An ironic marriage (step brother)


An ironic marriage

This is the first story I ever wrote, so please be merciful.

My name is Kimberly. I'm sixteen, about 5'4 and have a pretty good looking bod. I think I have pretty nice looking boobs and some of my friends think so too. I have long blonde hair, commonly contained in a pony tail, and gorgeous hazel eyes.

My mom, brother, and my mom's fiance's family were all going on vacation to the beach. He had two kids also. His son's pretty good looking. blonde hair, not too long, not too short, and tall as hell. He's 6'1. He's not that muscular, but he's strong. Two of his favorite hobbies are playing music, mostly on his guitar, and free running. It seems like that if he's not doing one, then he's doing the other. His newest accomplishment was jumping from his balcony of the hotel over to our parents. But that wasn't good enough. He wanted to jump from a balcony above, onto his or my balcony since no was next door to me and I was on the end of the building.

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I was staying at one end of the hall, the room next to me was empty so it was kind of lonely down there by myself, since no one wanted to bunk with me. The rest of the family was at the other end. I never really had to worry about them coming to bother me, so I would just prance around my room stark naked sometimes, glancing at my body in the mirrors, watching my tight ass shake, and my pink nipples flop as I jumped. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm still a virgin, but I almost wasn't. I was at a party and got my hands on some beer. I got a little tipsy. My best friend, Kody, thought it would be fun to go in the bathroom and fuck. I had no objections. We got undressed to our skivvies, and right as he whipped out his little ass cock, about three or four inches, he passed out. The paramedics said that his heart was beating too fast, and oxygen wasn't getting to his brain quick enough. That ruined our friendship, and I've had some interesting thoughts about boys since. I've always wanted to be fucked, but since no one ever seemed up to it, I've had to make due with what I've got. I could pick my soon to be step brother who is always around, or just do it myself. Well the second way was fun for about a week, so I've been trying to figure out a way to ask my step brother, Kevin. That chance came.

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Mom is to be married today, and I'm gonna get new siblings. I wanted to try and fuck Kevin that day, before the wedding so that I could still get him to do it after they were married, and not be so awkward after wards. But first, I had to take a shower before I went on my mission. I got out of the shower, feeling a little horny about seducing Kevin, and wished I had masturbated in the shower. I decided I would try something a little risky. I've always wanted to play with myself outside with the wind blowing my hair, well it was a windy day, no one was next door, and everyone would be out of the hotel, so no one was around to catch me. I put the chair and the table that were there next to the railing so that if anyone did look, they wouldn't see me. I sat down, slipped down my short shorts and threw them inside, then slid my small panties down to my ankles and stared at my virgin pussy. It was already wet with anticipation. I slowly started to rub and then non chalauntly pushed a finger in a little ways. I pulled it back out and pushed it in as far as I could get it in. I reached up my shirt and started to play with my nipples, but hurriedly pulled both my hands up as Kevin hit the ground of my balcony with a yelp. I can't believe he actually fucking did it! he jumped from the balcony above onto mine! I never thought he would. His face cringed in pain, and he clasped his ankle close to his body, and even though his eyes were clasped shut, I still think that he was aware of my indecent exposure. I rushed inside, threw on my pants and ran outside to check on Kevin.

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   He has great self control over pain, so if he was cringing like this, something had to be wrong. I came back outside to find Kevin on his back, his leg being supported by the other, looking painfully out to the ocean. The wind was blowing his hair and the sun was glinting off of it, making him shine. He's so gorgeous I thought, and so friggin brave to do that and to be able to suppress the pain like that, but stupid for jumping. "What the hell, are you OK, or were you just playing to get my attention?" I asked curtly.
"Either way I would have had your attention. anyway, I'm fine, just over reacted. Thought the pain was really worse than it was, and my god you have an amazing view. " he said distractedly, but looking right into my eyes. I shuddered, I always do though when he looks at me in the eyes. "Help me up, would you, I still can't walk on my ankle," he asked.

I helped him limp inside, but since I was smaller than him it was kind of hard. Even though there were no candles burning, and I wasn't wearing any perfume, Kevin still said that, "it smells good. What is it? It smells kind of like strawberries. " Oh no, I thought, he smells my scent.

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   Wait, why am I freaking out, this is what I wanted to happen. But I guess I didn't want him to catch me doing it. I wanted. . . "Kimberly someones at the door," Kevin said. I answered it, and there's my mom in her wedding dress. "Hey mom," I said shakily, "what are you doing here in your dress?"
"I wanted to tell you that I expect you to get to the wedding by yourselves, because there's not enough room for you and Kevin in the limo. Oh, hey Kevin, you heard what I told Kimberly right?" He nodded. "Good, then I'll see you guys there," and she walked to the elevators.

This is perfect I thought, now I can seduce Kevin and not have to go to the wedding. Since the wedding was huge, and Kevin and I were supposed to sit in the middle together, no one would notice if we weren't there. I helped him over to my bed and gingerly laid him down. I sat at the foot of the bed and carefully took off his shoes. "What are you doing?"
"I'm gonna check on your ankle.

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"All I really need is ice. "
"I just want to make sure its not twisted or anything," thank god for anatomy class. I softly picked up his ankle and carefully ran my hands up and down his leg. I knew he felt good because he put his head back and moaned. "It feels fine, how do you feel?" I asked. "Better," he said, "and that is really helping it, keep rubbing it, that feels nice. " Now were getting somewhere, I thought. Where do I go from here though, should I rub up to his crotch with my sweet kinky face, or do I just go on and kiss him. What if his cock is small, or too big? What if he gets it just right though? And at that, my juices started to flow, and apparently Kevin could smell my strawberries again. "I swear I smell strawberries. Are you wearing perfume or something, because I friggin love strawberries. " There it was. My opening. . .

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   literally. "Sorry, it's not perfume, just how I smell. It really comes around when I'm turned on. " I could tell that Kevin was getting hard by the way he shifted. "My bad, that happens to most girls I'm around," he said with a chuckle.
" Don't be sorry, you should be glad of your 'gift', and use it Kevin. " I said.
"How so?"
"Seduce someone. You could probably get laid right now if you really wanted to. " I gave him a little look that said I wanted him.
after a pause Kevin said, "Kimberly, what ever happened to Kody. " Oh god I thought, not this. This is really gonna turn him off. But I told him the story anyway.

"I never did like him that much.

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  " Kevin got up and shoved me onto the bed. "Let me make up for his fault," He said erotically crawling on top of me and kissing me on the lips.
"Kevin, oh god yes, take me, please. " I screamed, reaching behind him and pulling him in closer. "Just one thing, please get a condom. "
"Covered," he said, "I snuck one from my dad. " He's always been smart like that. He got up and threw his shirt into the corner. He walked away from the bed slowly, with a sexy air about him. I took off my shirt and threw it at him, then I wrapped my torso in the sheets of the bed. He dropped my shirt and turned on the "do not disturb" sign. He walked back slowly, unbuckling his belt and kicking off his other shoe when he was right in front of the bed. I grabbed his arms and pulled him on top of me. The wedding was gonna start in like 18 minutes so there wasn't much time for foreplay, but Kevin seemed to want to anyway. I hated how little time we had, but I thought it was sweet he wanted to build this anticipation.

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   Instead of flinging off my bra like Kody wanted to, he left it, and wrestled around with me in bed after I pulled him on. I was laughing my ass off and he was too. I was absolutely happy that this was happening. He slid down his pants, revealing himself to be only in his boxers and I could see how long his penis was. compared to Kody's little half ass dick, Kevin's was god. It had to be at least six inches. Its perfect, I thought, because that was the length of my favorite dildo. I stared, astonished at it until Kevin said, "Does she like?" with a kinky little voice. "You didn't put the condom on yet did you?" I asked.
"Not yet, but I'm of course going to. " He said reaching for his pants and putting the condom on the night stand. "But before we do anything, in case I go off early, I want to make sure that you enjoy this too. "
"Whats that supposed too mean?" I asked as he crawled his way between my legs.
He slipped off my shorts to reveal my soaking panties. "It means you have to cum first.

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  " He said as he started to rub his hand over my clit.
    Most of the girls in the higher grades said that sex wasn't that much fun the first time because most guys are quick to finish, and then leave the girl to finish herself. I thought it was sweet that Kevin wanted me to be the first to cum.

    He pushed my legs together and glided my panties down my legs and off my feet. "I didn't know that this is where that sweet smell was emanating," he said as he spread my legs again and stared at my pussy.
    "Does he like?" I said in the same voice Kevin did earlier.
    He smiled and bent down to eat me out. He first just kissed my pussy, sending tingles all throughout my body, then he started licking my pussy. He was teasing me, and I hated it, I just wanted him to eat me already. Finally my wish came true, he stuck his tongue in and licked up to my clit. A wave of pleasure hit me hard. This felt so good. I ran my hand through Kevin's hair, and started playing with and pinching one of my nipples, all the while moaning and twitching because of the pleasure. It didn't take long for me to come, and when I did Kevin came up slowly placing his head on my stomach and saying, "I love strawberries. Thanks for the whipped cream by the way.

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      " I laughed. The wedding probably just started, and the bride was probably just about to walk down the aisle. Kevin got on his knees, and slowly slid his boxers down. His penis wasn't like the others I've seen before, like on the internet or in porno's. His wasn't all veiny or weird. Well it was weird in the sense that it stood strait up instead of out like the others, but I thought it might be interesting.

    He unwrapped the condom and slid it over his penis. The entire time it is just getting me hornier, and hornier. He crawled over to me, on top of me and then starts kissing me. I felt like I had died and gone to some sort of kinky heaven. He didn't just want to have sex and leave, he wanted to have a bond between us and make sure that I remembered this day. he got up and put his hands on my knees, looked me in the eyes and said, "you ready?"
    I've been ready, I thought, "yea. "
    He slowly grabbed his penis and put it right in front of my pussy. But instead of just diving right in, he prodded me. I almost hated him for this, I tensed up and got all ready for him to shove in and break my hymn, but no, he has to make the excitement build.


       I love the feeling, but I can't take it anymore. I slam my hips down onto his, any harder and I would have practically impaled myself. I don't know why, but I had a feeling that when Kevin's six inches plunged into me, my parent's said "I do" and sealed their marriage with the kiss.

    He slowly pulled out, and pushed back in, getting faster every time. Apparently my friends were wrong, Kevin lasted longer than any man described to me before. The Kevin surprised me by stopping and reaching for me. He wrapped around me and undid my bra so that he could watch my tits flop while he banged me slowly. He threw it across the room and continued where he left off but this time fondling my tits. Then something happened that I never expected. I felt it coming, and wanted to suppress it, but it happened none the less. Just as I started to get the rhythm of his hips, I came. And I came harder than I ever have before. I felt bad for Kevin, I probably squished his poor penis. Then he pulled out, and I discovered that he came too. Then we just stared at each other, knowing that neither of our needs were met, and that we should keep going at it.

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       I slid under him, so that my face was right in front of dick. He peeled off the condom while I slid. I lapped up and sucked what cum was left in his penis. Then I licked the head of it. I licked around and then in the hole of his penis, then I licked the length of it. While I got ready to put it in my mouth, I gently grabbed his balls and started to caress them. I went down on his entire penis in swift motion, but I gaged at the end, and shot back as red as could be. It didn't seem like Kevin cared too much, so I put less in my mouth, and this time didn't gag. I sucked and licked on his penis for a little while, and just as I pulled back a wad of hot cum shot into my mouth, and it tasted good I kept sucking hoping to get more of this mixture, but it eventually ran out.

    "Now what?" I asked.
    "What ever we want," Kevin said, "I'm ready if you are to go again. "
    Immediately, the thought of him doing my ass struck me. I've always wanted to get fucked up the butt. I haven't played with dildos up there, but I still wanted him to do it. All I had to do was look at him.

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       He nodded. I got on my hands and knees, and started to rub my pussy a little, inviting him over to me. He placed his hands on my hips, and asked if I was ready. "I've been ready for you, for a long time. "
    He touched the tip of his penis to my ass, and it tingled with anticipation. He slowly pushed his way through, and got about halfway down his dick. He pulled out, and god did it hurt, but when he shoved back in. . . it felt phenomenal. He pushed harder and farther, making my tits jiggle and swing. He got farther down, and then started going fast. I couldn't believe that anal didn't hurt as much as people have described. We went at it for at least five minutes, each of us going to the same pace as the other. My tits swinging back and forth, and his penis diving in and out of my tight, no longer virgin ass.

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       Then he came his warm goo into my ass. It shot out and then dribbled out and down my thighs. Then it was my turn. Again, I had one of the hardest orgasms in my life, but my pussy felt a little left out.

    We were both sweating, and panting from all the fun we were having, but we were as well tired. Kevin got up, threw me my shirt and pants, and got on the same. We laid in bed, him holding me for hours, no one wondering where we were, and no one coming to check on us. I have to say that that would be the best that I've ever had, and it was from my own step brother. But I guaranty you. . . it wont be the last.