Acidfuck Part 1


Let me tell you that we don't get to the sexy part right away. Rest assured I will be fucking and sucking and all that good shit in a short while, but first we have to cover the drugs. Come on, you know you love that shit. This is a long one, so settle in.

Now on with the story. LSD doesn't feel like it looks in the movies. It's a psychedelic, not a hallucinogenic, and that is absolutely crucial to understand. There are no snakes crawling down the walls, the people around you don't turn into fish and their words don't become the lyrics of a Jimi Hendrix song. Or at least, not on any trip I've had. Maybe on a really fucked up trip where you combined it with another drug you might see that shit, but not on the beautiful ride of psychedelic euphoria that I'm familiar with.

I was a hardcore stoner since 16, which was unusual for the girls in my town, and especially unusual for the Asians. I'm not a hundred percent Asian, I'm mixed race. My mom is a ginger so I came out as a white girl with jet black hair, thin Asian eyes, and fucking freckles. Hilarious I know, but I've grown to love my distinct appearance. Another benefit of not being a pure Asian is that I didn't land with those tiny Asian tits (no offense ladies). My boobs aren't huge though.

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  I rock a set of 34Cs, and I think they're the perfect size. Just a little more than a handful, but still perky and firm. Fuck yeah.

The guys in high school gravitated towards me and thought it was badass that I smoked weed. I'd join them behind the gym during our lunch period and light up a doobie. Sometimes I'd go back there with just one guy, and we'd make out furiously between hits. Once I went back there and got finger banged so hard I could barely stand. Taking a world history test after lunch was hard as fuck that day.

I never ventured beyond ganja in high school, not much else was available where I lived, but when I went off to college at UC Berkeley, a whole new world opened up. No I didn't start doing blow and mainlining heroin on a daily basis, none of that shit. I looked at drugs as an opportunity to expand my consciousness and appreciate the world in ways I could never fathom otherwise. I wasn't looking to get hooked on a rush, I wanted something that lingered within me and sought to unearth a fundamental level of inner peace.

Everyone's gotta start with shrooms, it's the classic beginner hallucinogen, you try salvia too, which is legal basically everywhere by the way. We could walk down to any of the myriad smoke shops near the Cal campus and pick up some serious shit to blow our fucking minds. It was awesome.

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  Acid was on my agenda from the first day. I love acid culture, the late 60s, the rebellious outside appearance with a soft and peaceful core. I was a glutton for the whole affair: Easy Rider, the Grateful Dead, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and have you even heard of the Quicksilver Messenger Service? A friend told me to read the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, and four chapters into the book I knew that I needed LSD in my head ASAP.

The only thing holding me back was finding some quality acid. You’d think it would be really easy in Berkeley, but my freshman social circle wasn't familiar enough with the lay of the land to find me the drug I so desired. A chance meeting at a party answered my prayers.

I was hanging out on the outskirts of the crowd. I just watched the happenings for a while, the people drinking and dancing. I'm a people-watcher for sure. When I got bored I reached into my purse and retrieved a gorgeous blunt I'd rolled a few hours before.

"Need a light?"

I looked up to see a blonde dude I’d never met before. Just under six feet tall. I don’t care too much. If a few inches are the determining factor in your taste in men, fuck you, you materialistic cunt. And don't get mad at my language, I have my opinions and I want you to know about them.

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The dude lit up my blunt and I took a deep breath in. Good shit. A strain called Charlie Sheen. Can you fucking believe it?I took another look at him: brightly colored tee shirt with day-goo pineapples on it. Weird but kind of sick, and messy hair, wavy and longer than most guys' though not quite shoulder length. And he had an extremely youthful face, with soft cheeks and pink lips. He kept looking at me as I smoked.

"Wanna hit?" I asked.

"Sure thing, thanks. "

He took two hits. Puff, puff, pass. This dude knows the drill.

"That's good shit," he said, "You know your ganja. "

"Yeah I'm a stoner. Can't hide the truth.

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"No need to. We're the most fun people to be around. "

"That's for sure. "

"You do anything besides weed?" He asked.

"I've done shrooms and salvia, but lately I've been trying to get my hands on some acid. "

"Well shit, you just met the right dude, I got a great hookup, serious shit. Here, lemme give you my number and you can hit me up whenever you want some. I'm E by the way. "

"I'm Amy. "

I wanted to drop acid right then and there, but I had a busy week ahead, and I knew I needed to be as relaxed as possible to have a really good trip. So the next Friday, I texted E.

"You free to trip tomorrow?"

"Hell yeah. Meet me at my apartment by noon at the latest. It's an eight hour ride and you'll enjoy it more if it's light out. "

Did I tell you he's a sophomore, cuz that's important.

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  That's why he has an apartment off campus. Sweet deal, two roommates, but a bedroom all to himself. I envied him. My roommate was a square for sure.

E opened the door and greeted my with a toothy grin. He wore shorts and a tee shirt with some crazy M. C. Escher tessellation shit on it. He had green mirrored sunglasses. If he were in a crowd of a hundred people and someone asked you to point out the stoner, you point to him without a moment's hesitation. "That's the man. He's tripping balls for sure. "

"My roommates are gone in the city today," he told me, "We have the run of the house, come on in. "

It was dank inside, they would have to air it out for a solid month to get the weed smell out, but I love that kind of shit. He took me to his room.

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  There were posters in bright day-goo colors all over the walls.

"You know Quicksilver Messenger Service?" I asked.

"You bet! I've never met anyone else my age who's heard of them!"

"Me neither!"

He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a ziplock sandwich bag. Inside were two tiny white paper squares.

"Here's our ride," he said.

I eyed them closely. Not the brightly colored cartoon-covered tabs I thought they might be, but I trusted them.

"Open. " He commanded.

I did as he instructed and he gently placed the tab under my tongue. His fingers were soft. I shuddered slightly at his touch. He placed his own tab under his tongue and proceed to give me the proper instructions, though his voice was muffled by the fact that he couldn't lift his tongue.

"You gotta keepf it under yooour tongue foor fisteen minuss. " He struggled to say.

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  I giggled at his slurred speech.

Fifteen minutes later we swallowed the tabs and E told me we were going to Grizzly Peak, just above the Cal campus, to get in touch with nature.

"Trust me," he said, "green is gonna blow your mind. "

The next hour took ages. I was so ready for the trip, so excited, I just could wait any longer. We drove up the hill to Grizzly Peak, then he parked the car and we started to hike into the woods of Tilden Park. He assured me that this was a quiet trail, and that we wouldn't be disturbed.

Soon we are surrounded by a green canopy of trees. And a calm surrounds us.

"You should feel it soon," he tells me.

It is as if his words have just flipped on a light switch deep within me. A tingle starts in my fingers and toes and starts to watch intently towards my torso.

"Yeah I think I am, " I say. "Feels like I'm getting high. "

"For now it does," E says.

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  "Just wait and see what happens next. "



The tingle hits the very core of my being and swells like a great big balloon. Soon I feel that it is a water balloon, yes a great big turquoise water balloon inside of me filled with sweet warm water. Then it pops, and the waves wash through all of my veins and arteries. (Can you tell I'm tripping now?)

I look at E and he looks back and we smile as wide as we ever have. Without sharing a single sound, we understand that we are on the exact same plane of consciousness, gliding parallel to each other, heading through a mental wormhole to a place that too few people will ever know.

We are running, dancing, gliding across the dirt and the grass. A clearing lays ahead of us, a beautiful tall redwood. We stop in awe of this majestic creature, we hold the trunk and feel it breath.

"I want to get closer to it. " I tell E.

"Me too," he says. "Let's hold the bark against our bare skin. "

I need no further instruction. My shirt is off and now my shorts.

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  His come off with equal speed and we catch a glimpse of each other in our underwear. He’s a little odd, with skinny arms and legs but a slightly pudgy stomach, but I loved it, it was real. I like soft men. I'm a slightly curvy girl (I'm a very healthy weight, but I have wider hips than most Asian girls), but fuck it all I've never felt so goddam hot and he looks so perfect to me right now. I slide my panties off, revealing a triangle of neatly trimmed black hair. I look up. E has his boxers on but I can see the head of his dick pocking out. Uncircumcised. For some reason I totally vibe with that right now, it's natural, untouched my meddlesome human hands. I want to see it all.

"Come on," I say. "You too. "

He laughs and slides the boxers off. Now that's a boner for sure. 7 hard inches.

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  It might not be a pornstar prick but I don't want a fucking fireplace log in my pussy. He's got perfect girth and his balls are hanging low on this warm Autumn afternoon.

"Now you have to finish," he instructs.

I oblige and remove my bra. He grins at the sight of my perky tits. We stand for I don't know how long, appreciating our bodies. Everything around us is shimmering, glowing, bright and ultra-saturated. The light shines on our pale skin and illuminates us like angels.

I realize I am laughing and E is too and we run to the redwood and hug it. Its bark is cool and damp and fuzzy. I sink into the trunk as each tiny tickling furry inch of bark grabs ahold of my skin like microscopic tentacles and pulls me closer.

LOVE! Pure love not for any one individual or any one thing but for everything and anything that is and has ever been and will ever be. I love life and I have never felt so close to the essence of life than I do now, in the embrace of this majestic tree.

I want to grow closer to life! I want to grow closer to the human spirit. To feel skin on skin!So I unstick myself from this bark and brush the membranes of the tree from my skin.


  I look and see that E is still in the trunk of the tree. I patch of bright white against a vast slate of red and brown. I call to him, and he slides away from the tree, brushing membranes away into the earth beneath him.

He turns and I see that his penis is flaccid, swaying in a slow motion arc as his body swivels to meet mine.

I approach him, forcing him to back up against the massive redwood. His back sinks deep into the welcoming embrace of the natural world as I press my body against his. I feel our skin collide and one thousand nerve ending stand at attention. I sweep my fingers along the fine white hairs that coat his forearms. He shudders as I skate along his body. Oh how stupid it seems that we teach ourselves to believe in specific “erogenous zones”. The whole body is an erogenous zone and as I sweep by nerve bundles across his I feel the liquid within my body stir and come to life, rushing through my veins and arteries and beneath my skin and through the walls of my vagina. I hear a drop of myself fall from the lips of my pussy and collide with the warm ground.

I slide my hand along every pore of his torso until I feel the soft clingy tingle of his neatly trimmed pubic hair. I take the next inch as slowly as I can, watching as his eyes lose focus and roll away with pleasure. His boner is back and in full force.

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  I kneel down to greet its majesty face to face. His pink head is just poking out of its sheath, so I reach up and gently push the foreskin back. The rays of the sun bounce off the slippery tip of his dick and I get lost in a rainbow speck swirling next to his dickhole. I want to taste that rainbow (haha Skittles joke I get it, but seriously, I wanted to lick that rainbow right off his dick). So I let my tongue roll out and flick across his glistening pink head. Instantly, his whole body electrifies and he lets out a long, deep moan that bursts forth from some deep forgotten place within our lungs.

It tastes unbelievable; it tastes like nothing I’ve ever tasted before (and I’ve sucked a few dicks in my time). It tastes like goosebumps and warm April rain and I want to get to know it better. I slide my lips down his shaft and feel every tingling pore on my tastebuds. He runs his fingers through my hair and it feels like he is reaching straight through my skull into my brain, fingering all the buttons that make me shiver with excitement. That really gets me going and I deepthroat him hard, his hot shaft becoming an extension of my tongue playing along the delicate nerves packed tight within his smooth soft head. He reaches down and twirls his finger around my left nipple. Good god. Every motion he makes sends an electric surge through my nerves lighting up my brain and soaking my pussy. Even the feeling of his dick on my tongue is illuminating my body.

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When he cums, he doesn’t make a sound, but I feel a cry of pure pleasure deep within his body as the flow of warmth coats my tongue. For the first time ever, I want to swallow it all, to have the essence of a human being slide down my throat and nourish me.

He steps forward and pushes me back against the trunk of the tree. I know that he wants me to sit, so I do. He gets down on the ground and spreads my legs. My pussy opens wide and I feel his breath light up the sacred space between my thighs. It activates everything, and when he flicks his tongue across my clit, my body launches into warp speed.

I’m a horny bitch and I love it when I get my pussy eaten out, but never before has it felt like this. I don’t know if he’s doing anything different than what the other guys have done, but it feels like his mouth was made for my pleasure. His tongue explores every nerve ending with confidence and poise as his lips move across my tender flesh in an ancient dance born long ago in the annals of time.

At some point I feel my pussy become a completely independent entity, commutating with E’s tongue and lips. It told him what to do and he followed its instructions obediently and expertly. I can still feel the pleasurable sensation of his mouth on my flesh, but my mind seems to float away and become an observer, watching as my pussy and E’s mouth become partners in an exotic dance, moving to a rhythm only they can understand.

Suddenly I feel my mind sucked back into my head and then get pulled further down into my body. All of my blood vessels and nerve endings detach from their usual positions and get sucked up into my core.

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  Everything builds up inside of me and then rushes straight down until the entirety of my being is concentrated in my clit. One more stroke of his tongue and I explode with unprecedented pleasure, an orgasm that comes flowing in shockwaves through my clit and the walls of my soaking wet pussy. My body shakes and my pussy relaxes and I lay there, panting, staring into E’s deep green eyes.

We share a tender smile and our lips lock in passion. Tongues discovering corners we had never before found within ourselves. Micro-orgasms explode in my lips and I feel a level of connection I’d never known before.

Footsteps in the bushes pull our focus away from this beautiful moment and we glimpse a couple approaching in the distance. We dash behind the tree and E starts to get dressed. I reluctantly follow his lead. He notices the disappointment in my eyes and whispers in my ear.

“Remember, my roommates aren’t home. ”

I light up again and finish dressing. We step out from behind the tree just as the couple reaches the clearing. They are older, middle-aged I guess, and I see in their faces a sense of boredom, like their lives have plateaued and there is no more novelty in their monotonous daily grind. These people need a surprise!

I lift up my shirt and snap off my bra.

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  I shake my tits at them and throw the bra into the man’s hands. E and I burst out laughing and take off running.

We pass his car and keep running down the hill. We run and run in the direction of his apartment, where our adventure will continue.