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one day she got married to an army guy and that night was her first night and they were having sex and i was next room masturbating and i tried to hear noises but i couldn't hear.
After a year her husband died in an armyand she was staying in our home and she was fully depressed and i thought i could fuck her some day.
one day i wanted to call my friend named riya to have sex and i had no balance in my phone and i asked my sister phone and i called my friend and she told she ll come home @ 4 and i opened google chrome and saw her history and there was full of porn sites and there was porn videos in her mx player and i wanted to ask her for sex but i didn't and i went to friends house and i fucked her and i told her i wanted to fuck my sister and she gave ideas to get her on bed and later we had shower sex.

the next day parents weren't there in home and only i and my sis were in home and i was watching porn and masturbating and i for got to close the door properly and my sis saw me masturbating and she came to my room suddenly and she asked me what was i doing and i told i was watching a movie and again she asked me and i told i was watching porn and she warned me that she is going to tell my parents and i told u also porn and she said no and then i told her i saw her history don't lie and she was like yes i do porn and she sat on my bed and she told she loves porn and she use to see it everyday in college days and her husband and her use to have sex everyday and she told she s craving for sex.
i gained confidence and courage and i told her ialways wanted to have sex with her and i always used to masturbate thinking of her.
And she was shocked and i asked can we have sex?
she said yes and she was wearing awhite chudidar and she was looking like an angel and i started kissing her lips and she started responding to m y kiss and we started kissing each other tongue and we were having tongue fight and we were smooching deeply and we were exchanging saliva and suddenly door bell rang and we still were smooching and again the door rang 3 times and we stopped smooching and she went and opened the door and my parents had come and my mom shouted at her what took you so long?
and she went to her room and locked.

i texted her
me - how was the kiss?
sis- it was amazing
me - i enjoyed kissing your lips
sis - me too
sis - if parents would have little late we would enjoyed by now.
me - yes babe
sis- if i had known you had lusted me before i would enjoyed sex with you everyday.
me - i never knew you were craving for sex.
me - lets have sex tomorrow in hotel .
sis - i wont have sex in hotel.
me - why?
sis - if someone catches us?
me - no one will catch us its my friend s hotel
sis - OK fine
me - wear sari and come.
sis - which color ?
me - white
me - we ll have first night
sis - Ha ha ah
i woke the next day and i was full happy that i can fuck my dream girl today and i told my mom that i m going to movie and my sister came out of her room and she was looking damn hot and my pole got erected and my mom asked where is she going?
she told she s going to her friends wedding and i told my mom that i ll drop her in my car and we sat in the car and i was staring at her and my sis asked how do i look ? and i told you are looking damn hot and we went to hotel and we checked in the room.

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I was damn horny and she was like an angel in white sari and i started kissing her lips and i was holding her hips and we started smooching and i was pressing her ass over her sari and we started smooching each other deeply and she was responding to my kiss and we stopped kissing and she sat on the bed and i sat next to her and we started kissing again and i removed pallu of her sari and i saw her boobs over blouse and i started pressing them and at the same time i was kissing her lips and then she told me to remove her blouse and i was started her boobs over her blouse and i was licking her boobs over her blouse and i removed her blouse and she didn't wear any bra and i started licking all her boobs and i was sucking her nipples like a baby sucking milkand i was changing position from left nipple to right nipple and she was holding my head and moaning and she came full nude in minutesand i started finger fucking her pussy and she was moaning heavily yes . . . aah and i use to drink her cum on my fingers and i started sucking her pussy and she was holding my head and she cum med and i sucked all her cum leaving her pussy dry and later she removed my boxers and she started licking mushroom head of my cock and i was in heaven and started sucking my cock and she was deep throating it and i cummed in her mouth.
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