thick and the head was huge! He wrapped his hand around it and slowly began to stroke it in front of me as he was telling me how sexy I was.

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   In thinking back I know I must have been in a sexual trance, because the next thing I did, I would never think of doing. As I watched him slowly stroking his cock as he looked at my vagina, I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. I had a front clasp bra and opened it and exposed my breasts to him. He groaned and began a faster jerking of his cock. I held out my hand towards his cock and he stepped forward, bringing it to only inches from my face. I reached out and replaced his hand with mine. It was so hard, it was like grabbing a piece of steel. I wrapped both hands around it as he took a nipple between his fingers and began rolling it, causing my vagina to spasm. With both hands around it, one at the base and the other along side, there was still 3" of shaft exposed and that huge head! He had reached down and had my other nipple with his other hand. I groaned and slid my hands forward. That produced a huge drop of pre-cum at his pee hole. I was possessed by this huge black penis in front of me, as I leaned forward and licked off the large drop of pre-cum. He groaned and stepped forward some more, causing it to slightly pressure against my lips. I opened my mouth and took the head in and began to swirl my tongue around and around as he moaned ,and I moaned around his bulbous penis head in my mouth. I could only get the head and about the first 4" into my mouth as I started wildly bobbing my head on him.

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   The corners of my mouth were stretched about as far as they could and began to hurt some. He began a slowly thrusting into my mouth, and placed his hands on each side of my head. I knew he was about to ejaculate! I also wanted it to happen! I wanted the first strange cock I had in 18 years to cum in my mouth! And cum he did! With a sudden grunt and shudder, I felt a huge stream blast to the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed before the next one hit exactly in the same spot. That night as I sat there exposed and with a huge black cock in my mouth, I swallowed spurt after spurt of his cream. As I was finishing him while he was just oozing, I felt a never before sensation in my pelvis and lower abdomen, I think I had a mini climax. I could feel my vagina suddenly kind of gush, but I had the tampon in so it was a weird feeling but it felt good. I finally took my mouth off after I had milked the last drops from him. He told me how good I was and we just complemented each other some as I kept my eyes and my hand on his cock. He softened only slightly, then I felt him harden again. I was impressed, I was holding a rock hard cock again, after it had shot out so much cream. That night, a second load of his sperm was swallowed by me sitting there on the toilet. He offered to fuck me instead, but I declined due to my period, but told him that once it was over I definitely wanted it in my vagina. The next night we left work, a couple of hours early and went to his apartment. We lay naked together in his bed and he sucked and licked my vagina like no one ever has.

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   I came closer to an orgasm that night than ever before. But still I was frustrated in the end. Even when I felt the completely filled feeling of that huge cock poisoning in an out of my vagina, it still didn't do the trick. It felt wonderful, and it was the absolute best sex I had ever had in my life! But still no orgasm. I made him wear a condom when he entered me and that also was a kind of drag on the atmosphere. But I was fertile and I sure didn't want to get pregnant. We talked for a while, and I confessed to never having had an orgasm. He was very understanding and began to feel my vagina. Then suddenly as his finger entered me he triggered a sensation I had never felt. I gasped as he kept fingering me. He had very long fingers and was able to reach way in and to the front where what he called my "G" spot was supposed to be. I wasn't aware that, all I knew is that it felt better than anything I had ever felt. But even after he had 3 long fingers in me, I still did not have an orgasm. But the horny feeling I always had after sex right after my period was gone as I drove home that night. My husband wanted sex, but I had put a tampon in just in case he did and told him I was still bleeding.

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   He settled for me sucking him off. What a difference there was even in the ejaculation! He only squirted one half hearted stream and then oozed the rest. His cum tasted much stronger than Jeff's, also. Early in our marriage we had tried anal sex during my period, but it hurt me too badly to continue. So we eventually abandoned the practice, not having really achieved full penetration. I was feeling guilty at what a slut I seemed to have become. Having sex with a strange man and a Black man at that. Then having sex with my husband that same night! But the desire to be fingered by Jeff's talented fingers outweighed the guilt. And I found myself at his apartment again the next evening. Once we were naked and he had licked me some, and I was pleading with him to finger me again, he got up and put a tape in his VCR and turned on the TV. As I watched the tape, I became almost horrified. There was a woman and a man, and he was lubricating his hand as he fingered the woman. As their sex play progressed I watched in amazement as the man's whole hand was in the woman's vagina. I was aghast as Jeff turned off the movie. Without saying a thing he began licking my vagina, then, he laid between my legs and began to finger me causing those good feelings.

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   I watched I a sort of trance as he reached for the night stand, and retrieved a large tube of K-Y Jelly. When I realized what he was going to do, I was horrified, but also so very turned on, that I didn't do anything to stop him as his lubricated fingers began to slide into me. I arched my hips in response to his invading fingers. God it was soooooo good! I felt more pressure from his hand. OH GOD I thought, he was going to do to me what was on the movie. My mind told me to stop him, but I was powerless to move as I felt an intense pressure at the sides of my vagina. Then suddenly, I screamed out loud as it felt like something gave way and his hand was in me. My hips thrust slowly to the rhythm of his fingers moving inside of me. I grabbed a pillow and held over my face to muffle my screams of pleasure. Then suddenly I felt an intense pressure build in my entire lower body. It became more and more intense! Until I felt like my abdomen was going to bust as I looked down between my legs from under the pillow I saw Jeff lean forward and capture my clit in his mouth. I screamed and screamed into the pillow as it felt like a damn had burst with in me! My thighs thrashed wildly and my body twisted from side to side. I was in another galaxy for sure. That's how amazing it felt. My hips suddenly shot upward and I felt my bladder let go.

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   I think I passed out at that point! I don't know how long it was before I became aware of my surroundings again, but as I looked down between my legs, Jeff was still there, with his whole wrist buried in me. He held his hand motionless inside of me. Every time he tried to move it even slightly, the feeling was so intense for me, I'd scream for him not move it. My thighs were quivering involuntarily like crazy! I felt completely soaked, because I was, with my own urine. I had shot out strong streams of piss as I had my orgasm! It went all over Jeff's arm and chest and all over the bed, it was soaked! My thighs finally quit quivering and slowly Jeff was able to retrieve his hand from me. It was the most AWESOME Feeling I had ever had during sex that was certain. I was so happy! Jeff explained to me that it was called "fisting" and that an older woman had taught him how to do it. , to give her orgasms. I was so grateful I had met Jeff. I felt a kind of genuine love for him that night, a warm cuddly feeling. He was the only man to have ever satisfied me after 31 years of life! Each subsequent love making session we had ,contained fisting and produced more and more violent orgasms. I couldn't get enough! I was like a starving animal trying to gorge herself, and make up for all the pleasure I had missed out on. Sex with my husband became even more meaningless and so mundane, but I kept up the pretense of enjoyment. But the real enjoyment was with Jeff. Although I still could not climax even with him during intercourse, just the "Fisting" sessions Produced what I had to have! Jeff was so sweet and told me that it would happen just to give it time.


   In the mean time his "Fist" was mine! The first night of my next menstrual discharge was another first! After foreplay and me sucking him, he stopped me before he shot off and got out the tube of K-Y. I objected and told him no not while I was bleeding. He shushed me and as I watched in horror he lubricated his finger and then slowly slid it into my rectum. It felt strange at first but not unpleasant. Then I felt 2 fingers and more K-Y. Then I gasped as he applied k-y to the head of his cock and placed it at the entrance of my anus. I was laying on my back with my legs spread and he was between them. I protested but he shushed me and slowly applied forward pressure. He kept telling me to relax and just lay still. I tried but boy was I tense. I felt a slight stretching like I was dispelling a large stool. Then suddenly a kind of "silent pop" and the huge head of his cock was in my anus. I could feel that now familiar pressure begin to build in me. Jeff didn't force anymore in me and allowed my hole to adjust to his girth. Then he put more lubricant on his exposed shaft and slowly slid some more into me.

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   This caused the pressure to build even more and I told him I thought I was going to cum. He smile and began a slow pumping into my virgin ass hole. I felt him reach down and fondle my clit as he slowly thrust the remainder of his cock into me. That did it. I grabbed the pillow and muffled my screams of pleasure ! It was as intense as my first! I seemed to pass completely out. Once I came down from that beautiful orgasm, I felt Jeff still pumping, then with a groan he released inside of me. His sperm was like hot molten metal shooting into my bowels, I climaxed right along with him. Needless to say we have since repeated anal sex and plenty of fisting. Sometime the orgasms are stronger than the others but I love them all. We also had vaginal sex but always with a condom, unless it was when I felt my period coming on, then I took a chance and let him cum inside of my vagina. Three months had gone by and I was one of the happiest women around. Jeff also loved to watch me masturbate. I had always been very shy to do it in front of my husband, but not with Jeff. We would 69 to the brink of his ejaculation, then I would lay on my back with legs spread and he would kneel between them and stroke his big cock as I fingered myself for him. He would usually spray my hand and stomach or sometimes place the tip against my anus and release his cream.

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   But as luck would have it, we got into it too heavy one night! We had gone 69 and I was masturbating for him and he was jerking off watching, when suddenly he moved forward and placed his cock against my invading finger at the entrance to my vagina. Caught up in the passion of the moment, I with drew my finger and felt him enter me to the hilt. At the same time I felt his hot discharge of virile sperm enter me. "yes yes cum in me Jeff fill me fill me"! That he did, he shot and shot inside of me and I had my first orgasm during vaginal intercourse was the good news. The bad news is however! I am now 2 months pregnant! A married woman with 2 children and a husband, Caucasian and pregnant by a black man with whom I've been having an affair. I don't know what will become of it, but I am strongly leaning towards divorce and marrying Jeff. BUT that's something he objects to so unless I can change his mind, I'll just have to live with him. I hope he'll have me. In the mean time we have sex regularly, but I see a change in him! He is starting to treat me as a slut, but I am powerless to do anything about it. I seem to be his sex slave. He makes me go out with him in a neighboring town at least so we won't be seen by anyone. But I wear skirts with no panties, and he sometimes fingers me lewdly in public. While on the drive to the next town one night he demanded oral sex in the car at a rest stop! I didn't mind that, but another woman pulled up next to us and was able to see me sucking his cock! He held my head down and made me continue. The woman watched and then he began to talk to her! It ended up with me watching him fuck her in the back seat of my car. Then he made me suck his cock clean after he had fucked her and I was made to lick her! It was distasteful to me but I didn't dare, not do what he told me.

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   The woman held my head and thrust her sperm filled vagina against my face until she had an orgasm. The following week he took me to her apartment! (I didn't know he had stayed in contact with her) She is also white by the way. But she is divorced with 3 children, not living at home. She is 46. I was again forced to lick her as Jeff had intercourse in my anus. I did climax then though as he filled me with his sperm. Since my pregnancy he freely shoots in my vagina. I am at a loss as to what direction to go with my life. I have forsaken my husband and my children. Their mother is a sex slut for what is beginning to turn out to be a depraved man instead of the loving one I thought he was. What really hurt was the other night when my husband left briefly and I called to talk to Jeff and Donna, (the other woman) answered the phone and described to me how Jeff was fucking her with his "Big Black Fuck Pole" . I tried to hang up but couldn't and listened as she climaxed and heard his familiar grunt as he shot into her. I cried myself to sleep that night. Last night Jeff called and wanted me to sneak out of the house after my husband went to sleep. I did and was met at his apartment by Donna and another Black man.

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   We fucked and sucked until early morning, and I got back home just before the alarm went off! I had my first double penetration experience while Donna sucked my nipples. It was the most intense orgasm YET! I am helpless to deny any sex act to Jeff. But I detest Donna's presence and she has taken to belittling me also. I wouldn't even suck Jeff after he has been in my anus. But yet I sucked him the other night after he with drew from Donna's and discharged into my mouth. I found it repulsive but still did it. I am a slave to his sexual desires. But it is such a turn on, I can't resist. At work I sneak behind crates with him and satisfy him orally anytime he wishes! What is to become of me? Maybe more to come!