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This is my second story. I’m a 38 yr old woman, married. My husband adores my sexual nature, loves that I’m a total tease and with his blessing I explore online. He is the sole beneficiary of my arousal, for now. However he’s away much of the time, I could so easily get away with it….  Here’s my latest desire. I am currently talking online with a sexy, intelligent, younger man. He’s warm and sensual, within him I sense a burning, smoldering sexuality and I so want to be burned! We have distance to ensure I don’t cross the line but it would happen that he comes through a nearby airport hub often enough that if I wished I could meet up with him.  My fantasy begins….  I’m walking through the airport with my pilot husband. He has a JFK run and I’m going to come along. I love getting away with him, he’s spoiled me and I will be pampered in First Class, gorgeous hotel in downtown Manhattan and the promise of taking me to Le Cirque. He cuts a fine picture in his dark navy uniform, I get so turned on when he’s working, all that power at his fingertips as he flies that jumbo around the world. I have dressed to impress him in a soft cashmere tan skirt, white blouse that hugs my breasts. I chose a soft pink lace bra, lacey panties that are barely there and garter belt, with nude stockings. I wear four inch black heels and a soft black ¾ length coat.

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   I am hoping that when he invites me to the cockpit later he’ll slide his hands up the inside of my thigh as I get buckled into the jump, the FO too busy to see what he’s doing as we approach JFK. I imagine him touching my pussy through my panties as the FO turns that big beautiful bird towards the newest heading. I love flying into JFK, such a frenetic pace and to be up there watching two hot guys bring that plane down; it’s such a huge turn on.  So I’m feeling quite the cat’s ass as we walk through the airport. There are tons of people lining up for the flight as we approach the company desk. My husband pauses and says, “Stay here babe”. He approaches the first class desk and hands over my tickets. He laughs easily and chats up the counter staff girl while I watch. I turn around to scan the hall and all of a sudden I see my online Australian. I knew he was coming back from a break at home but holy shit, my heart pounds in my ears. I can’t believe the timing, running into him here! I quickly glance back to my husband and his back is to me. I look back to where I last saw my flirtatious lover and he is nowhere to be seen. I must have been mistaken I think to myself, knowing full well I wasn’t, I’d know that handsome face anywhere. I lean over and check my bag for my ID and then I hear his voice behind me. “Well then, fancy meeting you here” he says.

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   I stiffen and turn to look into his eyes. They dance with mischief, I can’t breathe.  My eyes dart to my husband and thankfully his back is still to me, busy arranging my tickets. I feel myself blushing as I look back at my friend. His lips in a soft smirk, his eyes search mine and I feel heat in my cheeks, I am so transparent. He laughs easily and I take in his gorgeous eyes, his lips that had been promised on the most intimate parts of me so many times, his strong frame. I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and realize my husband is heading back towards us. Shit. I stammer “Babe, this a friend of mine, he’s heading north, just back from Australia. ” My husband smiles and shakes his hand. He kisses me quickly on the cheek and says “You’re all set, I’ll see you aboard” and then he has to go.  I am so relieved; I could not have kept up that façade. My friend leans over and whispers “I want to fuck you so badly; you look good enough to eat!” His lusty words embolden me. I lean into him and whisper in his ear that I want to take him somewhere quiet; I’ve had enough of the tease. I turn on my heel and start walking away.

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   I know of some quiet places in this busy airport having been a stewardess for many years. I walk to a bank of elevators and don’t ever look back to see if he is following, I know he will be.  The doors open and I step inside. He slips in behind me and we press the close button to prevent anyone else from coming in. The doors close and he is on me, his lips ravaging my own, his one hand around my waist, the other grabs my breast and squeezes. His tongue rapes my mouth and I gasp when his hand slips from my waist to lift my skirt and press against my panties, feeling my dampness, seeking my clit. He breaks our kiss to whisper in my ear that he wants to feel inside me. I respond by finding his lips and hungrily kissing him. His fingers slide my thong to the side and he rubs my clit gently. He then slips his finger into my wetness and slides it back and forth across my pussy lips, teasing me. His mouth trails hot blazing kisses across my cheek to my ear and he whispers “I want to fuck you, here, hard and fast, be deep inside you. ” He can feel how wet and hot I am, I turn around smacking my hand on the stop button as I do, this elevator is out of service! I feel him move lower behind me and he gently pushes my skirt up over my ass, around my waist. In the back of my mind I know there is a camera somewhere but I don’t care, I am consumed with fiery lust. He gently pulls my thong to one side and then I feel his tongue begin to flick my clit. Oh my god, it is pure heaven, I can feel my pussy get so wet.

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   I bend over further, giving him full access and I hear myself moan, a ragged sound to my ears. He responds by slipping his tongue into my wet hole and grabbing my hips, gently bringing me to his mouth, tasting me, devouring me, fucking me with his thrusting hot tongue.  His one hand slides to my ass and begins stroking my cheeks. I know he what he wants, we’ve talked about it before, and he knows I’m an anal virgin. I tense and know he is licking his thumb. His tongue returns to my clit and then I feel his wet thumb rub all around my tight hole. Oh god, I want him inside my ass, his mouth upon me. I push my ass against his thumb and he takes my cue. It slips inside me and I find I like the feeling, my pussy throbbing. He begins sliding his other hand to my pussy and I feel his fingers inside my velvety walls. His thumb ass fucking me, his tongue driving me wild, his fingers deep inside my pussy, coated with my juice. He takes his fingers out of my hot pussy and I feel two fingers inside my ass. “You like that don’t you; wait until you feel my cock up your ass!” I swear I just about cum at that. “Fuck me, oh please fuck me hard” I whisper.  He stands and says “Ah, my pleasure my lovely”.

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   He is inside me in one hard thrust, buries himself deep in my pussy and I can’t help it, I begin to orgasm. My pussy grips onto his hard cock and my hips undulate with pleasure, my cervix riding against his hardness. I hear him groan and then he begins fucking me through my climax. Sweet mercy, I feel my cum slick on his cock, he grabs my hips and shoves hard inside me. I focus and begin squeezing him with my tight pussy muscles, I want to make him wild and it has the desired effect. I hear him whisper “fuck” under his breath and I smile to myself. I begin moving my hips against his thrusts and clasp him inside me, milking his cock.  I flip my dark hair to one side and look over my shoulder at him for a second. His eyes lock on mine and he buries his dick so that his balls slap against my pussy lips, watching me as I gasp, he fills me completely. I swear under my breath and grip the elevator safety bar harder. Oh god, I’m going to cum again and at the same time I feel his dick get so hard inside me. He begins pounding into me; I reach down with one hand and start rubbing my clit. He grabs my hips strongly and pulls me hard against him as he starts to orgasm deep inside me. He fills my pussy with hot spurts of creamy cum, I feel his cock spasm inside me and it pushes me over the edge, my pussy grips him tightly and I climax in a long shuddering wave. It seems to last forever and I am in ecstasy, lost in my own pleasure.

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   He leans against me, his cock softer inside me and bites my shoulder. We breathe heavy and rest a second before decoupling and straightening ourselves out. He smirks at me and then looks at the camera in the elevator. He grabs me firmly round the waist and with a quick glance at the camera he then pulls me into the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had. You know, I think to myself, I’d almost give up New York for tonight with him….  Part 2 will be forthcoming, the return journey…. . when he takes my virgin ass and fucks me senseless while overlooking the city. .



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