After the vacation


Several months ago, I wrote about my secret night of lust with Dave on the last night of our vacation. Since then, I have been longing for a repeat and finally, I have had another chance to experience this wonderful man's love making again.
I am Rachel, married to Pete, 30 years old and considered to be attractive by friends. However, the combination of my husband's demanding job and complacency has meant that our sex life has dwindled in the past couple of years. We met Dave and Alison in Greece last summer and whilst we all got on well as friends, I had a burning desire to sample the sort of passionate, frenzied love making Ali described (and i could hear at night through the apartment wall !) and on the last night Dave gave me the most exhausting,passionate and downright incredible shagging I've ever had. I had to have more !!
We had stayed in touch by phone and text but his family and work meant that we were unable to meet up again for several weeks. We eventually snatched a night together in a city about a hundred miles away from my home ( I told my husband I was visiting Michelle, an old school friend who I knew would 'cover' for me). Dave didn't ask any awkward questions so I knew I'd be ok. I wondered whether it would just have been a holiday fling for us both on the way down to the hotel and whether we would struggle to recapture the magic of the night of passion back home.
I needn't have worried, I practically melted on the spot when i saw him in the hotel lobby. he looked every bit as gorgeous as i'd remebered him and flashed me the sort of smile that made me immediately twitch down below. Christ, he could have taken me over the hotel's reception counter in full view of staff and tourists alike and I wouldn't have cared !
He suggested dinner - i suggested room service ! and immediately I entered the room , i threw the lock and sank to my knees in a subservient manner wanting to worship this fantastic man and his gorgeous thick veiny cock. I felt him sigh as I unzipped his pants reaching in to free his deliciously hard cock. Last time the sex had been rushed and frantic, this time we had all evening to enjoy each other and I was determined to make it last. I sloly took his juicy prick between my lips, slurping hungrily. He threw his head back and gasped as I struggled with his belt buckle, deperate to seem him gloriously naked.

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We undressed quickly and without a word being exchanged - we both knew what we wanted to happen next.
His glorious tanned muscular body that i had fantasised so often over when I was lying in bed with Pete was all mine. I cupped his heavy swollen balls in my hands, gently squeezing them as I kissed him. Christ, he felt fucking fantastic !
He went down on me, effortlessly bringing me to orgasm after orgasm until my cunt was streaming. His fingers in my twat and his tongue flicking my clit were too much to cope with as I screamed continuously convulsing with the excitement. Finally, he slipped that beautiful veiny penis inside me and fucked me mercilessly - so much more passionately than Pete has ever done. We needed that fuck so much - there were months of pent up frustration on both sides to overcome. Later - he lifted me up on the shelf in the hotel's ensuite and nearly pulled the thing clean off the wall as he rammed his hot cock into me. I could watch his lovely taut muscular arse cheeks contracting with each thrust which sent me over the top as I shook and spasmed with the biggest orgasm yet. Finally, he let out a primaeval groan as he tensed up and shaking with the effort, unloaded his hot sticky semen deep inside me.
Afterwards, as we lay in each other's arms recovering - I told him he didn't need to stay in a hotel anymore if he was on business in our area. After all, Pete knew nothing of our relationship and I would enjoy furiously shagging Dave knowing Pete was just one room away oblivious to it all. We are planning to make this happen next week and afterwards I'll share it with you !