Afterwork Innocents pt.1


 By the time i saw this elusive man again I was workin at some stupid fastfood restaurant and about to give up bc the place sucked so much. Then he walked through those doors and it was like a light just followed him in. My heart sank. . my face turned red. . did ne one else notice? i looked around to make sure. He did. He gave me that awesome. . breathtakin grin that i missed and longed for. We worked a couple of nights together with casual flirting. Remembering the good times. Alot had changed. . he was in trouble and i had a kid.

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   It was unfortunate. I had to quit and get away from it all. There was too much emotion there for me to stay and see him ne more so i quit.

We didnt talk for 3months and I didnt think he still worked there so i decided to go back. [Now it gets juicy] I started slow then finally started pulling doubles. He was night shift. We worked a few nights together. But i was into this other guy who worked my shift. . only to make Bo jealous. Not many grl's could catch his eye and make him jealous the way i did. It turned me on and made me feel a since of power i had never felt before. Everytime he got near me i went blank. This shocking sensation that ripped through my stomach and sent chills down my spine came over me everytime he'd skim my back. When he'd graze my breast my eyes would instinctly close.

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   I could feel my nipples hardern. I would start to day dream about how he'd touch me and how he'd be with me. I fantasized about how big his member [later becomin my property] was and what it would feel like inside of me. IÂwas so afraid of my feelings bc i had only been w/one other person. I didnt feel this w/him, but with Bo. . my body was ready for him right then and there and I didnt care who was watching.

It was April 12, 2007 after much anticipation and rationalizing things i was ready for him to have me.

I was ready to see what the fuss was about my best friend and if i could contain his womanizing ways. I decided to ask him if he was ready to stop all this talk and take me. He laughed and i guess he thought i was joking lol but i was so for real. I followed him home and we went to the end of his subdivision. He parked and I parked. He came over to my car and i started getting out. I told him to get in the backseat frst and he hesitated.

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   So i said ok i'll get in frst. I started to get in. . he stopped me. My heart dropped at this moment and i knew he was going to turn me down. Maybe i didnt have him like i thought i did. Maybe all those years that went by changed how we were.

He started asking me if i rly wanted to have sex. I kind of didnt bc he would only be the second person i'd been with. I was kind of relieved when he didnt want to. But i had to let my pride get in the way. He said he didnt want me to be like the other grl's. He didnt wanna just fuck me. He wanted to make love to me. He wanted us to be close and he wanted to love me not just want me for sex.

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   At the time it didnt make since. I was mad and felt rejected. So i spun my tires and left his house so pissed off.

Later i called and apologized for being so selfish and told him that i agreed with him completely. But that i was going to rock his world when we did fuck. Then we started talking. I told him how much my pussy needed his touch. He slowly moaned. . i love that sound. I could never explain it but it was like he knew exactly how to put it. He'd always moan"yea" like he knew how much i needed him.  A sound i'll never be able to get out of my head. Even now typing this story is takin my breath away w/flashes of how we were. He started telling me how he was gonna beat my pussy and thrust his cock in.

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   He told me how large he was.
    Much much bigger than what i had. 3inches around. I thought at the time that that would never feel good. My pussy throbed and soaked as he went into detail of what he'd do to me. As i told him how much i needed him right then one hand on the phone the other sliding down my body. Fantasizing it was his hand. I slowly spread my slit. Damn i was soaked. I had NEVER felt this way before. WEll except when i was younger and thought of Bo alone in my room. Only he could get me this way. He never knew i was masturbating. I slowly led my finger into my slopping wet cunt. Pulled it out and with the juices dripping from my finger rubbed slowly against my clit.

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       His every word every moan made me want him more and more. My feet were getting hot this fire was rushing through my body as i fantasized what he was telling me. I got rougher w/my clit. Running my finger faster and faster. Omg was this good!!! My body started to convulse. It was hard to hold back the moan. I put the phone on mute i could faintly here him telling me stuff he'd do. But it felt so good. . i was rocking back and forth screamin his name. Rubbin my nipples. Taking my size double dd breast into my own mouth. It felt so good!!! And like that it was over.

    It was like he could sense what i had done bc as soon as i calmed down he said well hey i gotta go to school tomorrow so i'll talk to u later. We had this little saying "goodnight and sweet dreams, muah.

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      " and that was that. But just wait until i tell you about the next day!!!