Amanda gave me the shaft.


I like taken my bath on the weekend when T om not there to bother me just to lay in the tub and relaxed. After about an hour when I decided to get out ,the oil from the bath made my body shine made me glad I was still in good shape an I like to admire my self in the mirrow,when I saw a figure in the mirrow it actually scare the piss out of me ,it dribble down my leg. It was Amandy she was totally nude and putting a strap on on. She told me she just got it an wanted to try it out, I told her you could of knock and wouldn't of scare the piss out of me. Let me tell you about Amanda her mother turn her in to a lesbian at age 18 , she 28 an dam she is good looking, she has a brother an her mother is divorce ,men didn't work out for her, any way Amanda a pole dancer an right now she has a pole she wants to insert in me. She does do men once in a while Tom will be sorry he not here. Amanda putting lube jell on the strap on ,an I'm getting horny watch her rub her hand up and down the shaft I still have water on me since I didn't get a towel to dry off.

Amanda came over an kiss me hard and I kiss her back I push my tongue into her mouth, she run her hand slowly down my body an in between my legs an pushing my legs apart so she could in sert a finger. I was haven an orgasm now ,Amanda said that didn't take you long I lower my head an put a tit into my mouth as I pinch her other one. I bent over the bed an got Amanda to insert it into me I was so fucking horny right then I started to claw at the bed sheet,s tearing them off the bed. Amanda was reaming me out good an wishing she would never stop, I had to more orgasm when she pullout of me . Kiss her an went down on her ,I'm not as good as Tom eaten pussy but I can satisfy a women I got out my vibrator anplay around her clit ,I do no what turn her on as we did each other many times before We got into A's 69 position, as she still had the strap on on . I nibble on her clit darting my tongue in an out of her as she started moaning louder an louder no one could her , but maybe her mother if she was home. Amanda got up an got behind me again grab my hair an started calling me whore slut , you fuck anything that has a cock , all I could say yea. as she said spread those ass cheek,s she new what to say to get me turn on. When it started to go in at a inch at a time.

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  Not only was that thing long it was thick an after a few more inches it was in the hole way when fuck me fuck oho fuck me oh fuck pulling on my hair ansay who your best fucker ,you are you are, as my orgasm kept cu men ,Amanda pull out an went right to the honey. after eaten all her honey ,her face was cover in my cream an said you my want to take another bath. She took her strap on off told me to keep it here I wont half to bring it over all the time, we kiss once again an said good by , but not for long. .