Almost Caught my affair with Aunt D


This happen a while back in Bangkok. I was 22 at that time and I was having an affair with my uncle's wife D who was in her mid 30's. We had an intense crush on each other since I moved to the city 2 yrs before that. We take advantage of every little time we can get and would fuck intensely each time. She was of a Korean descent, very beautiful and hot.

One day she called me that my uncle is going on a day long trip and my little cousin is in school so we decided to meet in her house. I always like it when we fuck in her own bed. I got there at 2:00 pm and she was showered and I hurriedly undressed and then I jumped at her like a hungry lion as usual. The last time we fucked before that was about two months ago since it was hard to find time to be alone together, with her husband and daughter always around. We frenched kiss and then I went to my favorite action, I fondled her firm and round tits and I suck her brownish red sharp nipples alternately and wet them with my saliva. I always love to do that to her.

I pulled her pants down and her panty and laid her down on the bed. We always reverse position in bed since she don't want to see the picture of uncle and little daughter in the wall when we fuck. Then I started penetrating her and I was so fired up pumping her so deeply as I could while I have my arms underneath her head and shoulders shoving her tightly to me as I heard our body loudly slamming each other. She was moaning in a low voice, asking me to loosen my grip a bit since it was so tight it almost hurt her. We usually fuck 4 rounds in 4 positions and it was just our first one in a missionary position.

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As we both are reaching climax I first heard a vehicle pulling over. She was so deep in feeling my thrust that she didn't her it at first. Then I heard some foot steps at the front door. I said "what the hell is that" and she said the footstep seems to be my uncle. But I was on super high and I refuse to stop, I continued pumping her. She was protesting but also was feeling high and was so uncertain what to do.

My uncle started calling from the door for D to open up. Aunt D was moaning so hard but in a low and almost whispering voice. I could hardly figure out what she was saying. She said in broken moaning low voice "go ahead Ariel. . . he is too lazy to get his key. . .

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  maybe after minute. . . come'on let's finish this. . . ". . Though I was about to burst the fear of uncle being in the front door even delayed my ejaculation and so does Aunt D. Then we heard the door open and maybe he was taking off his shoes. . while all these is happening I was pumping Aunt D so hard and pause for a second to listen and then pump her again. Finally I heard uncle calling D and his foot step is approaching hall way to the room. I pumped Aunt D faster and faster to super fast and then we both burst as I vibrated like a car engine releasing all my load inside her. Normally she would push my cock out to spread outside for fear she get pregnant.


   But not that time. Just when we were done she stood up quickly and grabbed her shorts and polo shirt. I managed to put on my pants but I left my shirt in the living room.

When uncle opened the door I was standing with my pants and naked from the waist up. Aunt D was wearing shorts and her polo was on but the buttons were not closed except for one in her chest. We were both so wet in perspiration. D's breast and neck also have my saliva all over her. Her nipple was sowet that it was clear she had no bra and her polo shirt isn't very thick.

I was thinking we were dead. Uncle asked what we were doing there. Aunt D replied that I came by to borrow their VHS player which I have done before,and that she needed me to help move her dresser so she can clean up the floor underneath. Aunt D was really good in acting, she was so natural while I didn't know what to say. Incredibly Uncle bought the explanation and invited us to have some orange juice in the kitchen.

It was a close call, but also one of my most memorable thrilling fuck of all. .

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