It was a beautiful mid-summer evening, with a refreshing breeze in the air. My wife and I were enjoying some cocktails around a fire pit. We had exhausted our drinks, feeling a little buzzed, when she suddenly reached under her skirt, removed her panties and tossed them to me. The invitation was clear.

I moved in front of her Adirondack chair and gently slid up her skirt. She moved to the center and draped her legs over each arm of the chair. Her gorgeous mound was in the perfect position for the attention she was about to receive. I started with one long, gentle lick across her vulva, starting at her perineum and ending at her clitoris. My wife let out an immediate, aroused moan, signaling the need for more.

My attention focused on the lips of her vagina, as my saliva moistened her completely. Back and forth my tongue darted as I moved vertically up and down. I heard moan after moan as she was in total submission to the pleasure this was giving her. I took my middle finger and planted it in the tip of her anus, while my index finger probed the base of her vagina. Her pitch changed to a low whimper, and I could tell she was peaking. She pulled down the top of her loose shirt, inviting her breasts to the party. As I kept my fingers employed inside her with my right hand, I moved my mouth up to give attention to her swollen nipples.

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   She fed her breast to me and I suckled her while pushing my digits deeper. Whimpers turned to full groans. She was getting close and needed to reach her crescendo.

She reached down with her free hand and released my cock from its jeans. That was the tool she now needed. After a few long strokes from her hand, my penis was primed. On my knees, I pulled her forward in the chair and slid my member into her inviting, warm pussy. We tongue-kissed while I applied the elongated, pulsing thrusts she needed to release her orgasm. She did so with long, guttural groans.

Once her groans turned to moans and eventually ceased, she pushed me back. I stood up and positioned my cock right in front of her. Gently she cleansed me of her juices with her soft tongue, licking all sides of my penis and then my bulging head. Once thoroughly clean, she cupped the base of my balls with one hand while I slid my prick all the way to the back of her throat. She took me in and out, allowing me to slowly fuck her mouth while I held her head just behind her ears, directing the penetration. She grabbed my shaft with her hand and began to pump my dick harder, until I could feel it throbbing and pulsing in her mouth.

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   The glow of the crackling fire provided the perfect illumination of this erotic show.

At this point I was reaching my limit. She sensed it, leaned back and whispered “What’s next?”

I pulled her down in the grass next to the fire, spread her legs and plowed into her. Holding her hands back over her head in a submissive position, I sucked on her neck while she took me all in. It didn’t take long until I came. I gushed my semen into her and she encouraged me with “That’s it baby, c’mon give it to me. ”

Seemingly satisfied, we gathered up our clothes and empty glasses and went back into the house.

Apparently she wasn’t done yet as we lay in the bed. She reached over and felt my flaccid penis and started to squeeze a bit. I could feel the blood rushing to that area, but it still needed some stimulation for round two. She brushed her hair out of her face, and started to go down on me again, this time cleansing both of our co-mingled love juices. Once I was fully erect, she climbed on top, vigorously moving her hips up and down on my cock, while she grabbed the headboard above me with both hands. Each time I pounded into her, her tits shuddered from the force. Soon she was writhing in another dynamic climax.

When she finally calmed down, I moved her to the side and she instinctively knew to position herself on her knees, bending over in front of me.

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   She guided my member into her, from behind. I spread her legs apart as far as they would go, grabbed her ass and pumped hard. Ripples from the force once again made their way through her body and up to her breasts, causing them to heave. The switch was tripped, and my orgasm was intense as I fully ejaculated in her.

We both collapsed in utter sexual exhaustion and slept soundly through the night from that point. .