After the Party


Sue was laying in her bed staring out the window when she heard the door behind her open and then
close softly. She didn't worry too much about it; she had been expecting the visit, even looking
forward to it for the last hour. Behind her she felt the covers lift slightly and then the weight of
another person slide in and settle. Then an arm slipped over her and came to rest on her left breast
as the body snuggled up to hers.

"Man it took Mom and Dad forever to fall asleep, or at least it seemed like it" said Dave her brother.

Sue smiled to herself she had known it was Dave, these late night visits had been going on as long
as either of them could remember. They were only ten months apart in age, mom had gotten pregnant again
only a month after Sue was born and had Dave so they were growing up together and ahd always been closer than
all of the other brothers and sisters.

"Yeah, seems like whenever we want to talk and not have to worry about them overhearing that happens" responded Sue.

"So have you been thinking about Kate and Will too?" asked Dave while at the same time pinching Sue's nipple
lightly and kissing the back of her neck.

"Oh Yeah, how can I not? I mean seriously they are brother and sister, and what they did. . . " said Sue

"Yeah its just so. . . shocking.

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  . . odd. . . I guess. . I mean I've seen porn flicks, people screwing. . . but
well it was right there in front of us, and she's his sister he was inside of her"

"So you've never thought, you know of screwing with me?"

"ah. . . well. .

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  . um. . . well you know kind of in the if you weren't my sister sense, I mean you’re hot
and well I can't say I haven't thought of you and gotten hard, I mean you know I have, we've been
naked together and you've seen it. And when you told me you lost it with Kevin, I thought hey lucky
guy" responded Dave as his hand slid down off her breast across her torso and the into the top of Sue's
panties coming to rest with his middle finger just inside the top of her lips.

"yeah, well he'll never be that lucky again, turned out he was kind of an ass after a month or so,
but I learned a lot doing it with him. " said Sue

Sue and Dave where quiet for a few minutes.

"So you really though it was that strange that Kate and Will were screwing? Was it that they were doing it?
or that they were doing it in front of everyone?" asked Sue.

"Well, a guess a little of both, I mean like I said I've never actually seen people screwing live, porn
yeah, but that’s on the TV or the computer not so. . . real. . " said Dave ".

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  . . but then the fact that she's his
sister. "

Sue rolled over to face Dave and said "Admit it, it made it more exciting. "

"yeah, Ok it did" Dave agreed.

"Yeah me, too" Sue said and kissed Dave gently on the lips. "but think about it for a second, what have
we done and we are brother and sister?We kiss, A lot! You were my first real kiss. When I got my first
bra the first thing I did was whip off my shirt to show you" Dave smiled at that. "The first time you
got a hard on, you came in to show me, then let me touch it. " Sue said smiling

"Yeah, and we've pretty much explored every inch of each other’s bodies, we've spent more time together naked
than clothed in the last couple years. " stated Dave, pulling aside one leg opening of Sue's panties
and placing a finger on her clitoris.

"That's true" agreed Sue smiling again. "So really is screwing really a line to not be crossed? we kiss,
we touch, you fondle my breasts, kiss and suck my nipples, we go down on each other. . .

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  I've jerked you off,
you've gotten me off with your fingers inside of me. " Sue finished which a contented sigh, enjoying the
rubbing her clitoris was getting at this very moment.

"Ok so I haven't asked, have you thought of screwing with me?" Dave asked.

"Oh yeah. . . I've definitely thought about it. . . especially since Kevin. . . but I think about that line too.
So I gotta ask you Dave. .

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  . what do you think about the line, every time we get hot and heavy why don't we end
up doing it?"

Dave was quiet for a long time. He thought about the answer to the question and tried to find the best way
to put the answer. While he was thinking he continued to rub his finger in slow circles around Sue's clitoris.
She was breathing a slow deep manner issuing small "ahs" and "ohs" as he did this. Occasionally he
slipped another finger down and stroked her lips. Finally after Sue shuddered and gasped from a small
orgasm caused by his attentions to her clitoris,he moved closer to Sue put his arms around her kissed
her and stroked her back, then pulled away again to answer the question.

"Well, I suppose its that you always hear how its bad for relatives to screw, two headed babies and stuff, I
mean if we did that and you got pregnant or something. Well that would be really bad I guess, and I don't want
bad things to happen. And then of course there is the whole if anybody found out. What do you think?"

Now it was Sue's turn to be quiet for a while, during which she started playng with Dave's erect cock.
After a few minutes Dave grunted as he orgasmed from Sue's attentions. Sue slid over and kissed Dave much as
he had kissed her before his answer. Then Sue pulled away and took a deep breath.

"So here is what I think, I don't really know what has stopped me from pushing us past that line.

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   I mean
the getting pregnant thing isn't in issue really, at least not for us, not since Kevin, since I've been on
birth control since before he and I did it. To be honest about it I wish we hadn't, I wish you had been my
first there is no one I love more in the world than you. That's the person that should be the first. "

"Well it would still be my first time, so I think. . . if we. . . well it would be just as special. "Dave
followed his statement with a long kiss which Sue returned strongly then pulled away again to continue
with what she had been saying.

"The whole getting caught thing, well I guess that's a concern, but really with everything else we had done,
and not worried much about getting caught, or in fact getting caught. I don't think that’s what's stopping
us. Then there is just that old its brother and sister screwing society thinks it’s bad, but again I think based
on the getting pregnant thing. Which these days with birth control who cares, screwing feels good, why
not do it if you can do it safe.

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"Ok. . . then. . . I guess. . . I can admit that what's really been stopping me, is really that I just didn't want
to push you, to try to cross that line and screw up what we already have, obviously we have crossed alot
of lines already, but those seemed like sort of innocent. . um. . play lines. .

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  . but this line. . . not play. . . serious,
hugely serious. "

"So if we agreed we could cross that line together and be OK with it?" asked Sue

Dave thought about the question again, taking the time while he thought to kiss Sue, caress her
breasts, legs, and behind. Sue began touching Dave in a similar manner as they continued to kiss.
Eventually Sue rolled Dave onto his back and they dry humped until they both orgasmed. Finally
after catching his breath Dave answered the outstanding question.

"So, yeah, I think maybe if we both wanted it. . .

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  I mean let me be clear here, I do. . . I SOOO do,
it takes all of my control sometimes not to force myself on you"

"You wouldn't be forcing yourself on me. " Sue said kissing Dave to make her feelings clear.

They made out laying on the bed for a long time touching each other rolling until they dry humped
to another orgasm with Dave on top this time. Once he caught his breath he rolled off then was
kneeling on the bed. Sue then got up and kneeled on the bed opposite him. They were still looking
at each other for a long moment until Dave leaned in and started kissing Sue.

Dave lifted the hem of the mid-thigh nightdress Sue was wearing and pulled it off over her head
leaving her naked on top exposing her small, round, firm breasts. Dave leaned in and licked each nipple,
kissing each at the end of the lick. He then kissed her hard and deep on the mouth, their tongues
intertwining, as their mouths parted he sucked on her tongue as it felt his mouth.

Sue pulled Dave's boxers down as they separated revealing is long hard member, as she then grasped it
in her hand and gave it a few small tugs and squeezes. She then leaned over and took the head into her
mouth swirling her tongue over it. She then sucked on the head a few times, Dave sighing with pleasure.


After a few small sucks she opened her mouth further and let the head slip in past her teeth until it
touched the roof of her mouth. She put her left hand on the bed to steady herself then wrapped the right
around the part of Dave that was not already in her mouth. She started to slowly pull him in and out
of her mouth teasing with her tongue along the shaft and the head.

As Sue was sucking on him Dave leaned back on the bed so that he was sitting on his heels. He enjoyed
Sue's going down on him she did it better than any girl he knew. Tonight she was hitting him just right
and he was receiving the most amazing cock suck he had ever had. In is already keyed up and excited state
he was already feeling his orgasm begin to build. He knew it wouldn't be long.

"Oh. . that feels so good"

Sue was now taking his entire length in her mouth and had removed her right hand and was using it to play
with Dave's balls. Dave was getting close to his orgasm now.

"Oh. . .


  face or tits?" he managed to ask, knowing that she would take that as a cue to get in
whatever position she wanted for him to blow is blow on her. She just kept sucking. She was going to
let him blow his load in her mouth she never did that before, just the thought of it was enough to
send him over the edge.

"Oh god, ohm. . . " Dave managed to moan as his cock started to jerk with his Orgasm. Sue made one
final push against him and rammed his cock deep in her throat where he proceeded to spray out his
cum. Dave pulled back and forth rubbing his head against the back of Sue's throat as he spasamed finally
when he had pumped himself dry he pulled out of her mouth with a wet slurp.
Dave gently pushed Sue up back on her knees and kissed her long and hard.

"Um. . that was great" Dave said

"I've been practicing with sausages for weeks to learn to do that without Gaging. " Sue said with a smile.
Dave pushed Sue back against the pile of pillows at the head of the bed.

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  He then spread her legs apart so he
could lay between them. He then proceeded to start kissing and sucking her breasts and nipples while playing
with her vagina through the cloth of her panties.

"That was a nice surprise, thanks gave me quite the orgasm. "

Dave now slid down kissing his way down Sue's belly then between her legs pulling her panties
aside for a quick lick and kiss. He then worked his way down her thighs, to the knees, then down to
her feet. Finally sucking on her toes for several minutes. This always drove her crazy.
Dave then slowly worked is way back up her body to her breasts again. He spent quite a while slowly
caressing each breast playing with her nipples, squeezing, and massaging, while he kissed and sucked the
other breast. Occasionally he would reach up to kiss her on the mouth while massaging both breasts.
When Sue was panting from his attention to her breasts he moved back down her body, pulling her panties
off. He then set to work on her vagina.

He started with slow tracing of his finger around the contours of her lips. With each pass he pressed
further and penetrated a little deeper. Finally he pushed her lips open slightly exposing her clitoris.

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He moved his finger down to find her vaginal opening now and applied the tip of his tongue to her clitoris.
Sue gasped and issued a small "Oh" at the touch of his tongue. He slipped his finger into her up to
the first knuckle. He started tracing small circles around her clitoris with his tongue, and pulling
the finger back and forth. After a few minutes we has in her to his second knuckle and she was panting
lightly with small a small "ah" each time. In few more minutes time he was in her all the way with his
finger. He could feel her twitching around his finger as her orgasm built.

As Sue's Orgasm built Dave reached down with his free hand to stroke himself and make sure he
was hard and ready. The line was going to be crossed they had decided, he wanted to be ready.
Dave got to knees while he was still fingering Sue, ht moved his thumb to take over his toungue's
place on Sue's clitoris. He bent over Sue and started sucking on and tonguing her left nipple. The
twitching in Sue's Vagina got more intense, and her "ahs" started getting deeper and more intense.
Dave knew Sue's rhythms and now was the time she was close to Orgasm and it was going to be a big one.
He pulled his hand free from her Vagina and positioned himself over her. Sue reached down and grabbed
his penis and gave it a couple good hard strokes.

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  Then guided Dave's head to her opening. Dave felt
the head of his cock slip just a little into Sue. He pushed and quickly found his entire shaft buried
inside his sister. He pulled back almost all the way out then pushed back in again. He was doing it,
he was fucking his sister, no longer a fantasy. He concentrated on holding himself back as he stroked
in and out, it seemed that no matter how much he had jerked off, gotten hand job, and blow jobs the
feeling of being in an actual pussy, and his sister's to top it off was almost to much to control himself.

"Oh, faster, Oh, Yes" Sue moaned
Sue shifted slightly under Dave and he found that he was now going in straighter into her muscles
loosened a little from around his cock. He was now able to slide in and out with less resistance and
without feeling like he had to cum at any second. He started pumping harder fulfilling Sue's demand.
Soon they were both "ahing" and "ohing" together. Suddenly Sue clamped in on him again and her moaning
"Oh god I'm going, AHHHH!" Sue moaned, her pussy squeezed even tighter around Dave, it felt like he could
barely move inside her, he kept pumping however and in only a second he was throbbing with his own Orgasm.
The feeling of coming inside her was ecstasy. He could feel the jets of his cum pumping out and into her.
It felt so, good.

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  He pumped away for a few more strokes and then collapsed on top of Sue spent from the
effort and breathing like he had just run a full out sprint around a track. Sue was doing the same under him

"Oh man was that incredible" Dave said as he pushed himself back up on his hand and started kissing Sue's
nipples again. He was still a little hard inside of her, and still very turned on, as he kissed Sue's
nipples he was already getting hard again. Dave started pumping again as he became confident he wouldn't
lose his hard on, Sue started grunting and thrashing beneath him, and soon groaned with another orgasm.

"More. . . from behind" she groaned pushing Dave off then rolling over on the bed and getting on her knees.
She then dropped her chest and head on the bed. "Fuck me hard from behind"

Dave slid up behind her on his knees, and slid himself into her pussy again from behind. Dave gripped Sue's
hips and started slow getting the feel for doing her from this angle.

"Oh god this feels amazing" Dave groaned as he began pulling in an out of Sue faster. Sue was panting and moaning in great heaves of breath. Dave was finding that having been satisfied with all the other orgasms he felt
in no need to have another and was finding it easy to control himself allowing him to last longer.

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pumped Sue through two more orgasms and was still rock solid to continue.

"OH. . . more. . . slower" Sue groaned after the second orgasm from behind "Pull out slow and then slam it home
in me"Dave was gettinga little tired from his furious pumping, so he was happy to slow things down a bit.
He pulled himself nearly all the way out so his head was just barely in Sue, then thrust in again hard and

"Oh. . . aw!. . God! yes.

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  . . perfect" moaned Sue after the first thrust "More!"

Dave continued his hard slow thrusting for several more minutes until Sue orgasmed again this time
hitting one long sustained note of pleasure. Dave went with her this time with a final grunt,
and they both collapsed on the bed exhausted.