After the run....


I was at Paul's house. . . .

wed just gone for a long run and had come back to Paul's house after. . .
Paul suggested i get in the shower first and hell roll me a spliff, so i replied "yea, cool" and went into the bathroom and got into the shower and washed myself down. . .
as i got out the shower, i dried myself down and then went straight into Paul's room with only a towel wrapped around me as apposed to getting dressed in the bathroom. . .

when i got into the room, Paul had just finished rolling me a spliff and had the laptop turned on playing some music.
as i sparked the spliff he got up and said right I'm going to get my shower now, he got up and left the room, i laid face down on the bed with the laptop and smoking my spliff, i was raiding thought the laptop and found Paul's MASSIVE porn video stash. .

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  . .
i was having a browse through the movies on there and smoking my spliff and i must of lost track of time because Paul had come back out of the shower, i didn't pay much attention to Paul i was busy watching the porn. . . Paul tutted and said you found the porn again!? ha ha. . . .
i continued to watch and i could feel the weed had gone to my head, i then felt Paul sit down on the bed, and after a min of watching the porn, i felt Paul but his hand on my ass. . . i didn't flinch as i was too engulfed in the porn. . .

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after a while i felt Paul's hand go under the towel, slowly stroking up the back of my leg up until my bare ass where he rested and caressed my bare ass. . . . i just continued watching the porn. . . .
to be honest, i think the weed and the hornyness had gone to my head, because i just let him get on with it. . . . .
i felt his finger slide between my ass cheeks onto my asshole were he just softly rubbed his finger up and down.

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  . . .
then he took my towel off me, and i was now completely naked laid face down with my bare ass on show. . . .
i then felt Paul place his cock between my ass and rubbing it up and down, as if hes giving himself a tit fuck with my ass cheeks. . . . .
he stopped and took out some lube and rubbed it into my ass, i felt him massage my ass until he slid his finger into my asshole sliding it in and out. . .

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  . .
then he slid a second finger in and slid in and out then a third to stretch my asshole. . .
i think Paul was enjoying playing with my ass, so i just let him do it and he did for quite a little while. . .
then i felt him slide his fingers out my ass, and put some more lube on, then i felt the head of his hard cock enter my asshole. . . .
i let him enter mehoping to get some form of payback. . .

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it was pain full at first, but the pain went away, i think Paul knew to take it slow because he did and he didn't go too deep neither. . . .
he slowly started to thrust a bit faster, he seemed to be going somewhat with the porn we was watching which was watching a lovely curvy lady get fucked in the ass. . . .
after a while i heard Paul moan quietly and he was panting some what, and then his cock went deep, and i felt it twitch then i felt his hot cum fill my ass. . . .
i think he wanted to make sure all of the cum was in my ass because he stayed there for some time just slowly thrusting. . .

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  . i felt Paul's cock slowly slide out my ass then i went into the bathroom to clean my now cum filled ass up. . .

on my return into the room, i laid back on the bed with my now rock hard cock on show. . . Paul placed the laptop on my chest with the porn playing and said "your turn"
i felt him grab my cock then i felt his hot moist mouth go up and down my cock. . . . he kept taking it out then licking down my shaft to my balls were he played with my balls with his tongue and rubbed my asshole gently with his other hand. . . .

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he kept sucking and licking and i could feel myself not far off cumming, so i warned him and he just seemed to suck harder. . .
i was just about to cum my cock twitched and Paul slid his mouth half way down my cock and slowly and gently squeezed my balls as if he wanted to suck every last drop of cum dry. . . i had never cum as much as i was then. . . . i thought i was never gonna stop. . . .
as Paul took my cock out his mouth, he licked up any remaining cum off my cock and got up and got dressed.

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  . . . .

we'll see what will happen next time!. . . . . . . . .