Accidental contact


Accidental contact.


The story I am about to relate to you is true or maybe it is not; you decide!

It was Tuesday afternoon; around three thirty and as all you tourists and dwellers ofLondon will know that means Rush hour and sardine cans for trains; underground and buses. I was on the number 341 bus which was pretty full when a young lady in her mid twenties got on board; she struggled down the aisle towards me and as she approached the driver must have had to brake sharply for she suddenly lunged forward pushing her hand out to break her fall when she grabbed my leg; not just my leg but my semi hard cock beneath my trousers.

I know; "what was I doing with a semi hard on in the middle of the afternoon?" well it was a hot day and as usual I had been enjoying my favourite pastime of girl watching, it is amazing how with just a little sun the girls in Britain seem to throw off as much clothing as humanely possible while still bordering on the verge of indecency. Well the young lady blushed but seemed to take an age to remove her hand; she apologised most profusely for grabbing me there and I tried to ease her discomfort by telling her, "Do not worry about it, you have made an old man very happy for today!"

She replied, "but you are not an old man!" she gave a little laugh as she said this.

"I may not be that old but I am still old enough to be your dad!" I quipped. Again she smiled and I was about to stand up and give her my seat when the woman next to me stood up to get off the bus; moving aside to let her out I offered the young lady the option of taking the newly vacated seat. She squeezed past me and I swear she deliberately stuck her bum into my groin area as she did so.

For the next forty minutes we chatted about this and that never mentioning our accidental contact or anything resembling sexy talk; Lucy then turned to me and said, "oh dear; my stop is coming up and I have so enjoyed our little chat; maybe you will be on the bus tomorrow at the same time and we could continue our conversation!"

I quickly took my pen and notebook out and scribbled my name and phone number on it saying; just in case I am not then this number will reach me. She smiled the biggest smile she had shown me that day as she excused herself and once more only more pronounced was the little bump and grind of her arse against my groin. She waved as the bus pulled away from her stop and to be honest I thought that was the last I would see or hear from Lucy if indeed that was her real name.

Only ten minutes later my phone began to ring and I cursed under my breath about having to change that humorous ringtone; you know the one, I got a friend; my friend is calling me; you have not got one! I quickly answered the call and it was Lucy; she sounded out of breath and if anything a little giddy as she blurted out, "I was wondering if you are free tonight for a meal at my house?"

"I would love too; what time and where do I have to go?" I answered.

"Get off at the next stop and jump a bus back to where I got off and I will be waiting for you!" she gasped.

"OK; will do and I will be with you shortly!" I responded.

"You sure your wife will not be expecting you home?" Lucy asked.

"If she is she will have been waiting a bloody long time; I divorced her seven years ago and besides She is dead!" I replied.

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"Oh I am sorry to hear that!" Lucy volunteered.

"Don't be; she drowned in a wishing well!" I told her, "I did not know they worked!" I burst out laughing.

"Oh Ray you are such a tease; I believed you when you said she was dead!" Lucy scolded me.

"I would love to tease you properly, I ventured.

Well twenty five minutes later I was getting off the bus directly opposite from where I had last seen Lucy and sure enough there she was waiting for me. She threw her arms around my neck and whispered, "Tell me how you would go about teasing me properly then; Sir Galahad!"

"Oh; I am not sure I should tell you because I may scare you off; but let's just say you would be naked and tied down and my tongue would be working overtime!" I quipped.

She assured me that nothing I said or planned could scare her off; because if what she had accidentally felt on the bus was real; she had a few plans of her own. Realising what she had said she blushed and said "I suppose you now think very badly of me?"

I pointed out that I thought nothing of the sort; being 50 years of age had given a wealth of experience and therefore I did not put down free thinking women in any way; in fact I said, "It is great to see such a young lady knowing what she wants and being bold enough to go for it!"

I asked her, "Why do you want me to come home with you after all you are young enough to be my daughter?"

Lucy replied, "Two reasons really and one of those I cannot explain but when I accidentally touched you in the way I did; I felt an immediate connection as soul mates; in fact if I am honest when I touched your cock my mind exploded and I suddenly felt so alive and horny;and an image shot through my mind that finally here was someone who could make my fantasises come true!" she coyly continued, "Secondly I am sick to death of people my age who claim to be the genuine article and then fumble their way through things and don't even care if I get any pleasure or not!"

She went on to say; "this may be very forward of me but I just have to tell you; I have been badly let down by men in the past and they have all been of my own age so I decided months ago that if the chance arose to go out with an older man then I would take it and hope that his experience would benefit me!"

We walked arm in arm to her home and she filled me in; she was 24 years old; single; without a single blush she told me she lost her virginity on the day she reached sixteen and the next day she lost her anal virginity too. I pointed out that she was being very forward in telling me all this information; she then surprised me by saying, "Well I thought if you were going to fuck me; you should know there would be no limits; I suppose now you think me a slut!"

"I never thought you a slut but if you want to be treated like one; I am happy to oblige!" I pointed out. With that I pressed my arm into her ample bust and she turned her head and smiled.

"Just so you know my statistics are 38D - 27 - 35; I like oral; anal and doggie style fucking!" she said with a lustful gaze on her face; "I like to take loads on my face and tits or even better in my open mouth and allow it to dribble from my mouth down on to my tits so I can massage it into my flesh!" she continued. "I feel I can tell you anything and you will understand and not judge me unfairly!" she added.

"Why thank you kind lady!" I quipped before adding; "I always try not to be judgemental and believe that sex is a singular thing for each person; in other words sex is individual between the two participants and therefore nothing is taboo as long as both agree!"

Lucy stopped in her tracks and reached slightly upwards and kissed me; not as you would expect on the cheek as friends would do upon meeting but full on the mouth and she even pressed her tongue against my lips to gain entry. I responded by allowing her tongue to enter my mouth at the same time my hands caressed her tits; even through her blouse and bra I could feel her nipples were already rock hard and pointing out towards me.

Luckily we were now right outside her house because as she broke the kiss she gasped; "I cannot wait to have your warm hands on my bare flesh! Please tease me in any way you want but don't hurt me!" she asked.

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I informed her that as I do not like pain she was totally safe and if she wanted me to be the dominant force then she would choose a safe word; which if she used then everything would stop instantly. Furthermore my system was one designed around a sensitive method not harsh punishment regime.

We walked along the short path to her front door and entered; as the door closed she stood back and placed her hands on her head. She then said, "I am yours to inspect; Sir"; "That's it my safe word will be inspect!" she declared.

How she knew I was dominant I will never know but I was not about to miss the opportunity to feel her wonderful body; I did have thoughts of cradle snatching though. But hey they say a man is only as old as the woman he feels and boy she felt really good. I ran my hands over her large chest even though her tits were covered by her bra and blouse her nipples felt really hard and erect. I knelt in front of her and slipped my hand between her ankles and slow moved my hand up towards her thighs; obviously my hand moved up under her skirt and her skin felt red hot. I inched my hand towards her cunt and as I did so I felt her tremble. Hoping that this tremble was from pleasure rather than worry I continued to move my hand along her skin until it reached the vee of her crotch.

I found her silky panties felt very wet indeed and she instinctively open her legs a little allowing me easier access to her cunt; I looked up at her face and saw her biting her lip so I asked her; "Is this hot wet cunt shaved or hairy; my horny little bitch!"

"I shave my cunt every day sir! I always find it more sexy when a bald cunt rubs against my panties especially when those panties are lacy or silky" she replied; her voice trembled as she spoke.

"Tell me my horny fuck slut; on a scale of one to ten how horny are you feeling now and tell me truthfully what was the last thing to slide into this wet cunt and when was that?" I demanded as my hand now stroked the length of her panty covered pussy. Lucy began thrusting her hips against my hand almost as an involuntary action.

"Sir; the cunt is so wet that I would score it a 10+ and the last thing to fuck my cunt was my hairbrush handle and that was last night!" she responded. I now slipped my fingers inside her panties and located her erect clit; as I gentle rub this Lucy began wimpering as if about to burst out crying but in an erotic way.

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"When was you first fucked and by whom?" I demanded.

"Oh Please do not ask me that for I don't want to spoil this feeling I am enjoying right now!" she gasped.

"Don't make me repeat my question; or you will feel the wrath of my displeasure!" I said forcefully.

"Promise you will not think badly of me then!" she implored.

"Silly girl, I don't care if you had sex with a donkey I just want to know!" I informed her.

She began, "On my sixteenth birthday my mum came into my room early in the morning and dressed me in silk underwear and stockings and told me to be a good girl and do everything my father told to do. I of course agreed and besides the silky feel of this new underwear was tickling my cunt and nipples; suddenly the bedroom door opened and daddy stepped inside. I did a double take as he was naked and his stiff cock swayed from side to side as he walked into the room. Mum immediately knelt and took hold of his cock and showed me how to suck it; dad then told me to repeat what I had seen mummy just do. I did and found I loved the feel of his cock head on my tongue; I struggled when he tried to push it deep into my mouth but later I mastered it by practising on a cucumber. Mum hung around as if to help if necessary and when dad finally shot his load all over my face and tits she licked me clean and to be honest she even licked places where there was no chance of finding any of Dad's newly shot load. "

"It was dad again who took my anal virginity and that really hurt but soon the pain was replaced by a lovely warm feeling and one of feeling well full! That was the day after my birthday; he again came into my room; once more naked as a jay bird and told me to suck his cock. It was weird because this time his cock tasted slightly different and I could not understand why; that is until mum can in to the room and showed me her anal ring. Dad had been in my room some five minutes or so when Mum came in and yet her anal ring was still stretched open. She smiled weakly at me and then told me to be a good girl for daddy; Daddy told me to remove all my clothes and then to get on the floor on my knees beside my bed and finally lean forward onto the bed.

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   Mum moved round the other side of the bed and knelt also before taking a firm grip of my wrists; leaning forward she whispered into my ear; believe me my little angel it will be best if you can totally relax but any pain will not last for long. "

"Then I felt Daddy rubbing a cold jelly like substance into my butt cheeks and around my anal hole; Mummy kissed me as I suddenly felt as if my arse had been ripped wide open as Dad speared me with his cock; I screamed like a banshee and mom leaned further over pressing her upper body down on to my head forcing the scream to be stifled by the bedding. for twenty minutes my arse hurt like hell and boy did it burn but Dad kept his cock in there waiting for me to calm down before he began to move; sure enough my pain was replaced with sheer passion as my dad butt fucked his sixteen year old daughter for the first time and soon my cries were not of pain but pure ecstasy. Mom whispered that the strange taste on daddy's cock was her anal juice as she had been fucked the same as I was now being only minutes before daddy entered my room and mum then shocked me as she said she was looking forward to not only cleaning dad's cock of my anal juices but also licking his spunk from within my arsehole!"

As she was telling me this I had firstly two fingers buried in her soaking wet cunt and this was soon added to until all four fingers of my right hand was filling her cunt and being coated in her lovely cunt juice. Looking up into her face I simply said "Remove your blouse and bra; my horny little slut!"

Almost in a dream; she quickly undid all the buttons and pulled the blouse off her shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor when I spoke again, "When you remove your bra you will say! Here loving master are my tits for you to bite suck or feel as you see fit!"

As she reached behind her back my thumb brushed against her clit and she shivered; she looked down at me with a look of pure lust in her eyes and she gently spoke the words I had told her; "My loving Master; here are your sluts tits for you to use as you see fit; may you bite suck or squeeze them they are yours and will always be yours. "

Now I looked up at her tits; her nipples standing clear of her tit flesh by almost three quarters of an inch; I asked, "Who's cunt am I now fingering my little whore?"

"Master it is my cunt but it is yours to use and abuse as you see fit; I only ask that you remain kind to me and make me cum like never before. My body aches to be used by a man who really knows what to do and can do exactly that!" she cooed.

I told her that not only do I know what to do and how to do it but I promised her she would be screaming my name before my cock even touched her cunt or arse. She giggled and a playful slap by me on her arse caused her tits to jiggle most favourably.

Reluctantly pulling my hand from her soaking wet clutching cunt I rocked back on to my heels and told her to remove the rest of her clothing and then show me her bedroom; hurriedly she divested herself of the almost ankle length skirt and paused for a brief while as she almost bottled out of removing her blue satin panties; the big stain caused by her over ripe cunt clearly visible. A stern look from me and she slipped them down revealing her shaven and wide open horny cunt; another look at her face showed me she was blushing and I simply told her to drop her panties and open her legs to show me her fuck holes.

Blushing even further she dropped her panties to her ankles and turned round before bending forward and spread her arse cheeks showing me a great view of her anal ring and wide open cunt lips. Standing up I told her to show me to her bed room; as she walked up the stairs in front of me her ass cheeks wobbled nicely and I imagined the same bounce in her tits.

Stepping into the bedroom she showed me a double bed and as I looked round I saw wardrobes and dressing table as well as two sets of four drawers. "Ok slut! where do you keep your fucking sex toys; you have just ten seconds to lay them out on the bed for me to see!" I snapped.

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Lucy dashed over to one set of drawers and brought the whole bottom drawer over and tipped everything on to the bed. There were four large vibrators either bullet shaped or cock shaped; two butt plugs one of which had some really serious bobbles on the cone shape; there were a couple of finger vibes and the usual odds and ends. "What no nipple clamps; bitch" I asked.

"No; Master what are those!" she responded.

I explained about the nipple clamps giving a brief demonstration by pinching her nipples between my thumb and forefinger; Lucy seemed really interested as I asked what she would do if I ordered her to go to a male body piercing parlour and have a clit ring inserted. Once more bright red she answered, "I would have to simply go and do it!"

I explained why I would like her to have a clit ring placed exactly where I told her; "it must go just under the clit head and must push the clit high above the surrounding flesh" so her clit would be always exposed to her movement in her panties. Lucy instantly said she would get one on Saturday; she knew exactly where she would have it done and I was welcome to meet her and go there together.

I told her, "Before volunteering so readily she ought to find out what was fully involved first; you will of course have to expose your cunt to the man and allow him to touch you there!"

She said, "Yes sir I realised that!"

"Yes but did you realise that I would set you challenges too?" I teased.

"Like what; master" she enquired.

"Like having to climax whilst he examined your genitals and then you would have to find a way of handling his naked cock bringing him to orgasm without allowing him to fuck you and then demand a discount for the piercing for providing that service!" I toyed.

"Wow you mean like prostitute myself to get a discount! That sounds really hot!" she said

I informed her that I would not be able to go with her on the Saturday but it would be the first test of her honesty. I then picked up the tiniest of vibrators only a quarter of an inch in diameter and one inch long encased in a soft rubber tube with a two inch soft rubber ring attached; finding the switch I flicked it on and my fingers vibrated to the tune of the little dynamo; placing two fingers through the ring I held the tube up against Lucy's nipples one at a time and watched the look of lust gather in her eyes; before she got too carried away I pulled the vibe away and dropped my hand down to her cunt; pressing the vibe lightly against her clit until her hips began to shake.

once more before she could cum I removed the source of pleasure and told her, "You will now slide your choice of one of your butt plugs deep into your arse and then lie on your back on the bed with your legs over the side; hands will then be folded under your head and no matter what will remain there or you will be spanked. " Lucy eagerly nodded her head and then held up both butt plugs asking which one I wanted her to use. I simple indicated as I said she should choose.

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   She immediately slides the one with the deep spikes into her arse and positioned herself on the bed as instructed.

once told to open her legs; she did so and all was ready; kneeling between her legs I began, "I told you I would tease you and tease you I will; you are not to move as my tongue is going to eat your cunt; you my little fuck slut will count out your orgasms and thank me for every one of them!"

With that I began to slide my tongue lightly over her cunt lips until it made contact with her clit then rapidly flicking my tongue on the edge of her clit had her panting heavily and quickly followed by her first orgasm; one she cried out; oh thank you thank you master. Now I switched to circling her clit with my tongue an soon was rewarded with her second orgasm which again flooded her cunt with juices and was greeted with the same response from her. Now this time I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked gently in little waves until she suddenly squirted as her passion became too much for her; she apologised because as she said it felt like she was pissing. A sharp playful slap to her arse reminded her and she squealed Oh god master you're so wonderful thank you for taking your unworthy slut to paradise and back. begging me to fuck her now she pleaded with me to let her clit rest and promised me she would reward my efforts with a great blowjob; instead I simply blew gently across her clit whilst sliding two fingers deep into her cunt pressing hard against the butt plug; suddenly she began bucking her hips as if trying to throw herself off the bed and I gleefully asked if she liked this version of her being double penetrated; between grunts of sheer lust she told me she would have been doing this for years if she had known how good it felt to have both holes filled at the same time; I simply said "In that case just try this and standing up I Slipped my rock hard cock deep into her cunt while leaning forward and play biting her left nipple whilst pinching her right.

Lucy went ballistic; she was bouncing around the bed as if it was burning her to lie there; she was whimpering my name all the time I was slam dunking my cock into her cunt; as the passion overtook me I suddenly pulled out of her just in time to see my first burst of spunk fly through the air and hit her on the nose; my second and third landed on her mouth which she quickly opened trying to catch further shots and my dying efforts landed on her chest; using my cock as a scoop I made sure to place the majority of my load in her mouth before allowing her to suck me clean.

I told her the butt plug should stay in place till the morning which meant she could not go for a shit tonight, then in the morning she could remove it and do what she needed to do but the butt plug had to be cleaned orally. Lucy agreed and as we laid there naked talking she confessed it had been better than she had expected and she had never even thought about needing her safe word.

Lucy and I began a three year relationship that day and had many wonderful experiences before her mother broke us apart; Lucy told me in a letter afterwards; her mother kept asking for my contact details so she could come and talk to me but Lucy knew that as her dad had been dead for eight years; her mother Amanda wanted only to try to talk me into servicing her bitchy cunt.

Maybe I will write more of my adventures with Lucy; who knows?